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MILITARY HANDBOOKS aM e es baa SUBuLLIIES ul) | ality we) Twenty-First Century Submarines and Warships is a compendium of the world’s most important and technologically advanced military surface and undersea vessels. Surface combatants include cruisers, destroyers and frigates - ships that are tasked with combat operations against hostile submarines, surface ships, aircraft, missiles and targets ashore. The book also contains the massive nuclear-powered aircraft carriers currently in service around the world: the French carrier Charles de Gaulle, the British HMS Illustrious and the giant carriers of the US Nimitz class, such as the USS George Washington. Twenty-First Century Submarines and Warships also contains the most potent submarines in service with the world’s navies. These include the massively powerful Ohio class ballistic submarines and the Seawolf class attack submarines. The text entries in the book discuss the capabilities of modern naval vessels, such as the ability of ballistic missile submarines to target and destroy every capital city in the northern hemisphere using independently targetable nuclear warheads. In addition, the book also discusses the attributes of the weapons equipping today’s naval vessels. These include the Sea Sparrow surface missile system and the Phalanx close-in weapons system. Each vessel featured in the book is illustrated by a full-colour photograph and accompanied by a specifications table, with the following categories (all weights and measures in metric and imperial): type, crew, length, beam, draught, displacement, range, speed, ‘operating depth, powerplant, missiles, guns, sonar, radar and navigation. £1495 \ rrmeeern hs aga PETER DARMAN holds a postgraduate degree in military history from the University of York. He has written a number of books on military subjects, including A-Z of the SAS, SAS: The World's Best, The Survival Handbook and Uniforms of World War Il. He currently lives in London. Front Jacket: ‘Main image: Ohio class SSBN (US National Archives). Inset image: HMS Norfolk (Royal Navy). Printed in China TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY SUBMARINES “N° WARSHIPS General Editor: Peter Darman