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Asuncion Our Creator had provided us an exceptional array of flora and fauna in the global setting. But, in this changing scenario, most people do anything to make their life easier. Does making their life easier means that there is a developing Planet Earth? The real thing is most of them are not concerned with dramatic change of the environment today that results in the alarming situation of climate change. The documentary An Inconvenient Truth depicts the horrors of global warming and how it affects the lives of people. As I have watched this movie, here, environmental advocate Albert Gore expounded the dawns of the emerging conundrums of the environment. As technological advancement increases, the need for the sustainable natural environment decreases. Here we see the reversing action of greenhouse gases, devastation of forests, fossil fuel utilization, ozone layer depletion, increased carbon dioxide uptake, and melting of ice caps. If these happen, there will be a living hell on our planet – killer diseases, year-round floods, vector animals, famine, among others. As a result, life on Earth will be extinct. THE LOCAL SETTING The Philippines is undoubtedly immense in natural resources with 7,107 islands, multitudinous tourist attractions, and vast collection of Philippine flora and fauna. Because of the emerging technology of production of materials that utilized by mankind, there are also unsolved mysteries. For the past three decades, many typhoons had been visited our country. Among them are typhoons Rosing, Reming, Ondoy, Pepeng, Pedring, and Sendong. Recently, we suffered from the raging waters brought by Habagat two months ago. All these had created serious impacts to the environment – loss of loved ones, destructed properties, and loss of agricultural and livestock industries. TAKE ACTION How global warming be eradicated for the next generations? What will be stronger alternatives to strictly stamp out this puzzle? Our solutions are in our hands now, so let us unite and be part in taking action against climate change and global warming. By being responsible individuals, we can do something better for Mother Earth and for the sake of mankind. These simple things include planting trees, disposing waste properly, turning off devices when not in use, buying products in bulk for less plastic and waste consumption, allocating fuel economy, and making alternatives such as walking to decrease the smoke belching and carbon dioxide emissions which are very detrimental to our health. Being a biology student, like me, does not mean that I am confined in a four-cornered laboratory but to take part on maintaining the cleanliness of surroundings that will beautify the Planet Earth. Final words? Remember these three R’S: REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE.