Using comic trips for a variety of language and discuss activities A comic trip can tell a complex store

in a few images, show culture un action, provide easily identifiable characters to form the basis sketches, comment on and illustrate a whole range of issues like teenegers realionships, family relationships, and the most important give clear examples of vocabulary and grammar facts. For learners, learning the rules of grammar can be a bit like eating greenbeans. They may know what`s good for them, but some dishes just aren`t fun for them. Comic Trips aims to remedy this situation. Comic Trips cover topics that are key to honing writing skills: parts of speech, capitalization. Plurals, quotation marks, sentence fragments and more. This series of lesson plan will introduce learners to the basic rules of grammar in a way that is memorable and easy to understand. In fact, terms as nouns, verbs, predicates and so on will be used, but more often to teach by examples. The aim is to spoon-feed the rules of grammar and make them go down easy. Alter learners have finished their lessons, they may remember the specific terms or not, But hopefully they Hill have learnd something far more important- namely, how to use some words and structures properly. The lesson planning is arranged in three weeks and will be organizad as follows: Each workksheet Hill present a key concept from the lesson in a humorous context. The final panel of the main worksheet will provide definitions and examnples of concepts that will be use during each lesson using a series of diferent comic trips. Exercises are presented simply at first, with a degree of difficulty increasing according to the level of the learners. In the classroom, the comics will be employed in a variety of ways, including:  Wholw-class participation- working through the problems togheter;  Small-group participation- allowing learners to find solutions on their own;  Individual paticipation- assigning worksheets as classwork, homework, or selfpace study. In addition to showing learners that necessary and often neglected subject of grammar can be fun, I hope that the lessons conveys the idea that grammar is powerfull tool. By following the conventions of grammar and choosing their words carefully, learners not only will improve basic communication, but also gain an appreciation for language. In order to get the aim, firstly learners will explore the theme of humor; asking them to work and discuss about the comic trips presented means; if they find it funny or not, what argentinian teenegers laugh at and so on.

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