Teacher sacked for tac
» r Richard Mteym A TEACHER sacked for pinning down a boy who threw a milkshake at him said yesterday that his dismissal sent out a message that pupils could do "whatever they want". Robert Cox, 59, lost his job at Bemrose School in Derby after he was on seen on classroom CCTV holding the boy's arms to his sides and pushing Mm into a chair. The teacher said he feared tliat the boy, who had verbally abused him and hurled a banana milkshake, was about to throw a chair, and he acted in self-defence. No complaint was made by the 16 yearold or his parents, but the head teacher and governors decided that Mr Cox should be dismissed because his behaviour went beyond restraint Yesterday an employment tribunal turned down the teacher's claim for unfair dismissal, agreeing that his actions were "excessive". Mr Cox, who might

MIS abandoned me, says IRA supergrass
© A "supergrass" who infiltrated the IRA has claimed that he was abandoned by MIS after turning in dozens of terrorists. Raymond Gilmour, who lives under a false identity, alleged that he has been left penniless and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after his work for the security services. Mr Gilnnour was the only witness in the trial of 35 IRA suspects from his native Londonderry, which collapsed in 1984. Lord Lowry, the then Lord Chief Justice, said Gilmour's evidence was "entirely unworthy of belief, but the former agent insists he was telling the truth. He said his MIS handlers promised him £500,000, a new home, a pension and psychiatric support for turning on his former associates. Instead, he said in an interview with the BBC, he was provided with modest accommodation and £600 a month for three years. He said he has suffered from alcoholism and is destitute. • He is taking his claims to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, which examines complaints against the security and intelligence services. The Northern Ireland Office said it would not comment on whether or not a particular individual had been an agent.

Car plates banned forSW34RNG
s Almost 250 number plates have been banned over the past two years because they spelt out swear words or carried some unintended humour. Car registrations rejected by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency included "DD12 UNK", "LE61 ESS" and "DR12 UGS", as well as those that appeared to feature ruder words such as "BU62 GER". Any numbers that carried sexual connotations were banned, such as those ending in "2 HAG" or "2 LUT". Plates with the letters "BUM" were also withdrawn. The agency said it checked all registration numbers to avoid causing offence or embarrassment. Plates deemed to be too controversial also included "J-1 HAD" or "AF61 HAN". A spokesman said: "We have withdrawn them as they could cause offence or embarrassment on the grounds of political racial sensitivities or are in poor taste."

Multiple-choice tests 'be
© Multiple-choice tests are better for children's learning than traditional exam questions because they teach them the wrong answers as well as the correct ones, research suggests. In a study, multiple-choice tests helped pupils to remember not only the right answer but also the reason why the other ansvms

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