FINAL PROJECT OF HRM Sunmitted to: Ma’am Sidra ul-hassan Submitted By: Shabina Muzammal 723



It is a textile company which produces embroidered cloth for females according to the latest fashion. Also produces readymade clothes in a wide range and unique style.
Vision :

“To be a world class organization consistently providing high quality products leading latest fashion.”

“To be a well standard company by getting high customer loyalty satisfying their needs and achieving high brand equity. We will it by utilizing best blend of high performing people, effort expanded, best organizational culture, latest machinery and business processes.”
Aims and objectives:

    

Customer satisfaction Clients’ serving Profit earning To be a well known textile company in the market. To introduce new styles and designs leading latest fashion.

Organizational Chart

Board Of Directors

Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

Production Cell

Selling Department

HR Department

PR Department

Accounting Department

Treasury Department

Marketing Department

Marketing Manager

Marketing Executive

Marketing Representative

SWOT Analysis: Strength:  Own Latest Machinery: Ladies’ Spring textile company has imported latest machinery from Europe which comprises of equipment used in spinning and weaving. Also uses latest type of loom(shuttle-less loom) in their operations. This is also latest technology which is capable of producing a high thread counter rate. Latest machinery is also used for embroidery.  Lower Labor cost: Labor has been provided latest machinery. So, labor cost is low.  High workforce motivation: Workforce is highly motivated because it works in two different shifts (day and night) but paid batter than other people in textile mills. Working atmosphere is liked by them.  Use of high quality cotton: It produces high quality fabric by itself making its own thread and use this thread to produce cloth. That cloth is also used for making finished items(embroidered clothes) .  Own power generation: It does not depend upon RESC power supply. It is powered by its own 6.4 mega watts generator. So, there is no chance of load shedding to play with production schedules. Weaknesses:  Lack of HR development: In textile sector, to use the latest machinery, well educated and trained technicians are required. In areas of finance,HRM and marketing, modern management techniques are required.

High cost of machinery ,it is highly costly. Also to train people to operate that machinery carries high cost. Opportunities:  International brand of designer wear.  ISO certification High quality international brand dealing. Threats:  Textile companies with high brand equity already exist in market.  Economic instability.  Under WTO, there is absence of quota.

Job Description:
Job Tittle Incumbent Classification Department Location Grade General Summary:Responsible for building relationships with clients,attracting customers towards our brands and also maintaining relationships with marketing executive. Full time exempt employee Marketing 6th road ,Rwp. Marketing Representative

Job Requirements:

A:Job duties:  Providing information to clients regarding rooms for meeting,conferences,seminars etc.  Resposible to achieve targets as assigned by marketing manager.  To make initial contact with potential customers.  Regular and routine follow up performance with potential customers.  Regular and routine follow up performance with former customers. B:Computer skills:  Must have knowledge of windows operating system,MS office. C: Reporting Structure:  Reporting to the marketing executive.  Required to participate in meetings with regard to marketing .

Employee Requirements:
A: education and Experience:     BBA or MBA(Marketing) MBA will be given an advantage. Experience of 2-3 years in any organization. Sound knowledge of marketing techniques.

B:Skills:  Fluency in English speaking/writing.  Convincing power.  Better communication and negotiation skills. C:Environment and physical:  Energetic,proactive,result oriented  Be able to travel to the client locations.

D: Gender:  Can be both male and female.  FEMALES will be encouraged.


HR Representative Department Manager Date completed

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