RI 5.1, RI.5.

8 SLO 1, 9-10 Name ________________________________ Reading Open-Ended Question Date_____________ Lesson 5

Elisa’s Diary

FOR STUDENTS: Answer the question below by making a prediction that is based on information in Elisa’s Diary you have read. Write at least two sentences, and use information from Elisa’s Diary to support your prediction.

How does a character learn an important lesson?

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
List three examples or pieces of evidence the author uses to show why Elisa is writing in a diary? 1. 2. 3. Select two quotes from the story and explain its purpose/meaning. 1. 2.

W.5.3.b, W.5.4 SLO 15 & 16 Name ________________________________ Reading Open-Ended Question Date_____________ Lesson 5

Write a narrative in the voice of the quetzal bird as the bird responds back to the speaker in the story. Be sure to:    Use dialogue and descriptions Act as the bird would in the experience and events of the story. Write in a way that is clear and organized that is on task, has a purpose and fits the audience.

RI 5.1 SOL 1 Name ________________________________ Reading Open-Ended Question Date_____________ Lesson 5

Elisa’s Diary

Choose three quotations from the selected reading then put each quotation in one of the boxes in the left column of the table. For each quotation, explain specifically how it is connected to and supports the story about, “Elisa’s Diary.”

Key Quote

Quotation Connection to Title

SL 5.1.a SOL 18 Name ________________________________ Reading Discussion Elisa’s Diary Note: This activity is for 5 minutes. Select a prompt and take a minute or less to answer the prompt with a partner. Date_____________ Lesson 5

A. Visualize and describe the quetzal bird Jose draws. B. Infer the characters motives for writing a diary. C. Discuss the important lesson Elisa learned moving to a new place. D. Interpret the author’s tone and how he uses language. E. Summarize the story with a partner. F. Critique and offer feedback on another person’s writing assignment. G. Identify and discuss your writing strengths and challenges. H. Communicate what you like most or least about the selected reading. I. Explain the WALT and Process Skills of the selected reading to at least 2 classmates. J. Describe the importance of knowing the WALT and Process Skill for the lesson. K. Select one prompt to write about in your composition book. L. Organize a list of examples of synonyms for each process skill listed for the reading discussion prompts on this sheet. (Note: The process skills are in italics and start the sentences.)

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