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Complementary and Analogous Cool(er) colors

Tekton Pro Author: David Siegel, with assistance from Tom Rickner, Tobias Frere-Jones and Jill Pichotta History: Tekton Pro is an Adobe Originals font that was released in 1989. It is based on the handwriting of architect/writer, Francis D.K. Ching. It was meant to be a clean, legible typeface with lots of choices (bold, bold condensed, bold slanted, etc.) to make it a powerful tool for designers and engineers. My choice: I chose this font exactly for its dual characteristic: legibility and character. Since I was making a Sesame Street-based poster, it seemed appropriate to use something leaning towards handwriting, to give the feeling of child-like and elementary. But, I didnt want to use a font that was too childish on top of the childrens show characters. The Tekton Pro font seemed to have just the right mix - the professionalism observed in the consistent, upper-right-slanted angle, and the curves to give it a handwritten/organic feel.