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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MARKETING & EXPORTS: Suzuki product remain popular .Despite sluggish market demand f o r automobile, Pak Suzuki remain market leader with 48% market share. The company launched new 1300cc car (SWIFT) in January 2010.This has been well accepted by the customers. Imported used cars do not really pose any threats to Suzuki products. Availability of spare parts at economics prices and reliable after sales service are the strength of Suzuki products. The export of Suzuki Ravi pickup to Bangladesh and exports of sheet metal parts of Suzuki Cultus to Europe going well. During the year Three hundred and sixty units of Suzuki Ravi pick up and parts worth Rs.120 million and Rs.22 million respectively were exported. LOCALIZATION: The company continues to pursue localization in order to reduce the cost of product and keep the prices competitive besides saving foreign exchange. HUMAN RESOURCE: Management and employee relations continued to cordial and industrial p e a c e prevail during the year. A new charter of demand was negotiated in a congenial atmosphere and agreement was entered into for the period of ten years. Human Resource development remains one of the key objectives of the company. Company spent Rs. 12.5 million on the foreign and local training of its employees. ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION: The company has distinctive position in an automobile industry as leading c o n t r i b u t o r t o t h e p u b l i c e x c h e q u e r . T h e d u t i e s a n d t a x p a i d a n d t h e f o r e i g n exchange saved by company its last six years of operations as follows:

6%of the total tax estimate forecast in the Federal budget for the fiscal year 2009 -2010.000/The European inspired exterior gives Swift a distinctive look. Solid white. Eminent Blue .Duties and taxes paid by the company during the year represent 0. A unique stylish and design that turns a head where you go. 1. Silky Silver. Aqua Blue.049.Company contribution has reduced 1.06% in the last year because of lower sales volume. Indigo. However it feels that difficult business environment are likely to continue for some time and profitability will remain under pressure. The spirited engine makes for exhilarating drive and gives you ultimate freedom where the road takes you. SUMMARY CONCLUSION The management is optimistic that economic indicator is improving. Graphite Grey. Colors: Pearl Red. Product variety & Prices: Following are some varieties of Moped with their and Prices: SWIFT (1300 cc): Price: Rs.

Colors: Pearl Red. Graphite Grey. Indigo. Silky Silver. Solid white. Aqua Blue. Graphite Grey.LIANA (1300 & 1600 cc): Price: Rs. Colors: Pearl Red. Colors: Olive Green.000/Alto has a bright. Solid white. Aqua Blue. Graphite Grey. Eminent Blue CULTUS (1000cc): Price: Rs. its style. roomy and comfortable cabin which keeps body relax and strong and lighter body shell resulting in smooth drive due to reduction of unpleasant noise harshness and vibration. 662. exceptional Valueandquality.230. Eminent Blue . Silky Silver. Solid white.000/Cultus is the blend of space and craft. Indigo. Eminent Blue ALTO (1000cc): Price: Rs. Cultus ensures everyone. Its small turning radius and compact body make parking a breeze. Silky Silver. Pearl Red.000/The Suzuki Liana available in 1300 cc manual Transmission and 1600cc automatic transmission takes you out of ordinary and into the realm. Liana is entirely different car. Indigo. 1. Aqua Blue. 897. dimension and comfort will inspire you to see every day as an open door to a new age. Its trim body Conceals ample space & flexibility for both passenger and storage.

MEHRAN: Price: Rs. tough engine to carry large loads and plenty of room for passengers to enjoy a comfortable day long ride. Colors: Solid white.775. sturdy and smart. 1. More smart features like head turning lamp. 514. Solid white.000/The Suzuki Bolan Hi-roof gives you everything you ever wanted in a van. Undoubtedly. Graphite Grey. Aqua Blue. 609. Graphite Grey. Mehran VXR is the leader. 1. Ravi is the breadwinner for millions in Pakistan. Mehran is Pakistan’s largest selling car. Spacious interior for comfort. replaced the animal-drawn vehicles in Pakistan. 489. Solid white.000/RAVI Pick Up 800cc Suzuki Ravi is the veritable cargo vehicle with an amazing capacity for load bearing and durability. Silky Silver Customer Market: Customer market and customer buying behavior can be categories: 1: Demographic Factor 2: Life Style 3: Usage Pattern and Behavior . Eminent Blue JIMNY Price: Rs. Silky Silver. Indigo. the unrivalled commercial vehicle in its class. Eminent Blue APV: Price: Rs. Colors: Pearl Red. Functional economy. Suzuki Jimny with new wide tread brings you the ultimate pleasure of a real 4-wheel drive. Solid white. Silky Silver BOLAN VAN Price: Rs. It has got all the sporting spirit Togo along for adventurous free souls. Solid white. tough engine to carry large loads and plenty of room for passengers to enjoy a comfortable day long ride. Silky Silver. Silky Silver RAVI PICKUP: Price: Rs. Colors: Pearl Red. Air-conditioned model (dual thrust) has been recently introduced. Colors: Pearl Red.850. This light commercial vehicle referred to as the mini revolution. Colors: Pearl Red. peak performance or unmatched fuel efficiency.000/APV 1500 cc (Imported) The New APV gives you everything you ever wanted in your vehicle. Spacious interior for comfort. matching front grill and a two spoke steering wheel gives it the tidy look.000/JIMNY 4X4 JEEP 1300cc (Imported) Steady.000/Unrivalled in its class.

and Business Purpose Interest Personal Use. go for job and for family use. conscious and responsible people. Preference of Specific end Benefit: Customers who use such vehicle are sensitive. Due to this market environment wasn’t so good in Pakistan. House Hold. Conscious.20000 Life Style: Customer Life style of Pak Suzuki in terms of AIO can be described as Activities Early Professional. for Business Purpose. Pakistan also has some legislation about each sector. Luxury Opinion Sensitive. get inside in the market and they . 2: Legal Environment As all countries. Only due to corruption government encourage smuggling and black marketing. It is also called pest analyses which are as follow: 1:Political Environment: Pakistan has to face lots of ups and down since its independence. When anyone supported by government or give more commission to Govt. Gender and Income: Age 20 year to upwards Gender Male and Female Income starting from Rs. But like developing countries it is hardly being imposed by authorities. Executives.Anyhow Pakistani government never b e e n trustworthy for any investor.4: Preference of Specific end Benefit Demographic Factor: Target market of Pak Suzuki according to Age. So many governments have been broken down by military authority and most of the time marsh law applied on Pakistan.g. PEST Analysis: Uncontrollable environment are those external factors which can prohibit us or can create hurdles between us and our business. Responsible and Social Usage Pattern and Behavior: Mostly People use such vehicle for their convenience e. In this scenario no entrepreneur was w i l l i n g to invest in Pakistan except few. T h e y tried their level best to save time as much as possible so they w a n t something which is quality wise good and also affordable.

Expensive: Mercedes Benz cars also often appear in many Hollywood’s Blockbuster and box office movies. encourages by different foreign assistance and renewed access to global market since 2001. the costs of such cars are high as compared to other cars like Suzuki etc. luxurious. IMF approved the government policies. For this purpose there are verity brands in market for users. Technology is grooming with the passage of time.By following these policies government succeed to reverse the situation of economy during last five years. Mercedes Benz is considered one of the most famous European automobile brand names because cars with this brand name are considered some of the most elegant. and expensive cars available at the market. People also want that the product that they have is full of technology.have very soft behavior by government for any legal action. has suffered from decades of internal political disputes and external ongoing conflict with India. We never control on technology for example you launched the product last year and your sale volume on that time is very high but after sometime due to latest invention a lots of substitute exist in market which effect on your business so you can’t hold on it. Mercedes: Luxury car: If you are looking for a luxury car. brand names like Mercedes Benz will mostly come up in your mind. 4:Technological Environment: Technological factor also very important and we haven’t c o n t r o l o n i t . Age criteria: Mercedes cars are worldwide used cars. Such unethical activities destroy all law and legislation. This signifies that Mercedes Benz cars are celebrities among cars manufactured by other carmakers. However. 3: Economic Environment Pakistan. For this reason. . not only in daily life but also in sports. an impoverished and underdeveloped country.

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