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Anoop Madhusoodhanan Prabha

1241 NE Orenco Station Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR - 97124 (971)-998-5361

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering State University of New York at Buffalo CGPA: 3.73 Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India CGPA: 7.95/10. Stood 7th in class strength of 85. June 2011

May 2006

TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE Intel Corporation August 2012-Present Work on enabling application using Intel C++ Compiler. My role includes technical support for customers and also writing technical tutorials. Involved in HTML5 path finding at Intel. Working on troubleshooting a Memory leak issue in a gaming engine. Gave a Technology demo on Intel Parallel Studio at Game Developer Conference 2012 (GDC) Actively work on user forums to troubleshoot their technical problems related to using Intel C++ Compiler. Involved in performance tuning the application for IA architectures and for latest multi-core processors. State University of New York at Buffalo August 2009- May2011 Extensive programming experience in C, C++. Have developed a prototype of a file system as a part of Operating Systems course. Have also done TCP/IP (Network programming) as a part of this course. Gained good knowledge in assembly programming and computer architecture (x86) as a part of my coursework. Good understanding of Linux kernel and device drivers. Have a good working knowledge of TCP/IP and OSI stack. Currently working on Multi-core programming (Parallel Programming) in C using OpenMP. Working on distributed computing in C using MPI libraries to exploit functional parallelism. Working on CUDA programming in C++ to exploit data parallelism in computational fluid dynamics problem. Gained good experience in using TORQUE as a resource manager. Designed and implemented a web crawler for School of Management, which crawls through the amazons website to collect the information related to all the videos on amazon website. This information was used to do a statistical analysis of Amazons video business. Currently working as a Web developer at Teaching and Learning Center in the University. Developed two websites for different conferences. Genteels conference ( Teaching Assistants conference ( Teaching and Learning Center ( I am also into guiding and assisting faculties in getting their websites up and ready. These websites are mainly ASP based which also horned my skills in working with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Currently developing another website for Digital Library department in PHP and MySQL. Have very good experience working in matlab. Worked in Image processing Toolbox in one of the courses and also did extensive coding in matlab to simulate smart antennas and MIMO receivers.
IBM India Private Limited, Bangalore, India June 2006-July 2009 Associate Systems Engineer for a web-based application for ordering services and products of the AT&T (client). Designed GUI (Graphical User Interface) and LDM (Logical Data Model), and implemented the enhancement which globalized AT&Ts ordering web portal. Worked Java(J2EE) technology in Unix platform One of the nominee for Subject Matter Expert at IBM India Private Limited Have extensive experience working on HTML, CSS, Javascript as a part of GUI Development Worked as a Database Module Lead for one year in my team at IBM where I verified and validated the design done by my peers Project Lead for two projects which involved 5 members and made sure the product was delivered on time with efficiency IBM India Private Limited, Bangalore, India June 2007-July 2009 Database Administrator for a web-based application for ordering services and products of the AT&T (client) Gained expertise in SQL queries and stored procedures in Oracle. Migrated data in Oracle using PL/SQL scripts and Perl scripts which improved performance of the application Played a paramount role in Oracle 9i to 10g migration which improved the performance of the web application

INTERNSHIP ABB India Private Limited, Bangalore, India Worked in Building Automation Systems at ABB. I got a practical insight on how the modern buildings are automated with different sensors and sophisticated systems. The systems which ABB designs involved many sensors from different vendors networking on to single computer so as to acheive a centralized control. Some of the systems which I was exposed to are 1) Air handling unit (AHU) 2) Fire alarm systems 3) Smoke detectors 4) Automatic doors 5) Doppler shift detectors 6) Lift management systems TECHNICAL SKILLS
Programming Languages Scripting Languages Operating Systems Database WebServers C, C++ (with Data Structures), HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, PL/SQL, XML Perl, AWK, Javascript, AJAX, UNIX Shell Scripting UNIX, Windows, Mac OS Oracle 9i Weblogic, Apache

LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES Database Module Lead (June 2007 July 2009), in my team at IBM India Private Limited Project Lead for two web enhancement projects at IBM India Private Limited, lead a team of 5 members. Member of Telemanagement Forum (June 2006 July 2009) Conducted Electronics Workshops for freshers at NIT, Jaipur; September 2003

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Gerstner Award for continuous contribution to Client success at IBM; April 2007. AP Award from IBM India Private Limited; Feb 2008. SPOT Award from IBM India Private Limited; August 2008.