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Wildlands Young Artist of the Year Award

Wildlands Young Artist of the Year Award 2012

Dear Pupil Artists, 12/08/2012

Who are we? The Wildlands Conservation Trust is a dynamic non-profit organisation whose vision A Sustainable Future for All is inspired by one of the greatest Statesman of our time, Nelson Mandela, whose vision of Freedom for All was regarded by many as unobtainable, yet inspired the transformation of South Africa. To achieve this Vision, Wildlands is progressively developing and implementing projects across the country. We seek to inspire and support the ongoing transformation of South Africa into a nation that has harnessed the opportunities of the green revolution. The Wildlands Young Artist of the Year Awards aims to give young artists a platform to exhibit their work, with an opportunity to be rewarded for their creative efforts, and given the opportunity to receive some valuable publicity, should their artwork win an award. Who can enter? If you are studying Art as a subject at a KZN school and are in Grade 10, 11 or 12 YOU can enter! What can you WIN? R5000 First Prize

R2000 Second Prize

R1000 Third Prize

Tell me more! Theme: There are two themes to choose from and the winning piece will be selected by our panel of judges, based on the artist who shows the best interpretation of the theme and most unique use of artistic medium. . 1. Conservation and Recycling: Make a piece of Art that links these two important aspects of modern day life. The piece should take one of these aspects as a topic and use one of them as inspiration for the materials used to construct the work. For example: a. Using recycled objects to construct a piece about Conservation b. Using natural pigments, elements from nature, or naturally found resources to make a statement about Recycling.

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2. Ubuntu Earth: Make a piece of Art that shows your interpretation of the link between Ubuntu and the concerns of Planet Earth. Use mediums that show a sensitivity to your interpretation of the subject. You can personalise Ubuntu to relate issues which are personal to yourself, your family or your immediate community or you may choose to relate your ideas on a larger scale to our changing worlds populace. Artistic Medium and Size: The piece can be in the form of a painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media or photography. It should be no bigger than 2 metres in any dimension. Only one piece of work per pupil may be submitted. Submission Dates & Details Submit 4 photographs of your work (2 full pictures featuring the artwork at a glance and 2 photographs zooming in reflecting more detail if necessary) by email to before the 29th October 2012 . The finalists for the Wildlands Young Artist Awards will be announced on the 9th November on the Wildlands Website and Wildlands Facebook & Twitter pages. We will also notify your teacher of the pupils who have been accepted for our finalists exhibition on the 9th November 2012. An exhibition of the finalists work will go on show at the Durban City Hall from the 16th of November the 15th of December. There will be an invitation only Awards ceremony at the City Hall on the 15th November whereby the winner of the Wildlands Young Artist Award will be announced and the prizes will be awarded to the winner and 2 runners up. Make sure that you get your submissions in in time for this fantastic opportunity to become Wildlands first Young Artist of the Year! Please feel free to contact me on 082 319 3184 or email me at should you wish to discuss further. Regards

Gayle Evertse Relationship Manager

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