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Reading Skill Name: Isabel Part 1:



Date: September 08, 2012

Choose the one key that is not correct in each of the sentences below. Supply the correct one in the space after Your entry
Q1 The secret to calming yourself down in moments of panic or crisis is simple: just breath slowly in and out a few times. (a) calming (b) down (c) breath Your entry: breathe Q2 Do you know what the cat bought in for me today? Yes, that's right another dead mouse. (a) Do (b) bought in (c) another Your entry: brought in Q3 The advantage of this kind of store is that if you're not absolutely sure the clothing is the right size, you can try it on in one of the changing cabins. (a) advantage (b) clothing (c) cabins Your entry:____________________ Q4 You can always book seats in advance by paying on the Internet and when you get to the theatre, you can collect your cards. (a) book (b) by paying (c) cards Your entry:____________________ Q5 That's a play I'd very much like to see. I've just been reading some rave reports of it in today's newspaper. (a) I'd (b) I've just been (c) reports Your entry: reviews Q6 It was quite straightforward really. The police caught the man with the dagger in his hand and charged him of murder on the spot. (a) straightforward (b) caught (c) of Your entry: with Q7 A good boss is someone who shows appreciation at Christmas time for all the work his employed have done throughout the year. (a) appreciation (b) employed (c) throughout Your entry: employees Q8 I've just bought one of those new digital cameras. Would you like to have a look at some of the images I've been taking? (a) I've just bought (b) at (c) images Your entry: Q9 They were really excited and thought they'd bought a painting by Van Gogh but an expert pointed out that the signature had been imitated. (a) excited (b) by (c) imitated Your entry:____________________ Q10 I'm absolutely starving as I haven't eaten all day. What about you do you have hunger or have you eaten? (a) starving (b) all day (c) do you have hunger Your entry: are you hungry Q11 After they had finished their meal, they asked the waiter the bill. (a) had (b) their (c) the (d) the bill

Your entry: for the bill Q12 Most banks do not mind to lend money to young entrepreneurs. (a) Most (b) do (c) to lend (d) to Your entry: lending Q13 Working all day long in financial services can be a very tired occupation. (a) all day (b) in (c) services (d) tired Your entry: tiring Q14 It is quite acceptable to pay a lot for high quality work especially if the service is very well. (a) quite (b) to pay (c) if (d) well Your entry: good Q15 There is so many more opportunities today in media related industries than could be found 30 years ago. (a) is (b) in (c) related (d) than Your entry: are Q16 At the beginning everybody put their money into internet enterprises. (a) At (b) everybody (c) their (d) into Your entry: In Q17 It is important to initiate all new recruits quickly into company procedures to stop the former becoming boring. (a) to initiate (b) into (c) to stop (d) boring Your entry: bored Q18 Whenever they would need additional supplies, they used to contact the main warehouse. (a) would need (b) supplies (c) used to (d) warehouse Your entry: would Q19 It depends in your attitude whether or not you adapt to the new demands of a job. (a) in (b) whether (c) adapt to (d) of Your entry: on Q20 It is no good expecting for promotion within the first two years. (a) no good (b) expecting for promotion (c) within (d) years

Your entry: expecting promotion

Part 2: Reading


Akio Morita, the chairman of Sony Corporation in Japan, wanted a radio he could carry with him and listen to wherever he went. From that small desire was born the Sony Walkman, a radio small enough to be worn on a belt or carried in a pocket. Not all product development, however, is so easy. Most of today's products, including many of the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter, are the result of creative research and thinking by staff. A new product is one that is new for the company that makes it. A hamburger, for example, is not new, but when McDonald's introduced the Big Mac, it was a new product for that company. Decisions to make a new product can be the result of technology and scientific discovery, but the discovery can be either accidental or sought for. The original punch-card data-processing machine was devised specifically for use by the Bureau of the Census. Penicillin, by contrast, was an accidental discovery and is now one of the most useful antibiotics. Products today are often the result of extensive market research to learn what consumers and retailers want.

1- Find words or phrases in the passage (put them in column B) which mean the same as:
Column A
a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) I) m) n) a strong wish the simplest and most important things that everybody needs (two words) a building that protects one from bad weather having the ability to produce new and original ideas or things the group of people who do the work of an organization the action of finding something for the first time happening by chance, not by plan or intention (be) looked for a card with holes in particular positions to represent data or information relating to one area covering a large area; large in amount the activity of collecting and analyzing information about what people need and want to buy {phrase) a person who buys goods or uses services a person who buys goods from the manufacturer and sells to the public

Column B
Desire Basic necessities Shelter Born Staff Devise Accidental Seek Punch-card Data Extensive Market research Consumer Retailer

2- Complete the sentences by selecting words from Column B in EXERCISE 1

1 2. 3. 4. 5. Luck is a very important part of success a staff meeting at a party or at a friend's house has been known to lead to a new career or even to marriage. Sarah has a fantastic apartment in downtown New York, but she's not really happy because she's always had a shelter to live in the countryside. Alex is a very interesting person to talk to because he has an extensive knowledge of the history of London - there's really very little he doesn't know about the city and its past. Copernicus revolutionized the way people thought about the solar system with his desire that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun, and that the Earth, in fact, was not the centre of the universe. Picasso's new and original way of painting illustrated his accidental genius Akio Morita, ch tch tp on Sony Nht mun mt ci radio m ng y c th mang theo bn mnh v c th nghe bt c ni no ng n. T mt mong mun nh b to ra Sony Walkman, mt radio nh c eo trn mt dy nt hoc c trong mt ci ti. Tuy nhin, khng phi tt c s pht trin sn phm th d dng. Hu ht cc sn phm ngy ny bao gm mt s thc phm c bn cn thit, qun o v ni n no, l kt qu ca nghin cu sng to v tng ca nhn vin. Mt sn phm mi l mt ci g mi m cng ty lm ra n. Chng hn nh, mt ci hamburger th khng mi nhng khi McDonalds gii thiu ti Big Mac, n l mt sn phm mi ca cng ty . Nhng ci quyt nh lm ra mt sn phm mi c th l kt qu ca cng ngh v s khm ph khoa hc, nhng s khm ph ny c th l tnh c hay do tm kim. My th dp x l d liu ban u c thit k mt cch c bit s dng cho Cc qun l dn s. Penicillin, by contrast, was an accidental discovery and is now one of the most useful antibiotics. Cc sn phm ngy nay thng l kt qu ca nghin cu th trng tm hiu nhng g m ngi tiu dng v cc nh bn l mong mun.

Part 3: Translation

Part 4 Composition Write 100 words on the following What makes you decide to buy a certain product?

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