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abnormal evolution

= accident (US nuclear power industry redefinition for accidents after 1979 Three Mile Island disaster)

abolish his job

= sack (Robert Seamons, US Secretary for the Air Force, denying he had fired Ernest Fitzgerald, the efficiency expert who had identified massive overspending, in 1969)

additional input that was radically different from the truth

= lies (Lt/col Oliver North refusing to use the word lies during the scandal over US supplying arms to Contra terrorists)

advanced downward adjustments. armed conflict

= budget cuts United States defence secretary Caspar Weinberger = war (Sir Anthony Eden: We are not at war with Egypt. We are in an armed conflict. Speech in House of Commons, 4 Nov 1956 denying that the AngloFrench invasion of Suez Canal zone amounted to war)

bombing of North Vietnamese in Cambodia communists and others involved in conspiracies against the country

= bombing Cambodia (Henry Kissinger in 1973 denying the US was bombing Cambodia) = political prisoners (Park Chung-Lee, president of South Korea denying in 1974 that his country had political prisoners)

a device which is exploding

= bomb (Jacques le Blanc, French ambassador to New Zealand responding to criticisms of French nuclear tests in the Pacific, October 1995, denies it is a bomb)

eliminate with extreme prejudice

= murder (CIA description of its killing suspected double-agents, especially in 1971 Viet Nam)

energetic disassembly

= explosion (US nuclear power industry redefinition for accidents after 1979 Three Mile Island disaster)

the example did not persist

= removed (Department of Health civil servant explaining why a 1997 government policy document on the NHS had been redrafted to omit reference to a black family)

expenditure-led policy of contraction

= spending cuts (report of the Review of the University Grants Commission chaired by Lord Croham, February 1987)


= starving (World Health Organisation usage at World Food Summit in Rome, November 1996)

I assisted in furthering that version

= I lied (Lt/col Oliver North refusing to use the word lies during the scandal over US supplying arms to Contra terrorists)

impacted the ground prematurely

= crashed USA Air Force explanation of why the test was terminated five minutes earlier than planned the Cruise missile had crashed in 1986)

improved pay for their profession

= more money

(Michael Beaman of the Guild of Hospital Pharmacists denying in 1982 that pharmacists were striking for more money) an incomplete success = failure (President Jimmy Carter describing the failed attempt to rescue US embassy hostages in Iran, 1980) it is a tricky problem to find the particular calibration in timing that would be appropriate to stem the acceleration in risk premiums created by falling incomes without prematurely aborting the decline in the inflation-generated risk premiums = we failed to stop inflation (Alan Greenspan, chairman of the presidents council of economic advisers, testifying in 1974 to a Senate committee why Nixons policy had failed) its not bombing, its air support = bombing (Colonel David Offer, US Air Force Attache at US embassy to Cambodia telling journalists not to keep writing about bombings) pre-dawn vertical insertion significant change in the direction away from meeting the objective = invasion (US description of the its airborne invasion of Grenada in 1983) = abandonment of target (explanatory note in Quality of Life Barometer produced by Department for Environment in March 2002 on target that had not been met) temporary interruption of the electricity supply = blackout (that translation was explicitly denied on 4 February 2011 by Edison Lobao, energy minister for Brazil, about a night without power for 50 million people across eight states in Brazils north-east) there was a discussion and some different views = row (Ian Peters, deputy director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce denying there was argument in 1999 in his organisation over whether Britain should join the single currency) user fee = tax increase (President Reagan, having promised not to raise taxes, describing the 4c/gallon extra tax on petrol) very low food security = starvation (US Department of Agriculture annual report in November 2006 to describe 4.4 million hungry Americans, as a sociologist at the department said hunger was not a scientifically-quantifiable expression) a very large, potentially disruptive re-entry system = massive bomb (1980s Pentagon description of Titan II missile based nuclear bomb which is 600 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb) political internal exiles limited duration protective reaction air strikes unlawful or arbitrary deprivation of life = political prisoners (President Augusto Pinochet, denying in 1975 that Chile had political prisoners) = bombing (US army spokesman in Vietnam) = murder (US State Department phrase in its 1984/85 report on global civil rights review because, as a spokesman said, we found the term killing too broad) Nothing has changed. We are not leaving Lebanon. The marines are being deployed two or three miles to the west. = retreat (Caspar Weinberger, US Defence Secretary, 1984, denying troop movements in Lebanon amounted to retreat it was literally accurate as the move of 2 or 3 miles took them from shore bases to ships well off-shore in the Mediterranean) rapid oxidation = fire (US nuclear power industry redefinition for accidents after 1979 Three Mile Island disaster) realignment; repositioning forces from the Korengal Valley to more populated areas will allow us greater flexibility = retreat (Colonel Randy George, a US commander in Afghanistan, 14 April 2010)

this is not war, the marines are not in combat

= war (White House statement to prevent Congress withdrawing troops from Beirut which under War Powers Act can be only in case of war, 1983

wage-based premium

= tax increase (President Clinton, having promised not to raise taxes, announcing in 1993 how the health care plans would be financed)

the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japans advantage what I did was fail to comply with the law

= defeat (Emperor Hirohitos broadcast of surrender 1945) = criminal act (mayor of New York David Dimkins trying to say I have not committed a crime)