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October 2012

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Wall Vases Ornaments Spoons

Plates Bowls

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A. Spoons
These whimsical spoons are made from durable stoneware. Created from hand-built and burnished clay in a variety of sizes and shapes, each completely unique. Images of available pieces are happily provided upon request.

$28.00 B. Wall Vases
These vases hang on the wall or stand freely on their own. Perfect for keeping herbs fresh in the kitchen or displaying a special flower. Available in a range of colours and designs.


$20.00 C. Snowflake Ornaments
A large snowflake with subtle texture and glazing.

$20.00 C 2

Stoneware pieces that are dishwasher, microwave and even oven safe. So go ahead, bake your own personal apple crisp!



This year I have been motivated to make the pieces of functional pottery that I really want to have in my own cupboard. Pragmatic to a fault, these are pieces that I hope will do double or even triple duty as dinnerware and serving pieces. The slate blue glaze is a mostly matte glaze with tones of spruce green, hints of ochre, with subtly speckled clay.

D A. Dinner Plates
Simple hand-built plates with softly curving edges. Available in side plate (7”) and full (9”) size.

B. Cappu-Soup Bowls
These handled-bowls are so named because they work equally well cappuccino, soup, stew and more.

side $35.00, full $45.00 C. All Purpose Bowls
These smaller bowls hold a couple cups, making them useful for individual use or for serving dips or nuts.

$35.00 D. Serving Bowls
These large bowls are useful for preparing food and serving it, holding volumes between 1-2 litres.

$30.00 - $40.00 3

$50.00 - 80.00

A. “Four Strong Winds”
This birdfeeder is suspended by aircraft cable wrapped in natural fibre (not shown). Fully functional all yearround.

B. “Ripped Wood”
Like “Four Strong Winds”, this bird feeder has natural fibre wrapped around wire supports.

C. Luminary
These popular crooked house luminaries come in a variety of colours and styles and are difficult to keep in stock.

$170.00 D. Sunflower Wall Tile
Sunflower design with ceramic frame. Great for indoor and especially outdoor use.

$150.00 E. Poppy Wall Tile
Slender poppy seed head wall tile hangs from hemp jewelry rope.

$40.00 F. Scoop
This small scoop would work well for coffee beans, but would also be perfect bath salts.







D 4



The Story
All these pieces are created in a little log cabin in a lovely little community of artists and artisans that was once a thriving hub of rural life on the south mountain near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The property is believed to be the location of the blacksmith, though the original house burned down many years ago. The land leaves many hints of the former tenants and past history; like the old fence lines, rock piles, bones and dug wells. It’s in this setting, with these old spirits, cloaked in the trunks of trees that once stood in the forest nearby that I cajole clay to defy its natural tendency to form these pieces. Each piece is individually made by hand, so no two can ever be exactly the same. Slight variations in the shape and glaze are a cherished and telling part of this hand-made process.

tracy horsman ceramics
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