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PRAISE & PRAYER POINTS October 2012 Praise Points:

Life Revision Seminar (Tamil) 4th to 8th Sept12 conducted by Dr. K.O. John

Marriage Enrichment Program (Eng / Tamil) from 20th to 22nd Sept12 conducted by Dr. Susheel Tharian

46 MKids attended the MKids Retreat at ODC from 28 th to 30th September coordinated by Friends of MUT, Neyveli. Some decisions the MKids made at the end of the retreat: Change my activities and thought life Love and care for the poor Will not waste time Set goals for my life according to the purpose of God Not to talk to girls Will be useful to others Seek Gods will in every aspect of my life To face mochakottais (beans) thrown before me To read Bible regularly Live my life truthfully.

Prayer points: (Rest House Vellore currently staying)

Mr. Paul Jeysingh - Independent missionary Gujarat - Has come for kidney transplant. His wife will be donating one of her kidneys. Both of them are undergoing pre operative preparation.

Mr. Prasad Alex - IEM - Jharkhand Has sarcoma in his left shoulder. Surgery done and Tumor was removed. Further treatment chemo or radiation will be decided after the Biopsy report.

Miss. Mary Yesudial IEM Koya Field Andhra She has knee pain problem, underwent knee cap replacement surgery on 5th October 2012 and recovering.

Mr. David Livingston (renal failure), referred from ODC, on dialysis. His best option is to go for transplant. He has to arrange for finance and donor.

Mrs. Sumathi, GMS, Yelagiri - Had given birth to a baby girl. The child is under weight but doing fine. As of now the baby weight is above 2.5 kg. Birth weight was just 1 kg. Sis. Sumathi had lost 3 babies in her womb previously.

Supriya (6 yrs), D/o. Mr. D. Yesudos, NMS, Bijapur Had blood Cancer and cured. Now, after 2 years she has developed Pneumonia, has fever, admitted in CMC, under strong antibiotics.

Mr. Chandraseker Singh NMSI Bihar He has come for his regular cardio review. Had CABG (by pass) surgery one year back.

Mr. Jeyasekaran IEM Hyderabad (Tumor in the spinal cord). Surgery done and tumor was removed. Was on catheter for few days. It was removed and gone home. Mrs. Nirmala Manoharan IEM Pune Medical treatment. Mrs. Manonmani Independent - Bhopal She is under investigation, suspected to have Hypokalemia periodic paralysis. Mr. Bhansingh FMPB Jharkhand His daughter who is studying in Donahvur hostel Ms. Salomi had fits problem. They have come back for review. Mrs. Neha Tage Dony Baptist Hospital Arunachal Pradesh She had Kidney transplant last year, now has come for regular review. Left after treatment Ms. Shama YWAM Siluguri Has come for treatment for her depression problem. On medication. She has improved very well. Master Kuranakar Pani (3 years), S/o Mr. Karnel Pani - IGOSA - Orissa (Developmental Problem), Had occupational therapy treatment, improved from the first stage. Will be back by December 2012. Mr. Arockiadoss DMPB TN (piles problem). Surgery over and left. Mr. Mahendra Kumar ICCC, Hubli (piles problem) had 3 times surgeries, but still the problem persists, had come for review and left with medicines. Mr. Shaji Philipose OM -Karnataka (cancer stomach). The cancer has spread outside the stomach and the cancer cells were identified in the cerebrospinal fluid. He has severe head-ache. Oncology department has given him Chemo tablets for 5 days and then rest for 10 days. This will be repeated 2 more times and they will review. Mr. Dambarudhar Sethi EFICOR- Bihar His son has developmental problem, suggested Occupational Therapy, and has to come back after few months. Mrs. Hemalatha Paulravi FMPB Jharkhand - had complained of cardiac problem but the result was normal. Referred to Neuro department and there also the result was normal. Given some medicines for relaxation.

Missionaries who stayed in Vellore Rest House and coming back for follow up:

Mrs. Snehalatha Philip, BYM, Jaipur Kidney problem

Mrs. Laissamma Babu, FMPB Jharkhand Brain Tumor

Mr. Pradeep P. Ranjan, World Vision, New Delhi Kidney failure & Bone Marrow cancer

Mr. Samuel, BCI, Orathur TN. unbalanced mental condition.

Sis. Lalitha Chellappa, UESI, Trichy Multiple myeloma

Stephen, S/o Rev. Damodas Das, OFU, Hemophilia

Rev. John Chelliah, C.S.I, Tirunelveli Kidney transplantation over.

Mrs. Antony Selvam, IMS, Less platelet count.

Ms. Saroja Babu Singh - GEMS Bihar (Breast Cancer)

Pinky, D/o Mr. Aktar Hossain Molla Simon, NF, West Bengal (Pediatric Physiotherapy) improving well.

Mrs. Helena Ramesh Naikwadi, IET, Assam. (Breast cancer)

The following six FMPB missionaries from Jharkhand came on 22 nd September with their children who are studying in Donahvur to spend their vacation, went for a one day trip to Kodaikanal, had their medical checkup at CFH and left on 1st October.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Mrs. Krutanjali Paik and her two children Mr. Amir Kant Digal, with his wife and two children Mr. Munna Mohendiar, with his wife and two children Mrs. Ritanjali Karadr and her two children Mr. Jeevan Ranjan, with his wife and two children Mrs. Bhartiben Dilip and her two children

The following missionaries had medical checkup and left 1. Mr. Stephen Gowtham FMPB Dharmapuri (Hand Fracture) 2. Mr & Mrs. Anburaj ICGM Chhattisgarh 3. Mr. Gnanavel CGMM Dindigul 4. Mr. Abraham Stewart CGMM AP (Had hernia surgery in May) 5. Blessy and Bevin Raj, Children of Mr. A. Gnanaprakasam, DMPB- Took treatment for Jaundice 6. Mrs. Nithya Kathirvel BYM MP Gave birth to a still born baby on 22 nd Sept The following had come for MHC 1. Mrs. & Mr. Robert Rajalingam FMPB Rajasthan

Programs at ODC in the Month of October 1. Inner Healing Seminar 9th to 11th October 2. Life Revision Seminar (Tamil) by Dr. K.O. John 16th to 20th October 3. Life Revision Seminar (English) by Dr. Kurvilla Varkey 23rd to 27th OCtober General Prayer Request Mrs. Jacintha, W/o Mr. Michael Raja (MUT Board member), Chennai (Breast cancer). Continue to pray for her full recovery. Pray for Mr. Benjamin, Vellore MUT leader - taking treatment at CMCH. Mr. Karunakaran (83 years), F/o Mrs. Amudha Venugopal (FOM & voluntary partner with MUT ministry), Otteri prostate surgery over and recovering. Pray for the committed care giver for Mumbai & Vellore Rest Houses. Please pray that all the people involved (Both givers and receivers of Care) in the programs and projects of MUT will understand the spiritual values behind these God given opportunities to bless and be a channel of blessing to one another. Pray that all the programs will be continued to exhibit the biblical values with which they were started Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ - Sacrificial giving - Absolute faith in God - Holiness & integrity in all the dealings - Extra mile service - Prayerful ministry Some concerns: MUT is forced to pay electricity charges at commercial rate in Gandhi Nagar. The expenses are going very high. Oddanchatram Master Plan approval still not obtained. God has to intervene. Home Call: Pastor Paul Reddy, INEC, passed away on 12 th September. He suffered from Dengue fever. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Venkatalakshmi and two sons namely Karunakar Reddy and Vijayasekar Reddy. Pastor. Anburaj, (53 yrs), ICRM - Erode, passed away on 14th September due to sickness. Leaving behind his wife & 2 children (Enoch & Suganthi). Mr. PS Chensing Baghel (26223), aged 34, of Bethel Outreach Ministry, Jharkhand died on 18- 09-2012 died due to heart attack leaving behind his Wife Mrs. Jamuna Baghel and Sons Amos (12 yrs) and Anos. Mrs. Bilasini Pani, W/o Mr. Gideon Pani, BYM passed away on 24th September. She was seriously ill. Leaving behind her husband and 3 children. Pastor. Simon Hansda, (54 yrs) Bethel Outreach Ministry, expired on 24/9/2012 due to fever. Worked in Mohespur, Orissa. His wife, Sis Jamuna Baghel

Mrs. Thangham W/o Mr. Gnanaprakash IPA, Coimbatore passed away on 28th September (Cancer breast). Leaving behind her husband and 3 boys.

Mr. Sam Thanaseelan Founder & Former Director MTB- passed away at Chennai on 29 th Sept, leaving behind his wife Mrs. Jeya Thanaseelan and three married children. Mr. Champa Damor, SHALOM passed away due to a snake bite. He was survived by his wife and three children.Wife's name: Manjulaben Damor. 1. Natwar Damor age: 16 male, 2. Kalpanaben Damor age: 13 female, 3. Sanjay Damor age: 11 male. Mr. Sendre Suresh (42 yrs), IMS (evangelist in Korchi mission field, Maharashtra) passed away on 2.10.2012 due to cancer. He had been undergoing treatment at Nagpur since February 2012. Leaving behind his Wife Mrs. Mumtha.