(B.Sc Electronic Engineering) PERSONAL INFORMATION
Date of Birth: 10:12:1985 NIC.NO: 15402-1095119-7 Religion: Islam Nationality: Pakistani Cell #: +92 03339884497 E-mail: Address: Farhan Badshah P.O Khar, Mohallah Maighan Barchum, Tehsil Batkhela, District Malakand. To work in a competitive environment and apply my knowledge in a dynamic and Vibrant organization.  B.Sc Electronic Engineering UET PESHAWAR Sep 2005 - July 2009  F.Sc ISLAMIA COLLEGE PESHAWAR 2004  SSC OXFORD EDUCATION ACADEMY BATKHELA 2002





I. XP window MS Word XP / MS power point XP II. Engineering software worked on these at Lab.
 Auto CAD  Model Sim GURU Microwind DSCH Multisim VHDL Mat Lab Opnet

WORK EXPERIENCE Pakistan Telecommunication limited Batkhela Worked as internee

I. Work on Optical Fiber Cable and System. (Splicing, cutting, OTDR). II. Main distribution frame. III. Switch Room. IV. Work on Digital Subscriber Line. V. Work on DLU, and Control lab. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Maintenance of electronic equipment. This project consists of signal transmitted By the transmitter and receives by the receiver. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internship in Pakistan Locomotive Factory Risalpur ------------------------------ Responsibilities I.  Participate in welfare society of Worked Volunteer with Social Awareness & Development Organization SADO Dir Lower  Power Supply (2nd semester)  AM Transmitter (6th semester) PROJECTS COMPLETED  Ultra sonic indoor positioning system through GPS (final year project) Ultrasonic indoor position system can find the position of an object inside the building. umertmg@gmail. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Responsibilities I. The software used is MICRO CONTROLLER.Crescent Textile Mill Pindia Bhattain as Volunteer ------------------------------ Responsibilities I. III.  Voluntary participated in Rehabilitation of IDP in Malakand & Lower-Dir District. The Idea is taken from Global Positioning System. II. Umer Zada President Social Awareness and Development Organization (SADO) Dir Lower. II. Deliver above mentioned training at community level. Training on Risk and Disaster management and relief work supported by UNDP. Then time delay multiply with speed of sound Wave and distance is calculated. Maintenance of different electronic instrument used in factory. REFRENCES 2 . IV. The receiver is interface with computer through programming. Data collecting and report writing. III. III. Work in a mechanical workshop of maintenance and installing different motors.  Participated in relief work during earthquake in Northern areas. Ultra sonic Transmitter and Receiver are used. Muhammad Nafees Zonal Manager (ZTBL) Swat Cell #: 03028899115 2. II. Work as a Social Mobilizer and Master Trainer with (SADO) in Dir Lower. Assist senior engineer in installation of different electronic systems. Email Address: umertmg@yahoo. Work in main control room. Check and Control of different electronic instruments.

0313965856. 3 .Cell # 03018521842.

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