Manila, Philippines
ATTY. JULIUS A. BABISTA Adamson University & M.Q. Alarilla Polytechnic College – Meycauayan President
DR. GILBERT M. EUSTAQUIO Isabela State University Executive Vice President PROF. BERNARD U. EBUEN Arellano University Vice President for NCR PROF. DOMINGO L. NACE Bicol University Vice President for Luzon PROF. JOHN PAUL J. PETROLA University of San Agustin Vice President for Visayas PROF. GIDEON B. CABAHUG Central Mindanao University Vice President for Mindanao DR. BONNA S. PALMA West Visayas State University Secretary of the Board DR. MATEO D. MACALAGUING, JR. Far Eastern University Treasurer PROF. MA. ROSARIO R. ARANDA University of Santo Tomas Auditor PROF. RENATO JOSE MA. V. MOLANO De La Salle University Public Relations Officer DR. BOYET L. BATANG Isabela State University DR. MARIDEN V. CAUILAN Cagayan State University PROF. ROLANDO M. LLONA Bicol University PROF. REYNALDO D. POSTRADO Notre Dame of Midsayap College PROF. MARLON JAY B. BAYSA Northeastern College ADVISER PROF. GLENN M. NARVAEZ(†) Bicol University FOUNDING PRESIDENT DR. ROSALINDA S. PAPA SECRETARIAT

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August 31, 2012 1. School Heads/Directors/Presidents/Chancellors 2. VPs/Deans/Directors/Coordinators of Student Affairs Office 3. Other Student Affairs Practitioners 4. Advisers and Officers of Student Council/ Government & Student Organizations 5. Editorial Board Members and Advisers of Student Publications PACSA NATIONAL PRESIDENT


Subject: PACSA’s 33rd Annual National Convention and Seminar-Workshop for Campus Advisers and 17th Annual National Convention and Seminar-Workshop for Student Leaders ___________________________________________________ The PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF CAMPUS STUDENT ADVISERS (PACSA) will hold its 33rd Annual National Convention and Seminar-Workshop for Campus Advisers and 17th Annual National Convention and Seminar-Workshop for Student Leaders on November 24-27, 2012 at Teachers’ Camp, Baguio City with the theme -

ESLA = f (IQ, EQ, SQ) + AS *
In this connection, we are cordially inviting all student affairs vice-presidents, deans, directors, heads, coordinators, student organizations and publications’ advisers as well as your student leaders to participate in the said event. The convention fee shall be P4,200.00 for student-delegate and P4,300.00 for adviser-delegate, which will cover accommodation, foods, materials and other convention expenses. We thank you for your support to the Association.



ADAMSON UNIVERSITY OFFICE FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS Student Development Section 900 San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila Tel. No. 025242011 local 256 Telefax No. 02.4000.923


Effective Student Leadership and Advisorship Means “a function of” Intelligence Quotient Emotional Quotient Spiritual Quotient Administrative Support

N.B. Please refer to the attached guidelines for details. 1

Bernard U. Baguio City November 24-27. Renato Jose Ma. SQ) + AS” PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES Prof. VP for Luzon 2 . Domingo L. Talents) Adamson University Dr. Domogan Baguio City Mayor Atty. Allan B. Gilbert M. Palma Board Secretary Atty. November 24. Nace Prof. 2012 THEME: “ESLA= f (IQ. Babista National President Introduction of Delegates by Their respective Regional Vice-Presidents Luzon Visayas Mindanao NCR Prof. John Paul J. Cabahug Prof. Narvaez. 2011 (SATURDAY) Host – Core Group of NCR Time 9:00am – 3:00pm Activities Registration and Billeting Venue Quezon Hall Ground Floor Persons Responsible/In-charge Registration/Finance/ Accommodation Committee ASSEMBLY & PARADE 2:00pm 3:00pm 3:30pm Assembly of Participants Parade of Participants Benitez and Quezon Hall Parking PROCESSIONAL Flag Bearers Board of Directors and Past Presidents PACSA President and Keynote Speaker Entrance of Colors OPENING CEREMONIES Benitez Hall 4:00pm Ecumenical Prayer and Philippine National Anthem Welcome Address President’s Address Notre Dame of Midsayap College Hon. Julius A. Immediate Past President GRAVITY-SET (Skills.33rd Annual National Convention and Seminar Workshop for Campus Advisers & 17th Annual National Convention for Student Leaders Teachers’ Camp.Domingo L. PACSA EVP & Prof. EQ. V. Molano PACSA PRO Master of Ceremonies Day 1. Nace. Glenn M. Expertise. Bonna S. Ebuen Introduction of PACSA Board of Directors Introduction of the Keynote Speaker Keynote Address Dr. Gideon B. de Guzman Presentation of Certificate of Recognition to the Keynote Speaker Intermission Number Convention House Rules Posthumous Service Award for Prof. Mauricio G. Petrola Prof. Julius A. Babista to be assisted by Dr. Eustaquio.

November 25. PACSA 2013 Theme and Cover Design Competition b. Andrew S. Mateo D. Baysa Legal Issues and Responsibilities in Campus Advising Speaker and Facilitator: Atty. Macalaguing. Bonna S. Aranda Dr. Eustaquio 4:30-6:00pm Break-out Session 2-2 Benitez Hall (Students) Quezon Hall. 2nd Floor (Advisers) 3 . Benito L. Stephen Cuyos. 2nd Floor (Advisers) 10:00-12:00am 12:00-1:30pm 1:30-3:00pm 3:00-4:30pm Student Leadership Capability Enhancement Alternatives Speaker and Facilitator: Dr. Babista National President Fr. 2012 (SUNDAY) Host – Core Group of Visayas & Mindanao 6:00-8:00am 8:00-10:00am Breakfast Abada Hall Plenary Session 1 Benitez Hall Intellectual Engagement in Campus Advising and Student Leadership Speaker: Dr. Palma LUNCH Plenary Session 2 Benitez Hall Impact and Prospects of Social Media in Campus Advising and Student Leadership Speaker: Fr. Batang Effective Human Communication Skills Quezon Hall. Teehankee Break-out Session 1 Effective Human Communication Skills Benitez Hall (Students) Speaker and Facilitator: Prof. 4. 6. Mariden Ventura-Cauilan Dr. Babista Dr. Marlon Jay B. 2. VP for Student Affairs Adamson University Abada Hall 6:00-8:00pm Dinner PACSA REGIONAL ASSEMBLY 8:00pm Luzon Mindanao Visayas NCR – – – – Benitez Hall 2nd Floor Lobby – Quezon Hall Quezon Hall Second Floor Quezon Hall Ground Floor Matters to be Discussed 1. 10:00pm Introduction of Participants Core Group Election Planning of Activities Mechanics of Different Competitions a.Official Declaration of the Opening of 33rd PACSA and 17th PACS Annual National Convention and Seminar Workshop Community Singing of PACSA HYMN 6:00-7:00pm Anticipated Sunday Mass Atty. Julius A. Bayal. 3.M. Rosario R. Prof. Best Practices Showcase Cultural Presentation Other Matters Free time/Socialization Day 2. Boyet L. Jr. 2nd Floor (Advisers) Speaker and Facilitator: Dr. Gilbert M. Ma. Julius A. MSC Break-out Session 2-1 Benitez Hall (Students) Quezon Hall. 5. C.

Psycho-social Needs of Student Leaders Speaker and Facilitator: Prof. Ebuen Lunch Business Meeting/General Assembly President’s Report Atty. Rosalinda S. Domingo L. Petrola Prof. Rolando M. Papa Prof. November 26. 2nd Floor (Advisers) Spirituality in Student Leadership Speaker: Fr. Postrado Dinner Rehearsals for Cultural Night / Talent Showdown 6:00-8:00pm 8::00 onwards pm Day 3. Nace Ethical Leadership and Etiquette of Advisers Speaker and Facilitator: Prof. Banaga. (TUESDAY) Host. CM Spirituality in Student Advisorship Speaker: Fr. Bernard U. Llona Best Practices in Student Advisorship Speaker and Facilitator: Dr. Reynaldo D. 2012 ( MONDAY) Host Region: Luzon 6:00-8:00am 8:00-10:00am Breakfast Break-out Session 3 Benitez Hall (Students) Quezon Hall. Macalaguing. Elections Special Board Meeting 12:00-2:00pm ADVISERS 2:00-3:00pm 3:00-5:00pm 5:00-6:00pm STUDENT LEADERS 1:00-6:00pm Competition Proper Regional Booth Exhibit of Best Practices Benitez Hall Quezon Hall 6:00-8:00pm 8:00:10:00pm Dinner Cultural Night & Awarding Ceremony Announcement of New Officers and Board Members Day 4. Babista Treasurer’s Report Dr. Renato Jose Ma. Gregorio L. V. Cabahug Prof. Molano Prof. John Paul J. Gideon B. Daniel Franklin Pilario. November 27. Julius A.. Jr.PACSA BOD 6:00-7:00am 7:00-8:00am 8:00-9:00 9:00-10:00 12:00noon Breakfast Wrapping up Thanksgiving Prayer Closing Ceremonies Board Meeting (Outgoing) Board Meeting (Outgoing and Incoming) Environmental Surfing/Home Sweet Home Packed Lunch 4 . Mateo D. 2nd Floor (Advisers) Best Practices in Student Leadership Speaker and Facilitator: Prof. Jr. CM 10:00-12:00am Break-out Session 4 Benitez Hall (Students) Quezon Hall.

2012. operational plans. please coordinate with your Regional Vice-Presidents or the Convention Directors: Luzon Prof. Baguio City. b. please bring with you the ff: a. Meals and snacks will officially start on November 24. Julius A. 4. Furthermore. please note the following: a. convention kit. 6.200.300 for each adviserdelegates. please bring with you an official Certificate of Advisorship or an Official Appointment Letter with the official logo of your institution.pacsa. Live-out participants shall be charged Php3. 2012 will be the official convention at Teachers’ Camp. collaterals. Gilbert M. newsletters. Advertisements of participating schools will be published in the PACSA 2012 Souvenir Program at to be used for the presentation of delegates. Eustaquio 09059777149 The official website of PACSA is www. Manila. Gideon B.000. b You may also register online at www. Registration Fees: a. Activity documentation. accomplishment reports. Mode of Payment. Send it through e-mail at pacsa_national@yahoo. Membership: The adviser-delegates will be issued a PACSA ID upon registration and will be eligible to vote and may to be voted upon. Yearbook. Ebuen 09209071714 Convention DirectorsAtty. 2012 publications. We encourage schools to bring their school banners/tarpaulin streamers for identification and display during the processional and convention proper. payments.00. souvenir items. meals and snacks. Cabahug 09209489643 NCR Prof. thus. announcements. d. 5. Please make checks payable to Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA) with account number 01510221-89. convention updates. Bernard U. The fee shall defray conventions expenses namely. Walk-in participants will be assigned rooms subject to availability. Pre-registration will be until November 15. 5 . For Advisers who intend to file candidacy for PACSA Board.GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR THE 33rd PACSA AND 17th PACS ANNUAL NATIONAL CONVENTION AND SEMINAR WORKSHOP 1. For 2.eply. 7. 10. and other relevant documents. journals. BPI-España. Nace 09164355735 Visayas Prof. For Registration. Sampaloc. Souvenir c. Filled-up registration forms and proofs of payment must be sent through fax at (02) 4000. school photos & Confirmation of registration. Contributions for PACSA Newsletter “Tinig-gabay” will be accepted until October 30. Delegates who will arrive one day ahead or opt to stay one day after the convention shall coordinate with the Teachers Camp as it is not officially covered by the convention registration fee. Babista 09189177987 Dr. Delegates who will send their registration forms without proof of payments will not be considered pre-registered. Domingo L. Participating schools can also email a soft copy of their school logo to pacsa_national@yahoo. Cash or Check payments are accepted. it should include the student organization and/or your being a student affairs practitioner with the academic year. best practices of schools will be exhibited. and duly signed by the school president.923 or e-mail at pacsa_national@yahoo. 9. Convention Dates and Venue: November 24-27. 8. The convention fee is Php4. Petrola 09173230228 Mindanao Mr. 2.500.00 for each student-delegate and P4. Special Reminders: 1. c.00. contests guidelines and CHED endorsement will be posted in this site. 2012 at 3:00pm. Chaperone/children will be charged the full amount. School banners. dean or any immediate superior. For other inquiries. 3. John Paul J. accommodation.

SQ) + AS REGISTRATION FORM School/College/University: Name of President/Head: School Address: Name of VP/Dean of Student Affairs: School E-mail Address ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ATTENDING ADVISERS/STUDENT AFFAIRS PRACTITIONERS NAME SEX TSHIRT SIZE ORGANIZATION CONTACT NO. announcements. 3.registration@yahoo. convention updates. EQ. Please reproduce this form if necessary. Baguio City November 24-27. Philippines 33rd Annual National Convention and Seminar Workshop for Campus Advisers & 17th Annual National Convention for Student Leaders Teachers’ Camp. 2. 6 .org. 2012 THEME: ESLA= f (IQ.PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF CAMPUS STUDENT ADVISERS Manila. Accomplished form and proof of payments should be faxed at 02 4000 923 and/or e-mailed at pacsa_national@yahoo. E-MAIL ADDRESS REMINDERS: Confirmation of registration. contests guidelines and CHED endorsement will be posted in this site. The official website of PACSA is www. E-MAIL ADDRESS ATTENDING STUDENT LEADERS NAME SEX TSHIRT SIZE ORGANIZATION CONTACT

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