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This question paper consist of 20 questions. Answer all questions. Write your answer clearly in the spaces provided in the question paper. Show your working. It may help you to get marks. If you wish to change your answer, erase the answer that you have done. Then write down the new answer. The diagrams in the questions provided are not drawn to scale unless stated. The marks allocated for each questions are shown in brackets. This question paper must be handed in at the end of the class or within a period of time approved by teacher. 1

Write “three and one sixth” in numerals. Tuliskan “tiga satu per enam” dalam angka.


260 – 25 x 5 =


5 018 – 695 =


5 1 ÷ = 6 3


Write 4 017 in words. Tuliskan 4 017 dalam bentuk perkataan.


13 – 3.24 =


Solve 996 ÷ 8 = Selesaikan 996 ÷ 8 =


Convert 3.2 to a mixed number.

Tukarkan 3.2 kepada nombor bercampur dalam sebutan terendah.


316 x 40 =

12 water come out of a tap in 30 minutes. How many litres of water come out of the tap in 10 minutes? 12 air keluar dari sebuah pili dalam masa 30 minit. Berapakah liter air yang keluar dari pili itu dalam masa 10 minit?

Diagram 11 consists of several squares of equal size. Rajah 11 terdiri daripada beberapa segiempat sama yang sama besar.

Diagram 16 is a rectangle and an isosceles triangle. PQ is a straight line. Find the perimeter of the shaded region.

Rajah 16 ialah sebuah segiempat tepat dan sebuah segitiga sama kaki. PQ ialah satu garisan lurus. Cari perimeter kawasan berlorek.

Calculate the percentage of shaded region of the whole diagram. Hitung peratus kawasan yang berlorek daripada seluruh rajah.

Diagram 12 shows the time on a clock face. Rajah 12 menunjukkan waktu pada sebuah 1 muka jam. State hour before the 4 time shown. 1 Nyatakan jam sebelum 4 waktu yang ditunjukkan itu.

Diagram 17 is a bar chart showing the number of pupils for the UPSR examination in three years. State the total number of pupils that passed the UPSR examination in the three years.

Rajah 17 ialah sebuah carta palang yang menunjukkan bilangan murid yang lulus UPSR dalam tempoh tiga tahun. Nyatakan jumlah yang lulus UPSR bagi tempoh tiga tahun itu.

Diagram 13 consists of a square, PQRS and an isosceles triangle, PTS. Given the perimeter of PTS is 20 cm. Calculate the perimeter of the whole diagram
13 Rajah 13 terdiri daripada segiempat sama PQRS dan segitiga sama kaki PTS. Diberi perimeter segitiga PTS ialah 20 cm. Kira perimeter seluruh rajah.

Table 18 shows the masses of four boys. The average mass of the four boys is 22 kg. What is Sham’s mass?
18 Jadual 18 menunjukkan jisim empat orang murid lelaki. Purata jisim keempat-empat murid itu ialah 22 kg. Berapakah jisim Sham?


Mass (kg)


Sha m Rajim 17 Suan 23 Dani 21 el

Table 14 shows Amir’s money. Amir uses part 19 Diagram 19 shows the end date of Encik Farid of his money to buy a book for RM34.70. How holidays. En. Farid spent his holidays for 9 days. much of his money is left? State the day the date Encik Farid started his Amir menggunakan sebahagian wangnya untuk membeli holidays.
14 sebuah buku yang berharga RM34.70. Berapakah wang bakinya?

Mone y Quan

RM10 2

RM5 3

RM1 7

50 sen 3

20 sen 4

Rajah 19 menunjukkan tarikh akhir Encik Farid bercuti. Encik Farid bercuti selama 9 hari. Nyatakan hari dan tarikh Encik Farid mula bercuti.

Sunday 10 April 2003



Calculate 45% of 300 g.
Hitung 45% daripada 300 g.

Diagram 20 shows the portions of cake given to Salmah, Mary and Swee Lan. The mass of cake is 2 kg. State the mass of the portion of cake that Swee Lan receives, in gram.
20 Rajah 20 menunjukkan bahagian kek yang diberikan kepada Salmah, Mary dan Swee Lan. Berat kek di atas ialah 2 kg. Nyatakan berat kek yang diterima Swee Lan, dalam gram.

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