Countering Ignorance About Merit Matters

It is not surprising that some of those who’ve vehemently supported the segregation of standards, that are race and gender-based preferences, simply do not know much about Merit Matters. They seem ignorant about both what we are and what we stand for. Fortunately, we’re always here to help. First, Merit Matters is NOT, nor ever has been a “white group.” It IS, in fact a multi-racial group with numerous female members, who simply share a support for higher standards. At this time, Merit Matters is almost certainly the most ethnically diverse group in the FDNY. Merit Matters opposes ANY agenda that seeks to increase/decrease, favor/disfavor ANY ethnic group, or any gender. That is to say, we oppose a “black agenda” (one which seeks solely to increase the number of black members) as strongly as we oppose a “white agenda” (one which would seek solely to increase the number of white members) and on the very SAME grounds! To date, Merit Matters is the ONLY group that has noted that Asian-Americans, a group the “Garaufis Ruling” overtly discriminates against, by arbitrarily and capriciously declaring them “Not a minority,” are the most UNDER-represented

ethnic group in New York City’s Municipal workforce. With that in mind, Merit Matters has sought to help in the formation of an AsianAmerican fraternal group within the FDNY. Merit Matters KNOWS, it doesn’t merely “believe,” it KNOWS that higher standards (written and physical) DO NOT discriminate based on ethnicity or gender. We also KNOW that lower standards DO indeed deliberately discriminate against higher quality applicants (better prepared and better equipped candidates) of ALL backgrounds by making it impossible for those higher quality applicants to stand out. Every employer, whether private or public (governmental) owes it to its consumers (purchasers and taxpayers alike) the BEST quality products, which requires the BEST quality workforce, not one that is merely “minimally” or “basically” qualified. The same folks who’ve supported this modern day segregation want to tell you that Merit Matters “is NOT your friend.” Well, if you’re a high quality candidate for this job, they are most certainly not your friend. We, however, ARE. What’s more, if you yourself are a diligent firefighter, especially one who plans to study and move into the supervisory ranks, are those

who claim that “virtually anyone could do this job” your “friends?” If you are at all diligent and dedicated to your craft, their views and the policies they favor will make your job in the future a nightmare. Their views and the policies they favor will result in a workforce of much lower quality and abilities. After all, those who believe that “basic reading comprehension is NOT necessary to be a firefighter” are the enemy of both high quality applicants (from EVERY background) and of a safer, more professional, higher quality workforce. Some friends...


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