The Chair on Consumer Law and Practice (CCLAP), which has been established by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India at the National Law School of India University in 2008. CCLAP is pleased to announce an essay competition for undergraduate and post-graduate students of law. The purpose of this competition is to bring to light the various aspects of consumer protection and the legal framework governing it using empirical data and case studies. In line with this objective, the essay is designed in such a manner to focus on the real-life instances of such. Thus, unlike a standard essay competition, weightage will be given not just to theoretical analysis and style of writing, but also to empirical data gathered, its relevance and analysis of such data. The topics for this year's competition are: 1. Impact of Misleading Advertisements on Consumers and Solutions. 2. Implementation of Consumer Welfare Legislations: Reasons for Failure and Solutions 3. E-Consumer Protectionand Solutions NATIONAL ESSAY COMPETITION ON CONSUMER LAW AND PRACTICE 2012 - RULES PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES 1. This competition is open to all law students (both Undergraduate and Post Graduate) in India. 2. Co-authorship is permitted (maximum of 3 authors from the same institution per entry). 3. Multiple entries are allowed. Each entry must be registered separately. 4. Registration fee per entry is Rs. 250. Demand Draft may be drawn in favour of “The Registrar, NLSIU” 5. In order to register, scan of Registration Form, Demand Draft and College ID(s) of all participants must be sent to th before 15 July, 2012. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Word Limit – The essay shall not exceed 5000 words (inclusive of footnotes). 2. Empirical data through surveys conducted/interviews taken may be attached as annexure to the essay. Such data may also be represented in tables, graphs etc – and will not be included in the word limit. No analysis of the data is to be included in these annexures. 3. The soft copy & hard copy of the essay in a MS Word (.doc/.docx) file along with the original Demand Draft, registration form and photocopy of College ID of all participants should be sent to the following Address on or before 30th July, 2012: Prof. (Dr.) Ashok R. Patil Chair Professor, Chair on Consumer Law and Practice (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India) National Law School of India University, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore-560 242 India. Phone:080- 23160532/ 23397526 Fax: 080-23160534 Website:; 5. Students are encouraged to acknowledge their sources. Plagiarism will invite immediate disqualification. Previously published material will not be accepted. 6. Participants are free to narrow down their topic, as long as it does not lose its relevance. 7. In order to ensure anonymity, participants are required to not indicate their names, contact information or institution in the text of the essay. 8. A separate page in the beginning of the essay must contain the following the details a. Name of the Participant(s) b. Institution c. Year of Study d. Contact Information (e-mail IDs and Phone nos. of all participants) 9. All entries must follow the following format a. Font Type: Times New Roman b. Spacing: 1.5 inch spacing c. Font Size: 12 points JUDGING CRITERIA 1. The essays will be judged on the basis of originality, style and organization, quality of analysis, quality of research, and argumentation. 2. Essays will be judged anonymously. PRIZES 1. Three best entries will be awarded the cash prizes: a. First Prize : 10000 INR b. Second Prize : 5000 INR c. Third Prize : 2500 INR 2. Additionally, all three winning essays will be published on CCLAP's website: and will be invited for National nd rd Seminar to present their papers, which will be held on 22 & 23 September 2012 at NLSIU and also considered for publication in 'International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice’ 3. All participants will be given participation certificates. IMPORTANT DATE F Submission of Soft Copy & Hard Copy of Essay (along with Original copy of Demand Draft – 30th July, 2012 OTHER RULES 1. The copyrights to the all the write-ups sent as entries for this essay competition will vest with CCLAP. 2. The organizers reserve all rights to modify any of the abovementioned terms and conditions as they deem appropriate 3. The organizers shall send the certificates and the amount of the prizes via courier. 4. The organizers will not be responsible for any loss or non-delivery of the entries. 5. If there arises any situation that is not contemplated in the Rules, the organizers decision on the same shall be final. 6. The organizers reserve the absolute right to cancel, defer or postpone indefinitely, the competition in the event of the accruing of any such incident, natural or man caused. 7. All conflicts are subject to the jurisdiction of Bangalore Courts only. For more details contact: Tarun Krishnakumar : Manasa Sundarraman :

REGISTRATION FORM Details of Participant 1 Details of Participant 2 Details of Participant 3 1. Name: 2. Year of Study: 3. Institution: 4. Contact Address: 5. E-Mail ID: 6. Phone Number: 1. Name: 2. Year of Study: 3. Institution: 4. Contact Address: 5. E-Mail ID: 6. Phone Number: 1. Name: 2. Year of Study: 3. Institution: 4. Contact Address: 5. E-Mail ID: 6. Phone Number

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