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Dreams for Orphans
P.O. Box 9983
Seattle, WA 98109

Dreams for Orphans is a
501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Our Mission

Working together to give
hope to orphans in
developing countries
through education and
a safe environments.
New Osu Nursery a Step CIoser
The new nursery for
the Osu Children's
Home is a step closer.

Architectural plans, do-
nated by Albert Es-
samuah Limited, a
Ghana firm, are now a
reality and a complete
list of specifications is
ready. Groundbreaking
could happen this year,
according to Osu authorities. Estimated cost of the new
structure, which D-.+»: ,-- 0-e/+-: will help fund, is

More space needed
Ìt was truly a dream when
D-.+»: ,--0-e/+-: began this
journey, but now it's becom-
ing real.
With its improved living con-
ditions, the new nursery
could literally make a life or
death difference in the lives of
the infants.
The new nursery greatly ex-
pands the space for infants
and makes major improve-
ments in sanitation and living

(See Nursery, P. 4)

|ns|de Th|s |ssue

From the Founder........ 2
An Adopt|ve Hother's $tory.. 2
Lake un|on Fundra|s|ng
Event............ 3
hea||ng a ho|e |n the heart...3
New 0reams Jewe|ry.......3
ßoard of 0|rectors......4
Jolume 1, Edition 2
Winter 2ô1ô

About Our Logo

The diamond shape of our logo
is the symbol the Akan, a West
African people, use for
~fence.¨ A home with a fence
is considered to be an ideal
home. Because of the security
and protection that a fence
affords, the symbol is also as-
sociated with the security and
safety one finds in love.
Architects rendering of the new nurserv.
Bricks for Babies:
Buy a Brick, Help Build a
Foundation for the Future

Help build the nursery without
getting your hands dirty. Do-
nate the cost oI one (or more) oI
the 475 cement blocks needed
Ior the Ioundation oI the build-
ing. There`s a
brick priced Ior
every budget,
ranging Irom
$25 to $500. Buy as many as
you want. They make a great
Christmas present. See insert
Ior details.
During the
holiday sea-
son Ì am real-
izing how
thankful Ì am
for all the members of
D-.+»: ,-- 0-e/+-: -.+»: ,-- 0-e/+-: -.+»: ,-- 0-e/+-: -.+»: ,-- 0-e/+-: and all
those who have contributed
their time and talents to help
the orphans.
Ìt's hard to believe that
four years ago Ì started trav-
eling to Accra, Ghana and
met the orphaned children
that Ì now consider friends
and family. Ì have visited
these children every month
since that day.
Ì can't help but be
amazed at the ability of the
children to survive against
all odds. That's a lesson to
We've always known that the supporters of
Dreams are a creative bunch and some of
the recent fundraisers prove the point. For

 Judy Killion threw a birthday bash to
celebrate a "significant¨ birthday. Ìn lieu
of pre-
sents, at-
brought a
gift of
cash for
the Ghana
 The
children of
and Nelson Nakata held a garage sale to
benefit Dreams - and clean our their
 The middle school kids of St. Anne's
School are hosting the second annual
Dreams for Orphans party. Last year this
party was a heckuva lot of fun - and gen-
erated a surprislngly large donation for
 The Grover Thurston Gallery in Seattle's
Pioneer Square held a cocktail party featur-
ing the works of local artists. Our thanks to
gallery owners Susan Grover and Richard
Thurston who donated 10 percent of the art
sales to Dreams.
 Holiday Bazaars are always a lot of fun -
especially when
they can benefit
Dreams - like
the one held at
the home of
Dreams supporter
Helen Gleason. At
right, Molly Malloy
holds a bottle of
the popular D-.+»:
,-- 0-e/+-: olive oil
sold at the bazaar.
(See fundraisers, p. 4)

me to appreciate all the
things in my life that Ì take
for granted.
There are many chil-
dren with their own per-
sonal tragedies but some-
how they sur-
vive and
have hope
and suc-
We can all
help and be a part of mak-
ing this happen. By being
a part of their lives it
makes our lives somehow
more meaningful and full.
We now have architec-
tural plans and a complete
survey of the nursery that
has been our dream. And
there's a simple way you

can help build the nursery -- buy
a brick. Ìt's so simple, but bricks
are the foundation for making the
orphaned babies' lives better.
See the insert for information
on how you can buy a brick and
help make our dream
come true.
With your help, the
most vulnerable and
voiceless will soon
have the facility
needed for them to grow and
Thank you for your generous sup-
port. We wish you a healthy,
happy New Year.
Kary Doerfler, Founder and
Executive Director

"Being a part of
their lives makes
our own lives more
From the Founders
Putting the ~Fun¨ in Fundraisers Benefits Dreams for Orphans
Brats (Aot the good-looking kids
below) Bring 1asty 1reat for Orphans
Dreams volunteers helped serve up the brats. From left,
Jack Roger, Jessica Collins, Alex Kennison, Spencer Sef-
cik, Kellv Neuport and Ali Iseman. Not shown. Dannv
Dentis and Lexi Doerfler.

We're talking bratwurst sandwiches - brats -
at a fundraising event benefiting Dreams for
Orphans. The event was the dedication of a
new park at south Lake Union in Seattle.
Dreams Board member Robin Osika arranged
for her company, Johnsonville Sausage, to sell
bratwurst sandwiches and soft drinks with the
profits going to Dreams for Orphans Ka-Ching
- a tidy donation rang up for Dreams. Our
thanks to Johnsonville Sausage.

Dreams Helps Heal a Heart

This is the story of a little boy named Boam,
who came to the Osu Children's Home with an
older brother when Boam was three. His mother
is mentally ill and unable to care for the boys and
an older sister.

NormaI in every other way
An exuberant little boy, Boam was normal in
every way - except he
had a hole in his heart.
He loves to play soccer
and do cartwheels.
Recently, D-.+»: ,--
0-e/+-: helped fund
surgery correct the
condition. Without it,
his activity and his very
future would have been
limited. A few days
after the surgery Boam
was running around
the yard, playing soc-
cer with the rest of the
kids. Ìt's just one of
many ways D-.+»: ,-- 0-e/+-: is working to
make life just a little brighter for the children at
the Osu Children's Home.

Just in! Dreams Jewelry

Now, just in time for the holidays, we have
D-.+»: ,-- 0-e/+-: jewelry, created by noted
Seattle jewelry
designer, Juliet
Roger. The
jewelry is
brushed Ster-
ling, featuring
the Dreams
donation is
$75 for a large
pendant, $60
for a small
pendant and $60 for earrings. To order: email

Happv Holidavs'

Manv thanks to all our donors,
volunteers and sponsors.
With vour help weve made
this a great vear for

P. O. Box 9983
Seattle, WA 98109
New Website
Up and Running

Visit our website:

Also see us on Facebook
Board of Directors
Kary Doerfler
Lexi Doerfler
Kathy Hardinge
Dick Malloy
Andrea Nakata
Rachel Nelson
Robin Osika
Paul Patinios
Libby Rain
Juliet Roger
Paola Womac

Story Ideas?
Email us at

(Nursery, from P. 1)

conditions. Ìnfants will be
on the top floor, toddlers
on the first floor, which
should help prevent the
spread of disease. Each
room will have its own toi-
let and each floor will have
its own kitchen. There will
be living quarters for the
"Auntie¨ who runs the nurs-
Your donations can help
make this dream come
(Fundraisers, cont'd)

 A Fair Trade bazaar at
St. Anne's Church
where Dreams sold
West African handcrafts.

Alex (left) and Kathv
Kennison volunteer at
the Fair Trade Ba:aar.

1hanks, everyone,
for your enthusiasm
and hard work!

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