No Budget, No Solutions, No Press Scrutiny Earliest Pre-Election Recess Since 1960

BLOOMINGTON, MN—In the latest Gallup Poll on the issue, 60% of Americans said they had little to no faith that the media was fair and accurate in their reporting. In fact, only 31% of independents and 26% of Republicans thought the media tends to be fair and accurate.

That’s really no surprise. To listen to the media it sometimes seems that liberals have angel’s wings and conservatives have horns. Worse, in some ways, is the fact that Democrats can say and do the most outrageous things and not get called on it. Senate Majority Harry Reid can make wild accusations from the floor of the Senate and be taken seriously, and the President and his officials can deny for days that an obvious terrorist attack was anything but a “spontaneous” demonstration having nothing to do with American policy.

The Minnesota media too has failed to hold Amy Klobuchar accountable. Senator Klobuchar can claim to be “bipartisan” despite a 94% voting record with her Democrat colleagues. She can claim to be serious about the budget deficit by pointing to the Budget Control Act, a law which the President, Democrats, Republicans, the CBO, outside analysts, and the ratings agencies all believe would be a disaster if it is implemented. State economist Tom Stinson has said that if it goes into effect, a serious recession will surely follow.

Senator Klobuchar has a record: the deciding vote on Obamacare; voting for spending which has nearly doubled the debt; voting for failed bailouts and stimulus programs; an economy which collapsed on her watch; and an utter failure to pass a budget for 3 consecutive years.

Klobuchar and the Senate have left Washington having passed nothing of consequence, at this most consequential time in US history. To campaign.

“It’s time to hold Washington politicians accountable. It’s time for the Minnesota media to hold Klobuchar accountable. Perhaps even ask her an uncomfortable question or two, and not just blindly accept her spin,” said Mike Osskopp, campaign manager for the Kurt Bills campaign.

“The media has been AWOL during this campaign. It’s as if they are pretending that Klobuchar is not running for reelection. She has a record, and should be held accountable for it,” said Osskopp.

“The media is giving Klobuchar a pass. Where are the tough questions? Where are the followups? Who has asked Amy about why she supports a budget deficit plan that just about everybody else believes is a potential economic calamity, regardless of ideology? Where is her plan for the economy, the middle east, or entitlement reform?”

“Klobuchar is a Senator, not a Prom Queen,” Osskopp concluded.


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