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The Haunting of Hill House (George Nwosisi)

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The Haunting of Hill House
The Haunting of Hill House is a story about several people brought together by a professor called ‘Dr.Montague’ who wishes to investigate supposed paranormal phenomena in a country house that was built by ‘Huge Crain’, the people that took part in these events where; Theodora, Eleanor and Luke who is a family member of The Haunted Hill House. They believed that the house is not haunted by evil spirits but the house itself is evil. The darkness of the house seems to somehow focus on Eleanor Vance an odd, lonely, mysterious 32-year-old woman. Even though Eleanor was terrified about the events that were taking place, Eleanor feels for the first time in her life a sense of belonging and happiness in the house.

Shirley Jackson
Shirley Hardie Jackson was born in San Francisco California; she was an American Author and a popular writer. She had influenced writers as Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Nigel Kneale and Richard Matheson. She’s best known for a short story called ‘The Lottery’ and also known for the 1959 novel called ‘The Haunted Hill House’ which was a horrific story. Shirley Hardie Jackson sadly passed away from a heart failure whilst she was sleeping at the age of 48.

Existing Adaptations

After the book there has been two adaptation made for The Haunting of Hill House and was adapted to a film, one was done in the 1963 and again in 1999, both movies where titled the name ‘The haunting’. The haunted (1999) version was different from the novel and was directed by Jan De Bont noting this version of the movie presented the novel unpleasantly and received my critics, whilst The Haunted (1963) was directed by Robot Wise. This version of the movie received faithful adaptations.



Excerpt Breakdowns

Outside Environment
“Doubling back and forth through the trees”, “giving then occasional glimpses down the hill to the drive way”, “the sun went down smoothly behind the hills”, “there were already long shadows on the lawn”, “the fading sunlight was bright after the darkness of the house”, “and the air was fresh and sweet”, “thinking of one of those hills will fall on us, she ran down steps and out of the lawn between the tall grouped trees”, “they followed the sound and smell of water”, “we can find frog eggs, damped grass”

The House
“Heavy iron knocker that had a child’s face, determined to make more noise and yet more, so that’s Hill House might be very sure she was there”, “and the then the door opened without warning”, “Utter silence”, “deep shadow”, “seems so dark around”, “anything else alive in this house”. “No one can hear you if you scream in the night”, “The big door slammed shut”, “isolated house”, “thick glass windows”

“On this second floor, set in a log straight hall to accommodate the doors to the bedrooms”, “At the left end of the hall was a s

second staircase, probably going from servants room on the third floor down past the second to the service room below”, “at the right end of the hall another room had been set in, perhaps, since it was on the end, to get maximum amount of sun and light”, “the hall in which they stood was overfull of dark wood and weighty craving, dim under the heaviness of the staircase, which lay back from the further end”, “doors closed along the upper hall”.

Visual concept
After reading The Haunted Hill house the idea that I got from the house was it based on a hill and it’s a big mansion with a big door and has so many rooms. Describing the house from the book, here’s a quote and I highlighted from the book and it says ‘Hill House seemed awake’, to shows that the house awake in my view, in my concept I could have the house having a huge scary face or having a heart in the middle of the house just to show that the house a awake and alive. Another quote says that ‘ a house without kindness, love and hope’ this shows that everything in the house is rotten, the house is evil its almost dead, looking back I could also have the heart of the house rotten, black with arms coming out of it. Another quote says ‘shoe could not even have told it colour, or its style, or its size, except that is was enormous and dark looking down over her’; that quote a visual that the house is massive you can hear your voice echo whilst in there, it’s a really dark place maybe contained with cobwebs, it also says that Eleanor couldn’t see the roof this shows that this building is not only in width in space but also in height and since its really dark no one can tell what’s up there I would have an eye looking down at her again to should that the house is alive. To show that this door was fully alive and horrific a quote says ‘she was shadowed, utter silence, heavy iron knocker that had a child’s face and the door opens with warning’, that shows that the house is based in a quiet place surrounded by darkness and shadow. It also says that the house opened without warning this also goes take to the idea of the door having a face and knowing some is there. The book also describes the inside of the house it says ‘Doors closed along the upper hall. On either side of her now were great double doors, craving with fruits and grain and living things; all the doors she could see were closed’. This shows that inside the house is darkness and its full if halls and had so many doors within it and they were closed. It also goes on in saying that the house is ‘long, straight hall’ and it has so many rooms. This gives me an idea that I would draw the house really long and inserting loads of doors and rooms. Whilst reading I also got visual from the environment which was described in a way that there long trees and grass, water which smelt and was running, that give me an idea that there was a nearby lake, long tress.

Specific Influence maps
(Image 01) (Image 02) (Image 03)

This three influence map shows my main visual idea on how I want my concept to project which are the hallway, Environment and the house itself.

Key Thumbnails



(House, front view)

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