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. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth. John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher
. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle? I Corinthians 14:8


A Teri Hinkle Tough Talk - October 9, 2012

COMMON SENSE WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS For quite some time now I have remained relatively quiet, watching from behind the curtain as predictable events unfold. I write now not because I wish to rub what should have been obvious in the faces of those who would not see, but because so many are still determined to ignore the enemy at the gate. As was also predictable I have received numerous emails and phone calls lately from outraged individuals wanting to know why in the hell am I getting emails from these crackpots again, and clueless innocents having recently joined RuSA who are only now attempting any kind of due diligence. James Timothy Turner is incarcerated because his puppet masters are finished with him and no other reason. He failed miserably for the most part in his original mission mostly because of his determination to serve his own agenda on the side. Turner lacks the intelligence and the necessary connections to ever pull that off. In fact, the many little side games designed to line his pockets like the fake IDs, seminars on everything from Secured Party Creditors, Land Patents and the latest whacked out administrative process the EFT (which he attempted to run from back stage and split the take with F & N while media boy lined up the suckers), a fake bank scam, and even an Iraqi Dinar scam, have handed his puppeteers the very ammunition they needed to wrap up the mission and bury the missionary. It is no accident or misinterpretation by the Feds that Turners arrest is linked to events that he not only had nothing to Correction please: Picture shown was of a different Teri Hinckle appointed vice president, C.W.Wright, who owns a company tied to FEMA, is in fact in the same business as FEMA, and has never even attempted to deny that, suddenly resigns before Turners arrest and gets a FREE PASS from all his previous collusion. While I fully expect to see Kelby Smith under arrest soon, it will not surprise me one iota to see C.W. skate off into the sunset never even looking back over his shoulder with those beady, soulless eyes. do with, but had nothing to do with him or with RuSA. They know full well that his so called Ranger Program poses no threat to anyone save those who might shoot themselves in the big toe attempting to remove a firearm from a hip holster. They certainly know that Hutz and his precious little son were murdered executioner style by parties who were never involved in any Patriot movement. They are fully aware that Hutz was not only long removed from RuSA but was PUBLICLY exposing it and Turner along with many other Patriot Gurus and idiotic Plans for Restoration. They know RuSA had nothing to do with the Declarations to the Governors written by Sam Kennedy and delivered under RAP well before Turners assigned and carried out take over. Turner was NEVER associated with Jerry Kane. Its doubtful they ever even met and the Feds are absolutely fully aware of that too. What I find immensely interesting is the fact that Turners improperly Turner was a useful idiot, a puppet of the quintessential kind just like Barak Obama. A narcissistic court jester who will easily buy into his own BS, become enmeshed in a passionate love affair with his rose colored mirror, and through his massively inflated ego, deliver all the elements needed for the puppet masters to affect his demise. History does indeed repeat itself for those who refuse to heed the lessons it reveals. Just a few short months ago on one of Turners weekly self-aggrandizing round table calls he was heard doing the na, na, na, na, na, na dance and literally dared the authorities to come after him. He stated that if his sheriff, the FBI, or other authorities, were to dare touch him they would be creating an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT the likes of which they dare not wish to see. Hmmm wouldnt you think that INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT might be visible by now? Ive seen many events unfolding around the globe since the con man was nabbed, but not a peep from any other country wondering what has happened to the self-appointed president of the Fantasy Republic. I would venture to

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warn at this point that holding your breath for that particular tsunami could be overly hazardous to your health! In the many communications I have received after the arrest of the snake oil salesman not once have the obvious questions been raised: What about the funding? Wheres the Military protection he said he had? Wheres Hillary and what happened to his Treaty with her? How can we get our Dinar back? (be careful holding the breath on this one too) Why dont the ETs intervene? If the Feds are only interested in his TAX EVASION and stupid Administrative processes, why have they raided Jeanine Stewarts home and confiscated the data base and all the RuSA records? Why has not one foreign dignitary stepped up in support of Turner? Who else should be anticipating a friendly knock on the door? Instead I see half of RuSA diligently defending the criminal with their heads still firmly embedded in their nether regions and the other half scrambling to save the Republic, replace the clown and go on with the circus. The canvas is burning while the spectators munch on peanuts and popcorn thinking the net beneath the high wire act is real. For any involved who have ever actually participated and filed one of the foolhardy Administrative Processes Turner was advocating; to continue with this farce is dangerous in the extreme. In fact they had best be spending some serious time formulating a dumb victim defense and get as far away from the scene of the crime as possible. It may even be too late for that, it pains me to say. I dont wish to see anybody harmed just because they let their desperation rule their brain cells. RuSA, as I have pointed out, provided evidence of and shouted to the roof tops too many times to count, was a SCAM 2

FROM THE GIT GO! It doesnt even matter who was pulling the strings and who IS pulling the strings now. The only salient point is that what is left is rotten fruit from the poisoned tree and to insist on being served any more RuSA pie is suicidal. How many FAILED ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSES does it take before people are hit in the head hard enough to understand why they fail? How many so called White Hat leaders that never deliver anything but constant rhetoric and vague references to imminent actions, cavalry rescue, instant fix and painless transition does it take before America finally gets off its collective butt? THERE ARE NO WHITE KNIGHTS COMING! THERE IS NO CAVALRY COMING! ITS NOT GODS JOB TO CLEAN UP OUR MESS, EITHER! ITS NOT BIBLE PROPHECY COME TRUE, ITS SIMPLE COWARDICE AND APATHY USED TO EXCUSE THE SAME. Our country will not be saved by masses of desperate people glued to their computers, telephones, and televisions waiting for some indication that SOMEBODY ELSE has come to save the day! We will not restore our Constitutional Republic by forming a parallel shadow government with zero enforcement and seats of office held by wannabe stars elected by themselves or a handful of clueless although well intentioned individuals. So you can sit on your butt and die on your butt or stand on your feet and MAYBE survive there. There are no guarantees. Hello, there never have been. As my Granny used to say, anything worth having is worth working for and anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. She had a lot to say about wearing clean underwear too but I wont bore you with that. Suffice it to say she was full of words of wisdom which at the end of the day are simple, COMMON SENSE.

There is only one solution to what we face today and that is, us. In February of this year a contingent of people from a majority of states delivered a NOTICE OF DECLARATION to the Office of Private International Law at the Hague (a city). The notice was just that, a notice. Not an application for recognition. Not a plea for a hearing. Not a legal filing. NO, just a simple DECLARATIVE STATEMENT that We The People in our Individual States are a FREE AND INDEPENDENT people with unalienable rights bestowed by our creator and we recognize no authority over us other than our creator. We have and recognize a Constitution and other documents duly accepted by and for the people. We need no intervention from foreign bodies nor will we accept any. Ok there you have it. The Declaration has been made. The world has been put on notice. Now what? Ill tell you what. Now WE HAVE TO PROVE IT! As Wayne Allen Root has pointed out, its not enough to have a philosophical foundation rooted in liberty. You can philosophize from dawn til dusk 365 days a year and never leave your chair. What is changed in that way can be nothing more than perhaps your listening audience. Theories dont effect change, pay the bills or put food on the table. If you think attending conference calls listening to the same tired gurus tell you the answer lies in the UPU, the UN, the World Court, the Straw Man, the Common Law court (if you can find it), fighting the IRS, switching political parties in the funny shaped office or even an army of White Knights come to save the day you are doing exactly what you have been conditioned to do, NOTHING! What if, instead, you access that blob of grey matter your creator saw fit to place between your ears and actually engage in some good old fashioned critical thinking? Turn off the mind control machine, start attending some city council meetings. Find out just exactly what your representatives are doing about the invasion of UN

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Agenda 21 in your community. Talk to your neighbors about something other than the weather like how you might start up a local campaign to educate the people and force the removal of Fluoride from your water supply. Demand the removal of Smart Meters from your homes or form a community action committee to enforce some oversight on your local elected officials. How about looking into the formation of a home schooling co-op until we can regain control of our public education system? How about community farming to ensure a sufficient and constant supply of organic vegetables fit for human consumption? How about making absolutely sure your sheriff is working for you and not the federal government or the UN? The point is solutions start at home, right where you live and what is needed there may not be the same as what is needed in my home town so how can a one size fits all national or international agenda ever benefit you, your family or community in any cohesive way? Elections are supposed to serve the need to appoint the most capable among us to positions of leadership in order to ensure the maximum representation of our wishes and needs. We are then supposed to supervise their performance to establish oversight on their actions. If on the other hand we engage in elections simply to appoint somebody else to deal with the problems so we can ship them off to the halls of government until the next election rolls around without a thought to what that somebody else might have in mind; well we deserve what we get. In fact that is just what we have been doing in this country for longer than any of us have been breathing. It is amazing how much griping, moaning and lamenting the general public can engage

in when their elected officials are caught serving their own interests or being manipulated by an international agenda after never having lifted a finger to supervise those they place in office. This is mass insanity at its finest. Would we hire a gardener and never look to see what he is doing to our lawns and flower beds? Would we engage the services of a cook and say nothing when she serves pop tarts and hot dogs on stale buns at every meal? No? Why then do we send our children to be brain washed and indoctrinated for political agenda in the public school system? Why do we continue drinking water filled with poisonous chemicals designed to both render us docile and destroy our health so we can continue to feed a massive pharmaceutical industrys coffers? Why have we even allowed the more than 800 FEMA detention centers to be built? I could go on and on but you get the picture. If you are saying to yourself at this moment, well I cant do anything about those things. I know nothing about how to do any of that or even where to start, just knock it off. You dont get to cop out that easy. Education is free, yes you heard me, FREE! Its all around you and available any time you make up your mind to seek it. We have public free lending libraries, online free lending libraries like Google Books. There is access to a wealth of information online on every subject on earth right there at your fingertips. If you dont have internet your library does. If you dont have a computer, your library does. How about all those senior citizens at the local senior center? Remember they already know more than you, been there done that. Tap that resource! A little over a year ago I began studying consumer law with an incredible group of people who were massively successful at turning the tables on the fraudulent debt collection industry, making them pay instead of the other way round. In the space of that time I have beaten tricky lawyers and learned to use the courts and the laws Congress

enacted for the people to use to protect themselves and paid off all my obligations in the bargain. I have helped desperate people to dig themselves out of what they thought were hopeless situations just by introducing them to the tools already there for solutions. Its just a matter of deciding what is important enough to make you act. Once you accept that nobody can or should do it for you, that your destiny is yours and the results of your actions or inactions are also yours the rest is relatively easy. None of us involved have gone to law school, spent money on weekend seminars, or signed up for any courses. We hold tri-weekly conference calls, study the law together, share our experiences, help new people to catch up and we belong to a web site with extensive resources. Meanwhile the debt collectors are currently in a panic trying to figure out how to staunch the bleeding from the overwhelming number of pro se law suits being filed against them daily. Its a wonder what happens when people realize its 100% impossible to owe a debt collector a single penny. Imagine just for a moment the change we the people could affect if groups like the one I belong to existed in all areas of law? How about groups of people in their own communities studying the science of reversing the damage to our soil done by the use of chem-trails, pesticides and GMOs? Trust me I never intended to be studying law at the age of 60 and I definitely could not have imagined even two years ago how much fun I would be having doing it and all without ever stepping foot into a class room. Its been a long, painful and arduous learning curve since I first began to wake up to the level of corruption and control we are living in. But since Ive never been an I cant do that sorta gal; I find myself in possession of a massive amount of education and information I never dreamed possible in such a short time. Perhaps all you really need to begin to affect change for yourself and your country is a dose of good old fashioned

Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011

block headed stubborn determination and a cocky attitude toward those who will inevitably tell you, you cant do that. So here we all are these many, many months after RAP became RuSA (Rule under Shadow Anarchy); Obamas Hope and Change became Theft, Lies and Slavery; jobs have become as scarce as the South American DoDo Bird; and still the people bleat like the sheep they have become. The only difference I see for the most part is that the sheep now know they have been had. What they refuse to see is that they will continue to be had so

long as they allow somebody else to deliver their choices and then tell them WHAT TO CHOOSE! I AM PERSONALLY QUITE FED UP WITH EMAILS AND CALLS asking the same questions: When is the RV coming? Are the mass arrests under way? When are they going to stop the cabal? Whos going to win the election? Is Fulford for real? What about Wilcock? What do we do?



Gee, I guess when all else fails we could still try using some COMMON SENSE!


Maine Lawsuit Against The IRS

For Unfair Trade Practices
Authored by F. William Messier, David E. Robinson COMMERCE consists of a mode of interacting and resolving disputes whereby all matters are executed under oath by sworn affidavit executed under the penalty of perjury as true, correct, and complete. An affidavit is ones solemn expression of his truth. When you issue an affidavit you get the power of an affidavit. You also incur the liability involved. An unrebutted affidavit becomes judgment in commerce. Proceedings consist of contests of commercial affidavits wherein the unrebutted points in the end stand as truth to which judgment of law applies. Commercial Law is pre-judicial and non-judical. A claim can be satisfied only through (1) rebuttal by affidavit point by point; (2) resolution by jury; or (3) payment or performance of the claim. The conflict between Commercial Affidavits gives a clean basis for resolving disputes. Publication Date: ISBN/EAN13: Page Count: Binding Type: PaperTrim Size: Language: Color: Related Categories: Oct 01 2012 1480033197 / 9781480033191 130 US Trade 8.5" x 11" English Black and White True Crime / Hoaxes & Deceptions

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