Blank output of Receipt Traveler Concurrent Program after R12 Upgrade

Author: Amit Jain

I hereby declare that this document is based on my personal experiences. To the best of my knowledge, this document does not contain any material that infringes the copyrights of any other individual or organization including the customers of Cognizant.

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Receipt traveler R12 Upgrade

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Problem Faced

I have pointed to one of the grave issues that we had run into post R12 upgrade done for one of our clients. Once in a day our users were reporting the Blank output of Receipt Traveler concurrent program. However, initially it was difficult for us to figure out when and what causes the issue . But, the issue was seen for the PO receipts. The bigger problem was Re-print Program was also unable to generate the output. This was presumed to be a grave issue for the business.
Root Cause

The issue was happening to the PO receipts in the scenarios where the PO creation Date was an older date than the Buyer's start Date in the organization. To elaborate further, we had cases in our system where the Pos were created by the buyers who left the Organization Page 1 of 2

and the Pos were transferred to the Newly hired buyers. We had been using the Receipt traveler Report as well the custom version of the Receipt Traveler configured in our system and both the program were failing to generate the output. The issue was pinned down with Oracle seeded view "RCV_RECEIPTS_PRINT". The view has a erroneous condition written as "

The aforesaid condition was restricting the PO Receipt records and thereby causing the problem of blank output.

Solution As a potential fix to the problem, we created a custom view copied from RCV_RECEIPTS_PRINT view definition. The aforesaid condition was commented out in the custom view and our custom Receipt Traveler report started working fine. This was a little respite to the business.

In parallel we had taken up the issue with Oracle as well explaining the issue and they had suggested us to Apply patch 13943256:R12.PO.B which contains higher version (i.e. 120.21.12010000.19) of porep.odf file. During our interaction with Oracle on the issue, we also unearthed the fact the same behavior of the report will be seen in cases where the Buyers are the Contingent worker. However, this patch addressed both the issues A) Buyer Start Date more recent than the PO Creation Date B) Buyer on the PO setup as Contingent Worker. References: • SR# 3-6000104881

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