cOrlu N{rJUr

PART III EXAMINATION(SCEEME 2OO4) ARCIIITECTUNAL I'ESIGN-ITT Time:l5 Hours (10.30 a, 4.30p.m.) (10.30am. 1.30p.m.) to Max.Marts.400 Pass.Marl(s: 200 D!te: 23d& 24frJune l(fhursday,Friday) 20l (Saturday) 25'June2oll

Instructiotrs to $e Candidates: 1. On the first day before leaving the hall, the candidateswill submit tracing of all the Preliminary dmwings of floor plans and layout explaining lhe scheme. 2. Deviation from the drawings submitted on ihe Ilnt day will not be pennitt€d. 3. Tracings submittad on the first day will not be rctumed to the candidate. 4. All the answersto the question should be writt€n in English Language only. 5. This papercontains4pages. 6. Assumc suitrble d€iawherever requrcd.

HIGHWAY GUEST HOUSE. Maharashtra a largestatewith lot of naturalbeautyand manyfamed as-well-as is Lesser-known touristspots. qualityof roadsin the state,more and more peopleare With the imp.ovement Excepting preferprivalevehicles tfavelbetweencitiesand for leisure to for weeKenos. Spend with familyat calmand quitetouristdestinations. ThejntentioncJ designing high,t,a./ g-e.t hcusacn all inipci.iairi the siate iiighvrays io is provide facility a weekend for stayon the highway near lesser knowntouristdestrnations.

Youare.equired design prototype to a which beconstructed can throughout state the At anylocation. Land available construction building plotof 8OO for the is sqm.{20m x 40 m)

GENERAL REQUIREMENT: Reception Waiting and Kitchen Pantry Store Dining rea A

25.00 Sqm. 20.00 5qm. 10.00 5qm. 10.00 5qm. 50.00 Sqm.


-zLounge Drivers dormitory Double (4 bedrooms Nos.) Single room (3 Nos.) b,ed Dormitory Persons No.) (10 1 Adequaie attached common and toilet Outdoorsiting areas Balconies etc. / Parking 4 cars for and1 bus. 40.00 Sqm. 25.00 Sqm. 18.00 Sqm. 12.00 Sqm. 60.00 Sqm.

Drawjng Requirements: Sitelocation plan Allfloorplans including layout. Twosections(onc 3c.,li6h .tLEtJh
sla;t..ta .'ro',1.+)

1:500 1:100 1:100 1:100

5o )oo

Iwo elevations Perspective bird'seyeview. or






{ z M . N r tt


p.m.) a.m. Time:3 Hou6(10.30 to 1.30 Max.MarksI 00 : Pass-Ma*s: 50
Date: 26t June2011 Day; Sunday

Instructionsto Candidatesi-I Attempt any two questionsfiom part I 2 Attempt any two questionsftom part II 3 Attempt anyonequestion from partlll -l All quesrioFs in wrinen fnglish nlusl in 5 Assume suitable any dataifrequired and 6 Thispaper contains questions 2 pages 8 is 7 Useofscientificcalculator permitted Part I the content retained in earthon thedesign stemof of Ql. a. Slate effectof moisture retaining wall [5 marks] wall havingheightofstem of 8 m anda freeboardof b. Design cantilever a retaining m. It retains earthofdensity19.5Kn / nr-and angleofreposeof30. Design the 0.50 o/o position ofcufiailmentof mainsteel 50 bending for moment. Drawdetailsketch of reinforcement. ll5 marksl
Q2 a StateaDdexplain vadous methodsofdrainage for retaining wall

[5 marksl

retaining wall for sliding,cruslring ovedurning and B Analyse loadbearing the having = 2.50m anda base top width of6.0 m .Totaiheightofwall is 8.0m rctainin&water of full height vertical offriction 0.4,waterdensity,l0Kn / nf, density on sidelCoefficient
oT masoffy tu KJt / m ano JaIe Deaflng capactlyoI soll z)u IJl / m.

ll5 marksl
various and typesofretainingwall with its application use Q3 a State B State explaindesign and constrains a high risebuilding. for

marksl 110 [10marks]


Part II to a Q4 . Designa two tier grillagefoundation support steelcolun]ncarying an it-\ial loadof 1050Ki. A base plateofsize 750mm X 750mm is provided beiowsteel column. Thegrillagebeams encased M20 concrete. Safebearing are in The capacrLy ofsoil 300Kn Sqm-'Drar,r a detail skerch offoundation. [20 marks] fbrceandbending moment diagram a 3 storey, bayportalframes for Q5 Drawa shear 2 whenthebase hinged is throughout lateral for loading [20 marks] and produced foundation stresses Q6 a. State explainweb cripplingandvarious in . [10 mar'ksl b. state various foms of purlinsfor rooftrussanda detailsketch indicating positioning ofpurlin andits corulection roofingmate al with [5 marksl c. Explainvarious produced a trusswith effectofwind loadand typesof forces in commonly usedsleelsections a 1russ. in [5 marksl Part III the Actionandtlpical reinforcement foided Q7.Explainwith neatsketch stnictural in plate. [20marks] typesofdomes,its application, advantages disadvantages Q8 Explainvarious and and drawdetailing ofany onetype. [20 marks]

coDE NO.304



SERVICtrS BUILDING ADVANCED Tine: 3 Hours( 130 p'm.)
Max.Marks:100 Pass.Marks:50 lnstructions the candidates: to 1, Aftemptany FOUR questions. carry equtl mark, 2. All questions wherever necessary. 3. Assumc suitable dataand neatsketches ,1.All ansryers the ouestions shouldbein ENGLISS. to Fwtr questions, o|tepage. and 5. This papercontains lnd systems alsostatetheir advantages Q.l. Erplain in detailrarious typeofair conditioning overother system. and dhadvanttge$ highrisepoblicBuildings while designing Q.2. What rre thevariousfactorsto be considered slso. the point ofvie$ offire fightingand safetynormsas per NBC. Draw sketch€. for and serYices high risepublic buitdings. ofelectricalsystem QJ. Erplain salientfeetures tor of system nny project. in to Q.4. Explainthe stefls befollo\Yed the design sewage OR water Harv$ting. for alongwith system high rise buildings Explainstormwater drainage Q.5. Explainany TWO ofthe followitrg: time ond its effect! l) Reverberation 2) Differentventilationsr_stems, considerations and 3) A.C ductingsystem its architectural

Date: 27'nJune20ll
Dfly: Monday

CODf, NO.3O5 sketch-l


INTERIOR DESIGN& ACCOUSTICS a.m. Time: Houn (10.30 to 2.30p.m.) 4 Max.Marks: 150 Pass.Marks:75
lNSTRUCIlONS: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Altempt in all Five Questions. I N Question o.l ofSeclion isCompulsory queslions eachSectionIl & Sectionlll be atiempled Two from whereapprop.iale. Supponyour answe.swith nealskelches This papercontains pasesincluding I sketch& 7 Questions. I only. 1o shouldbe writrenin ENGLISH languase All the answers the questions Figuresto lhe rishl indicaleFull Marks

Date: 28d June2011 Day: Tuesday

Q. I Designinlerior SpaceEnvironmenlol PRINCIPAL'S wORKING AREA (ROOM) in Collegeof Toilet- conference to sketchplan ofthe space be designed. ai Archilecture .situated PUNE. Referallached Room. Patioareanot to be designed. lighling & eleclricaloudets. flooring/ Floorcovering.walltreatm€nt,ceiling.adequate In general.appropriate like accessories. cuftains/blinds,planterselc etc. be localionsofAir-conditioning with Split units.needed and indicatedin draw;ngsaccordingly considered

DATA STRUCTURAT {. RoomHeight: .:' Window Sill : .l .l .l .:' .:. DoorHt.: External Walls : Internal Walls: Beamdepth slab: Floor Slab& Ceiling

Clear cm. 345 90cm, 120cm 210cm 25cm 15cm 45 slab cleaf cmbelow 15cmthk.

D E S I G NR E O U I R E M t r N T S fo. elc. key a) PRINCIPAL'S WORKINC TABLE wi$ pedeslal- C b) PRINCIPAL'S HAIR c) Visilor's Chai., 3 Nos. (Side Storage unit nextlo Principal'stable) d) Credenza e ) D i s p l a .& 5 r o r a g f o r B o o l ' . r - o pe " e r .. e hble for 8 persons 0 Discussion g) Storageoffiles a records. h) Needful Accessories DR{WING RDOTlIRENIENTS: s Note: Renderlhedrawingsin pencilcoloursto explainyour scheme

l:50 i) FURNITURE LAYOUT ( uoor cove.trrg ) ( & i i ) T w o S E C T I O N A LE L E V A T I O N S O n ec r o s s o t h e rL o n g i t u d i n a l l : 5 0 :

(38) (20)



II SECTION (Anl tr\o qucstions)

i W h a li s A N T H R O P O N 4 E T R S I - U D Y& A \ l l l R o l o \ l f T R l a l ) \ T A . , , , d r . i r ' t { i ' ( L IC / D i n A r c h i t e c i u r al ln r e r i o r e s i g n i n g ? for and gi!e irs srandard dinrer$ions SketchDINlNG TABLE (Recrangular) six persons lLXWXHl.)

(t0) (t0)


Sketchall rwelvecoloun ofcolour wheel and lisl oul warm colours& neulml colours

(l 0 )
P E x p l a i n n l 2 l i n e s& s k e t c h " l m p o l t a n c e o f D E S I R E D R I V A C YC O N S l D E R A l ' l O N i in Residenrial lnlerior SpaceDesign." Q.4 a) Whal is ILLUSlON & how to creaiethe same? W h a ti s H U M A N S C A L E& W h a td o e si l m e a n ?

( l0) (t0) 00)

SECTION -III (Any Two Questions) Q.5
while selectin-q Male.ialsfor soundInsulations a) List out the pointsto be considered b) ltow 1osolvethe NOISE problemnrter;orenvironment?


a) ( s E x p l a i n i n l 5 L i n e s S c i e n c o f c o n t r o l l i r g o u n d A c o u s t i c) i s o n eo f t h e i m p o r l a n t € s specialized Senices to be considered Interior Designing ' in write briefly on following i. LOUDNESS ii DOUBI,E CLAZ]NG Wrile briefly in "REVERBERATION OF SOUND.Wrile briefly on any TwO ofthe following i. InsulatingPlaster ii. Reflectivelnsulation iii. Insulatingconcrete

09(t6 (lq


Q.7 a) b)

(co,tf l.)


a on.cre te Jr'l I





c'l .< 0




o f


n l

' .-: l ,



-\ oz z



kl \U

r-c I r \ J J

I e l .lL




A b(jV€

<-{T all



ttA[<T |[,il_A il\
5t-Ai-E- 1254
D r M r ^ l . 5 t o N J n r i e i A r c 6 ? . t f lM { : T F R .

CodeN0 302 Sketch-l

PART III EXAMINATION(SCIIEMI 2OO4} ARCHiTECTURAL CONSTRUCTION & WORKING DRAWING Time:4 HouN (1030 2.30p.m.) Max.Mafks:lso Pass.Marks:75 Inslructions the Candidates: to from Part-I,canying 30 markseachand one in l Att€mptfour quesdons all. Three questions question from Part-II,which carries60 marks. shouldbe written in ENGLISH only. 2. All answers the question to 3. This papercontains Questions, pageand onesketch. 7 one nccess:lrv. wherever 4. Gire labeled sketches 5. Assume missing d{ta ifany. PART-l (Construction) buildings rvitb sketches. rrrious typesolfoundationsfor mulai-storicd Q.l. Describe f,rplain their meritsand demerits. in & lou Q.2.As anArchiteclwhatmaterial considerstiuns n ill keen mindto e\ol\ea fo design r, a) Front ofa Jewelert shop goods wilh Electronic b) Space dividerin r Showroom dealing or Q.3. Write short notes any threeofthe followitrg! c) Damp proofidgin buildings a) Expinsionjoints. d) North Light Roofing h) Shoring Q.4. a) Erplain the term Shoring? b) Dbcuss rArioustypcsofShoreswith skctches (30) Date: 29'nJune20tl Day: W€dnesday

(ls) (1s)


00) Q.5. a) Defio€North light why it is preferred? for Label all iascomponents. (20) b) Draw typicrl section a Norlh Ligharootingin steel.
PART-II{WorkinqDrawins} all workiDgdrawiDg showing the relevatt information Q.6. Refergiven figurc-I. Prepare (60) *ith sDeci{l reference sflel)em{rcation. to OR givcnfigure-l. Prepare detril working drrwing ofkitchento an rpproprirt€ Q.7. Refer scale.Drnw at lexsttwo detsik of kitchen.


.)/ c"

19oo o )

c?1tr77AR!) -

TOt .

) "! :l

-{ft 7 € '



r ^-'x

2-5 E e7.
8p ProLl. !a*,t2Lox

OE Bc?u..

brgox a 6o6)


sr. RL; :



t 9s x ? l 7 a

(t6 oo \ ,.,




{ F (i. .\

.t rAAr

/4lrc 4E/)
4La" l'3' ,

,.41?xAr'r5. g t o o r i , Ea S o :

//.o"a t9-6

/-tut.a4, ,




gR.outrO FLoo& PLAUi



$l a


FIEURr. - J.

CODtr NO.308


Time:4 Hours(10J0a.m.lo2.J0p.m.) Dat€: 30'"June201I Dayi Thursday Max.Marks:100 Pass,Marks:50 l!!!Iclde!!ls
in 1. Attempt5 question all. Q. No, I is compulsory. from Part-I ard Part-III, and ote questionfIom Part-II. 2. AttemptTwo questions 3. All que3tions cllry equalmarks. ,1.AII the enswers the question shouldbe in f,nglishlanguage. to
i. This prpcr conllios 2pages ands QueslionsQ.l. (Compulson Que.'iotr) Prepare n landsc*pe design for a open spacein front otx primary sthool otsize 15m x 30m. The open spaccrvill be used for playing ofsmall kids duritg lutrch hours and rvill be Prominent feature ofthe school. Details ofthe site is given in the sketch.



I lsn
I 7.5 IA $IDE




y'hrmlTtt t// sZicEL eLbq Flll7w are Explanations illustrations and witb the helpofplans and sections. Erplain the scheme any nec$saryto explainthe design.You are ft€e to assume other data. Part-I (Anv trdo) philosophy Gard€n. design ofJaprn€se th€ Q.?. Erplain with sketches latrdscap€ design. ofa buildingcrn be enhanced landscap€ by horr Q.3,.Explain architectul{l design your answer d sketches. with erample Support sny Q.,t. Oxplain ith sketches Mougbalgsrd€ndcscribitgits philosophy. ,.2


Part-II {Anv one) with tie Q.5. Erplain the role and importrnce ofwater and rccks es l{trdst4pe el€metrts help ot sketches. with sketches. Q.6. Erplain oneeumple of formal or informd landscape Part-III (Arv two) design built architecture. on Q.7. How rontour rnalysiscan be helpfulin landscape ofsubsoilcondidons landformin designing and lsndscepe details Q.8. Explainimportance for publicbuilding. landscape d$ign elements to.laDdscrpe and desigtring. Q.9. Erphin variouscontemporary

coDE NO.303


Time:3Hours( I J0 p.m.) Date: l"July20ll Day: Fdday Mar.Marks:loo Psss.Marks:50 l4g.s4!q!s!el!.c!!!drd4c:
carry cquelmrrks1. All qucstions 2. Que{tionNo.l is compulsory. from eachPart. 3. Answerrny Two Questions '1. Answers with shouldbesupplemcnted sketches. 5. All lnswersare to bewritten in Englishhngu{gq 6. This papercontains Onepag€and NineQuestions. (Compulsory Ouestion) on: Q.l. Write shortnotes Town a) Satcllite b) Conurbation c) Decentralisation d) LetchworthGardenCity PART-I (Attempt anv Two ouestions) planningduring Nilc valleycivilization. ofHuman scttlement Q.2. Explainthc eyolution period. town planningduring Renaissance and QJ. Erplsin lyith sketches ei:rmples,the principles eyolved duringthe industrialrevolution. the Q.4. Discuss planning ofMedievalperiod. the with eramples town planning Q.5. Enume.ate PART-II (Attempt anv Two ouestions ofp.eparitrge MasterPIanfor anyTown or City. Q.6. Statethe objectives n fo of Q.?. Erplain in detailthe necessity carryingout various 3urveys r preparatio of Citr. RedeveloDment Urban areain a Metropolitan ofan and of the Q,E.Discuss rol€ and impor,tance plrtrtringlaws,plttrningnormsand stand:rrds scheme. buildingbyelawsfor any town planning Ior strategies improvingand offormationofslumsand discuss Q.9. Erptain the variouscauses minimizing growthof slums. the



2OO4) PART III EXAMINATTON(SCHEMI] PRACTICEAND MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL Time:3 flours ( 5.30p.m.) 100 Max.Marks: 50 Pass.Marks: Date:I o July2ol I Day: Friday

to IlNtrucli0rls thc oaldida[cs: I 1. comPulsory fiom eac[ part One 2. Attemptin all Five Questions. question writtenin Englishonly be should to 3. All answers the questions papercontains Five Questions . 4. The
Q.1.Write shortnotesoni lhe (a) Role of Architects Act,1972irl lnanaginS prolession work to (b) Copy RightAct as applicable architecttrfal (c) Executionofworks and payments (d) Typesand process ofcalling Tenders

Marks (10) (10) (10) (10)

PART- I ( I 5) of and Q.2.Explainin detailthe objectives activiiies 1 pronotion with C O.A those and pro and of architectural lession education compare OR (15) organjzation his in practice setup?Explain detail office is Howanalchilect's and structure management. PART. II jnportance guide bl iines lormulated C O.A and downthe Q.l.'Write Aiso explaintheroleof BoardofAssessors OR feeofan ofprofessional oiappoi t entandscale Whataretheconditiolls Explainit1detail. Architect? (15)


PART III Architects (15) by oflodgingcomplairts andagainst the Q.4.Describe procedLire aslaiddownby l.l.A. & C.OA. OR as process laid downin IndianArbitration (15) ofarbitration conduct the Descrjbe and.umpire' the Act-Aiso describe role ofArbitrators
PARI- IV ofthe lbllowng:Q.5.Explainin briefany tirree for (.l)Registration contl.actors pre-tender of ab)Pr; & Post building occupationfornralities (c) I'ypesofeasenents and mattersrelatingu'ith them (d) Objectiveand applicability ofselvice tax (e) Role olbuilding bYe laivs (1) Sclutit]y nrtclselectionsystemol tcnders

(5) (5) (5) (5)




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