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Sir or Ma'am; [Indicate how you came to hear of the organization, if you are a fan or regular
viewer/reader/listener. Identify yourself as a member or a particular organization, if applicable or as a Targeted Individual or friend/family member/fellow activist]. [I am/we are] in a desperate

search for people and organizations who will look into the information I am about to share with you and join us in taking action. I hope that you will be one of those entities. There is a growing, global community of people engaged in the fight of our lives. We are constantly subjected to a uniquely sadistic form of terrorism that promises to become the worst atrocity in the history of human kind, if left unchecked. We seek your help to 1) bring attention to the sadistic crimes of Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment and Electronic Assault and 2) encourage and assist local, state and federal leaders and law enforcement in establishing a protocol for the investigation of these attacks. Organized Stalking takes place when a network of people coordinate efforts to target an individual for stalking, harassment and assault. Electronic Harassment happens when said group uses high-tech equipment to conduct a ubiquitous, non-stop campaign of harassment. Such networks also commit Electronic Assault through the use of any of a variety of weapons called "non-lethal weapons" by the United States military. These are weapons that use directed energy rather than projectiles (e.g. bullets), can be used without close/direct physical contact from assailant to target (e.g. knife strikes, hitting/striking with blunt instrument or fist) and can be used covertly at long range and/or from nearby buildings. This includes weaponry that sends directed energy through walls. This family of weaponry includes things such as high energy radio frequency devices (HERF guns), infrared and microwave devices designed to see through walls (e.g. - cameras/detection devices that fire fighters and police officers use to detect a trapped victim or criminal hiding in a room) and acoustic devices (e.g. - microwave signal generators, modified motors). The weapons employ advanced scientific design for operation, but can be designed for use by individuals with no such specialized knowledge. Sadly, stalking groups include people from all levels of society from municipal workers,

telephone/cable technicians and plumbers to judges, doctors, police officers and politicians. Targeted Individuals (T.I.s) report that these crimes have been committed by: Drug dealers and other organized crime figures Corrupt police officers and politicians Hate Groups Vindictive persons who are members of or in any way affiliated with any of the aforementioned groups Political Opponents (of candidates, activists, etc.) Corrupt members of the US government T.Is have been murdered, run off the road and jailed under false charges. We often become homeless and destitute, yet are still pursued. Many are falsely committed to mental institutions as a form of intimidation. Some have succumbed to a sense of hopelessness and committed suicide. Sadly, children, the elderly and the disabled are not exempt. These crimes are being committed globally. There are also targets all over Europe, in Canada, in China and in other countries as well. The tactics used against Targeted Individuals are similar to those perfected during the CoIntelPro era. In fact, as Im sure youve noticed, contemporary activists are beginning to report similar experiences (Scott Crow of the Common Ground Collective is one example). Author, Gloria Naylor, has also identified herself as a Targeted Individual and writes of her experiences in her novel, 1996. Targeted Individuals are often dismissed by law enforcement, because many of their claims are deliberately made difficult to prove. Some claims seem impossible, due to the general public's ignorance of the specialized weaponry & technology currently available. For this reason, targets are often labeled mentally ill. Right now, it seems as if the only political leaders and law enforcement officials who know about this practice are those involved in it. Any others may have been met with intimidation and threats or become targets themselves upon attempting to put a stop to these practice. PLEASE - educate [yourself/yourselves, your family/families], friends, colleagues and audience about these attacks. We need you to help us press law enforcement to learn about these crimes, to develop an official protocol for investigating them and to train officers on how to detect the weaponry/technology used to commit them. Further, there need to be 1) laws and ordinances (where there are none) that create grounds for prosecution and 2) enforcement of applicable existing laws. Investigation of such reported activity must be made mandatory, because one cannot guess at the probability that a person is targeted by crimes like these. Current and future targets of this terrorist activity need a network people who are willing to stand with us and form a coalition to fight this nightmare. No one can stand with us, however, if they have no idea that this is going on. Please help us to put our plight before the world. Thank you so much for your time and attention and thank you for all the good work you are trying to do for this world. I have attached additional information to kick off your research. I would greatly appreciate a response from your organization that I can publish for other Targeted Individuals. Lastly,

please feel free to send me any questions you might have in response to this letter. Sincerely,

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