The Study of Solar Power Air Compressors 32 5.

2 Assessment of energy and cost for running an air compressor with solarenergy The cost for running the same 1 HP motor air compressor with solar energy is as follows:To run a 1 HP air compressor, we need to have an array of solar panels that can generate 1kilowatt of electrical energy, i.e., 1250 Watts of electrical energy.We know that cost of solar power in India is very high (whole sale price is 1$ /watt in U.S.A)i.e., about Rs. 85/watt. Hence, to run an air compressor of 1 HP we need 1000 watts of solar panels that will costabout Rs.1,02,000/-. In addition to this cost, we need to have a solar power plant that consistsof battery bank, solar charge controller and inverter for A.C air compressors. This will makethe total investment to about Rs.1,40,000/-. The payback period for this compressor will be as follows

As the air compressor does not require any maintenance cost for a period of 20-25years, the savings will be as follows:If we consider that the solar plant will work for 25 years, then the electricity bill willbe saved for only 20.93 years since we have to subtract the payback period.Savings are calculated as follows:

5.3 Advantages of solar power air compressor

Solar power can be useful in such industrial applications where small kilowatt energyis required.

The most common application of this technology is the common or garden aircompressor.

Solar power air compressors are used in the regions where gas and oil companies drillis remote and does not have a reliable source of power.

Solar charge controllers involve complicated circuits management. 5. helping toprotect our environment. It is the classic theory of conservation of energy. long life batteries and heavy duty steelconstruction for rugged.The Study of Solar Power Air Compressors 33 Solar energy is clean. it is clear that solar power air compressorsare the application of solar power technology to power the compressing of air that powers adrill or other device. Photo-voltaic arrays are not easily available. Reduces dependence on centralized sources of energy. High capacity DC motors cannot be manufactured easily. Using an inverter incurs some loss of energy due to conversion of DC to AC.These systems provide a dependable source of pneumatic power for use in remote areas. With rising energy costs and more awareness of the need to be environmentally friendly.companies and individuals are beginning to utilize the solar power air compressor. renewable (unlike gas oil and coal) and sustainable. reliable service. Low / no maintenance. where one form of energy is transformed into another. . The Study of Solar Power Air Compressors 34By studying “Solar Power Air Compressor” .4 Limitations of solar power air compressor High initial cost.They include high efficiency photovoltaic modules.

Air Conditioning to the rooms of the building. This technology can be used to supply the compressed air to the pneumatic tools inany small or even medium scale workshops.e..Can be used in Turbo charging of automobile engines. CHAPTER 6 CONCLUSION . i. This may also be helpful in pumping up the water to higher elevation by usingsubmersible water pumps which in turn work on the same principle of centrifugal aircompressor. Applying this photo-voltaic compressor technology in modern construction may helpto provide refrigeration effect.

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