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Four Steps towards Economic Progress of Muslims

By: Imam Ahmed Riza Khan of Bareilly (RAHMATULLAH ALAIH) Translated and Summarized by: Sharjeel Ahmed Khan (B.A., M.Th)

Introduction: This is the summary of an article written by Imam Ahmed Riza Khan of Bareilly in an answer to the question he was asked by one of his friends about the assistance of Turk Muslims of his time. In this brief and comprehensive article, Imam Ahmed Riza Khan recommended some steps related to the economic activities of the then Indian Muslims. These steps serve, even today, as the fundamental steps towards the economic progress of the Muslims.

The present pitiable condition of our Muslim brothers upsets me a lot. In fact, your current letter, concerning the tragedy of Turk Muslims, is another source of worry now. You asked me about what Muslims should do now or what the way out should be. The Almighty Allah clearly declares in the Holy Quran:

"Lo! Allah has bought from the believers their lives and their "

wealth because the Garden will be theirs


But, today it seems as if we were willing to get Paradise without presenting our lives and wealth to the Lord. We see the crucial situation of our Turk brothers. Nevertheless, our Muslim brothers are found totally ignorant here. Their days and nights are as usual. Wastage of money in unproductive ways is as usual. They are showing ignorance as usual. Although, they are raising loud voices here to assist Turk brothers and, thus, to serve Islam but unfortunately their actions in practical life do not reconcile with their words. They are saying that there must be a boycott of European goods. I do not see enough advantage in mere doing so. One of the reasons is that such boycott will serve as a lip service for some days. Very soon they would leave it as it has been observed earlier at the time of Italian goods' boycott. Another reason is that Europe will not suffer much loss in that case. Contrarily, one way or the other they would do more harm to us.

Had we been really committed to deal with the present problems, we would have taken the following steps:

1) Except the cases which need direct and necessary involvement of the government, we should take the matters into our hands. Instead of wasting crores of rupees in hiring the lawyers and in stamp


matters, we should solve our cases by mutual agreement. This can save number of families from being destroyed. 2) Instead of buying the commodities from others (e.g. Europe), we should buy them from our own countrymen. This will let the profit stay in our own land. However, we will need to work on uplifting our own business and trade to avoid dependency on others in anything. 3) The wealthy Muslims living in places like Mumbai, Calcutta and Madras etc. should open the banks for their Muslim brothers. Although, interest is absolutely haram (unlawful) but there are number of ways described in Shari'ah for gaining profit. These are explained in detail in Fiqh books. One of the simple ways I have expounded in my booklet entitled 'Kifl al Faqih al Fahim'. These halal (lawful) ways will benefit the wealthy Muslims as well as serve as a well economic assistance to their financially weak Muslim brothers. 4) Finally, the most important thing is holding the rope of our religion. It is the very basis which served as the fundamental source of progress and prosperity of our forefathers. On the other hand, leaving behind this rope is the actual cause of the degradation of the present Muslims. In fact, Islam is related to the acquisition of Islamic knowledge. Acquiring the sound knowledge of Islam and then practicing it in our life, ensures the success in this world as well as in the Hereafter.

Today, if our Muslim brothers undertake these four steps, they will definitely come out of the present calamity and achieve progress INSHALLAH.