Bakken, Scott. "Why GLEE Is Important in Our Culture." Get Real Live.

Get Real Live, 25 May 2012. Web. 18 Sept. 2012. <>.

This author is different from other authors because it shows the five main points that Glee is about and how it has impacted society. It talks about how Glee has celebrates diversity and people all gather together and hang out together without discriminating about their differences. Glee also encourages individuality and makes people celebrate how they are different. Glee advocates against bullying and shows how wrong it really is. It allows parents to have a platform to teach their children from. It also celebrates culture and brings people from different generations together through the power of music. This author has more of a discussion point of view then someone who is teaching something. My favorite point in this piece was the fact that it really points out that Glee is mainly about bullying and how bullying is wrong and this show really expresses the fact that bullying is not the way to get through high school.

“GLEE endeavors to show the normalcy of all people.” (Bakken) GLEE shows us that friendships and bonds can be formed between people no matter how different we truly are. (Bakken) I would very highly rate this source, the author had a very good idea of the topic, it gave me insightful knowledge and it was worth my time. The five points that the author gave were points that I agreed with, they gave me new knowledge and points that I can use in my paper.

Dolan, Pamela. "Could more acceptance, less bullying be the real Glee effect?." The Rev. Pam Dolan. N.p., 10 10 2012. Web. 1 Oct 2012.

This article shows how Glee is not just pop culture, it is a cultural phenomenon. This author talks about how even she admits that she is a Gleek even in her advanced age and that is does not matter how old you are, people of all ages can enjoy this show and that it can bring people together. This author loves Glee for the main reason that it is all about is people of different social classes coming together despite their differences. It also brings up that bullying is a topic in pretty much every episode, because bullying is such a big deal in society today it is really important that it is in pretty much every episode of Glee. This article also brings up how Glee could be related to church, a new take on the plot.

“Although it is given a comic edge, the specter of bullying haunts nearly every episode of Glee (Dolan).” “I admit that I'm a "Gleek," as the show's devoted fans are called (Dolan).” “It's about a group of outcasts who come together and try to do something bigger and more meaningful than any one of them could do alone (Dolan).” This article will help me in writing my paper, it brings up how Glee could be related to God and the church, a new perspective that could be useful and bring a new idea to my paper.

Flicker, Allison. "MOVABLE TYPE." GLee. N.p., May 2010. Web. 18 Sept. 2012. <>. This article talks about how Glee is not the average sitcom, it talks about more than typical teenage angst, it talks about how the characters in Glee do not care about the other peoples race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or disabilities they all love each other for what makes them different. It shows popular kids trying to choose between popularity and Glee club which is what they love. Glee does not tell people what is the right or wrong thing to do when it comes to choosing what they want to do socially. This article questions if Glee is trying to make people conform to the social utopia or urging the audience to question the high school idealism. I really like how this article is really about teenagers questioning what the right and wrong thing is to do in high school, most articles do not bring up how hard it is for teenagers to deal with the pressures of social standings.

“Glee is lighthearted and fun, painfully witty, and socially engaging and relevant to the active audience (Flicker).”

“It is important to realize Glee is much more than peppy song and dance (Flicker).”

I feel like this source was helpful, it was not the most helpful source that I have used I feel like it was more opinion based then fact based, however it did have some useful information.

Gordon, Bryony. "The Glee Effect." The Telegraph. N.p., 06 07 2012. Web. 10 Oct 2012. <>.

This article speaks of how diverse the group of people are that watch the show Glee including: Richard Eyre, Gordon Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Robert De Niro and Barack Obama. It also talks about the basic story line of Glee. It speaks about how one of the creators continuously gets phone calls from viewers who tell him that the show makes them feel happy. The reception that the Glee cast got when they went on tour was comparable to the reception that the Beatles received. Glee stops being a show where the dancing seems contrived because of the biting humor and darkness that is never far behind everything in the episodes.

“The word „Gleek‟ has not yet entered the Oxford English Dictionary, but like „muggle‟ before it, it is surely only a matter of time (Gordon).” “„I keep getting emails and phone calls, just telling me the show makes them feel happy,‟ says Brad Falchuk, one of the show‟s creators. It brings light to a televisual world full of gritty cop dramas and vampire porn (Gordon).”

This article is not the most useful, I do like that it shows famous people that teenagers look up to that enjoy Glee. It did not help that this article also talked about the plot of Glee because that is something that I have known.

Jensen, Michael . "Five Reasons why Glee Matters." After Elton . N.p., 08 06 2011. Web. 1 Oct 2012.

I really like that this article especially the five main points. Glee was created by a gay man who hired gay people to play straight and gay roles. There have been three openly gay actors who have played straight roles. It also points out that television does not just have to be spin offs of Law and Order or CSI type shows. It shows that in this day in age people can still be original with their television shows and still create interesting shows for the general population. This show also shows that people don‟t have to be beautiful and perfect in order to have friends in high school, they can be normal average people and still get through high school.

“But with the huge success of Glee, we can hope that at least some of the network suits will be more willing to take a chance on the unorthodox(Jensen).” “All one need do is watch Gossip Girl, Beverly Hills 90210 and The Vampire Diaries to know that television still skews very much toward the impossibly sleek and beautiful ( Jensen).

This was by far my favorite source and I foresee it as being my most used source. It gave a new perspective and a few points that I have never thought of before. I really enjoyed this source and I am sure that it will be used the most.

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