UL Classified to Fit Virtually Any Panel...

Even Square D® HOMELINE®

Code Acceptance

UL Classified breakers are produced by one manufacturer for use in place of the breakers specified on the panelboard. Like specified breakers, UL Classified breakers have been tested in the panels for which they are approved. Testing and Safety

Cutler-Hammer® UL Classified Replacement Circuit Breakers by Eaton Corporation are the key to safe installation and streamlined inventory. They virtually eliminate the need to carry any other manufacturer’s circuit breakers. Why carry up to seven other brands when the industry’s most reputable brand, Cutler-Hammer, is all you need.

By reducing your breaker inventory from six manufacturers to one, you streamline your stock and shelving space. Contractors will be able to reduce the types of breakers they carry on their trucks. Your customers will be able to install new circuits on the first site visit, as long as they have Cutler-Hammer Type CLs and CHQs at the ready. With a high-level of protection and fast tripping response, these are the one-source, one-brand breaker solution you’ve been looking for. Specified vs. Classified

Financially, it makes sense for manufacturers to specify their own breakers for use in their panelboards and not list competitors’ products; even though they too are suitable for use. This is why a third-party organization (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) is responsible for listing suitable replacements for the manufacturer’s specified circuit breakers. Our classified circuit breakers meet all code acceptance regulations governed by the National Electric Code® and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The Most Complete Line

Coming in both 3/4-inch Type CHQ and 1-inch Type CL, oneand two-pole configurations, these breakers are classified as direct replacements by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. In addition to a UL listing, they also come with an outstanding 15-year warranty. Streamline Breaker Inventory

UL Classified breakers are designed and tested to be both mechanically and electrically interchangeable with circuit breakers manufactured by General Electric, Thomas & Betts, ITE/Siemens, Murray, CrouseHinds, and Square D.

Specified breakers are listed by the manufacturer of the panelboard for use in a particular panel. This doesn’t mean that the panelboard manufacturer produced the specified breaker, it mearly means that the panelboard manufacturer has tested the breaker in the panel. In fact, through the years the Cutler-Hammer business has manufactured thousands of breakers for other panelboard manufacturers.

We test each Classified breaker extensively in numerous GE, Siemens, Murray, Thomas & Betts, Square D, and Crouse-Hinds panels. The tests are conducted with witnesses from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and involve short-circuit, temperature, and insertion/ withdrawal applications. This level of testing assures that the breakers meet identified standards and have been found suitable by UL for the specified purpose. By using UL Classified breakers, contractors and homeowners can be assured that the breaker has passed tests that non-classified breakers have not.

Not only do we cover more manufacturers, we also offer breakers in standard one- and two-pole configurations as well as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, Remote Control, and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters! Breakers are available in standard packaging, and many are available in clamshells for counter area displays.


Eaton Corporation UL Classified replacement Circuit Breakers

Eaton Corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturer ranked among the largest Fortune 500 companies. The electrical group is Eaton’s largest division and is a global leader in electrical control, power distribution, power quality, automation, and monitoring products and services. Eaton’s electrical products include brands such as Cutler-Hammer®, MGE Office Protection Systems, Powerware®, Holec®, and MEM®. Eaton provides PowerChain Management ® solutions to serve the needs of the industrial, institutional, IT, data center, mission critical, utility, residential and OEM markets worldwide.

PowerChain Management solutions help enterprises achieve sustainable and competitive advantages through proactive management of the power system as a strategic, integrated asset throughout its life cycle. With Eaton’s distribution, generation and power quality equipment; full-scale engineering services; and information management systems, the power system is positioned to deliver powerful results: greater reliability, operating cost efficiencies, effective use of capital, enhanced safety, and risk mitigation.

Original Panelboard Warranty

that would cause damage to the loadcenter in which it is installed, the Cutler-Hammer business would repair or replace the loadcenter with an equivalent product upon delivery of the damaged components. 1-800-525-2000 www.EatonElectrical.com

Original panelboard manufacturers may claim that the use of breakers other than those specified voids their warranty. However, the MagnussonMoss Warranty Act prevents manufacturers from making warranties contingent upon the use of their replacement parts, as long as the third-party part is safe. Since the safety has been proven by UL, the panelboard manufacturer’s warranty is still effective when you choose a CL or CHQ breaker. The Cutler-Hammer Warranty – The Industry’s Best

The Cutler-Hammer business warrants its CL and CHQ Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers to be free from failures due to defects in material or workmanship for 15 years from the date of purchase. Additionally, should a failure of a CL or CHQ breaker occur

Eaton Corporation UL Classified replacement Circuit Breakers


Understanding Classified Breaker Terminology Skip the legalese. Here’s what you need to know to save time, hassle, and shelf space. Specified Circuit Breaker Each manufacturer lists the brands of circuit breakers that can be used in their panelboards. Often, manufacturers will not list competitors as specified, even though they are suitable replacements. UL Classified Circuit Breaker A breaker that is considered suitable, by Underwriters Laboratory, for use in place of the specified circuit breaker. Listed Breaker According to the NEC®, the listing of a product is by an independent third-party. CutlerHammer Classified Breakers are listed by UL. Labeled Breaker A breaker with a label affixed by an independent third-party.

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Mass. Quincy. our devices have been UL Classified to be installed in their panels. The National Electrical Code is a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association. and QO are federally registered trademarks of SNA Holdings Inc. Murray is a federally registered trademark of Siemens Energy & Automation. HOMELINE. Thomas & Betts is a federally registered trademark of Thomas & Betts Corporation.000 AIC Unfortunately.000 AIC GFCI Catalog number TYPE CHQ 3/4” GFCi BREAKERS 15 20 25 30 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 CHQ115GF CHQ120GF CHQ125GF CHQ130GF CHQ215GF CHQ220GF CHQ225GF CHQ230GF CHQ235GF CHQ240GF CHQ245GF CHQ250GF TYPE CHQ 3/4” AFCi BREAKERS 15 20 N/A CHQ115AF CHQ120AF CHQSA CHQ115AFCS CHQ120AFCS CHQSACS 6 6 3 QO115AFI QO120AFI — CHQ115GFCS CHQ120GFCS — CHQ130GFCS — — — — — — — — 6 6 — 6 — — — — — — — — QO115GFI QO120GFI QO125GFI QO130GFI QO215GFI QO220GFI QO225GFI QO230GFI QO235GFI QO240GFI QO245GFI QO250GFI Classified Arc Fault Breaker Type CHQAF 3/4-inch 30 35 40 45 50 15 20 25 2-Pole 120/240V AC 10.000 AIC Cutler-Hammer Type CHQ Circuit Breakers (Clamshell Pack) Catalog number CHQ115CS CHQ120CS CHQ125CS CHQ130CS — — — — CHQ215CS CHQ220CS — CHQ230CS — CHQ240CS — CHQ250CS CHQ260CS Carton Pack 6 6 6 6 — — — — 3 3 — 3 — 3 — 3 3 Square D Qo Cutler-Hammer Type CHQ Circuit Breakers (Standard Pack) Amp Rating Catalog number Cutler-Hammer Type CHQ Circuit Breakers (Clamshell Pack) Catalog number Carton Pack Square D Qo Catalog number CHQ115 CHQ120 CHQ125 CHQ130 CHQ135 CHQ140 CHQ145 CHQ150 CHQ215 CHQ220 CHQ225 CHQ230 CHQ235 CHQ240 CHQ245 CHQ250 CHQ260 Catalog number QO115 QO120 QO125 QO130 QO135 QO140 QO145 QO150 QO215 QO220 QO225 QO230 QO235 QO240 QO245 QO250 QO260 1-Pole 120/240V AC 10.UL Classified Circuit Breaker Replacement Chart typE CL 1” CLassifiEd BrEakEr soLUtions Cutler-Hammer Type CL Circuit Breakers (Standard Pack) Amp Rating 15 20 25 1-Pole 120/240V AC 10.000 AIC GFCI 15 20 30 CL115GF CL120GF CL130GF CL115GFCS CL120GFCS — 6 6 — HOM115GF HOM120GF — MP115GFI MP120GFI MP130GFI THQL1115GF1 THQL1120GF1 THQL1130GF1 QF115 QF120 QF130 MP115GF MP120GF MP130GF GFB115GF GFB120GF GFB130GF Classified Ground Fault Breaker Type CLGF 1-inch TYPE CL 1” AFCi BREAKERS 1-Pole 120/240V AC 10. Crouse-Hinds is a federally registered trademark of Cooper Industries. and you can offer the benefits of Smart Breaker™ to your customers regardless of their installed base.000 AIC CLR115 CLR120 CLR125 CLR130 CLR215 CLR220 CLR225 CLR230 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Classified Ground Fault Breaker Tpe CHQGF 3/4-inch 20 25 30 15 2-Pole 120/240V AC 10.000 AIC 30 35 40 45 Classified Latching Remote Control Breaker Type CLR 50 60 Classified Arc Fault Breaker (Clamshell Pack) ordering in carton packs reduces the possibility of breakage. .000 AIC 25 30 40 45 50 TYPE CL 1” GFCi BREAKERS 1-Pole 120/240V AC 10. Inc. UL is a federally registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ITE/Siemens is a federally registered trademark of Siemens AG. 20 25 30 typE CHQ 3/4” CLassifiEd BrEakEr soLUtions for sQUarE d Qo Classified Arc Fault Breaker Type CLAF 1-inch Cutler-Hammer Type CHQ Circuit Breakers (Standard Pack) Amp Rating 15 20 25 1-Pole 120/240V AC 10.000 AIC AFCI 15 20 CL115AF CL120AF CL115AFCS CL120AFCS 6 6 HOM115AFI HOM120AFI — — THQL1115AF THQL1120AF QF115AF QF120AF MP115AF MP120AF — — TYPE CL 1” LATCHinG REMoTE ConTRoL BREAKERS—SMART BREAKERS™ 15 1-Pole 120/240V AC 10.000 AIC Cutler-Hammer Type CL Circuit Breakers (Clamshell Pack) Catalog number CL115CS CL120CS — — — — — — — CL220CS — CL230CS CL240CS — CL250CS Carton Pack 6 6 — — — — — — — 3 — 3 3 — 3 Square D HoMELinE Crouse-Hinds General Electric Siemens Murray Thomas & Betts Catalog number CL115 CL120 CL125 CL130 CL135 CL140 CL145 CL150 CL215 CL220 CL225 CL230 CL240 CL245 CL250 Catalog number HOM115 HOM120 HOM125 HOM130 HOM135 HOM140 HOM145 HOM150 HOM215 HOM220 HOM225 HOM230 HOM240 HOM245 HOM250 Catalog number MP115 MP120 MP125 MP130 MP135 MP140 MP145 MP150 MP215 MP220 MP225 MP230 MP240 MP245 MP250 Catalog number THQ1115 THQ1120 THQ1125 THQ1130 THQ1135 THQ1140 THQ1145 THQ1150 THQ1215 THQ1220 THQ1225 THQ1230 THQ1240 THQ1245 THQ1250 Catalog number Q115 Q120 Q125 Q130 Q135 Q140 Q145 Q150 Q215 Q220 Q225 Q230 Q240 Q245 Q250 Catalog number MP115 MP120 MP125 MP130 MP135 MP140 MP145 MP150 MP215 MP220 MP225 MP230 MP240 MP245 MP250 Catalog number TB115 TB120 TB125 TB130 TB135 TB140 TB145 TB150 TB215 TB220 TB225 TB230 TB240 TB245 TB250 30 35 40 45 50 15 20 Classified Breaker Type CL 1-inch Classified Breaker Type CHQ 3/4-inch 2-Pole 120/240V AC 10.000 AIC GFCI 1-Pole 120/240V AC 10. Square D. General Electric is a federally registered trademark of General Electric Company. we cannot give a cross-reference because no manufacturer has a functional equivalent of Eaton’s Cutler-Hammer Smart Breaker™—however.000 AIC AFCI Surge Arrestor 2-Pole 120/240V AC 10.

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