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Mai 10, 2011

Import of Sirona Cerec and inLab scans into 3Shape Dental System
Right now the 3Shape Sirona Interface allows export of 3Shape scan data into the inLab or CEREC software (V3.65 or higher). Sirona and 3Shape agreed to add an additional function: Scans of any Sirona scan device can be transferred into the 3Shape software where the design is carried out. The completed design can be manufactured on the usual manufacturing equipment. Sirona Scanners could be either inEos, inEos Blue, CEREC 3 acquisition unit (red) or CEREC AC (Bluecam). Intraoral scan data can be exported only when the scan has been transferred via the CEREC Connect portal into the inLab 3D Software. Scans of Scanbodies in order to transfer implant data are currently not supported. The following data is transferred: Model data of preparation and antagonist Patients data Toothnumbers of interest Desired type of restoration (crown, bridge, )

1 System Requirements
Sirona: Compatible devices are: inEos inEos Blue CEREC 3 acquisition unit (red) CEREC AC (Bluecam) inLab V3.86 (or higher) is installed OPEN 3Shape Interface (REF 6307735) is attached to the inLab PC 3Shape: DentalSystem2010 Version or higher Sirona Export/Import Interface *.3si/*.3se is activated

2 Export from the Sirona inLab Software

1. Create order

Mai 10, 2011

Perform the following steps to create and export the scan data:

Make up a new order and fill in all the required information as usual. Take the images from preparation, antagonist and bite registry or as a buccal scan as needed. Let the software calculate the model and use correct optical impression if required. 2. Export scan The model is then exported as follows: Choose restoration / export in the menu bar:

In the pop up window you can define: where the scanfile is saved, its name and *.3se as file format (available only if OPEN 3Shape Interface is attached to an USB port)

Mai 10, 2011

This Scandata.3se file can now be opened with 3Shape DentalSystem 2010.

3 Import into 3Shape Dental System

1. Import Sirona scan (3SE file)

Perform the following steps to import the Sirona scan:

Right click in the main window and select Advanced -> Import. Then select Sirona Cerec & Inlab Import and browse the 3se file e.g. Scandata.3se.

Mai 10, 2011

2. Validate order Validate if the order is correct. Often the order information is not created properly by the Dentist. Check in particular indications and materials. Modify the order if needed. Notice the Browse to Scan button can be used to preview the scans to determine the tooth numbers.

Mai 10, 2011

3. Prepare Sirona Scan for design Double click on the order in the DentalManager to proceed with the preparation of the Sirona scan. Follow the instructions to trim the scan and virtually ditch the preparations.

Note in case of errors during preparation please try to reposition the cutting curves on the surface.

Mai 10, 2011

4. Design Lab Model (optional) In additional to the preparing the scan it is possible to complete a full lab model design for manufacturing on relevant equipment. Note it requires the Model Builder add-on module.

5. Start CAD design After completing the preparation the CAD design can be started and performed as normal.