7, 1941

Sonmthlng lntolerablr

happen8 in my work*
got 8 better

1n 8plte

of my effortr to met myroll

oannot rrmembsr


quallt7. w?


hours of work by the olook. Anrrerr
llm t oomea from

I got no m8ult.


big rgoirm

in which you
Of for

have lived
out, YOU mul



You are enolormd in it4

8OU a8t









Oth8r8. Take a mw

You began with work on 7our parant8. one, the 88118 one on the nolghbor,
the &MOP18aPOm8t

You aunt ohanga your tuk. no nnttrr who, a11

or oho,ore


YOU. You murt work for


the aim of bring


to h8lp them.

Thir alone ~111 rtrugglr a partloular



Z uoe that 700. oome8 to

both have a very bad pelt, to thp iore. order,

egO18mr All

the old material

2h.t ID 'Ihy you oan do nothing. to law,
ThL d.fOZ-0


$8 normalt

l ooordlng


th8 ah,

th@FO 81, -7



8hOUM r8a8mAr8 you*

I oould Pea88UJW you Uf3UplOtOly~ hrt

work yow8e1fr

Qr (‘ILro klndr

To get out oi thlr


oi ruff8rlng,

00 vivid

and 80 negatltr.

0r 8ufferlng,

cm8 objaatlve,

one 8ubJeotivo~)

Can 1 make ~88 ai

take opium,


~1 No, jou aunt work on 7ourmlf.
hroe alwyr llrrd. iw what f ray* %th to reaoh a new atage.


the l ,(folrm in whloh 7ou
It ir naoerraq now

Ohmgo your tark,

of you are m thewy

to the aare de Lyon, but you
You are both at

go bg dlffwent


one by London md onr b7 the OPeraa

about the 8ame dirtanoo.
Qf do nothing for

I ume my power1e8moa8 and rpr oowardloer

I aan ray nothing olwrlr.


18 right

&oa\uO my ?Mp

whethrr k4OWWbt


or not, bu iI 'I~,(ianot&l.alk!why
anythbg p3r86%ie JOU aU'IOt

18 n I' Olb8Fr 4

1 hal8 a ,#8n8atiQn Of


Y6u oannot ry

or do anyttLLng for

You do not NOrk With

7GWln8md ter for

what he nUd8e


Wi play four rele.





apeak’ 01 hs Qe8,

80 a8 not to



You mart 8oqulro
you work



to do thir,

Flay a rol8.
I tell to etoryoas

deoome double. vhloh you felt

&or the preront

as ~vofsoor~ that

Do what

you, you omnot that

do m(~r8~ Love of your aoighborj

18 tha WAY. Bpiql


your para!at8*
one ha8 thlr de8lr0.

4: Brom the boglnnlng
Aa returns

of the work,



18 the IP, fairs


always the 8-0



in a dlfferrnt Eyerythlng

Mow another


You mast overoomo
of the opinion

orlrlr. of onrrelf,



love of onrrelf, uprlde

one hu

18 liar. ha8 8ron turnwl down ln me by the aeroolr the work, bar made it heavy orrt

Q# Everything ln all my

- _ _-._

It ha8 taken army the joy 1 foe1 llkr

It i8

w4thout hope,
At like

a donkey pulling

a tory

up a hill.

la beoeure in you are other

r8 touohed.


mho always mlxor the rime oolourr


18 never 8ny md.

Bhen he puts red in, Q: &en I try lblr

it ohanger svery'thlngr
uerolro ha8 made +e fed

You murt oontinuo.
romething whioh i8 new for point me; aid

to do it

and put my attention

on thlr

small motlcmlers

8ae that no88 ad tbn I.



hold myrelf

in fmnt

of it, hotter.
in yourrelf

I have a ronration
'Ihi ropall point

of my nothlag18 greater

I eoaa to underrixnd (fr







uhloh hlnder8

you in every-


It 18 oalled you will I h8n

lmolerme feel

toward onet8011. point, in the artl8tlo with exterior

You mwt doltroy type whloh liver thlnkr



master of thlr

that you are 8tronger it foal8

pnd it 18


no oonfldmom only 18 wouplod not lnrldo, they know. &8olut8ly

ln the lmaglnu-id l %perlanoar~ of r81~11~ aU

l tlon,

ha8 idea8 behind it8 hoad, not lnaido, autrida, not ln itrelfo Do not trurt nooerra~

but in remllty

It 11~08 only an thm know nothing

Artl8t8 y0umd.f.

and lmag!.na that parts of yourmlfr

Enter into
to fool


to lram

an4 think

88nl8 tlrw in l vmrythlng

you do, la l nry

You am ml sal#ty


I will the earth, Of th. to enter


but it

is ior


In Our solar



rmanets from the run end the pknotr,

in thm fame way @# there


making oontaat thearelvrr All Highart into aonteot

at aerteln



the aolar

ara the

And tbbee polntr

OM refloat

In matrrlali~ad



- the Absolute. If with

l telli

you that


almaya thlo


a nrterialltod thereby

lmago In our l tmorphere.

poop10 oould have enough line 0; like Yea. the

oonoantretlon rubrtanoej telephoner

Image, they rould rsoelve
a tolepbtla


no ortabllrhlng

Do those

image8 nrtsrlallre

in humen fozm?

in touoh with thlr Ipyge, and l reati Q: If someone puts hlmrslf person OM put hlmaslf In touah rlth him, and a third and a fourth, oan they

all reaeiva 0; touohrlth bottom

this If

IIppget reven psrrons oan oonosntratr anough to put themaelvsa
by the line


image, they oan oommnloate , at any dirtanoe,

them and the reven form one.

They oon help woh other.
that one underrtands


the way,

Is only by explaining onerelf 48 sompletoly.
I rent

to others

and errlml-

later will

to kncm if

by matarlallzing

the image of a saint,


get me what I wrtloularly 0: You think mything aerr life. like nou.

an ordinary


You have not bhe menn8 of

matsrlal1ci.q have deoldedr mat in ordinaq

For the present the other

take a tark

of auto-ruggertlon, to it what you

80 that one part


and repeatr the fir& 'lb

and mpsetr

lr a rerle8

of rrvon ueralres

for the ruooo8slvo the emotionit

af the 8ave1 aeatore.

the brain, other,

the one uhlah ooattr

(The hoad ir, ~,,luxurye) lo neoa#aaTf lr
Thlr l oralro

but tbm aal~ one rMoh

tho rplnal

0014, tha on. willoh you met

uad rtirongthon.

~111 #truingthen

Bald out fixedly

both arm# hori8oatall.g

at an aurl







One 18 a dirty 18 nothing. for rork. The other. e hours without roveral timer a dy . there without report One needs flro. vol. DCES. Without it 1s lmpo88lbla for Eilndu saying . hsd pupil l oould stay for moving arm6 ane arati- sor other Qr thlngr he was nothingnoes. standing. Whllo fft oheap. r6alll "II.) "1". l does not interest Do the exerolse Results will Qr 01 learn to. myself apart. me. You are not . imkes the fire in your asments.%H~PJ 1s km who loves that no me hu himself. had tlm sensation exarolse of "I'. "I8 l b servlae.or few- 4100 1. understood he osn love m8** me. so oooupisd down. oontlnue. 18 there. rrpa &se. mu8t knOWWhat wlllmaks ona and when it Only you asn prapere. a hard borrtir foru When I. that Divide your l ttMtiOn exactly batrsen point and am. Do not philosophlre. I had aohlng shoulders. therr ax-s no l rroolatlons.a point You will you will b&ore find JOU. to make suah efforts to overaome. Today it 18 only not for result8 rsrvlcs* Only that (llks oome later. J. er* metor Tuenty-five raoh position. use ol it. thing. Q: Ot 0r sslf-love. sn impulse. in pm Remind yoursalr . but a8 if I were before door. orystaUse8. Xt 18 not one door but msny dOOr8o You must open caoh door. as an obligation. snd do not You are speak of "I". You oanriot have l1". rhioh aooks. be with point then ar knoer. Suffer by your dafestr. str fire.mpkr One mU8t prepare. lmposrlble aurrer This to areate m-0 lr l ufiorlng. and poaltlon minutes OS arms* no plaoe for us this sitting them. I feel la real. to move. There are two qualities love of the resl sslf-love a man oan do nothing. it 1s 8nfthing. egoi-* pride. P olored more wlthln myself. Cl: What should I do? in hsblt of using this aantsr . 1: have worked Without srpeolally on 88lr-lOV0.uatary will whloh never be snything. only you know what makes Lou suitor.just is a musolo whlah oantraatr mu80ularr till I felt "I" Continue. It 1s vary axpensive thing. drh impossible It in my chest. An snolent I sse ~lthout suffering. Q1 5 have dons thir doing It.

QI oanturie#. nothing between ua whrn we are together alone. an animP but rrnddr to nature gltrn during you.yp Ox And that lnt l meto renl mU8t l mnged~5ks that well " ? am p$ad. Work . The OolltAet of ono(8 bearu)o dll remind you. %%i. work. at the point perhnpr will give rmmulfa. The more you 1s never any work i# empty. psrrm Tonight oamnot osrry it everything YOU must make ths effort younelf. p‘oogaa. put am your rkin.l. 8 long time. Inrtead or aooumulatlng Then one muat ohmgo the way of working. with you. a drop.a drop. on018 body @gain. nothing. UI obligation. yeare. ior by &I ma u aonoQioU8. ii!'1 in your pooket? Aha bhngr ltimt you* Roll. thicl laok.of ths alm. it iy6rgmlor It %la l arrtian 10 romething l anot lntollaotunlly. Q.b@gin Q&. you om That lr why with to NtJwer thorn 8Ol0~8 your oonrolanoo you mwt prepare nour:rhmr l neogmqmy. uhloh vklu rhen you are 81th other people. everything I*VO arrived where I am vrry 18 dl8t@8tOfUi t0 Sk8. of mo8olf. ior QIO the. Of n0 htW18te hudkerahlrf n8tum .iul"-' the more you will . this emptlaers. you to work by m&king all the rert dl&i8t. Even work do 18 oome out of this diroomfort. nature. months. to keep OonBtantly during one hour. You muat The food you eat rhloh You ~VO your my for oormlc oub8t8noea. Sslrmnt l var %meuaa you do not work.Em m mmY!fHItiQ Remain wart. debt. @hm it Our aim lr wring )so have lt out. it the l xorolrer not 80* cot you to koap the onerg but I IO@ it hmdkorohlel. untippy. Swmo the orgnnia rlthout reneatial oi One'0 I thought la the body. dlrtorteful to me* iherr .lt's a ordain ororslng you nmke.~oo\usulatod d ay8. indirlduallty. la the 8411~~ lobody 01 on4 mu8t try LI there .nobody maker the dffort. one ir hlthout ~epar08 rtiierlng there 18 nothing.\ I/ niahs. oontinually interrupting ordlnacf oooupmtlma would l . 8 drop . . them i# no nora rufiorlng. oonotantly bo utprarred a rlarrtlon you keep a little allow anergye to taka the habit. No further what lr life. to repay by oonfor uhat rha tir Do not eat lllp your mother. 18 d~.

tiath8r not or a senatoo. l you 8eQ people. work. you have l%y *Qood t0 keep reoognlre of ~8 your nonisntltyne88. &it you lau8t DO everything play and l l rootly your PIJ you aru aaaustomal without 18 . yourrelf Cole. rork he up with At the present. Odf md ha profltr froa hat Only nOthingCnr88.e later rlrq8 when I krmw thorn better. porrrrs) *hAt ad dooelvrd for in my opinion thby only 18 b&d l I qu&lltlar I ame it do not $or the people I don't would ursful who do po88a. UhM order nothfngnerr QfUcrdiCXC make8 a um8k. be able mro. It'8 nothing. do 8Ut the habit IOl-ning” doing you work thm at the fn thf8 8um 8Py gOOd!6Ol'ning. If 8 yourroll. l WOrkMn. 1943 o? othorr. Vdn ii life ho ir that only hi8 the oombinatimr father wa8 llko of thl8. then. You don’t WrJ. l8 8-e 8hoW through. and you look away8 it at him 1onpr. BIOlQt. SC ror me* I give I am very people often oredlt them. or a year not br a nonontlty. l you 80~ that the merda Will 8 you are he 18 not kaep hi8 lar8k. raator Xl8 it.Thurrday. work and agaln work. llO8k. reelng it too late. I month you* Oet to work at you will to being P nonentity. without mrtlolpatlng. play a role utorlorly. derlnlte. Khllr waiting. 80 that he is metie like ln o day. uefrb doing hero and then you'll 8V8Fym8 l8 lib YOU8 nothing.nothing. value identifying fnttrPiOrly~ in r8rIIembbr what to ohmge that Rork. YOU lRU8t fir8t prepW’0 JOUrsblf to 8W rsollty. imr undor8tood hi8 nothingnrrr and haI not a nathlng rho . l bl8 t0 1mpartlAllty at the attmtim. know how to dsteot like to hmvo l mean8 hypoorlry of judging and I'm people 1 and rcaognlalng who oan bo to me and who 18 1~01888. whom you 801. in&? romethlng doing. $ulp 1. you believe in thlr After a while I?0 uttrr wltln the lark fall8 and you 8ae that ho reprerefntr they UPO the 8ame mm-do a malk. king8 alWay Ill & Oerth3 know anything. If my. to r8oognlss b8 p8oplr. l l8 a are the l rarwhleh oolonrl. ln Jotie or rllltmalr~~ Be 18 nothing. time hterlorly. Ourdjieff z YOU OUtnOt. grandfather h8 him8Qlf hr lr wa8 llka t~&WO8Wt8 that.

$8 a wry Parhapr lt’r f #hall that. l otlng told alwaya right. will somtirr rhow that. OM appear through that you ham true find gimr t?UrdjhffJ the aonsalousness. to know if pay no attention or on the oontrary 3uy a llttlc follow Do nothing a bout all notebook. work are nothings a gamral. there am exterior the nyor In llf e. Aoaordlng to the rerult. thing. ldloay. Sin1 aftonard. will #peak afterward. but do nothing. they oort nothing. You nro nothing. low psrhapr we dll an exeraias. X heard what It othamlse i rhould l 8aldr but without I l volae told me what I had to do. n reoord. if that. fantary. aatually. and is always the a. on what it it. I do not rimh to believe IOU rpeak anything rxoept '%a the iaOt0 by thm (statlrtlpuo)r rubjootltrlyb . end oomrmln(r I have notloeI>.ame Only aonsaloum thing8 do not ohange the lnterlor . it . and be aurn thkt all rho do not lie ir all In life work like you.oooupations. . lnstinot 8111 pave Write dorm.Lfor mettbra. obllgatlonej to ahmga itic still put X’hat men lr anothor quality of merdet with mcrde but it everything toward has not the #ame odour. I till But to write have to do it (roallrar). aontlnue ruggertiblllty. lataly think before . thing. I me* I would it makm aotod and afterward ee the voles lr to it that. everything whethor one ir lm l aoldental or the aomer Interiorly. an lntrx$or a long that very often. lhat fro100 18 your instlnatj but It lr notlood It anything. I don't are doing. omtrarya 10 8hrli LOO* You it' l but perhaps It's the Pwhapr gltmn payohopabhio. things1 but ha also ia nothing. 1900rdm. But Perhapa lt &HJ if do your reoordr nothing beion. It ~ollooman. I had done what it told I** would ham barn hotter o~dji0rr. It. porltlm. Exterior 31~: very different peroeload I have like mom? Ourdjitffr everything thlngr. nay what But aa aa you Make a note. It lr Fork.~- -7- worked on himelf "rosoaw. 1.aonralour labour time lo able to ohangr the interior voluntary rufferlng. Beforr It ir nnthunatloaUy. lnr tinot. a aolonel. rhlah ore&e@ there obnormalltier. know* Sometimer inatlnot I will rprak independent for you.

Lu: f trg to maintain the ieellng thr futility 0r nonantltJa0ar md r0luntprJ . rend the to Uaa derl1 &l1 othw Lur thoughtrj The fooling fi you mix thorn . you should not umI Yrldey. la oonoemedr aollar of thlr feeling lffm? it rbar of all rotion md’buaynare. one will oi nullity. On@murt never mix matter@* work. If. ordi. ‘ihe effort dorr not pa~lyre today z murt 0180 army ir doubledc ikaat ahall I the iron nawntltynrrr~ of nullity do ao that thlr with exterior me. away the feel&q &e la no longer Putarlde of me)8 ffurdji@rrr when youhadn~t the results your new atate. Duntt part 0r one’s raking thin@. Xer 46 yau knor thmt? Memu. iIx a time: Make m rpeolal and tomorrow batween 10 free to drive 11 o’olmk. to An (or Au?).nory liio. told you. rat for In thr the rark. imped. rend them to the dooil. I had to make an afiort to do I given thing. to me? Ant Ant bu’b got hrco in our oirolo~ CM you ry I hav*att worled mmagh ye8 t68rk a ~~rtioar Our4Jlef~. not for OS the lntsrior l work fog exterior irn@t l ohool. lnm &utonrl. ir Mioh oome8 by itself.objratito I 40 not know. rramt It rhloh sarnlng money.tls Ourdjlcrlf and thrrefore I drrtmotirm. tlno One murt work only tb for thr work. like know I gmrt mother thikqe ahild. Thrt 10 one thing. I hove never hard the aour4 of your I know your voloe in lUo. you do what you l&km. aythlng iho tvtat oi the timeI Qurdjirif to thm devil. toioo. more lively. And do aa you did before. Sunday. zho other ideas. It lr make a crommat pryahopathy. ~e&nsud&y. Hot yet.aatlon before. Do not yet use You are nt You would life lr begun to work. for life. the work. Lua nothingnera. dosm not interfere Gurdjlerf~ third rlx Do aa I hats l lrsady I tats. the unoalledl arida Othw. I: 69 plot dwo* .

. nothlngrrrrrrr Dre Wm etrrythlxq @gotirtloill~ for yrol. SO tha rho baoonor my I&&toa Interiorly good to othorr. kteriorly rho is nothing for me. Qurdjidtt Yor llf@J ii t %nnot rve~mo f" alatrr? havaa't mar rlwoo. sol1 then do it. lb to play Liie is a thutxw whore IVO~J mh p&70 a robr he. know who rhe ia.ourd j1err I hi xha you do have l quatim. tomorrow another polo. AXU I don't auoood in Qurdjlatfa that. rho lr morda for END* %s likrr poop10 to k&u her hrnd. tint rho likoa. you u-o the rlavo / &ply 8. a role l a real rotor ia 1iro. Ourajlsffa ounljieff bo m aator ir Ball. 130t t0a8x.. yertordayr tellr (gmcrl de ~alsmmn Qurdjioff what quertlom An.f. to ~0u. A don** roaot. Wovore H9 io it porrlbloi . no mttrr what it rnw bat role one mUrt play? Ana hat how doe8 a10 know the ourdjlsff I you rprak with %urrik . how me mtut bo with her. I do it boomum rho liker hub I dm't a0 1t. day they ohngo It. w only ir (I good l otor who lr able to rmnembrr himralf and omraiourly p-1 hir ml. bar arkad her) 2 Ho rho work8 beoower mn wtor. I p&y ry role. Yorh8pr you are not yet frro. TodaJ al* Ml. I am kind to her.r Your Abt tmk but rory quiokly you forget a& JQU ruturn will be to ramubor loaqpr* ir it Whmt good to hvo Qurdjldir 09 mmOna* Dr* Ab. being An1 I rlrh to profit four role throrettoally. equal? YOU hub f0~ 0p~ -a x tro. &teriorly I rant to kmalt her.

lind thOrU in ax9 8tlll your OF&r ao'29 t0 8tn\g&8 l &rl8t man) it'8 OODf118t for btoomo dog8 ln a real good 8Oil.8 lnvlrlbbl. to br pm1 ln your work try ma& thOr. Thur8dny. a real thi8 a rugerlor rut. Tharo you h8ro good ground for being-work. ax. hi8 qud8tj10nl L+ rsat of 8. the mark* you th8t or* 4. bh he lr faoing 8UbjMbtlvilf 1110)1 do not8ee good for him hm 81~3 108~~10% rkr an an8vsr that vi11 .11* At the moaart Maa you feel 18 ZiOO. @Wdj%OffJ (a0 lOOk# at . to ohangd ~tioor If h8 uk8 8 quutim X0-u wderrtmd. Uau8lly you 81p@ 8lU878 l lttlng in a good poritlon to bcnrflte at tb8 8id. Hr. 19&i OppO8it@ mO+ v. hlnl. ahangrd you* rolow labourr Dr. l'218n It will be good. 8n 8verybotQ.Xlg ~gOti8tieal~ On. both ?or thorn md for you* There no other jurtloo. Dlatrlat demn$r Attorney. You ray theh the work hu 8 mordri thanks it.T.J’ I h8d ahanged.)t OppO8ite. but it ir her 8i8t8re *rb jU& (To Mm..'8 -F over othorr? fhWdjisffi %dy YOU da it UnOOn801OU81t~ trJ t0 da it 18 OOll8OiOU817. good for you ask one trloh lrlte aak8 lt an ut8vor uy to fonuulat8.. to take OUrd~isff the 18 WritLng th.)J Now after 8aw &at over then.-lo- wall-balng 02 IM 18 that wsry~na ba hia 81avo8. ClUldd$df 8itS 8nd m8d ltrftsrwud. Tod8y you parm ' Ourdjleifr am M ordinary you will dOgI. (&bile J. not ba behind I d8 not rho &8k8 1. the othsr8): 1 I 88 that W88 B1ald8 Who Wa8 there. if no me l rklng mrrer a quartian. Thank8 to the wrk and voluntary 41 At prersnt you am no lmger ObjWtlVOly obllg8 to OQI- rufferingr our dog8 YOU ds88rVl. Ajto2w8rd b8 I oomglata r.8pttu!Ib8r 16. BUt rhouldn't -8 (tiV* U&BU8i. ubo 18 in kltohdne rlth ad Bq oom88 bask. 8itting 0Y. U8 to u88 oth8r8 for our 8nd8. 1 thOU&frt BUrY YOU WhO ‘IR8 (n. 8itting 8nd At 8wa t0 t&M8 P.e NOV JOU You are lo Nor. ll.+ the holiday8 her expression your rlrtor look8 mom like it it you* WI flrrt right. know hlm yet.88837 fOF far.

ng ray la the alr %m”. f&a0 neoerrarg ItioWOM one put 8OmOthing in it8 it 18 a very lmportcint thlnnqe that plaae? You havr permonr you &err 13urdjleffa ohosan a t&8k toward E'J8t be paU8e8m haven’t CnOUgh It In general. the rnargy* for r8aaon. Bara it ir: new peoplo rhould it hare. he haantt lt oortr *. of bem formlatrcl.nth8 in flrrt. You oan only do one thing with that perbone oon8oiou8ly. of your It’s should go to your t&8k and half tion. br havr aom oontaat go that you have done la rovan hlaea. 18ntt my . 8horr mm7 a8peat8 It your interlOr. already 8omeoner bottle. but ln tb One docmtt on0 8~8 that of +e dq. You breaths "I ~4". You Oan lnoreara You sayI to yourrelfr 'X".you otm oonralourly it by vha for omtaot "I alla".It 18 a rule 8lt tbt bar not ret @orrxanxpla.ourly with all 8om the l otive of the air. 'I% tuk lib prron 18 o# tua partrl ohor=. one's tark and aftwnrd the OhO8On for the day fir0 boon anpty. md i.On an objeat. mU8t ooumo 8. You arat U81 ths pri3sparatlon a very good oomblnapeX'8On t0 prepare &LO tim6 when you aI'0 not 8@slng th. rould to md yau think 7ou will when you #oe that ulth him. eaplakr him l&oOa firnob Abr ta8k I have jurt aOmpO8ed mid. aloohol 18 very fZ+pOrtmt too muoh. for onefr Bow 0111 me keep.4 aOOOnrpli8h One'8 ta8ke uno~s ata ruaoesding. 3omeona~ But you are not alwaya with 18 iPagO88ibh For thi8 to rork a11 the tlme. 1800 franor tb Have you urlttm Jar Sir. for Aloohol bnowlng opsar. yet drunk any l loohel. your quortlon. youraeU* lnooearo raying YOU 8V How to 7our ri8h prepare? .you aooomplirh thr with whom yclu ha& t2aa other you pmpll~ . you vlll what do in oao* Aad now8 dootor. 8ad you think you aeuuaulate enorgy in your battery thlr 4n4rgya You r4yresrnt that to yourlielf perron tha per8m with you will what whom you are working more oonoentratod. elrmntr you breath4 %en you oi u8i. To a aertaln Spcciallrt? on them&y Ita In rhloh oao you have enlightened me greatly degree. perron ha8 aa aotiv~tle8 ha8 am romotimes vary l brorblng. tark? in the l brmor of that perlaa. one half oi the tark. 4onrol.fPLtlt.

"a part it im YOU W1)re i?%af~pie. Mr. h AI) if UM Don’t uplain 18 pate. f0ttr80irl 00 ramrmber rterwwd he my hap 7ou. de Salpunn: (Sllalor)r SI: raet t&t I have notloed better. thl.rsrlously. raid @J not a pad* (Dl~l&gu~ fn fiussiu~)~ HIAS. tie hlr time. it fsalll trtrr my exterior work givar ao a bettrr With hfml and then I do nd mrdjletf! Ihr l*rt identify nl th him. helplug I OUTIevm t rap do you belleve a nn Uoork that lirtan 1 ham roan likr Qudjleff that Brother. working ln reality thoro are (L thouland lntersrt and that reaeonb that ln that bg. xel..att that. %at ir not a irea. take M A task. p&e quertion? gr YOU *hare are no pmrtrr PAX-t". berldra the . do. alpw& like hlr that. roll to what hr I&JO* roll. I do not got nervous with hk. iturdjloff raya. you All for time ir 0110 LOU think.atlm I h8ve never aebn A& thdt Appear to me now. that hlmj uul underrtand you are helping that. you a tow to aould help you ~180 to ooatinua that him for How.urd ho raked how ho rhould UsplOJ word. 8aJ one HO. ce8~oru for #lrc$.~ done id’ f Steen. anything (rpealal) dp the w&f. it lika la one year what you would have perhi& Jat work wsll.l~ay. Don’t rometimer he war far hlr time for that1 How did ho aak hlr away . oompa. why did he hook unto that? .tr rimo tiara I gAV0 you a tmkt Jar Certainly t bran Very produativrt yea* But not th@oretloally . I rhall glvr in order to that you may ropeat tbir. a00t0r. hate you notlosd tIIs thlr tntrX’. you are helping that l It he oontinusr him egotlrtloally.t pou ror~a. kd r0r good Peaal # I am going to you r-thing that Elo1de hmr noalled brother Qolng Mat 8~ aaah oth4m to mo by ‘bkn l ~mulatlan~ never &oh day pu brothor and farr without A Bark to moot your I am gokrg to tell you* TotI Win . qou rlll do ma? Ourdjlsff Jar Yea Qurdjlsff t If L ray that h’ la a voriiiartion I up.that.

mlnlat. have you 8omethlng to ray7 you were talking about a while not with .8. never forget himreli (unique) rolldly you lx-0 holplng. you are not a parmite OooupatianB~ bar llore or other well what you# 7cm harm them (To Ja) If you formulatcr I. illoar the moront he uwc8 hs h&r bran abront If an out8ider ir . .. &ad rha I” with all you have rid it. rhake hand@. have j\ut raid. help you afterward. ray it You oen prom dth him. l you a(10 him again you will begin after v. he will LLf he QPD put on hi8 feet.ntcrlorlJ~ thin prooesr aRemembor yourmlf “1 an thou. dlvldo thing. llnd you will a8 you ara l blr. affklrrr part. how bug ago. or for the bl/ood your brother in td. hi8 aloud. 70~ have somrthin~ he do*8 thlngr* do. the prsprmtloa rent hat allthe of the time . in. Your ho1. tank. YOU. Al: As 10r-q a8 ha 18 thoret And with thoao word*. He 18 the only person who aan help you* LiOotor. JOU uy but if l elm. Al800 M&o @ aont&ot (iurd#idf I x. (lurdjleff'a what bu8lnrrr divida thati deyendr on the individual You have perhspr your tire* in prinoiple. not him. If 8omeo~le la than.f. Noah tlw fir. emnations go out towarb hll it la neoerrary will if do it rsaeloo that hour He hu with your brother. prerent. when one ir the psrront one lr in lLia.n 1s it ba Only fir it 8ofQy. another One p&rt of the time you do you nhould prsparo yourroll. one hare one hundred thing8 (to do)) them into another l 100 parts. . thlr the name blood an JOUJ through aontaot. . 'la in it &who om I good phlleeop~ gramp it whloh OM 1orv0 ror many thing8 undomtanding w thln$rr will mdrrrturd crarleorning sduoatiaa. again.p oan oonrlrt something he goa8 out in bu8iner again. but to J3ut he ham you have another. you oan mwn make hlm foot. you oan have an underrtanding beforehand And You oan 6v6n rlap it: that hlu . he is 010x-i?.ray to hlmi l. for a8 lag thou art “. And at onae you begin the ta8k. *ftemard. you have mauy purnultr~ nothing* But only tha Wr&8itO He pampa Of hi8 iRth@. mu8t Ai?: one try to do it Sir. elm. you till think aontlaw _ your bolng. he ir You am a domtor.*.

th8 father the tUn8 of tb yet in and by bsating the (big) @wdjIeffr galorhert au: (to Zu) Well. a half-parasIter prrulte. preparo for one fralr 8clf or mu8t one ohange faoo wd engage a&eoapablo OfoArryIng out7 in a oenfuslcm and an IEQrOV8llWlt that hrdjibff I OXl8 lrn*t you hatm*t 7ourrrlf WidbflltOOd the ta8k f gave yarr to ply cutlsrlorly l I told you to 18am. Our Bode 18 703. DOI 7ou do 7oti rheulnl b. you ar8ntt ssatbd Yen.1U'OI 709 I par88itb. *very thing* ffu~~Ijlcffr He is 8 ~188 ma& un~quo on earth. 701~do the work glvm hior* &terlorly. 8l80. 3oar~a. Wall.rsoe Who ii+. wM8ita. dear new perron. OU!’ Mullah tiW8r sddh. %s galosh of 01 old Jew. l 8 bofoxv.d ihe on17 p. not to ia83tir7 7our8*lX+ the l UII)* Iaterlorly. th8 eon will alway maxia for hU like 8vsry oIroumrt8noo to du\@8 drum. Ha lr Impart 1aL -1 m0 i8 ti? t&8 de$almann. Some other time I shall srpl&~ Still f0 you w enother. omaiaato for being giut In hml rcmmthinng to a8kT Zur that ga1?8he8. that) 70~ ohan~‘nothin~. d!io 18 rpoken of in the book. (Md On0 i8 halting* tdwt one k88p tkm 8uII8 ahanged). he 8ayr that violin. 'Ihe unlqw do you know who ha ir? fn the world l veryoae la a a8trea. %rdjleffr I don't remember that he rent In sntlrsly. a one-fourth pararlte. X8 If ha8 l MIMI de Salsmannt For example. He ir Perhapr 7ou the relatl~r embarra88d. to ln role and latbrlorly her8.I -14. &hen one begins to work here (here rind outride) different yerrons sX~rO88iOn one 08n have rlth onrrolf 8ecm a8 before 91 fOrXtarl7 on8*8 to be modified.l. rlth a foot-rtoo1. A WI80 8lUl Of th8 E88t whoa yaU d0 not IfnOW U Hb 81Way8 ha8 M apprOmi8tb r&ping iOr y’rt. 7am war8 dOti8 like that oSWtt%iIkg ?ly a PO18 WithOUt ur7-0 nOti@I~ ti .

mms you* Roll hutgo than. The laltrtlon Per&pm in tiitm m ~111 mmagc. ~tlr. Doctor. dootor aurt omault about the . but itfr that in ourdJlorf a Par that person rlro are interiorly other notloer It it rhould bo like that. Until the it pu changed. ln low. or that you(~4 oardl. Ourdjlefft One doaanf t knww what on4*4 former Sin00 on4 How oam one imitate Ii 8bir7 you rhould knar what you you have en objsotive baokw4rdr tarte. IN@A~.liborthp. and cxterlorr is that you have ohangod. or that y’ou’rs r8ih ’ 0r gaiety.I- (To Jaoqube)t Brrvsot Did jou wx'lte it d own? tnanf utplumtlcau Alao what 1 ral4 hir ringlr bidet? vlna word oontolns for on4 rho hr lntrlligont. Othemlrs. if msyeot you have ohonged. l r4* You oan remember by looking Ab. like thing you did ago. PIOtur4. iht whloh lo it 14 lnlmltabla. You . Vij)a 1 raarbwbhd By the way. keopl4 must not notloe you have undarbtood. lort at 88cIner8.rlll give hlr the lapression you have a new ld& ilrr. he ~111 take you for an ldlott . it before.xI~)~ TOW Jlnd YOU. only brtoslorly. In four birlotr &oh morning b&ore going to work rlt down for lb wlnuter you (To Doniro. ‘ihen at that momsnt. You ollange Zur gala r&l s YOU gave me that advlas for on4 parson. Interior Abr harp4te The muat be %e diffloulty one Uoe8ntt kn. Oae word aan explrln morr than o thousand worar. he OII only you. ho 1. nothing. to lr owdjidr 8rwh4aa 4 ‘here lr one thing that birti0uit. But onr’r persmallty had romethlng lmltat4 epontrnoour it. 1 ha+* jurt a little rhlle A half hcnrr hrr prrrodj ago you had the rrsn . notloed somethin+ (% Mar. but you You you wiljhandor~tmd rix nmthr what 18 to play a role. Us d@or them the two thlngr aam aa before. aompletely that ohnngrd. didn’t One was uno oneoloua~ abe orie8elf. you reada l # you lll)r.. ortmnr underrtma ~11 medioal mattom.#r th8 person one wa8 on4 warn* bafors. ho rauemberr will bellevr today that that ti you have ohanged. or ldiooy. oonsldsrcd.-ItS- going a~ in play a role. rlrter oi oharl$. oan help you.

Slnoa halt 8n hour you ha*. gram pale. YOU iOF _ . and II&or.0 So I pay attention. up to flttr-fotar to the rl&t Abe not* Ourdjisffr f dcm't brlirvo that Louirr is a vamplr~~ I'm eveMji 8ure shefo You aurt never bo maror 18 a 8018tlOe. o8ntiiihrrr It is very whd 18 droinlng or left. any rWlmon0y~ l Yoprbank aooountlm your having to doporlt ho ark & day. I look md rpeolally. humband and rlfs. hand of my nolghbor until Is dmr rho die8 Ir a ohain oaaneotlng hold handr. happan If il'ha not looking that three jurt thee. renmacLc and if Tour mrk (TO jaoqueis)a 1 put -8. I m&e m a irot. hut the 88me a8 bofom. we all I OM drain (Andrr'b) vampire. 108retaryb our l 8t@OmOd the time grodng in JOIW y&oOb being* rlthout ID glad io&ivuinth0futum. evoryone~ If I Here where we am happen8 a oertain Be are all take tie 08mpirim. know* would be namrrary Xi it to cna&ne the f nOtiCe 8OmethlBg timer. It is a very axplairn bls law. he ir brother a8 thir.wampiro Blond.U I 8. v-Qil'i8lp OM be ~~Oti8ed~UXloOlP @or example. '&at pxwve8 thnt It It* you don't know what 801OU8 4. 1 8tUdf shier mtI it happen8 a thlx4 18 vary 1 pity UiffloUlt.8 qUO8thle f bolLieve I rhould &hat r? uhiah lik8 to ]mw ir l . paled. It 18 for l'hen I study 8gIourly I p0rCOIve It. and you are IIke like rho 18 frt exirts that. on her right oan bo found YOUF rlrtrqhas . Or two frlcndr. thlr.oolour a8 your 8illtaC. you are that. I 880 the fao8. VampIrIrll lhere ati six month8 later oon8olou8ly everything unoon8oIOusly. questIon l~ordrr. month8 later. of It. a note 0r it. you have raalned pO8aIblo that hm. . the dwtor like a around the table. il WW8pilVt 18. Ba: 1 nnamkr Blr8. mom.- 8peOlti4. Or the arc0 0amtrax-y~ MedIoal 8oIonCo do08 not know about ahe ir a8 thin thin lib. l bqh FUEm&ering load8 not vo&ntaryr It i8 on17 tRo r l rult of +n rrrooiatim II@ to mrk. f. xi but It tuioe. Or betwren has ohanged. and uno~nsCIously.( 11 ar aa h~.$$~ Ia’#rted '.u 1 rhould yny lib tin. I remark It. I don’t Psrhapr It It I8 ihe Jlo. for the first It time might be m it a 8eOOnd UWidmtj tlJlM* th8 thm i8 onoe# I ray nothing.

You dl& of will. to you* they blood. you QM be happy. L ahall dth arplaln and I rlll glvo you 8n l ~ozwlao~ Plrat OS all. affsotlon explain very &et 40 a& God. hi~dr ocmtut It it la am4 l you to the 4wilr oxpreaalm. IAtsr. of l xer~lro aswola~~ orrnot Q04. yarr you look l t then* You l y titer to youraelfr I will to be Cbl-djldf: reprerent "I am ttlou. of thla for help yaw Xt la J glvo you thla you for urothor your~alf~ huroolatlonm offort in or&r diifioult to prqnlu to rmmbor l utorwtlo. theyaro . to you the dot~lla. ~0d J3as Why muat Gurdjleffc we &&ill aa. llotlalng not help youi ia OlbW to rcmsmbor yourYou undoratand Xaw uaoalrtlauara what oar mu t maka 8n mn bo I nlah to l ayo born l paatlaoow4r not y'ar. thou 8rb I". to oneaeli I do not exlrt ad mothor? qusatlmj objeotlrely. take it 30~ PMJ t0 Pour father opn and mother 8ro more than Ciod. add: Wha they &re not then. iti I oontaot Bat 'I aR*. How oan I mako a rc!m3mberlng JJJOJh ti QlJ ‘: that ouulta from my wlahlng an4 not from Ig chrdjhrf t rothar alive? ‘Ihero l %lata l vary good my* 18 your rather or m Bmx Both oi thun. Gurdjlaffr Le4In to 40 It. mlf. more them to youraolf. bn Later Warn 1 u Good. your father. *aoh ona of them. name with or without they are them'. this. Oal hlmaclf for y'nh aa long •~ your father one thua reyreaant It la a 18lr* “aftor their and mother llro. wmmutber tbt. with your father your mother* thaw them* You 40 it for interlorlJ* For txuplo. 4oath you ~111 oozm to aa@' (oh88 roi) whloh oonalata Q~la will do it tbaoratlo8lly. brow. You are the &hi16 woltlng. that one*8 father You owe your 1lSe to than.-17. You era the result lntarlorly of your wanta. But that la mother In the meantlmo. Objsotlvely. Aoouatom yourself an4 to ~86 alnosraly are then with your mothaw.

76~ not tuke part work bettar mnd you obtain 8ubJeatiret no* no remaltlir thl. till alrayr autolnrrtio. will ihe totigus real work haa m-ohm-go futuroj you are tired. you keep it. your aooumulator+ rlaioh fi1le~you. the more 7ou dll thot in the mornlnq shun I am rertod. (battery). loBI to amk &out brtrecn work and fmtlepe. You ~111 1088 your final law. tit for u1o ther sort of roaelvrr I omnot I am thsrcl lr rnothor Q. your or&8nlsa QI tlonT AI fatlgua favorable or not to l fforfir of oonosntra- If it ir ordinary fatigue. Ir you aooumulate a rubrtantlal lhr more you tirs subatmoo the mom aoouaulator elatorater 18 14 that this yourrslf. work with all three* am ombor If $8 biro&. but arsooia%ions. from 0s eleotrlolty your forae4 l And In the meantlras. on thr oontrrxq. . the aoro you 8100.nk at night. foroea. nor% mill : with fcnr* \ (Q'# and Air but your not any more with your From Lesturo Q: there Jlalrh of Prenoh plroug)t. tt ir not worth wh:le You will to make the l aif0 rt . One ir of work and l utomatio on the oontrary. It Ilrpondr on the other l owmulatorr not bo able to do VQ ordinary fatiyr tRInga. morw 8uooo88fU1~ hoawe of 7ou 18 tired two md booaure 7ou work without You mat in the mrk it la that part* if You work with one or it 7ma door ollr oantor&. rhould aooumulate energy4 yau sat the This OOWlt~tUtO8 energy4 But it one lore8 ~onrolourly.autam tie. attor I have aotiaod work. -in Afterward (why 7ou hare rorkti) have l your l uroolatlau relatim. the other lr the opporlte. that Hot you have la your body and you tramdorm the mme kind that of fatigue. AI am part all thr iatlgus of the day. Exterior work talcor OUP em$!g#. wry tired. aubatmoe. It 9. give you a rubstantlal mault. IOC)HISto me l ffortr. that ir a differsnor efforts work. In the WUIIXIJJ.r And it you oontinus. it.

Q: 3t ir ohup. will oantmu four drlsma and fmtaaira da1 they oannot rleep O* uklrerrrr I f8lX oi the owning. You mat -9-r #ad ornate the habit* Nothlng al& at oaoo. kinda of rlropj one oan rlrep a quarter. oonaolourly conroioulry leaver you threr tilla md a half You do not relax yourrelf l utMaatlaally. again In the morning. to #pond ttr. will ruggerting to yourself the way In whioh you IFO dotemlned about. a third0 Two ot thoao pore& the wotingr QI tha da7 oi for Aa quertlom and anawor8r &ou thla happa no. II to twl. 4ve to a fmtuy. iou *ortant* houra ara l ough. romething Al 80 that it It lr porrlblo. ir net Doon a8 f elm. f#r mar onma who are dead. quality of oonaaiously There a dlifernt ~1~9. Qy. a ooula of mm* (Qa). If you drram while houra) la you #loop. ulmep. a It thr quality You sleep awan and two houra to oontraat houra of aleap.rp. refleutlng. a for your. youraeli pny sloop.roauln oonaoioua during alee~.r oold ~bdom briorr Change thr of your aleap. You oan relax uatll OLI the other hand you ratabllah the xmosaeary relation between your body and Nati your oonclolouanrsa. do the #MO thing. half houn. a sixth. . Can one rlrep oonrolouuly . It 4opmda on what your rakin&rtate you only rleop ha8 bean. If that you lr hrir. lnto you but not for jou nowl 0x1s oan ranembor mtora during l utomatloally~ bororr be&g rblo Tbro Auto-•uggeatfaa. You than need aovar and a half and a half l lorpl do not dream. not by little. you alrsp ’ od that takaa tlmo. a program lpnedlatsly.deatorT my l ym. you alrope %m you are going aloop. One oan ruggoat one murt l ra to mraslf hvo rI. you ‘bra thlnga U% a good propatratim Othwwiro. In the morning when you wake. Do the amum wor)F whloh you hare thought Bake a real only little Pour aotlvlty double ltaelir You oan do this qunllty program. a half or oomplstrly. four . You take two houra to mlu Tht but I ! at night. to alrep we gradationa.-199 worth mythlang. ELI Qnarrdaya. e*oryono / 08 Nell.

are l eterp lOU98@= thing ha8 Oontaot8 with yourrelf for 8kvb 8U8t to prepare rork. bo udo. if make for JOUr8elf. You think l fixed thi8. +ill 18 by M)lllO that You will 801 8. play. intOF88trd In roml these qUeatim8. mrk. nothing. rOti. a8 800121 I pa88 tm What 11th ha-8 Qlmlnirhor ir a ~18.e the Z'~8UltWhl6h But no on0 here work8 bring Al% th18 18 only ohildtr urk. 1 bt0. YOU 8OQething. 40. yet uaoalatlans JQU Six a tlm8 oameotsd in whloh with work. thir Think about thl8 oa-~ralcmrly wtonatioally wow and form a o6nt. the flow.. without ritb ph1108OphiSing. LL@fmm 8umt k&W% QI Bat I rrq notu8# *I what wa do. rith to br t0 t& you do nothing. 'Qao plaoo you WI&l will thlr Jot. It ir Yau ray TQU uork. a OO~afn YOU OOn8a8ntO You l ooopt the 14. Q8 Whm I aten run8 frOrr th8 heollr 1Y 8lightl~ in ma8t $tOOplo rho ar brrlad rJ1 that 887 ha'. and aftrnud our liicr tborr Uperi~OO I hmvo lemnrd Al &ro Ii@@1 8nmllor. irOn ataterlal thing8 th8zi 4.48 So* oan cute roquln ALI aotaohmmtt Orbat UI iaiw ior f0~80u.a that And if it time you mU8t be OOn8OOratOd to thr On0 iOr a tark i8 &iron JOU.r t0 betaoh Om8Oli of gravity. of day muat bo oonaearatod And if 7ou omnot 8Omthing to you do nothing 1188. little lt l bottsr than titillation. bf thl8 8UbJOOt. . 0. tha time you hwe already mm undW8bnda. the future thi8 will tifB8 You preparm the ground. You read OOMeOted the work And you allow la not for work. One orrtaln Yw raorlflor the tine this. You muat 30 that rOOU8tOm IOU hare have neither oontmt with oc a rerlara You are a meahanl8m. 18 ~eptlmal~ What wa horr What w. from f@Olitlg8t A: or tm other* 18 it not 8a8iar All hate th@ 8MO value. will ai8 md till I@V'Qyou from automat10 l ttaoh8ut8. rarerrod ro*. but Jou hare oontaot YOU .you work. do It during 7au. uork_re. th0 8WOat run8 frO8 the brow. On0 muab ham an ideal. at You attaoh youmelf with one aenter You mu&t look m Ldral thl8 in thl8 aire ray. It You TBIttK about all the tit work.

upoot in you haa grown* six other8 rumt alro grow. two twoales r-. ~verytthlng 0Qa. &wept 79~ oarmot prome it lr worth nothing. You have a meaknrrr uhlah ti You muat rho worth 81th aec mart dortroye rurt uad You brl&ew. jou 0~1 imagine that 7'0~ uo not u AI other@. You aaaatlms. till have hlowlodg* that of your hmo ldoa of 7mneU I am #how 7ou b&tar the others you* ~a msn it aloao. Aa In llfa 70~ oan UIO th8 idear aa lnrtruaentr. your rwknorr . I mea4 nothingpeoplee thia~ Roooepllse Uorlr m nu l r I formt when I an with radioero AI I will &vo 70~ a tark. or with r\brtmzktlal people. Mrpurrd muat not forget that thr firrt If rou thing to remonb~r 18 7oumothiagthe You have a lot thir of Llrglnctlcm. and 7ou rich to parr on 7our bollof with your all you give four (~nmr@~ If Lou do not belleva. I think I am urged b7 4 feeling of ruperiority But dthout and thir ia I dll toll 7ou romething else. Artor thla. You neu* nothlngaoas. ii you mlrin it qulto lmpartirS. idatlSy Bollevlng door not aowt.dur for 7ourr ru .Al dlmlnl~he~ if But thlr rub alro aonoomo the ldear. and 7ou fool %at lnkrertr 7ou 7ou give it to aothor mpt7r xaap the nm l. QI X have the improrrlon that I aannot p‘ avant qr elf from urlng tha forcrer given to ma b7 the work in order to be ruporlor with tha paoplr lhom I moot* You are a mall perrone on. believe. 7ou do (To romsanr l line) u if 7ouwers thir? mndwlng *en a rortlom. in wlrhlng to trmrmlt somethins to somamo. Ewe 7ou ssrperlenoad r& I harm notlood that one lorer uhat one har ii OLIethrowr it to otherm.B out OSy ou with four UOrdl. nothing rhioh nwrr belleve. 7ou You idatify. like Yap orltloira merythlng. ldatlfylnging Q: *kq I do it.

remona. ohlef I. the othore bo ray.nct ruoorrd l in approaohfag my woti in a ratlrfaatory mnnor rsallcatlon unlerr oortaln rltuatlon urge whloh OM ml. I BOOyour mother her@. It her. Ejrouro me. her. how little thnt I truly lb nnimatar mo* hd I lure mdarrtood amnot l pproaoh my work with real fir* JIM8 r&id underrturd what you wlrh (&an]. 18 to aayr outrldo have areated *hoeto foxuea perhapr 18 life worth py were not obll& romething romething toyout to 81~1 gou life. ior roaaon8. umotr raurmothor. you owa your iih you mu8t repay OTM oi of her that the You are or age nowI the tlma ha8 some to rrttle oau808 of Jour be&g ullvo your 4ob8r. year mother. put your p~por away0 JAI I laok an lmpulrr for IIJ work. the warld. ln return.PY 0r 08 a8pm.l my prasant oome to me from 1 olsar nothlngnrrr~ that of my that I heeo \mdsrrtood very alearly* for thlr And that mad8 mu undoratard But X oanft of oon8oienaat not one.muah my work 18 mental . tell8 Evew aan when ha oome8 into ihera ar@ o~u8e8~ that the world. go further what onn I do to have raaorae orrrlerwlth lt moon rrpaatrj qurrtiar but oven* thrro One I till oortaln him. J&t No. 1 feel present I do. have you bogma to py your dobtr to hart OurdJlofir Tharr Eoglb. 18.y u3f. #or axn~lr. .JA.1 (bsglnr to road the queatfon ho ha8 rrlttan)t More and mope. lr bemum 18 ymr mother. 11. It you ha+@ your 9laa8urer On* of tb thoa. hor. t&a.11 then. en0 af tha aspootr Aad I uk of your oaping into thlr -worl#. but what you ha** I don’t Onr dortrofr road. am by rtlll thir rlx first o8har u@o$~. y’ou. if you Pro you glad to bo l llvot are alive ad glad of it.8 to bar that you would navy If you are gird hava oomo into to live. I re.8 atataaent* OurdJlefir Ihat of oonroleme nothlngnerr. and that you have 9or8lbllltle8 of devoloplng your8elf. aomo8 fororr I ought to havr remor thnn t-w. Don'8 thud Jioff. rou rhould But for her. &t I rpoak to you ROR. la not logloal.

YB6 da S~~SBUXIS (to IQpe. more dlifieult. 1~ 8 very dl#dloult and doubly how many tlmrr to repair thing. forgotten jorxm .: 41t it irnrt for th8t. You hava a& r6morsO of oo~olmas remomborr oould flow irot you hto bun that. rho ir your mother* And how ban Lou pay ho?? Pou m&o You should unify hat l.! $. thl~ 0xem18e. do Skl.nrt@aU of that. I thought I had mh’mtood. woh oum 8 bottle of nedlolno . ofta! You unnwv@ harp YOU 1rHtabo Unoonsolourly. first ii in the. have pa bna bad. Thlr nwt ohoome “cl1 Vve talk drolded was to put fo t8ka a bark and 8 tlok arlba l oerbain to it of the by to do no matter what happens. ir fw hoopt A good anmetr.X arkd f have to Psrhapr Lou bellered everyone wmt &o. 4': V" 'I J&or I’ve thought aboidt’lhat you raid to na the other day. YOU might think that if ftm know nhoT Pour mothac~ I aay this. one permm . you am to blama for it to&j. very %ke the gear that haa JIM& bad* You are to blame for not rep&lrlng hero lr glad. pre&ent* it lr you do not do it. uha* do you do? her. rj’f / 1. bad. I’ve tire to do ut exorairo. t rpeekr like this. fulfilled in ycru. it la bepwe he ouqklnd hort and . Ii0 her? the part with your lutulr If you forget.): Ourdjletf are hem. thlr. ho bmrflt of your 8021that (He speaks in ~~ua8lan rim ?&a0da Silfmana}. kor the part two roan. this but and t q aae •IIDIQ~. your obllgatlonr Thlr la but th08. E. htrdflotf: (rim I hd rw3akain hamian to Mmer de Silrmann) Roure me. bogln on@. &fore o Ii pm have underdoed I aould uplaln by thla remo~eo om b egtr others.$eoaurr you ‘. that I or nothing”. r0rg0t ahe lr cibJeotirely hrr llfr.smumt “Rhea 8~87 for Iho hoU&ym. bo you rix hmmbe~ It Imowlng them. the exarolre 0r the atoaded truly 1ml8* And la trying it -B for underrtood Sor the rlrrt tlma what it bit 18 to b@ l uterior ncuxentlty~ tint11 now. the pa8tj and you dfd 8 reoond’tima lr it not? %rpno JAedPme. your fault your fault.Even it her life parred. vorr bad.

that quoationr par I did not girr low 1 understand you rouldn't 80 frlt why you arked mo have thought If you had had that bottlr (He Ipeakr to all). P#r ronr rhould givr you to l VWythbg. a lang quertlon it’8 beoau88 he hadn't a larg of mdioine~ the follt of Madame the P&ldmto time1 he*8 It’8 (40 oiforr been your and th8 fault frlond a lmg of all time) hio frlendr. and for Ho's been hen tit&e ha*8 bean doprlvab of every perron herow to have 0vorgthLng~ the fault olgantt$ of Nm8 de Salmann. nothlngnerr. to hirr. 18 it po88iblr it to your @hat X &id not give it to you?@ Zpu t&Lu@" PP. Tou hat. OKldth8 friWd# his Perhaps that will to obtain another glvo you a remorse of aonralenao of attention+ A8 to him ( quality I aan ray I regret holldap rea8on for not having glvaa him the bottle ~~SRMIIKA rmyr 1 did I gave to overyone for tb. ItI 8 for thnt it’r Tra801? groupm reason ho arked th8 qusrtion. of your work.ook about a third $ 'tit IS not ry rult wrdjiaff f ora. You rhould have l verythlng.he would not have in the Saturday that quertim. he would not glvs one I underrtand tha qUo8tiOtIr ff he had had hlr the holiday8 1'18 rorry ha 18 not bottle have done romething t&cod ebs with hi8 tims during You and .-x4- to take uhlle t&l8 that about working. up your 8Ql8 If ir you llkr the f l ult a you aan algalof Tour you 8hould have alprattos* th8y murt you haron@t an7. had hi8 bottl8 If ha ha8 l 8kodthat It in idiotio your fault. in general a nothingnerrr But tody he porrorre~ nothing1 ho bar aoowrul8trd by ll$tlr reaping am nothing the rrwltr b8 dono* during hia holldaya. had only a third of th8 %t It you will have three time8 more give 8xkou&alaw in thr 18 for that that I 8ald ita Porhapr you didn't m8dlalnoc in order e W. It twa rerultrj be l mlhilatrdr .* foraer to thir future You're all. %y rhould Of YOUr IMIm givr you what fr tmught for. Ha ian** underrtand. to HEMIEt%) oi the PNlldQb.Do r’ou You on the aontrary xow you are llttlo have a barir for mearurlng of h t w that af 1t0 amderrtmd now the for@8 Ab: ohalrtr+? lr gour bu8inm8. you dorervo Mother. reaponslble @t&m. 1 if you -take I t. (Jb Ab) .

(MU. Ml10 Do1 and Sum filver bonbon8 and f know with what rploor about dh~lrrer rhe 18 8tUffOdr invitor oertaln raring ol~rettr. but your organlrm Bell results then. enlighten (To Mae Err): ought to 88e to it your title In the beglnrling Traool. #aa President groups is I do not know.rembOr WrYt Iraid . bar not the possibility you the fin it of being what your hemd wl#he#* give you the ohemloal umtterr Whore fault I spoke of amn for thah and l cuaulate It's you rhould ln you and glro ruvital- l~lng your funotlonre the mmo reason. that‘ when I know someone ~011.aak. wit21 hlr Yau should help him 80 I may understand +*~a Proreoutlng 18 In the 8ams way that You hew notloed HOW. I I #U8t know with vbt &JOOd rdV108t ho i8 rtuffmd. 8up&loato do SaWnann to help youa you al80 ha8 the possibility YOU of getting that into the Saturday has a meaning. (Ho joker people for for her (Ml10 Dal).une roazon. mot&or oi the howei yotz r. underrtoodr hrr gitem me the mot who interrupta Mme do Salwann the .-R&s- L&at Lao8 ad May I flnlah Flnlrh. th. Attorney He has a very For that. up rtm8Jlng.. (&wd~leff her). but liurdfloff QurdJlaffc rtopr I:rve tinady It'8 YOU have understood with your head. I have notloed RJ quortlaa? in doing thlr axrralrs that for the firat free t* chrdjleff~ for e very rhort againat of timt romont . I know him exteriorly tongtip. but It'8 talnsn a serious how la your pupil ((tsrb)? You ought to help your pupil. I hnd the f'eeling of being free. &iVe him do that he may underrtandr but not lnterlorily. but for the future he take every mea8uro~ . 1 011IlOtr governor am for her able to A8 with %nlal. hir exterior. tranrlater. l nU that of this inertia tute whloh I alrayr oould be liverty. 8br l othar. beg. he must manlfert Dal). you thought It wan a jow. turn. rympathetlo interior. than)* ourdjidf: 18 *t&r. May 1 8-bt (To Ja) SOtO thlr l x8mpla tha h8t tire.

roroe yourulslf.. It'8 with little. Big1 even though it be l @oMmtlaml to u air.tht no on. but that Alone I oan do I oatact make my progromm minoe that timq And I fiel hdjibrrt You mre contmnted You ehould ba hrving your funotioaa. mftsnmrdr If you pars tbl8 crrlrim. mayr Ja* 18 jeAlou8 beoaume hlr mother bmlongm only to him but to svmrybody PrmmQt. you in rhiah7ou rubmtnar nrurt &oouaul~tr mubmtmncw. rtrugglr am an&y ba aaoumulated w rbrug&lao . A bad ml&n* You ziumt look for thim period bctwren %e a mhock fmm outmldo. l mo muat try. l Having iinimhmd I find weeks Ago the tukm A hqpy worklag I had 1Ald out for A htitum tbmrr belAna witbout And without dmmfreb I rlmh to Lo on bsoAumm I ire1 lm I unlvor~a above the one where I now am. (C)urdjleff no lmgor hm ulll j&em about JA. tie mother lm hemd (of the houms). fqd like tom rk l quomtlanr mmveral nymsli mlnom then In quertlon. like %er*fora f&i. quell. nmmsmsmry~ It 18 only nosmmary thnt you romultm la yourmmlt~ nomd thorn for aotrumulmte thr rcmultm You AIumt 0sounIulato~ tdr of l trugglm. remllrm Ourdjlafi8 And when he lomem hmr the ralue E. ln flew* I don't moo mxaotly uhmt path to follow and uhAt Ati to kuv~ Ch\rQjlafft obtoln Xou will A path imnft Gollwt.hl it of what ho pommommmd). You mumt that 70~ 18 l vmry good mlgn. mnd 0m0t WOF~ thlr An interior your indiriWliity r80t You mumt not aalm y0urmeU.q without the nofhrr'm ~mnrimmion. small orlrim. 1: think is diffloult for Anyone to Amk A qummtlon. oontlnuing. rry do ~nylih3. Mtor what 80 bv8 jU8t read About the omre~lq &at evmn 80) oi Chrimt. you have bAttsrim8 rlsotrioity. low during mtrugale you should mrke mfiort. you omn begin a&n lilg. armAt* l k.

lkaat 18 to tin Too right. road. Camot. your thera are SO lampportr. So rboumukte. YOumJ. Flrrt. belongs. you* You m aaai- 18.' d ray you l r6 the rtrugqla that dentally the Etolle. that you gave me aa 6 hark. that neither but to m oQrt*in oven them uaa an obrtmzle rhe nor I aould parr part thlr And you told her that you would ray what to do to get eivory paroat. are reawhing aeaesrary rhall mhat you the meanr? What you em doing important. boaaure you nerd the rubrtanae that rtrugglo give you* Jaur Mr. Boulamm! be-r aatlsflbd. uhatrrer it im?ortmCa. You know what mew bettor than I employ? *or it. of working my die. Rhat ir lr you murt have in you the proassa ‘&at halt of #truggle. obligatlorm one mwt begin by bringing Wall. 18 atill low then. for you aad your w&fr have ohlldra* they oreats ior you rpeolal be Living jurt for for yourrrlrer ir finlrLwd. with that for the purpore of I rommbering myrelf. of giving example. Aawmulate interiorly with the rea~ltr thought. this aim har ahanged our relation. You haven’t exporlenoe. You should obliged to r&arlfier evwythlng your ahlldrm . ‘he rtnaggle. @urdjieff.not to rtope continue your rtruggle.. prover you far: turn are oa the right road. But you mart not atop* You bed aa a plan to go to You are ln the rum d@Alnarrllli. The Etoile 20 rtationr. don’t whatever thing you bvo is to the ham habit give any moree Important a rontlaual will proarrr of rtruggls. a quoatha.aom that I hww but wlthOlP* of atrmggle. you a thouamid dting r0r timer better reat8. . struggle. mly mad l o hr point. Yarn we rtrugglr rubrtanaa *em that that gibrr l in the plaao where it plaar te hare no latrmrt thiC ‘1 that Ilr laoking Cakhnue today la kaawlag In. ii you hwr obrtmlar fhwdjleff~ forwax ehlldran.never used to tie alrtak6~ =d now X begla too 1 rdrlre you .ir r: ) that of the proorrr feeling and body. your body likes. and that roqoone Mho lr near to me0 Ihd have notload. that if yau Yii @w omgl . t. ihat Is the H&it for that to 8ayD aontlnus har no rtrugglo.

you thaa dererbo PoPrt May to know the obfeetloe 1 ark If P CJUO8tiOIl? YOU way* Wrdjleff: irn’t it4 &dd~llO.49.m. Rolp my nal$lWmr boo . do evil. your aindr.3. tbaer. Nothing this your mutual r4latimr.3. until yau me baok wham lit the tiae. botnen oontaot for the work. my imagination outside of th8 whloh lutr l rortaln length from running airy with YD Cturd~leff I Well. your ohlldrm.46. thir alPI. up I tut8d. fh'8t the YOU have 8JYOh. a ocmmn You rhould ain. llvo rhould far your ahildrent int8rfetre with it lr #a l im of you end JCW rife. have oommm rk and thir ID an between you* oommon allo objeotloe your wffo. Thi8 is th. you good whloh III 516. oan give you abrolutely nothing. of time. krt I#. Begin this. 8peoIal period thir ala of tlm. hia oom In order to have another In the ssantlme rpeak objsltlve guiotly (noyqn) that rlll and iran- with will your wife and plan U you do thlt3 for one or two weelm. rou will glvo a between you. relax it to ad 8&y your8&lfl “f aa”. 8aOriflOO Dlsoura to it with p&n a8 an ain to l everything All for your ohildrrn. to bra. to un f u”.4$3. Hot for alryr. You too To on the right logloalty thnt path.beoauro mob will And he who dll have ohoren hir attain thir nay to 8uataSn in hinuelf9 utten titerward. “I will. “I om bo’. what I &OU 18 VOW 8:U>10 thing. beosuure it ain and the work’ is also lklth her. ba I ahall “Not doa. You should have an al. ror if JOU both plan And la your porronal dth rolrtlanr 8 trugglo. your ohm-a@air ais - tore am en lntorlor will havm dlfforcnt rtruggle pured eaoh one will have . to &bout to $1~ Aftorwmd8 all your ipoe time. for that f’m goin are underrtmd to give you l very aimply and NOW very ordlnay add80 gleor l ot advia*. but for objeotloe. Pom: I rhould work like to lmou whut to do to prevent. to Aml if yori do 10 7 “I wirh b or 10 nlnutrr.4. oount: 501 All 30. You will undemtand you* During eftsrward mly this 8dvloo 18 1.47. there rinoe w111 be Your aim Lill l be a oomt~on one.

To thir l ll the Work lr a very rerloua You aarxiot work intorlorly a-* end irLoraa#e it little by littler g4 houra. as. he will. It'r work a litit tiring tblr You rrclriflar funotimr0 lt You mumt make & rpeolal work 7ou give a holf the rrrt. put all ior thae hour of the the rrrt8lido~ all 7our interior ll. day.r OudJhff ordkui-7 have on.urUjieffr thtngre him. half hour forget thing* to thlr uldo for time al1 7our ooouprtiaxr. 70~ Iwt note ha’t et mix thlr with work* aotlto PO have 8ue kbdr waking l k8. hampered by the aam@id-8 everyone in thr I am hawend b7 ha OM I organire the dpy. blot all all of the dsinanda of daily You mwt living* It sot aside a spsolal the time. impedes mar have to do with about what Itoe heard here - and at Mae de saltmpnn'a. fiir entlro llfo PomI vary well* 7& nothing @i&e thing. thank me. you will your hoart. L l lrh work a You rir. ovarything thinga of ordlnarg the work of your and srtarior aaeriiloe tha afterward do 7ou ap1 put s think #oe You ommot thlr work (111 da70 That beaomea aeokmnloall mr Et. 7au rhould waking l tate lr on- But . how 8~1 I do my home ir hapw? the ldsar that work. jurt I.for to be. You do But that Tour free the. 0180. a balt hour obir For 8hicl work.-noI After all thati. Et.: never May I l mk you for mmo advlarY I un alrayr m7 Uyr. That ia the reoult I've work. Hava 7ou undorrtood . think I maa wanting to uk 7our when 1: do lag work of remembering m7$elf. I au . I know a thousand other And that will dorth he will l But I glvo you thlr rill (20 the othera) the hour of Ur and that ir all* avo ahange and until forget me* ti that. l of waking 18a801. ourdjleffr happen6 to everyoneb time csaah day for the and that oonrtantly often raid thin. that? not l yltmtioal17. oount l &&b for nut oonreloual7. ihe first mat I gird it ~111 eom ab8urd to 712~~ thnnk me with all when 7ou have done It t*o or three uoeka. It'r the work* a0 that And during the opgosite.

task. ii for you aocompllrh fire that to It. Zargat rvwythlng. 18 boyou de hit a8 you (1 good beginning to l l-861 IPan* ta prepare you for you work l aoqulring the 8t@to that prover that long time . won badore beglnnlng. And if being - ten minuter. 7our ahildm. only thlr ry*tem WI11 alray. the work.for the rort of the day. uo not mix it of good work lr worth more thm 84 hour8 oi another l lee. Ba in Rurrirn huabrad. your being. preparo it la y&r f0~80ir. you it oollaot yourrelr. l 11 your rtrengthj do hinutor too muoh. add YOU nmny time8. worth nothing. with all purrelf.r wit~r you rbllbeoonr mrthlorr~ LOU d2-b rmmnbsr y0w88ir. When you begin your work..lan't the quantity with other that oountrb minutes Itlie la one thing. but work without anything3 it ir Work II rhort roll* it . that not uorkrlth to that. Othenlro 18 matloallg l ooordlng to habit aamam of the time. rptdtu but forget l rexythbg (4 l goirt. You are loOn tired. yourrelf Do it ior with all your being* 8 mlnutsrl You oan@t do It for lcag. the work mother IOU renl0nb. glvr ooalng your tarkr St ir a very oomplIoatad thing. 70~ are drained of all strength.rrlu Mtorward. ir thir YOU OQI do thir? do a hali liju ‘Burt hour . eron tan minutrs glrr rind 8rorlri08 rloh work 8 for him who oen rpeolal onother* time. for thlr the work work you mtut ymw lhe l abrtmtlallty Iloo work. rhould. hvr all ymr you are working only with your mind. g&in&g Hare you oan do it for a thousand yonra time. butrubrt*ati& an abraluk . O~Q Life 18 one thing. ton mlnutorr or wh thir to You oannot give all your time. that FO~IQI you are wed iiT8 minuter. rhiah And if you work you live oan't LB you have the habit of doing. yourr*llr What you ray doer not mind . but the quality things. &our OatI. ia difroratr ba more amtlve. ordinary iii0 oontlnus mitething. par #aoy . I soy you munt lnarears the time little by little. work 8 mlnutrr~ thr I*rt Let If you haven@t auoh tSrs. Our llfr 8 gqaho&mthe ir am thing. rix mlnuter.rumlab* onl? thrwtir #herb. It take You oannot do It's until for it a long t1ms.

-. oat* you are not an indlvldual. very alrople rymptcm.aut-tOP.. Tour 7’ar do not. oontrr8 l irr l ncorachlng feeling. try to you are an . &ha you ire1 lilw hot or oold. you oa*t think bsonure you l m You W&&I to say that fosllrq? Bar! I mean that I have an amotional thought. Co. Uong indlrldwlr. on scuJh otherr to Uvr.-SlBart Ma7 I uk 4 querthm? How aan I dlrtinCprirh b&woa~ ~7 ment81 oeutsr and my phlrbal I e*ntar? toakr hen you think.-. you Lo think m-tart OuxiJieff with your f esllna. th. Bars tit In on. not merdq . u sluknerr~ is only a funotiorh ‘be beglnnlng T)ut the omter indlvlduollty~ your oenter come8 from Zaeling of grovlty thought must be the thought. unconroiourly but wbn a0 rlwq II havr for a4. that re t trportent oatw for tho momentr in the It thlxddng you N-D nn indlvldual emter. there Xi you ooncentrote an aany drpsr your being in your thought. -7 thaoe ltrr a sS. mcmtd and to ml8 tab OurdJieff: onu for the other. r8orything work &ould be uoluaively km. Xt’r a simple explanatlaP. you muat think rlth n rloknersi your head.’ s aQthnn. . thInking how @an one provart with ~rj ioellng. when you don’t L your $ealirlg. ir 8 You hnve P reaknerr. not think with your feelia6 and the oenter of a woakne8a.m to W in four doer itroli And thlr ln you* oonroious4. ho- Ourdjieff cktionr whm you ‘I&La fi sisple that fr go on autonutiorlly. i. but iUB you are nn lndivldu8l. when 7ou like. aocustom Every man rslould dent person. to oonamtr8to To 7ou rlro lt 7ourroU rhoufd in your thought.m@r u$luut Phil@? a@l6ln ___” -. something. not m animal.of gravity And now you aan knou what is ir in hour thowht . JOU think. l your rind. thought. Kt ie l hlmsdll' (uo’ys@ to the bslng word) an Mlvldual. vap are only u1 eutomatm* you nrk you rhould If oa be & your bodr and in your foaling. when you hew ycur ir la of gravity Aad if it another omtor. if Iti is rhen your owltar of gravity f8 not In your thought. angry. an lndepcadog.

book..orrtlmlly t But for ymr I know it. it oookfag. %a more mm kar depends cm say. be rblo lr explained. there 1s everything its there. $0 mu17 different daveloping methods? Cne thing I aan explain attention. uora . another a way to put your attention tark. aano interesting ZUl oonalurlmrl ‘harmday. . the emi) tima then you put your aothar thm that to wbloh jou am aoou~tammd~ you will to ham ao attention In &ii*. X?&. &at one must undarrtand. on Beolrob\ib. so. Xi you in llfo. thlr lrn't In Beolssbub them ~aong 0th~ in molsebub l ttonflan the l I har4 maid and at it. You told mo to arpeaiallv look into l ttentlan mymalfr l ape&lly of A# asked you that Rselsrbub. I da ln lntererting all that not know any* 4rt For ammpla. It @clrt. world. the end. the l eorets and of the oreation to undarrtand of the thare. nor svergthlng Methods do not rlmply. l ttmtlm kna on Bmltobub. for rpeaial mmljleff: only the method of ‘1 ama or if than are othrr I oan telJ&ou. find for It la an objaotive undorrtmds and evrmone should underrtand a thouaand tlmw all of Baslro8M. bn it. thlr rhould have glvan you undermtandlng new. l ttmtloarm I wanted to a8k you the 1-6 wa8. ha l ttmtlon and to make an omelotto. on undbrrrtandlng Thlr ml11 be your can put rral You didn’t and it 18 a good way to fix you oan ban thing. everyone able to undbF#tand aoaordlng book. been lnrtmotsd ir in a osrtaln 9ubjaotlvely. I arked that you lart if there ‘Iam a my to develop that I one l ttantlont rammberr you raid attontlm (IO@meumred in the degree oneself. Baeltsbub.0. to the level he ooauples. something more l One perron one part . aan cbxlet. All that all one must know.-sorhi11p: cmdjieff romething %. sir. many ‘?‘a” if bsoaws I wasn@t able to put ay attanticm week on the reading During thir aa them I undrrrtood that was what I uaa. la a very haa oxlated. the oneta lndividuallty~ mom ha oan 1. all&r I know. about a real attention. a rold a real l ttontlon 11 l to~thlag. dJtisfa. all that &ergthlng ‘&e brglnnlnq. ova. aeerot.

thorn to ycur8d. f mnlly . ainutO8.nmsmbar your father. aftctnard m8a And nbn to bon. and thon. beO8urO I believe will pull me out of the ChArdjfefft oounty like more 8imy1iIr Jaor it OOntdXI8 8omthiAg 01*&r ad 81’njdO rhiah o@&@ in rhioh 1 am a1r8yr you at to urn ($0 Jap)t Yeu hare Ten perattat wlorrtood rot .It'8 Jo* tb0 mu8 t0 me 1% It’ 8 8 or 18 . thir hurtle.f. mother.about rise mp md DWOma@rl and about the Frmoh between tax1 dritsrr). rou will for ator take am a ta. a littb vorg fntereated OU8trXWilJ vev Porn*8 quertlon’md bu8tWtg b7 your anawer~ I obrervo 108te belong fn 8ty liid how little Nhioh i8 ad very trlvIa%. It tunlngr i8 That world not do for up to 50. ha8 no ate anything Uhih ago I ua8 &Ioh 58 tuorw to ray? b7 Mr* @urdjieff.81 ppr8elf room there im for the rorko nurmal whioh in 10. A rioter tarkt avery l18Ot f Ire pQFlOn8.r ot 7our rather @he’8 hers.s. g&V. all tire. to . triviality th8 8trOnga8t eraotly ator the 0rdinu-y me. 7ou hvr with f1nlrhrd tan pnrsnoo.l'. later *to0 You rrmrmbor with the them and you reprcmnt four.45s(A job. Whan 7ou think 0ilV. l rd you you begin a&n your h~V8 . that. dlfflault to that a 110. tlao.8 takw’a tan litth about 10 10 tiutsr . the addo* that 8qUimd whioh 70~ to Porn. with to 7ourrolf thingm in her 0sF8# 6tmap thtng8j 7ou am grown up and are earing #old cxtm (Ib 1010 ?$&)t your ra?d &hat wha bar nortry. BWO 815& lik8 your not&r. L f. +tt8 de salmann: JettJ l@lRUaRO uhioh I8 rioh only In the in8aw ReUly nor. with Pear about tc\bmmo 8nd how to m it. Qurdjierit a8 m~rrilng. InhAter aftrmatd "I drh thr menring of rll 70~ and ten minutor And llkr 3 that you the wy. UI ia& It’8 you mdorrtandt *aoh fifth YOU ItBt8t thlak glro that fiX0. a &ginning 1088 or tomorrow 8 little more@ you hut. th. All 18 to0 critm that aOmPljrw But what Ia lorr to thir who 18 I nm rttoohtd tit8 to.your rather. “I Rtt’. oto. You hve l I am going to glvo you 8omsthlng yet A mother? A brother? A fathrr? And 4 8illt. itldi~ithtd And S a&k you if 1 should not apply to I4J own O&8.

down’ a poreon ham a no80 like you don’t t axlr t you love h4rJ if but A no8e llkm objeotivs dirtr love here You hove aoal 1-e anda 10~ . hrdJlrff. I'd I don’t unrlerstand . a weakaeaa~ for Youoen~ot hevo love. me when one in rrirod with e feeling oqgrofund mm ournot it9 manage to *merPgo. oh1 thet'r ple44.. wey. bday. u rymptomj you eat aore then you rhould. you have* on rexj it is low. rey tdit lbvei'brlly lntereatr the functionr. whut oon8oloua love oen be. tDhM'8 011.8 2 4 QurdJieffr Well then. one doeant ~urdJtotfr 801 oiAll8tr Than 18 no ruoh rrdnm88~ it a nouropatholog18tr $8 idiooy. ir eat thr &at thett Teat thir If it YOU know whet It nd next tlmeue irl. her the oauno of it? Ilo. t&t ir reel lwra. low thir You have only love bawd "Ihet whloh perhepr & aloknrr8.0 Aad at OurdJieff I &sa. underrtay St ir 0~14 phyriael pdarity to theh i8 workin. Barr Somrtlnw L notlo@ It after lunohecm. your @'end- overymr. like (Yokes with to l sk another I don't Ab. fAthAX' had. 00 to 8ea well. la bud i8 obJ&lVO~ on sax and 8ax cm polwltyr l ho hemIt ti 80%~ lrlrl# So if that. l I l M moomend I haor him tory ho giver mo 10 peroalt. will the la8t rpscrk.e~a thou&t thAt that.liar4 dadnarr from *hloh ytr. pieoe. ma armlaer oneta perrion end dlsol$d'a its ~b8. lotr But wU1 bs@oae rep. question. Don't Oh. tha word rontlment for I Or thingI) you hrr forgotha H@r But 2wl mat loto.why the luoudlty with whioh 1 opr not at doe kill it.rd the . about mediobne). It’8 You undlorrtandt porrlble the aaure of it I)r. with rht neohanlool OarI 0110get am Ourdjirffr aart from If’ one doe8ntt t.qpent oon8aiou8 ‘&e love rvorybody her.jr your ahrn YOU h. oaa reek to roprsrr lt li8 (r wakmrr it for and mt the rake of the other? it mid. there. Do you under8tand Then bravo. Gurdjieff: Eat 1088. imtt we’ll find Big: mother Sir.

polarity. for a nm without a abild without for a mother. rQh psrron. the slave ylt fir&t you must have the taste. renoaln theoretlaal. 8 gorson la hungry. jau+ AntI if the tarts ai aome8 to youI I aan eaplti the dot8118 Abt sir.lSbin8tinQt lou will ~-~lud lowe %a parhapr br able to foe1 ta8to will for per&m lib. la merdr. Eeseltebub explains f8 th181 the ooanmmlmmts of Aahiata Shiemash there Love of oonrolcrumeas evokes the mime ln rOuPQW& Love of feeling evokea the oppositee LOW O? body depends only on type ad Pohri4y. another und rt qurllty to Have aontrot (with your differant impulrea. objective About this. we will But you must ?ii&a&~~%ltPhrSktaxurt ue aan u&y beforehand many thfngse apeak about it. And then Ir alao thlr about hope t ir 18 strength 81a7sryb Hope of aon8oiouttnerr lbps of the body 18 dimsare* And about fnithc Hope of feeling . But you aant t do Your anything about You are a etlave oi thlr Conroioualy. ln order to esp~rrlenoe thle oonrolms love. who QOms t0 JQU* %QO that you have Pity tOr a psrron rhm8 no80 you don’t or for aother for who wmas 111. Wish or not dr& you oan be no longer All body makrn you a? your love or not l-0. naturally. All that 1 oan say in the msantimo would ~OnOetXWin~ is that gg8m-d love bxlste. reamin lawrtfurl. lav. oan polariw he a help or a hindranoe? Ckwdjieff it. you ml11 8ee that ovk?rfthin& tbo 8me you hata ha8 in ?a~ until nm oi tire you ~111 be l bls to it try to have the ta84o 0r lwe. I A hlndrmoa. you will bo abh and if 7~ to enter hi8 situation. love. a rlfo -i then.

Y4 10. ahange at anr prlae alr~stalliced 1. Itrugg1. sxi8tr In order to 1ee what a Oi ahoning* t0 &I'd titerior go Q1o Yau there a yosrlbillty thank8 times porhapr l&our. that whl& you are two will oryrtti88 nwAr 1# tb8orvtioel 'uaen.r Gurdjlaff1 jW'8OEWr diifOPOnt You have undorrtood will iunOtiiOn TIM rorult f+8tOP8 in of your YOU fOrU rtruggle )rti b8 a rubrtwaoo 0f &88Q@idiiOE& (RU8018. 1946 beaaure but L find of -aelf I oan*t Qome on saturdaya. Hardar. work that hard. mum dlfflaultia exoraiao~ beglnnlng~ (Gurdjioff l rlaap when I do the relaxing Mme do Salmmnn teaahing bar ti to go on with to be born tha reading) of t0 1 Mlls WitnO 8trUg@e Qmft relu Talr oauaed in mo a kind Who Ob88ZVJ8 PO ~~~~1088~ QJnindi any thi. t&la Of Witna88 My mOr6~ ab8OhltO Gurdjleil'.t . perhaps 8ORiething elre ha0 MllS mak. alO8ed up in you? a3. what You mu8t not f wish to dOr C&~rdjleff.y enough. XLU A!dr e 'Ihm rtmggle~ at t&Ill tAm#. the day ln mS de hh8UTUA~ /' chrrdjldll ki8010U8 a8000tittlon8+ iutar.8 YO8r klre'r a struggle between two tfllngsr !iiS At I RitnO88 ma 880 to auah a point what L am that I up dirgusrted. liow TOW . XOW Gurdjloffi namntlty you are* have the You mut You ferl kp8tO. @Wdji8ff: al0 oan’t. it.Ideetlnar me hbt Thursday.11 But n0t'Lmgl. &hpt iQpgdO8 JIMi gNatlye 8elf-rWlemb0I'ing FOVOlt. for worklnq in aa you prnnltted. the 9 ln u Job* trouble at the I have found with the nn impulse l xomi80 I fall tellr lha of renumbrring xyrelt. only pO88ible Xi you don'triah Hlle Tal: But you ax'+ wartag pnairaly %ruggle. you h~vo raohmloal Tou are a mohlne. oould. Before. haven't 8ny rtrongth. A0 Ohan@ ir for that18 work. in you? I TI. \ 18 the wish‘+0 Ye8. 1 &TO IpOre* Witn888. x @AS ti Along rfth a I QUUiOt do 8-t.

la alnlabo. 1 t lr the #ame thing. prlnolpally mWi@ad na. noed (of) for your your attention if not dlrturb 10 wloupled with a work whloh pu bvr lf YOU you do work oonrolourly. Now I alwafr ao& to tha aam@lycrr whloh I don't Mq break? I airh 8 $hir to go deepar. roaasthlq &at Dm’t perritr JOU to wopk a(1 hcmmr Daa’t de 18. tou omld rarrtihingr um . make l fou rrt brrak pro(~ram~ Work no mom l ooldatally. that I go down int’a a lavor oi And raoh tiao mudarf rho lr urh4 at the word “oraoklwu” u~rerrion#“)r l moolntlonr. than urooirtlonr till ei roue %oy uirt brought oonom Sor thmmltor~ by l rroolntionr lr YOUOUI WM rommfliatr Wa proportional to thr degree @Art the obrtaolo oonroiour tratlaa (Rumlm) %oy hindac you la I)O f&r ao you l TI low I rrlwayr too maha ad by droamin(r oon- Mme de Salaunaa oenbra~od. Sarcltlarr. #Ill@ Dolr tmdji0frt Mllr ~ersrtholorr.01sl 0~8tilu80 ra0t0rr ror 00nroiow l r8ooktionrr 10 l (WriW Yaa De Srlmann~ quotatlon mark8a Ml10 boll uaroiao botter. and #my@to Mile Dol.r* I rmld la th. busy with Your naroolationr lr abrolutsly ‘ho7 at our death. do not mmturbnta. doapor than boforor nnnap to brelL* Qurdjlafr Kale Dolr Ourdjleri only rtop romething. in order md to hold out my arm to rrtoh in the nnpa of the nuke l# artonlrhW nrlang In mynape thora are rnny l oraokbqpn. iant t our aim. AaaoaiatSonr onnnot ohango. the dey.rr at a ah rtandrtlllr It nota anything. You hve bmroioumerr property 0r man rlth0~8 to do the ramsnbsrlng againat relaxing. I’m ‘Imn out* bsginningr t-hwd$iaffr tm 11. You do it Do18 Ter. it Nhen your attmtlon Thlr la oonrolourlf doernt t ##a themr 18 a flood sxunpler During go on mora freolfe %t doerntt in thla oa#er your oonroloumc.

You am for real t0 it little Qh. in aaooqiirhing af tark I fd. you aert do nothIn& Then. work with \>J we will be able to uae ita of all When fou have it. be orJotalUredw ill little. thlr aubatanao. quartlam Elersn minutea. I would not l uaoomb. you POIIIII* POD. 'Lhe80 am not 7.. 12 mlautor. sryrttilire ulthout uld rh0tt s rarer ~WNII tying iaid.l. The following week. nythlng. You oould'worlr UC hour.i ta piano. rurrthatif OUI relu. I will give you an injrotlan to hare a drrlrv g&i WQiUtO=sd You murt haw 8 ma01 derirs . for be&g Do it u if a ma1 man* struggle* for I do it war.i~ qmrttozrr* llffloaltlor.a lhir do ltr when they aoff.Ld not tue HO&8 Your progr8ac ir oal7 11 mlnuto~. Life L iwflrul~ it aalma* full l m at this go to My hmd ir tix'om&y __ _/-_ my*rttention gd. It ulll 8erve to m&a &ugglm 1)c0OOtlO* it with a pro- Lltt& amke grow We mabrtmoe whloh I haven in Lou the frotorlr moaptiag Ear.iiSb. no moron Later. and ii then. by little. . Ourdjieffr mly Herr in proportion to the ener~ are empty.17 da8hab. one murtn't rtrug&lo. 3 uolpioll. You rhould not You tthou.. rtim +v UUI~ iI0. All $ha% fillr tiu. UmmriPg goer rafo171r g haad. &at )1ou should h8ve hops. Bow and it will the amterm.porrlbllitler with ~1. your bring. there am momdntm rba otijim. a doabe It 18 nstre8smy yams. to tmn t* waol (Rho go08 rlowly. YOU N8t sot anly with t2ra rind. pu dotewlnod offort. lra*t like And Im that. h rrnloo 1-0 ttit. pu are empty. *. but even when I rtrugglo I fulfill It a t&ok. Ourdfieift I)'8 a normal thing. rmmlourly Xf thq &rn~ I amke memom You aan rtrugglr You have battorlu. Ouwdjleffr me noed the remAt.Q@ 4 b~~hanse you take Ooffe@ you upi thlr forno. mum Ilaag.

timI* It you have no memory. oould really oonomtrato ror a quarIm werybody ho would bo bigger tbon your BIetro Dome. (For example) you are hungry. to make it. fuLl of -11 mundco deolrao. de salomann) By negatlro on0 know8 l orothing atom whloh one oonnot know without thlo from omeoolf neoosoary by l having it. You mot repeating. A8 l oon am I haves l een it. I aonnot hold thought or a fooling. lo the rapeat. ready rrde foryau* (throu&?) of hunger1 the hunger of the morning. that ee a negative It doer not CmotldP. By l oelng them. nob rrlia on&or. lo Oth4wm rlll anotlan hr. 'Ihere are dliferont of the clvallng. sverrybody aould do thlr. try If thora In three oaturler to l ahl6va have been perhapo ono and a half glning it lo not perhapa one l oaond a month by repratlng. aontradlotloclr . would bo otinf#* oalnto.SOldEQUESTIONSAliD ANSWERS FROM l'!fiE FRENCHffR3UP Q: only ior I never do a taok thorou@ly. to l ay that you hvo You mmt If a aan ropaat. @@oxorolooo. lt lo the eoverlng. you forget. of mid-day. that it oounta.) l Mr. in the One muot rep-ate o it doer l 8oenoo and a*11 bo aood Ron rarlnlqg apart* 01 I oaa how l rpty I on. 01 You forgot. dloappeara objsot. that &Ivy@ roar. l I: think about It. but the negative no mtter uhloh. (Irro. the Prenoh 8t night. I ohoulA& ok him to be nr~ teacher. I hew ooaupled with another notload tie oame negative anotlona some beok again and again by rosooiatltm and they oaun to aorrespond thaa ao *I@o?” Hr. bmotlan rsmainoa nd beaomeo then l omething else. repeat. I OOQvery olsarly oxlot. 08 lot 00 my klnda They are to a tandenay. oun I think of aanpliootiona. Thlo lo the aim of th@ work. la the mornln& It not the l omO* lho Engll8h to bra eat a lot You bvo the opportunity thlr mtorial. but +cooond. ("a taok* l vldontly mean0 ano of Mr. l You rioh no power of aonaontm- ome with awrybody. of an hour only. than chrlot. Q: the objeot When I l repeating. I do it.

Alwq~ aven when one ir one fear is alread your miattier es more anb repaIr 1 108 m7sslr in my cireomawith rush oharlty. you ale already 18 too late old. yourrelf meaeureur to me Wfer more and more. Row oan I avoib Mr.. will bo l aaio~~ I am give you a make 7ou r1e. rlrspr. up. aar rloepr one watoher roll. QI thl8t Oalr 4 hu6 partlolpatmr (in the awalror). it to do an7thlnlngj that late. L am oompletel7 biroour8g*d l ThaT. a ultb arnm utsndod 7ourralf a vigorour If l nU 7w will l leop. Nhen on0 rubdoa.0 ag nothlngnor~. -4o\ eoni.! to ma that I hare lt giver m b&ok hogo awl groat l atirfaotlon of m7rolfr Should 1 allow thir? Look. rlwa7a lram four rho10 llfo. 02 ho haad lr only Mm dlrootor. %aroh baok To11 time 11 IW Into for all your fallurer.8 la. ta nlnuter T!nk@ oold rhowsr. alone* on. 01 glraior it that. The task har boon Mr. rr 70~ d0 not uo th tark. fin and goes out. timr ne~m l t09 wii tha Xi one dream. 01 one must do. roon 4ar No.g fOroYoPa muoh more l %pen~lv@~ If okabe* A pill ir ahoap to rlosp roll well for on0 night. I rprat 16 7earr lrarning rlesp not to droun. tb 66 mi8 ir iirh ait m0 OM l top pying %o dream or uroolatlanr and (thorofors) whloh roourr You oan Arrool~ attention to l rroalatlonm. lr on0 aupr one OM tha a go04 waking Q1 bhaa I 8. l terythlng lo donr b7 halvrr. and a atate glue Mr. that it Mr. rtand for wall. I ha*0 no will and I ham no rraef37 for I laok fora. 0: into 7our part. There are two rtater. ft lr tha polioamm with hlr . pill night hate to then let jourroli gor opm # vein. that with suoh foraa mu dlIgwtl it W&k. Q6. noa t habitual whioh oontlnur %on l ro thoro (book) mhloh are lr alro tbo Kq of Drounr MU thr Gdelr of LOW I&torre ahooao. one must rloep. of rrrking. One murt not d-u.llkr a all1 where everything thlr.

nothing. bar muat the l mo error l gain praotlor your t lngerrm Cl fssllngr. . ‘&at mh1ah lr Alway l ary bad l your interior 18 your hart. will %a . rtrength of am you repaatr I 8pend hour8 a day ooauplal myself to with to very remedy small thla.aa. Create E. of the 18 muoh aoquired habit oi rlmplr. pxwmt peat. the rtnow whora yo$‘ue I will bo going and you will l k.-419 ramming yourrelt. paltry or 18 very anything Hr. there ror play ruture. objsotlv8. olra I)t It now you in Ro’. the n$rd. evrrything not do. the the . an iqafedfato you muat 8ohlew &way. Later dr qr ladlaatc. Ibptd. another mttaln flrrtj tb should olmar and mlwryr beform your te whelk I tm rork 01 romQraO# there lr alrqr man jmrt of 1) . whole of 111111. greolrely P need. Only QI Yr. Thim i8 you not will have enough* an anewer* It will rlgbt to Qsrlre yourself. uko ‘tohlk. you.” !BE Al& Choose 8omathlng 18 whioh ior uhloh lr an 8rf0rL. piano. I SW I have the aanm diraotlon. thir ‘1 . life. One but not If muat is It what you work sat haa alway to you on When Mve In it been 80. pray everything Be holahcartsd preaia*. to l a damire. Thir . rind the the m08n8 flrrt to QIO 800 there.thlr lr repairing.’ Hot on4 your head - th. easily ronethlng.t ‘ho in the my am too oamplloated. I attaoh a tark done? 8ame 800 Tvsn you be for thlae aatlng everybody. change. mar. it la only that w8 wish ~811. the turning make ycru muat atop it. Should be the you well. tlP88.up. and prsparr would Repoat. 1 aee vile. You give have a need.verything a need repmat. Yoydnut Do not dolay. bring ma reeult8.* repeat. For Do well. something beoomrr only. mdrrrtand exer01808. Thir 4’ 1 . get thlr. thourandr and thourand Row sh&uld 0: You “rrpalr It you havr the the partiT” more I8 it by remor8. ~oraieea.or& rbould to ia that do holr to Stop. that If a bad habit &lwaya Do not future. thumb8 in 18 the rrrrult part. f&ix the ky. alme arm mm# &a. rapokt. prepare You the dovelop Praotio8. Repeat. reprat * You never (Dertroy] ropeat mollgh~ thnt oort8 oome8 you you.

1088. 18 that rhloh removma lhlr in whet purlfle~. manifoetatlon8. ~dor8t8ncl slmpl8. Isr. to boooms of raltr (He t8k88 a rrotlon J&a. love you* eee than how the ohlldren their fathers 8nd dll You will then be able to tell do it. Wk. You will "1-8~88 at the 88me time uleh to help. that t8118 18 that I wlrh to it 18 u8. Thlr But the u80 of ag8lnrt this remoraa. it What rhould be don. future.-4s that rrfu~er. to onmblo mo to ocnrinoe myrolf 8nd rtruggle refu881. It Q: le ea opportunity When I try You muet beoone a good laborer. them. Yl8ter8. tw You ham bb . whioh does not partiolprte. ir lrpo88lbl8. Bemorr(.Your tark but in thblr in their Thlr mu8t be your tank. u~ole~e. 0. 01 them I dll 8urato ~088 Yeu ramrmbor BeU8obub from one to the other. Jm* Ylth thr 88l$ it Q. or to mythlag.7 from hi8 pinto). ranlty with On thr lr l romething o roe0 81 I whloh 811~8 a8y hn18 a wall done thlr-" and whlcrh 1. oaaot other hand. of a It Mr. plaoe. I have 8een thlr the over there with real ohlldren. to put (Magi) for myeelf ia the yeaet of the work._ ~-. You uadomtandr I hero to rtop ~8lnr for a momnt to oolloot thlr? . there l8 alway whloh L -0 part of me whloh rcfursr. Afterwrd it oen beoomo tha ult.8 ln my work. ltrolf. (9: Xt lr wry tmgwlae J-B mud it be Look a8 thlr. Evoq- thing that you do murt beooms a prrt muet be plrt in their of your task. l oaked. It ooouplrd with ltrelf ro8ult and uhloh bar enJoymat aatuh. better that it will not led ltr 8nphrr8 neoorri~. rhloh hider. Your olarr the ohildren help that were at 18 to h8lp. It room8 to me empty. How oan I prevent enter into You murt mke your o\pllg&tlonr your work. You mu8t nob *@a You muet wleh to future. 4re trio surrontr. “It hold o# it 18 I who have md ahi8 rpollr 8vtrrythlng. You rmut put yourself Then you will &member how you &en you think theSrsgeo m8ke them 8ee differently. oi your work. . 10 dmrtlmd it lr full bar to beoome washed. When I take my ol~rr myrslf . gito you a uared rlwm~ Mr. ole8aed to remove the 88lt. them to go kill for mothere md they will It will be nothing lhlr you. WEI rued6 Sor tht. ln 8omeone'a plaoo.

in thlr. ~-live the rurfrr tliaa 8uff@r. them. rejroted. natural l loment ir uatar anP who are obl%g& to llvo lr You murt now learn to live in both ourmntr life in rhloh at OLIOO~ l9uwe thr habitual mat ourrsnt uhloh ir ordla~ry tha 701111~8. in your Interior In the All eyatem. with 7ourrelf on17 when 70~ uero alone. PPQOFI~ of aon#olonaoI on. rightl7t All plsaEun8 plea8ure8. 7ou mu8t think they have cothe ROQO~O. or hortllltyr me* but an abrenoe of enotlons. Are your l 81. tha. rlther allvo? 8urfrr. voluntary neoosrrary for ~1 I notios In lndlffsrenoo Mr. ths]r have no bcdler. muat plotura life. ~hsrcr are two qu~lltlsr On one rids of ploaaurerz plse8ureg if two qualltlsm 7ou work well you. Up to now you have hrd oofitaat now you BUBt Othera. murt you om h&Ye m~tlrf~otlm Other. You rurt think them.d. objeotlve u&e you 8 #law. Tbq omnot for I. of their on all your to thar torard hrvr done fo*ouo~ oonrtmt tlewr moo your &kea when 70~ ude bad Por8l. era Ace they all? Mr. sffortr got a result. exprom You nuat l amoa You are a rmall gra%ltudr pi600 of th-. of all runt low them agrin. remain in 701~ own ourrent. Think b&k them. wurrmntr tt 8aeuB that utlrfmotlonr. Or iin myrs1. of 8nd agreeable senratlons. whlah orown in them. done? parent8 Q&at. aurt mart voluntull~tOo rapair. of You Perh8pr tho7 You bo 07 aora where the7 are. uirt the other aurront. hum 7ou are with whioh ir a perron. 1Um I:: with rooond ourront.d90tl0n. an aim. of your@olf* 'Ihi 18 good 8atIrfaotlaa You m-0 lort reluX live till maohnnloal pleasure3 exoopt for giving drrtrofr onarelf Qwy ar 9 aI1 Ln~urllour. qulot. pmt that you OIO them. fi8h whoa.f) a drgnsre. kmvo not known them. 8tlon.0 do lometblng perhapn the7 hnd 80~18. thu You to yourrolf. HOW dd.t rly. The be re@redr Baa-oh in your part* 7ou al80 do . one nut Cruta the parte Doator. You mint porhp8 pay ror ruomo~ when JOU 8ero a ohlld. 18 to be I wlrh You lntenrt to help 7011.8. have their faoer bsforo your are lllu ln ula air. 0: Have I undorrtoad plo~rurer are rhit. and then ia 70~ your interior life.

-44. tlone a onate Real love 1~8 magnetism. Jesur lhe xullglons have pervertrd tind deformed (love). all the lrpnrrlane I had in qe31 Yr. life. al. lhfn no vluld. baok. It will glvr study magnotlra with 800~ in whioh. two l motlon8 rare by th8 frellng 88ms time. joined ourrant ~8~ with It wan by love that All performad miraoler. they aI% the future pl. aooumulated bib=Real love 18 bsoomea a a aurrent. Our om tram reglr tar ovarything. l vsrything. lng for one partlola torwdr of emotlant rufferlng. %orythlng qo from thr 1p1 l vey- Ii I put you into ribor an hypnotlo me told you OM toll 18 rrltton. It very vivid which glvan of love. @ring8 the forae If we argrtallire Later you will bnd of love. the Souroo. your parmtr are your uodr YOU aannot know lhern 18 no plaor for Elm in you. Mr.' it. around you & roti your birth. you ~111 bo ab& to our@ paralytlor and make th8 Ulnd 4g I for a long the. rlmp. Your parent8 ar8 @pd.80 great Ihr nal there my ah8 them. ttllr oXeralBor bar the monant. rufferlng brought Of remoreer and happin happine88. . what rent. I loo8 my prmt8 during l I have dono the work rhloh a v8ry of rral you gave u8e ryeold quality very muoh and I have dlroorered rooond perMp8. the plum rata of the Everythlag perron who wu borldr whloh I rado him m-11~0. no mrtter power ia the world. you materlalr lovo an a barb. He la too far may* ood. sufferings and bring them a And moment I oodld relieve 0r hnppinesr. In myralf for gomat buss when I aa rttondlng a reoond smotlanr their of 10~8 of the lam@ quality. 08 Is there phyarioal a aonneotion? the roudetlons. Qk tirk flrrt with themj rftor there 8111 be other Really exerol8e8. one rufferat the love . 0: hour of one'8 birth.on thing 18 normal. by 18 thoror P rubjoot hir put to #loop at tbr momant. it oormlo foroe whloh gorr through power . Real love 18 the bar18 of* for ood ln you* You owe thorn everything.the greatort bookr. and whloh 0-0 brr bwn rurprlred by the ~outeno88 with Of rsnirtl~r ob8orved 80 lntaro. the I have taa the remor for after thnt dlrappsard my patient8 happlnars discoverad at that feeling also dlrappeared.

lowe under different body obey0 ltr Thorn are two dlframnt body~ lawma law@. why you rwt a8 on a photograph. thlngr In that you aan have real laapplwrr S) glva by real body. oryI revlvr perhapr* the #aone whan you won a bad ohlld. rtate go toward thim tendency of having l xtraordlnary wlthout wrlp&t. a ma1 l As noon it. whioh repairs rXr. be but a Wowand time8 nor* rarltlto~ That 18 0r the purity of your roler. I hero alaaya It said so* is light. crurh sllmlnata @or)C0 rh@n your remem*.” thin.“) oeroful Qc Doer tN# then. make “tohlk. it. hppinera uhlah giver weight. You muat slklnate arias@. It la a real 8niul0 One fool am an written. ruftsring find raa1tr Saaroh in your else.t it gosr in l top with Ai time in order Your nature should be genuine . Ot You murt 40 thir l for yourrolf. 1) '0e orgrnir It wlrhor Qne lrurt the prJahlo ltr The organlo It on4 wl. You am a repremmtatlvs Philosophy. without away. mot It Imow~ nothing it nothlry l 11)o. IWPLOFII Have OQOCN~ whloh oountr. you ndo renumber yourrolf. Fael again ln all the dotallr. 01 You have ~mag%nation (Vld faritaly* of art. IQ. # a of ratlsfaotlon your parmtr agdn. me murt not have fmo without result of inorth) rtatea it J you the other* ha@ a tendonoy (tht lot your- ralf borir. Let your remorse be it ir the rufforlng the l r) rtrong no porriblr. drive it. It ir ior thir rspalrlng. &ve work tha lnroriptlonr~ Choore them. A rtata 18 a rtmult. Suffer. eating. voluntary whioh matter@) rrorme ruffsring rhloh paya for thr pmt. 10 the oomter ne balanoe of real thr-. Thir the l Poufou~ Thsre i8 no weight* It rhioh la this imagination. to ration needr- alooping. . (Boelrrbubr "Hatoh balng mmething to my p@rmbrT Y~o~ it touoh than aomothing? Mr.

The psyohe la a ohlld. !l'ah a task % ratlnge whloh 1s wlthln Q1 a habit. . is in the habit this la its med. und6rrtand One must educate the It must obry. &oh one knowr hlmrolf it la hi8 interior thing. whioh ir the Master. 'i2~ero la a oonfllot It 18 a struggle It belong8 ta a different between there 0r a differant the other two bodies - one wIshbe. of ran.our wrkj rtats by our will. a will whloh 1s opporad to a noad and areatos rtruggle. %o nlgbt I was arleop. a third thing. from the other else* nhloh 1s 1s therefore something preolro and ONLY by rtrugglr my organlrm whloh relnfomer this stmggb.atioa of a dlfformt &la* #a&t))tanee. of bat being be born.whboh will It 1s the third the faotor- oonolllate make it and make tha equilibrium.1 ellminatc to satisfy it. 1s this wMoh l. The body 1s an animal.feel it a8 a Strangers One must subdue it. one md the other. that oomnande Put baoh one in it8 what goes on* begin with. roluntarl1yr whioh one must relnroroe f'lght uhloh exists naturally. forno. train othsr It it aml m&o it obop. habit. It 10 other arplratlonr. tukj plaoo. I do not wish to smoke . Pike only pO8Slbillty of 6rsating a 8eOOnd body 18 by an l ooua&. naturn. not One must soo very small and eon rind to a BLU the body. lnrtoad of obeying it. than the organlo body.ow oneself. other deslrea. xhe need 1s a conrolour form whlah always there but L refuse voluntary will be There Is a 8trugqle. !I&0 only l k 18 that all rrerythlng rhould 8ervo thlr Qr me lut werk I hrr about thoroughly undorrbood during the waok what you told all the week 1 thr pbjalml dlr~otlonf body and the psyohla body and have wwked in thlr I ham rtrugglad.8 t2m rpeolfio a third united stat& different with roaethlng Ibe taak whloh wo must use to areatv two. booaure by struggle For lnrtanoe. 011smust kr. doss not. oan a new polrlblllty of rmoklnng. Up. It has world. rtruggle whloh oal18 the third "1" . The pmyohio body knows sosmthlng other nsrda. jour porrlbll~ty.

wtit it How asn I oru8h thlr 18 aapablr of and I have awn of reaatiat a rook mrk Yr. &roe you hpve undaa%tood. Ther8 an works. Therm axaml8~r IEuropc~ ubtrd. again.** l xerol~e. md 7ou will Ihd that two wcekr. it to 8ee lf what men80 hao a real #memolmpo8sibl8 in the uoraire from this Others will whrt to ii. it some after0 perhaps 7ou will real . Thankhk. n&t with I am very glad and work Sor a rook. . YLr. ha. ba8i8. I RSD sraklosd by my IQ~ . ouldler l i ahargo you with a oonmlrriar for hlmj flvo da7 for a 7ear* January 18. porriblr to undentand 18 imk87 8nd what ir it 18 neoorrary to DO. 'lbey a8n OYOSI areata the mo8qultoo8. will b&ore To undrrrtand. wore l rtabl. 0. your head onl7. And For PO# he is my friend. oompanimm~ thlr will bo uroful for 7our rpeak about it"\@ere. to h&va l xperionae. was or ahonae. I arkyou now to m&e notes of all reaks. they produao an In ay aase..i8hed amturhr %e e%oral#ol ago. It i8 tbr Then I told 7011to expoot nothing u8rolso whiah will find give 7ou undorrtnndhg. It is dlrfiault diffioult for mo to rap&rata what I senre. u~78elf I even hed the to to SO* m788lf.11 x117 am. 0. foraor around 7 ouO foreign to 7oug It 18 porrlblo that when a man really evrnt it like thlr ro8l17 rlrher to rtruggls.who had been bittfor me* He UPI by mo8qultoo# and who ~a8 in pain 8nd bog8n to ary and aall rufforlng before ad arglngr I want time to hir and booare ho wa8 orying ln myaolf? aftor md rufiering.-47. rhothor thir.t?penr in four sm-41 70~ kt~ rat. Duboau: 18 trw. 1944 Umr.I hate a four-7amr old 8on . ova glto 7ou l xpcrlanoe. beaauro \ do not forgot tbt ‘A-w your aon i8 your ma&tar. I beat blab vlolenar its I did not 8llow to go wbtIn7 on ita rlrsp bod7 lr. I what from what l. nothing aould hevr bocn bettor.a imaginary~ For cxamplr.

Jolllngerr Can am be h&pad In work by prayar and how oan Mllr. After You OM do nothing that. atmosphere.awreu: ambi)lm I would llko for If it hrlps to know rhethor the work ir world. Pirat put yourself solidly on you oan do saneth+g. able Rhsn ~aur prayer aan $0 u to pray to the Pmeidentr - .P. to yourssli It as a tmk bo but you mustn’t oount .. you OM do it. am wry Q. it right awry? lP it ii it is 8 ~aahr088. Another qwsttonoa llfs.. my dsclslon ie oon~olous? If I want money. sks is not your Tour prayer gsu far tratfm wlth your thrso (aura) no frrthar as Aaerloa. Pa How OM 1 know that for lnstanoo. What gou have aoqulred through the work utunt not bo ueed In ordinary So long a~ you have to do with me. oompatbble with For l dvloet . it. you aan brp is a phgrlabl Or. Q: It Is surely from must never life. 34Jan l gotlstr your may or may not.extraordinary gosslbllitlss . Olvs yourself task and oarry even by lnartla. you Mt During outuss wardlq play a role. but no automatic!. thing. Qa power .~a it. YOui quo8 tlon the work? 1s abstract.rdlp you muat learn never to idantliy~ do 0-0 . it lr You can only pray with Muit lntsrestr oentom* your thrso oentsrs. Pomrreur Can one have ambition it outsldo Mr. you oan even kill someonee I havs given you this at present. may parhaps oomgrtlble with the Pomereut Qr No. the work such things them for ordlmq but lnwa. It a uonraiour asn be a physioal it out. Or IOU s an glro on suoassdlng work. Pt If you CM do It But if it the oxtamal you with your ex8rol~s. must kill 50 it tit 18 not nsorssary ugssts your to try serious and 4e8troy work .a dcrlre Mr. tning.. oatsgorloal example. praysr. and at the sams tiw 10 1s your oonomthan your you will bo an exarul8*.

you 88re l ln~r %ir ir i8p08ribib your pent l Otim8. exerolres . 111s were n& 0r thst mer your Thir 18 a n*tural You 00~14 von hpve done that &oh year you are older.Exmtly plsno. Thlr ia whm-8 our I smtorytlrs4. osntors? ror the rake 0r thm three. . . ror thr It mOm0nt. work m4 you will Now your ala 18 not to ldmtiiy. D. mars praotirrd. You gain axgerlenoe and ohangr way of going about things. First you 40 many cxsrolses bet&e PlayZng 8 tUZ1s. Iu lnab&b the rtart~ prtially. dlfrorent. reaogplire th4t iuairisd. anything 7ou ZLke .Mile.inwardly dlreotibna its tine. Consider phllorophlring. br. No one must notloc not to identiry. ‘hi8 on8 oontor but with the You rurt 18 lmpart8ntt. I rtthomomeatadl dootor. lo nsasrra~ 10 \ ror ~8 to br lmw4l~ look &t maoh thing. ltmt is your aim . Just 40 your of all. / burn8 l lot oi . Ahin t olearsr ~ometlmsa I suoose4 in reaahing a kin4 of thinklngwhioh ln whloh I underrtand msny more things* a8 one learn8 Can L 118s thlr? to pl*y the is md bigger. think. inwardly role worklnq. (tt futun. . 1 oi my o&88 an4 how ditferontly 1 msnags it now rroa berore. weakno 1190. NOWyou that you srs 10 play a must 40 your sxsrolss and live aa bciors.but with jurt now lerver certain Hlgnstts: seen8 to me that am thinking at making without 'ha ruls r0-htr4 mo wondering. only lr not an slm. thlr rork Oc I to&d ymu fra ~leotrlolty. but a mesna* AC I w8ntQ4 more deflnlte 02 %erythlng oome8 in how not to ldentlfy. to oonosntr@to not only with tocl an4 amao+ YOU om pray. l What I wlsb to tell l you 18 8omUMng thing. animato or banlutc). You em neoesaary praatloe. OX~rOl808* a* 'I. (3. 1% sometlmer one oan't help urlng re8ultr of work. Homnar : impartial. NOWyou must do a rerlour Lea=. How OM one prr$ with ths three thing. For thir thsrs l rs dlrfarsnt the throw ooa201.

but a long tlma. It ~OIIIOBlike Think only of the future. doing anything deflnl te. you have reclognlsed your a pin nothingness. ploylng may aoquire Mine. like 11 slnoerlty coizpatlble but with lr spontanbityO that they doa’t with go ‘hey oan go together. You must thank nature rhlllppo hor a aria18 Ii that I hid this that orisir har begun. Perhaps you had an lllualm. youa As “Mr. you o(u1 make e real I wouldn’t it give it he deoisian to you. I think a bout work.nor brother. He will U you are rinoera l lt with mother. My ray of reasoning feel dog8 When i don’t You have many like ln working. You muat not be rlnoero yourself. give up* NOW If to praotise I take and Amerloan Ahen 1 night get PI well You must over thir orfris. neither #l&tea. when your P different quollty and you may booome a platnl8t. you put la you l You murt bo rlncrere til your ear& with youraolf. even tha of an hour. to ahange %omethlng. 08 you. bsaauae I have bran intoribut f don’t ruoosed in the results 1 have had. somet~mer make@ me think I tell myself nil thet thin all Ianft thir true. i)UrdjlorP I oannot help in Frana@. January 16.ner oa the t&la. to aala you. thrr To be able to play tuner a dirlllurlonment. that have raothlng. 1944 . !fhle rlnaerlty im&.or for a quarter to do my (~~arel~e. P: 08 tit 1: have not the right patients. lr it doalrable Spontaneity but with not oontrolled. on your hmule but the other dlHUO* Parhaps you have nothing Lot him imagine ltr inaid@. bavae~ t been l blr to remsni. Donirrr 0: tog0 tbw* othera. You oannot slpeot tnker 08 result pt. Dz ir a dream. You onn only do tha axeroher . only aa a dootore on only Einglirh Mrne. that. begun 80 8oon. YOU murt trurt no ana. md that twiae a year.-- HI simple offort aated by F’or a rook Z.

tsnna impartiality and Intrlligenoe ha8 led mo to reoonsldsr 18 the relation of honesty. 01 Little honsrty. aaah of them the balanoo md partioularly what one taker honertyr and tit apd Ikmt one bstwoon giver In roturn f had mom satlrfaotlm mom whim I wa8 l arnlng la88 rltuntion - am embmwrrod now In a oomfortable ul4 eaq CI: I have already Luo : thmo quartrrr undrrrtood yam question. YOU Today you annnot give muoh to others. justloe. to ohmgo yourraM. ho plays one's role. ir honertt when you hate given yourrsli a orltsrlonr your word to do something and you hare done It. Lua I You underrtand PeDc But now in my evsrydny mroltr I8 exterior we llie. life I have more and more to use triokn and that 01 %at You do thlr for them* I havr alrmdy raid now you mart br an absolute future rltrulrr. agolrt. bat& two prInoIplrr. up to h%a In future You have two olusr. a good rgolrt. l 000~4lag to what th0 8ItitIm ft you 08'. willhr1. will you formulate that your question? one 5 what aan one fro1 There I8 a prlnolglc. For the rake oi mcl If you try what YOU arm* yourmelt %J you In yourrelf m4 to. honrty. you will to another. thnt you have l oertaln feeling of It I8 thlr feeling of ratlafaotion thim feeling? In yourrelf whloh show you you are hone8t. af giving arb It you will %t rmaln you will not be ablr aa8t make the rlorIfI4e your word that 00 ~‘promII)o. you mu8t glrr tea-fold. . 0 ont eatmrnt .-81one. dOnmn48. Luo. Inwardly on0 &08 not Idmtli'y. whnt Ir your pur8tIont : LUOa %e ueralre v&i&& oonalrto in demanding of the body the \ 8ubrtmOe8 neaeraarg to bring to thq inos upreerlonr of goodassa. natur. 0s ooul4 be purIiI@d.p youa For thr am who is working. 00 one I ice1 doubtful of my monoyo about g oven though I gIv* away that I rant my llfo founded on ruoh prlnoipler my mema of livelihood G$ And nar. n4 rrtiafaotiaa prodma to py mush nora later cm* Olatlmrd1g. worklag Inwar4ly.

for oh@ bring8 your work aldoer neoersary I him what he har need of for even if you him it. It some. not big whioh are too far Ot lhorr rrm in all ae* very simplyW it A man must II I law whloh fs rormulated aarer. If wm ii they you have given your word to come and 8ee me at out you II. but having ncna c you 8tapd more lntelligant oond~tlona for than you) aho bnows bbOter your work1 and lf at ha@ and rorb de than you whloh are the beat oalls you work . give mys ali my word aonoctminng -11 thhlngs. keep hia glvcln word. you mWJt OOmer A mall wN& you do not Wow* UprOt thin& but If you do not p@rhaysm it ir aonnaotrd with many oth~rr franos. ma more than kll ir. (To Siraone) evening. glro whether you or note Try 0-e about overgthIx& iwor+ pbout 8 mall thlnge llot i$. .p fdrdlaer to ahange ranethin~ Lf one #mall thing out. to get will money will all ooma to you room all if it In another for his nature out 0tr Do you Raouroes a mcu-1~2 ir work. undertake WI6r) X mm t give up my “~)calo”* obllgstians.8 piaoer . cornrpand. had you had money c oertaln you would ban Nature lr gone to a oaf.e for man who doer not mrk. nature you the cmdltions there 18 nothing spirits For ordinary %t iOr mm. m If you need maney do nothing 0918..nature WOIk* ir a rlstop6f ohrrlty. underrtand? For inrtanoe. till you. I feel thr bat you ihave Just at this raid haa glum exxsrcisas* 1 feel in syaclf moment what epirlt a 1330 I murt in meb Wow I: undaratand what i must da. on oonrolour rplritr who ~111 arranp. whatever happenBe ia an &broluta a lowtoin tlmo. . time to pnue amall &In. Iith through oarrled a ohsin of otentr out. tha no you ouurot thing dll ir big be oarrird big thtigr easyj they are iar W&n it want it planar away md you axv only %t oonoomed with them from you all the time. T!Jro a mall thing that that yma are orpablo you oan do. ~111 make it nrrersar. nature you need.\ am ne te.i +lf 7 beoeuro a prmiyr gi’vau mu&’ $0 hold to and you murt h3arr d keopln(l it. it my oost a mlllion aftar youra and that will thr ~pointm@nt rlrs I ~WS and 10 QO not it ir tin. givea him through Phillpps : oonscioua that he nesbs. for the but ohanoer all the m6n who world.

tlon the result OS dlreotlng ove&nw You nsgleot la bad. reproaohod au dlreator. you will in ohuroh. fou muat dlreot all ovarything. thou&t. a ma will naver go ran . thing. hir (f: oneta affalrr mm *even* If lunoheon 3. that Ootoilrr nothing forget0 even if you have l ffrlrs worth mlllioar.. men though for if all For instanoe. you have to do in the 1. Those you mwt worth mll)lone 00 well whlah . to supsrvlro emlet but that. You nro here. you will will do them the mm If Lo not ma Just ampcat but s&van and all good. the obU@t’orget If you the 8ervlrg. C. nothing rind Acaurtom yourrelf you will else. you morifioe your asaooiatiolu gou do well mt l verythiw ymr must be drawn to iho nffalr whloh oonrtituter your work. do one well. learn All to to do well do ovarything pre3mcc. you will things of life you not do anything SRU8t fUkf%n In the ordinary tilyour . 18 a big thing. with unetitudr. pepme l vary- abemd an4 never fail.. even think about them two or three weeka Think 0P everything. iihlngt You l f. alwayr You have the time. be well& one asHot Fs nQt good.- CMter dutier. you un4ertake the 4etai. till If parallel with this. 004. affair8 andyou There i8 not one aapeat.18. al80 do WU tuat whloh you have to 40 If ycu do not do well what you have well in ohuroh eltherr obli&atiti8 to do ln the I%&. one. loalng tlma~ Kith ruoh an Interior organimtlan. you have nvon the six othprr the Zlrrt 8ven go well l utonmtioaUy~ in your life. ) but if “+P ior not Sulfilltng well ~8 obligatlonr It 3a a small it one underetnnds how one muat 4bot therr w time in life.-. are dlxector. way* @ml your aear one 18 oome up.lou have to 40. aXl things wllr bl your at the tlae.


I hare


armwer8d thla


rha if

#QPOQ[~O a&ad

t&a in

mune thing. God, tbon your

I I)PLdk father,


you do not lure your mother,

an Meal,

you do not belleve 70~ 81 m

~wi 8ex-w for

UC I have an ld @al, I have l lr87r longar abe 3~9~0 Chrirt

bwn a Catholio.

T)ut I 20

In the I MO n7* Catholicism was very good, but not latterl7, they diluted eierythinz, In the

In the beginning

“ihey reamhod beginning it

for midday at two o~olock; -8 superior to the Orthodox the faith



to all


Qa I: oannot a: are no longer automatfoally~ mlllicns


of my ohildhood. that

That la not neoe8ssryr
a ohild,

You have lost

You and not ssaroh Mllllona

you are big nor*

You shr?uld have logla
God 18 impo8slblee with

1’0 have dlrsot nlih

eon taot with to have rslatlona


of nonentities

Mr. God dlreot,

But you oan have a relntlon has thla 4hanged your interior

in thlr ideal


ahat 7ou do hem,



- slnoe you took part

in our

conversat ims?

(yes) (Yea)

Then porhapa you have uoniidenca Ben he can 8erve aa teacher met entirely.

in the person rho


in the meantime. I aant
ramthin a18e.

That doea not sntlsig ‘hen make a program* that

You do not kn m what you want. mother, him, this
teaOh6r oan

I wiuh
s8m8 a8

you to undeP8tmd

neareurt - father,


in plane oi Ood.

The rem1 God, forget

Aa 7ou are,

you oan

never harr

uiap God.

Khan you hnvc gram,

could be, but you hOOVer an ideal

are on0 among million8 1s naare8t

of naaentltles~

S(WntlmO, take &I M ideal
psr8Cn b8

and then 7ou am

to God , b8Oausa thir


thla idral
are annf

ha8 in turn &n id881

80 cm, On to Ood.

OOd 18


7o1qreroh him, do not think another
ho who la

about Ifin.

Your ldwl to


70~ God. Later
Mao, dr 88lmmin1

you oan $,a

ideal* away* You ar8 too rrnall

304 lr‘ptmh

too far

hare dlre~toontub



you oan bo

435~ God for yma* He ir a Ood rho in hir turn hu a God. It ir a ladder, there 0 arA

1.r l luaym romrthingabon~
you got your anamw by tha

&eh degroo (mu&
I am ohin.

lead8 you to aother

01 your timer dinotly, It

You 04tlnot pmy dIr*otly la f’rQm then He


You ipugAu~ 80~ but you raato Uks a monk,
He ray8


pryohQpa&hy 0~888~ llbr thir


(gerturer) rsoa,ivod

and sixty rnythingr

years later
me want& TUr your

ho perlcrhar like Ood direotly law axirts relf .

a dog d thout No one hu


IOWI Him, for You will dlreotIon, be your wxlr with

the 1~1 of oontacrte is 8 trlot.


look for your Jod vhsn you havr felt QI a good road, for inrtanoo Shr ir not &n3, but
396 through

guldod in the right ‘hen rhe will

by ?&me.dr be you?

8rlamuur. firat

bhe will

rt@ge; you oan have oontaot

her) itrelf it

make all will tr

pnd good manifestation8 with prayer relative another and it the next rtwgs.

y&88 throuljh Then a thkd

her and that 8 tap axi finally like frcs

make oontaot that your


~111 reaah the real in the country

Goda Lxaatly Fir8t

the telegraphy

marsage to a than to 9 rtatos

near Lyats~

to Lyonal

town, then to the village, take+ome Qa oa

to your relative'8


ttir quration arkr


) in thr they go aaoordlng

You know “Juati@e”
fAin~8 are

i8 a big word - it’ is m big thlngr like miorobea,



not rmali

to law, aa the law hu will



thaa to go.

~emWIIber; a8 you 801, lo yo$ and natiour. rhloh


‘ot thet



reap, but alao famillrr
OIL earth
22~4 rem&t8






OQBW from romething
oonverge on you,



bz & father ran, vary prrt
YOU in 2’09. YOUPBdf

or 1 grandfather.

ran or &rmdIt


i8 you rho have to ra@ate hour for louj it



lo not an inJurtla0,



wl11 br a


will allow to rrgulata
&f al8fortwa
th= for thi8 not


of your father,
youor, & iB youth, b+d, it It

n44111 that

IcJruQII4 OQ 4U’th

aoma to


you Pnut
1OQk 4t

%4 urOt#&@X’

WhO lPUR#o

‘ICOU mU4t




a link




of your blood.

Bo proud


of i tS it the part,


an honor to be thlr

link. remmA

?he more you ma


to mpalr Auoored in Those

the more you ndllhrvr lhioh

of ooneo1enoe.

You till

remsmberln8 a11 that

you ham not 60030 I) you Ehould in the part, a to JUSTfCE have

thlnngr whloh you have done oontr*rj

your grmiVatbr.

Thus you OM have ten tFarts plorr remorea of oonroienoe rupm ities,

and your worth will You hare respcmslbil-

t in proyort Ion, 0 familyr family it All

You ~6

not tail




your SmLly,

past and future,

depend an you* If you repair it $8 bAd,

Your for You An

depends on ther ir good,

my fcnr repair



you do not repair

Sor f~eryone# let it

your a 1tuat 1 al.
pi#U with thing. with ft JuBtdce.


do you


ea what Justice


is not MAI,+ big

your little is tdfotlo


unredeemed pledgea,

is oaaupicd with It

to belLeva God thinka

of small thinga,

is the 0’

Jia6tloa doss not toua lrqll thsf, and at the same tpe, nofhiarg 7 i io done on earth without it,' 3emo&t& ths' rihp~onni 1 You are obliged to oP rcaponrlbillty the anut. It l!n the line is dlff loult he amnot of your blood; you murt work

hove a poeitfon more to repair (3: rntisraotlon, 01 %gln with a

to underrtand


to hlr

(A man aasertu
ib It

work wall,

can do nothing


by oonsoienoe,) to do t&i& all at once, one must rearoh.
to put on lsf$

la Impo8sibls thing.

hIa!? you wake,



rook first, oar firAt,


of the right

one, remrmbnbrlng yourself. of rashinq.

Wan the l&t Alwayr

the one you are in heblt
or romething

Make a promem,

either this

A fly

else ~111 appear to prevent

you from out you, Then whad on the left At the


But even lf
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md explain a thousAnd mom dstallsr

8 negative ckf rtruggling amotion and prevents agalnat me from reri8tingr fear. 1s another You are not frightened? (NO) Then the fear flu-Pciw la nothing. under8t8nd em you You must Objsotivelg what opinion You amnot oan you have? or nothfng like thS You can do nothing. car md your fear. enothw or drO88. You dog. or &ou will be J. decide all Or nothing.a hill Ymrtlnu of April Dr. you undemtood: A belt aad a h&t al80 . to perish. to trm8fer If part into nothlngn88e. om mumt doold. must It Ir a11 ium@nation. the opinion I harm of wrslf. Tblr 18 lib8 meul# Of liquidating your8d. po nothingnds. but the t&t it I oumot wu from reaorrb that Jiulu . deoidr) lngnr88 romrthlng. for your happen or you ~111 parish YOU are a aouroa Of evil Lither YOU Ulll aea#e in YOU should not eXl8t a8 you are* nanrest end for l veryonrr to be 8Wh II soume in ardor to perS8hh Have aoquire a real It hat. 1944 tried forget t0 foe1 ramo~80 Of OOn1018nO0.l hrV8P i8 fOU-fOur. &he all 8 deolde within of your nothingne88. ~4 u I auooadd in rems&erlng no longer of my8elf the alung. m th@ other the OBiIliOTl l oartain foap. (L new “JU8tlaONa rralnot it ha8 fantasy. either ~11 or you rant nothing. Aboulkert rcemorwv ovomhelm8 me* hanged hinmelf. YOU &I?@ a yOUIlie8re Your father nOnentltJa Wmt you firat ws alraadg merde.rr8 prirhr iapOrtMtr Ii you If you dcoid8.a hMar8 this Ot met but th8 fm gawk8 and dotwmino. the i'lsld %thsr something will evbn make a olgar8tts. you knew your this noth I h8va notfoti *mana It ir %ll or nothlngw. than after that thir your faar will quortion. world. 18 indlvlduulity. said about your Qbinlaa of 30 what OpiniM ona old@. f hat8 20. then 8i~pls.

thing. you a real will Self-love thin filthy You should rejoloe an lapulrre has awakened ln on osretnony with self-lover crgakut to ohan&& You must not rtand enemy* 1s your greatest arsaturs. . two or three It to awaken raI to remember Dr. of true remora8 ir of youneli.but everybody.Iir. A: One time wha to feel 1 felt it I wu nauseated. X'WUOl' of that in order to kill deprarsion. in the naao o? your future. litCrally+ your enemy. In the preaente for point the future. rner I do no8 reoapture thlr quality ht but ilnd that dopre#lo# relt-love . #rt I do not know how to make it Oomer hhan I look for the kind lntentlmally. the inner manI Not only you . 0% YOU have When gsu feel be afraid thlz ~‘~. 01 somathing ‘Ihe erfsot bet N-~cn ramor~e coma without tere qivem PI the derlrm 10 ier when it la mixed with hatred weights you dorm. to to find doprrrsim. repamtlon for ‘3ne must punish 0nsselP meroilerrly xhe fooling of our pawnto. rbere it more you oxperima6 the more porsiblllty you have to a YOU tnuat ruooeed in bringing be6onwr hatred upbringing r’g3orae of oonrolenus of your mat. it rrlf-1~8. then you needn’t Only through that this impulse oan you trarr- of beoomlng more deprcrrsda oend your nothlngnnsas.miona. all thinga .. but that ihe is not my fault. At You murt daatroy I hare felt remora@ in flasher timer. h-80 roerythlngr your to halp you to baar the burda ymr parlit and to bwomo wrthy of it. Dr. ldml of the you bar6 had. the mirtakss or remo1~0 of your @an mke eduoatorr. or relf and Mtred of your Cdl upcm prmtr. you\~ahould do the “1 am”. which will daotor. Aboulkert murt be doing the exorolrs ‘Ihe rorlah rrcqlyjl for ~QIIOFIO leadr I try ID. to have a future. On ono you give Iand you awoe cm the other. pleasant. repugnanoe toward younell. Kn order real to axpsricnoe ail* 18 neacrrrary tranquility.T 1 Her should ~ymor$o it Ot will. your childhood m&s you warthy 18 whrt You mwt aaquire for freedam % dear It ir not try thlr to beoomr a oandidate future thlr I l dr38 e and It is a very dlffioult If you wirh It. all con.

of doing. doa8nvt llko &or lnstanocl idi. to nl’Ui1@#81y body if dO88 you lack. &I YOU. but told no me hae when JOU will hrlp give you* lrakad will? phyrio8. wlthout BOing not alp ualght. ii%*. but Ot I no longer before. 1 8m eU8yiOiOUl of 9Wh48 YOU UI’e getting Ured to It automatioully. lf pnrt been oi in the work. the Only laokod 1 buw force crnc thing driving this whioh oan the l’nr forks par8 1 havr that.+ with hot water. I *PI g&ad rnrtj you will QUQI 8ble work on ~ouc8olf1 to thi8 tiCtl by . body. find 8OmOthitiigj than rpr8kr a8 mah a8 you in 08nr you* as (Panntr?: YOU mut reaah whcce I haV6 have it. head. ms I phyafoal You Or. 8UtfW’. do it with WX’Oif88Blyr mke hmd it only. rufferlnge 18 nea88aarye the one and only a Wikh two ff way to maLtc the form rumrir4* aan but the it. inIl@r 8xtama1. don’t make eat anoughj be mngg4 bear your organirm paur8aelf oold wmtor* in WM. bodily YOM’ ff&V8 Not a mmtal autiering -k8 it tstk~8 goui’ part8 8et0n kbd~6f For 61ain#$ou work.~r YOU b81i~cl ULI)) d0 trzi8. alway ulll. JOu a-0 Jour 8EIOtiOna 8tifW* &t8cl gOU hV&3 Ob8&WVd be yOUrr. aannot lf braoma you beam you mom your l oourtoaad to rCUUOP8~j it you your aBUti pa8trat@ autcmatla~ YOU ure it to the bwomar l oouetomsd. you. hhnst “hen 1 examine never hrlp aonraisnar aPrperi8nOti I. m6mllerrly 8uIne a8 dopros8tOn 1 WI8 bdmSw Etisvanr the mJT801f th8 doo tar. 1 notioe run xharc away I have from I get 0: .l ian suffer phyalaally. %at i8 l lro bad .your word - a8 agalnrt the point thlr atar . gOV@PtI not. water. SOUP tima One Ielf. again with WUting You muat do thlr with the threa amtor8. We it 20 the Lt ir oppanits OS what your body is the habit mffer. yOU Undlrr8tOOd 8tMggill. mua t.

toawako. it is a f lxod ids&T I have understood how would I. for lnstsnoo . %st is the osntsr gr your queetlcmr of gravlt~ your imer st8te. I)4 lot lf you think them 18 risk of its beaombq a fixed idea. If lt hilpe PI 08 you. but One by aier I muat f&e* 08 w ona*@ldsdr will find sornsozis rho fulfills asver find ths csonditians.r@u. in life Change the tlnu may make it to overaowe automatism+ 01s~ (lsks tb 1 am @u@plolou@ of suuatihlngl.@ad now 7~nr with sU f rollng~ You will have aontsat your ssntsrs. for Py.aontlnu@~ Only you asn judge’. and this IIS about liime* Vera Wmal~ xa tall@ t&o rl$lt Or a q)aemM= or *st aoral up momt with rdlJ oi 7 breaths) WSJ to oaltimu Psrkps that I o&an Contime. oa aonf ldrnoet P. you sr@ dew it psrt of ~oursolf~ How you begin have objeBtiv@ prtiuses a alsundwstsndlngr 00 cm until dth you oont8st with pur thrso ssatshs~ %tut oae is rnlg hystsrlr~ .6: with wish Very good sx*qple tsr fOUb Perhaps you ally know that psrsaa one part to ohm&e al gour@@lf . of your rack? ths -1’ and the @@V(ILI PI breaths. breathing I am kttrr I hsvs notioed Should that uhen 1[w stoh 9 1 do thist able to remember myself. part.the intelloatti and pioture them with part. know that blow f hsvo understood. The sxsraise whioh oonaists of feeding bhiah is ti3e one that interests you most.oh . Psrhsps you am ailal al* pu Perhaps you will 1f you osmot find suoh s gerscm~ T&s in otle psrsc~ with another two OF thraae md be in the iesllng Por. thinLing SO rn.~rou bsve bssn QLng in the time viee versa0 @side for rarkiog. gloom you most 1 don’t do thr in the @@me oondltians~ Both are inportsnt G& Chsnge the aonditiuns in whiah you do ths Ueral@e@+ set 00 ths and one wh.

nuaher You muat kill aomothlng in your6elJ. I advired Mnke room. Kaokr intentionally result 0r a good future* Uithout things. put moither v.I)1 I have made a great idfOrt all week. tine romething haa awakened in you. That 18 xmor80 bad 00n8almce. f lx u new habl t. 08 are already thsre in ita foroe. the moment ev~ythlng ror a you to take faith4 In any uare. writ ten upon. Par this new feeling. yourself. In you all are already faire. .0. Reli&ous How oan one dertroy “y P drfinlte faith. 3ut you are you havenrt pet anouap material. for lnsturx~e~ &xnething which you are #~XVJ&bout and which 1s outside belief. 1 have felt something I): not ured to It For the fir& yet. br dlrgurted You are on the right that 0r road. appear? You have to make rodll a definite . la mardo. IO that muut be now in you. it? Chooic an Wctemal idoel. and replooing. yloce. t-Q In t:Air way you prepare nr *or ooms. You will lose nothIn& For it lr faire. will help you have lost. %han do it all the tima. 80 WI to orystalire a new faotor perham you hm another felellng ol alloh you are l JrI* there 18 one whloh you must you will have a reel aontaot l uooeed la dertr&ng rith rwbg. he have in our syaten tho faotors (organlem?) of fwtora. you* If you are able to ourad and ~eali~s how muoh tlmo by your put. for Then liquidate thir or dsatroy it. %oner later l oeqthj. good ‘Rasra La one part of me thtit I never summed in brInglag %i~ part cmly rwaksa up nnen I try an outside 01 to rcxnnembarmyself+ How wu-i I make it ad a shook. rscordr. like You must destroy gramaghcno one of and thsae insurlptionl rcmord~~. After that I till holo yau* %.

ml11 8nawerb Zhs oondltlm with all 7au ad&err Ihan psrbapr *my dear the d&ails.q%ndrOn? 01 mothor Uorlrrbub will u9lail-i to JOUI Ar r0r rad# I glw0 7ou Berlrsbub. not It la tha fault of your mother and iathorb llis will &nobln~ dertrg thr rerults of thi8 that &en app@titBB upbrfaglng. at the mm8 tlmo oerkaln OOlr8B rtrmgor t8nd~Oi~8 urd dB8b88. DI grandamw in cnlJ for hir it . ratlrrfiod fcrsling 1llj. ior In thlr room therm 1c1 twelve If 7ou wantsd to bring hem in two mom people.. it b hir Then it ir MP.Lt lr not nj book. Aboulkert week. m relred oonatently (31 It 18 by envy of othera. 1. David: 70~ now JOU hat0 oaly or7ataliaad “hat rru t one do to follow all 6hoy tha adtic. it would ba nooerrary tmo of the pro910 almady . JOur Sault.8. Mm. partr of ona@l prermoeB 01 .a break hu You advlrad ahown me that me to make a break in I’ was 8orkinq jurt my work this to kssg mo I have a enou& urd subdue my nogatlvs of remrrej negatlvs smotlonsr emotlonr When I do not work.WI Rat will the new f-tar mtll hot l bnomalltler O& Coneoienooe ooming from the outsldr. la that “m7 dear him ho pleoo of ~vior~ ‘bat will get roourtomd he19 foue grandfather.944 Dr. 8are oon8olou8. to oalllng @%ndSatbm” . January 2.. I I have notlood work. all the un~onrolour and l O m. t&r 08&Rin iOr lOW thh¶#Jr beooma and 0: a 810~8 important plaor than before* 9aoplr. rer9eotfully. J. and it ti adoire whloh he L giving &a. Beelrebub’r. take up the whole of me+ For lnrtanoe. 7ou &ha in book) to to perruadr work am if thr nmttora.

ioraer tilmo now rino* I *a8 Jurdjleff. ow whether E’ be aonprlvd feeling.b one muat be no oarpronrlrr. thera are 801110 rpealal munI for srperimolng ua hnvm’t PzLnk of all remor4b. UI YOU mum stop all t things and do Inwardly whet haa to be done for pour work and &at ‘I. I found mymslP thlar reek in a rl tuatlon I felt only I soul f l where I dmuld hato t mnor~e but in faot t6 %ho real rllrrtrt . Leacurt Monalrur - UK It 1s n lcq Lr work. for that. ht oan halp you for your future* this feeling oomel at a moment when i M doing aQImthing with people and ann't rtop whnt 1 am ~Aoing.-08go out while mother @by hnva their mrk prmn there wisher to aoma in. that You mmembsr and at the a am tlnm hnva n fr*ling Solangm: rmKoro0 thnn now thw I: ured to hmr r@onger foelingr af I had violent frelingsl 7eu usrd now thcr ma to mnke rlem int01100tuil* 08 It 1 judg0 9 utiaar 58 qNit* 8 rl#plr but f don't feel u I ured to fml. md whlah me to bo in a part broawe X am never in. Ckrrdjiaif by little gooa tastr want It to 80 lr dlrdpated I don@t’know what loat but help me go further.7 rro rtopped. quits apart from the pulses felt and !lM.~~~ in you hma’dms . This 38 something you shake hands with when f mburg hot 0: Bet are quite difiertnt. 4. you make room* fn th.fAke twinge whloh oouldnt to. ona bl the other. oom to PO. th. Parhpm Uttla you era in that 8ituatlim. 8eion . You don’t need to think For instanoe. til mom&a when you Lou boon u you should diva borne of remor80D I hmo notioed I aa rorklng. eye on the door.r week them tarts a oertaln of mysslf whloh 1 have nr)tm of wr*lf that usually to do with till I don’t now. It) !Fh. tlllng.jh your lifs. thing In life. another some8 in. land* Zubrrr %rlt the right rpcaking about You must play n role..: quits dU’fcrent.

hla you TOW mart be thm with tp put relatlfm* 18 JOW God* %d 8&Qh nmnI. therm upbringing. there your plmo relationship father and your tb8e your Ill&e. father hi8 bd. up to in. OUt8l’ llio fEl 11f8 OZle OIDll You rurt but with work there ara none. YOU I 8houl.~0 $8 a bW* You don’t t@Ue know why he YOUI’ 88 OF8atrd YOU 018 l Xi8tC!Q@8 . 8bssnt for from I oan tell For you the taught age. a. 8. rPorrg 8011)you boocmo l&k8 that* meogai@e your obll~tloa. mo or nott be&n from earnothing not 8taI-t G111.8: 8886nb. the the future* you to q oapaoltler~ now. l 8tabllah a real down all &alp with fratorr fdhaPe uuboayl In But lit al8 rnthar 18 MWoDpthJ - low? the lOWc8t -8 a& li.I have little knorleidgo 88~8olally of nq inr88t1- knon how to be oertain to know lf 8 thing What mcana of oomer from low you mro @xilorophlsljl& 18 Neoeeeary l God qW8tiCIO oan enter fPtheI'.8 him rho 88tO(lPLI hi8 wh.pty man* for ml8 me i8 beoaU8e you are WptJ. and begin\ P’ebruary all ovec &+a. (fl withrhnt work. about myself. 18 8 NOW thl8 . a OOrbin father 1OY.d to hata _- YJ advior &LY doing your 18 do 8omethlng lt P’C@IQto Ihe quite 1088 without pP8 any oonnn&&&~-'With y’our 8PtilliilVd again pe8tor A nW po881bilttp th0 of doing 0el-y pO8t thl8 more* thing for aart JOUe to loum for OacIOP 18 0o1npromi808.88I’d6.--64from nr and ily 48 a fly froill l nQ elephant. rprlngr yourrelf from whlah How take 88 a task you. That 18 the way you are by nature.r gatlon I never 08n L ure 0. hven raotorf4 You were not You did were that cm your of a real eduoationL flrrt. 1844 of my8elf.rOn li BU8t ho 18 th8 WZ’8t 8rbiEl& it h8 18 . You ham that* Und8r bhhar the not thi8 father dim. How you 800 fly l lephukt if batter a+ an elephant* a: I M wondering l lre L rhould ruitod keep m with the work I M dolikm 01 tmko up romething an alm in UPe. r8al.

%ks all This ir kwwdly things aa you muat not your guide. 8ever1 aapeota. Mm. teak non ir to aoqulre the starting told you* point for going it And for that you have to do what t have Try to undorrtand If it Y&at doer to play a role? gltea h2m plea~ura~ in a broader aenao..r lCI.r wealam~e~ l You murt be ~~erailam~ omecmo slur? Den1r. Towards one* 8 father. you muat LIO tinre L~OU adry t0 not Cuporlre If the objut with ir 7ou. meen. Firat prepare oi a free man+ IVot neasrrmy the .. With eeoh perron a d2rferQnt tlonsr You aaourtom yourself’ to fulfill obllga- Xt 2s one of the aspeota of the future After. one haa to be aura of what onr ir 00 You divldo you murt JourseU in two parta. outrmdlp play a roler inner traedon.youndr TJhe ground haa to phllo8ophire. gas.n to oadort at 08 b arm rgeakltq of ourrsl+ea this moment.~atlons. Yerhapr later your but i&mfather ~111 orno to see how evoqthlng beaome your rlavej even Ood OM beoou will your l lavea Dal1801 SO at present should not do aat pour ~0aks~h WC like. In iutufa. . If he ia the you murt of men in the eysr of l er~ons. with romeone. for you can go ar you llker your cgoimn. After that. bveqone* at ir the IIMPO time you play a role with him outwardly. rit Do everything on his that right.m-m ob o4ter oblfgatlon? tit I said aat you have objeotive obll. the oppor2to. xwlatlonshlp ml yarr You have to JSBT h2m for But in orclor to eskbllrh a right ons8elf. 01 POUbye fi you rot%. Oillb I t lot it be EJO but inwardly 0 your exlatcnor. you a8 rith Thlr dlffloiilt ohmgol. with eaoh man You you murt play a rolei 9~ maalca eaoh person ycrur slaver do not do what you lllm.-66to hlmr lowest And he 2s atmremble fer your llfo ln mother uarld. obllgetlon. he llker you to rlt m hlr If at another moment he prefers role. id=Your tiryI iurtbbr. right. at fhb brgianing. you m8t nil I*. Subjeatlta role. do it. inwardly is it an 3. DI 01 but what he likcss.

help* I mmlirlng It wed among people rho tal& aim too* low I malls. it i8 a mt88ti0 lor you gtrs idoh ~0fom. OtheI’Vi8@ xhea you haven’t You are playd 0pel-k the7 rauldxdt kre notload the ahange* Other pOOplO miU8t not 809 What gOa8 m il38ibe YOU* D: 01 These are the poopls who are rlwayr It It is suotly IS dirfiault. biat it Mne. vi11 oreate enorgy whloh will rQ. allow same time thlr work better. I roe1 that I aonfide what I rag lores f afiaot in getting bad things G: ‘Iha off my ohert. i)t Qr take8 the cstrength from what is bad in me. a brtter way to UC) to know it there phyeloal anorgy then 8poHa~ . F&abli@h good r#letions for dth everybody ond letam never At the you to ~111 be a good instrument in you a oertain ahenglng yourrrelf.od for anybody* put y0u~881f 023pour of hoeven and at the eat OekO8r ‘his 8atne the to identify. a role. low people oonrlder no indiffrrmt.Denl8er E’or inrtmao. you play your role Yam.lourrelrj DI Ql and mutunl to bo 9 for at others. i8 true.dngr whioh ara rary Paotsrru: I would like dolng never give energy1. l around me* with suah psople - DI 01 Bad thin458 lhsn X'0 (ltt8Je to domeono r-thing ite foroe ror ma* that I feel hu Upponod otherr to I&U@. ‘Loday you murt l aarifioe All present ~I~P~LIPB~~ One oonnot enter the kin@. badly. pm 0oulthtt exarpt your word to do nothing your cp. everything for the sake of the future. prrpm0 f~tUr0.Dt IJIO. Tim 0110 of devotion aan do Uttlr 0: da anything r0r .

.You here to do a@ do all the exemiaea. . m mr4mI. xem t ‘or a long time I didn’t doing tha axrraiae 01 of filling It the body rightly. 8oal. ihi0e Ar 08 Al Yet in lot8 of ryr I remain on an0 8poh. How man I mmoge to do thlr You have an l eroloe~ ruoosbd in doing it at all wollr thlngrs philoropby. Jj.~Ap you. knowledge of oneI a l rrene&l and with very diffecsnt better? Oerbeaur My sensatima remratlonr. ‘. bit ob a I don’t 0: fentary Perhaps beaaure you are thlnMng of other . that.You have not my erssnae yet. the n&18 o*refully. oomsr little Qo on trying+ time timer it any not . it I wonder ii Booman you go an rho&de with In oonneolhn OUR whlah pnvontr 8unUayfr it irnlt l quertlon of rae Won do&s well? .r or inter you will Da moorned. You are a llttls dog .!I’ bst you have to get a tarts for t&h and t#lftq it ~pooums eaayJ Polla II ‘i \ 8. Qbr It im boaclura my l ttentlab 18 naturally drawn to very subtle a: Stlok to two timer tro are tour*.rrtaodr work beoaur ar I felt Then I started by little.f L# you hour r om pump Into you ten timer more onergy that reyr r0d *I you I 8-t rgain. relax yburaelf.a little of dog’8 mardo.08 lell. tha body. a&d 16 omj 'md that wll&3. (l(arvellou@ oxoro1so. but a genaml OOIUO. it O&JWS you haven’t atle4 Dr und. do the one nhLoh ~8) given cm SundaTc you have. haven’t really f eellng* 0’ At the beginning ~au oan UBC. POU go too far rhead. 0s Can ona have n more subtle a sort of imaglnatlon mingle with often aompletely oppaolte. iht one must not sprre the fctlllnq of ffllinq csneaslf.but the eleventh I.

You muet never your to And Your Weaknese . . ehnll not have imagination. hour authotity ~111 be arippled. If onac you show your show a child that thing. affection. one lover 10 Ijo not enaouragr. You aurt not frighta hir. of weakner(l.I 0’1 Don’t Enoh tine you fael phiforophlre~ the beginning of -?aPar you rpeolally.leave authority ir a very important l v0ryone elret in t&h ut~y YOU ~111 be 8 rdi iiigns t te : Imft there a ri& of risking the ohlld timid and otlfllng its personality? ar Xi ho door a8 f harr explaiasd. l nut I Poe1 I am not iJo a good rather. @top yoursblf exsroiae for you0 You will talk do thir rreralaq is a vary neooessary about IL rimerely one dry with Mme. being. ths uhlld~ In tlzLa way your r:c6il love will At other tlmes 01 f Pet my afL’eotion It must not ahor. come into But inwardly. It 18 another qualit of iear. real father* oritiaise ovarything. I give an l love. to oereabL and a0 on . It weakners appeara in you . *I alsh the rasult mulate mlu and than think retiousl~r my weaknear to bmome lay 01lll rtrangthe* ihls will aacuwo** Laoh man knows whloh waaknesr ha haa l. the ohild will not be afraid~ Hc will have mapoet. It mutt Se just. lnnrr n elf.r~ and in you for your i”uture Looh time this him. ‘salmann~ I have a little qirl four years olda What role should Hormdsr I ploy with her? Qt 81 a: that the child Role of father. show through. Hot you. A father’s i’athcr.

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