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A high Test of English as a Foreign Language grade is important for a propitious college life and choosing the proper TOEFL preparation course will get you to the top percentiles among the examinees. A regimen that intensifies your testing proficiency as you learn English lingo and phraseology will be much advantageous; especially if it gives some kind of vision about specific approaches to put in practice when the time finally comes. Nowadays, a few universities and scholarships are only accessible to top scorers. Therefore, what is the just TOEFL preparation course? That depends on... you! Begin by asking yourself a couple of questions: o What are your language strengths? Structure? Listening, perhaps? o What about your difficulties? Are they a lack of vocabulary? Have trouble with verbal English? The ideal TOEFL preparation course will have to adapt to your distinctive needs. Consider, before your choosing a TOEFL preparation course, other things to cogitate (What? Don't know the meaning of that word? Then, you are in trouble!): o o o o How much can you allocate for your TOEFL preparation course? Are you ready to travel to a distant campus for a total immersion curriculum? How fast do you type? Why are you considering taking TOEFL, anyway?

When selecting a TOEFL preparation course, find out how many students are allowed in a single classroom in the training centers you are evaluating. The ideal number should be less than twelve; it is the only way to award you the appropriate treatment you require during your preparation period. Additionally, do a brief investigation about the training experience of the institutions you choose. Non accustomed teachers use to make a common false step by teaching English instead of teaching testing capabilities (for instance, wasting your time improving your accent during a TOEFL preparation course, since it will not be evaluated in TOEFL). On the contrary, learning to handle your timing will be of topmost importance, considering we are talking about a long long test (about 4 and a half hours, with a compulsory break). Vocabulary building techniques, as well as practicing idioms and irregular verbs, are a must in a TOEFL preparation course. Also, skills have to be developed for the reading and listening comprehension sections of the test. These skills are skimming and summarizing an article. Make sure such contents have been comprehended in the lessons plan when evaluating a training center for a TOEFL preparation course. Because of the nature of TOEFL, examinees have specific difficulties according to

their native language. Even keyboards can be a problem for a student from Gabon accustomed to an AZERTY keyboard layout, not to mention students who use Korean layouts. The new iBT (Internet Based Test) includes a Speaking section that requires a microphone and headphones. Do not just enroll in a TOEFL preparation course, but select a language center with avant-garde language facilities where you will be able to boost your technological skills. Aside from this, although not required, if you are unable to type without looking at the keyboard or if you are a slow typist, now, while still deciding on the best TOEFL preparation course, is the right opportunity to find a typing tutor. There are dozens on the Internet. Expect at least 2 months of practice for a basic speed. You will have to cope with an Essay Writing section in the near future and with lots of essays in your upcoming university years. - TOEFL Preparation Course

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