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today's energy technologies, applications and cost Control Strategies
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Manager’s Guide to Preventive Building Maintenance .. ................................................................................. 20 Managing Energy Costs: A Behavioral and NonTechnical Approach .................................................. 19 Managing Energy from the Top Down: Connecting Industrial Energy Efficiency to Business Performance.. ................................................................................. 19 Managing indoor Air Quality ...................................... 12 Marketing Green Buildings: Guide for Engineering, Construction & Architecture .................................... 25 Maximizing Energy Savings & Minimizing Costs ......... 24 Megatrends for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ...................................................................... 12 Photovoltaics for Commercial and Utilities and Power Generation ................................................................. 7 Plant Engineers & managers Guide to Energy Conservation ............................................................ 14 Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities ............... 21 Pump User’s Handbook: Life Extension ...................... 21 Quality Lighting for High Performance Buildings .......... 4 Safety Management: A Guide for Facility Managers .. 26 Saving Energy and Reducing CO2 Emissions with Electricity ................................................................. 10 Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations..................... 24 Small-scale Cogeneration Handbook ............................ 8 Solar Energy Fundamentals .......................................... 7 Solutions Manual for Guide to Energy Management ... 9 Steam Turbines for Modern Fossil Fuel Power Plants 28 Sustainability Management Handbook ...................... 11 Sustainable Development Handbook ......................... 11 Testing & Balancing HVAC Air & Water Systems ......... 27 Thermodynamics Made Simple For Energy Engineers . 8 The Smart Grid: Enabling Energy Efficiency and Demand Response ................................................... 15 Visions for a Sustainable Energy Future ..................... 18 Web Based Enterprise Energy & Building Automation Systems .................................................................... 28 West Coast Energy management Congress 2012 Proceedings CD ........................................................ 16 World Energy Congress 2011 Proceedings CD............ 16 World ESCO Outlook..................................................... 5

Alternative Fuels: The Future of Hydrogen................. 25 Carbon Reduction: Policies, Strategies and Technologies ................................................................................. 18 Combined Heating, Cooling & Power Handbook: Technologies & Applications ...................................... 6 Commercial Energy Auditing Reference Handbook.... 13 Compressor Handbook: Principles and Practice......... 21 Disaster & Recovery Planning: A Guide for Facility Managers ................................................................. 26 Effective Building Maintenance: Protection of Capital Assets ....................................................................... 20 Efficient Electrical Systems Design Handbook ............ 23 Efficient Lighting Applications and Case Studies .......... 4 Electrical Distribution Systems ................................... 22 Electrical Power Systems Technology ......................... 22 Electricity and Electronics Fundamentals ................... 23 Electronic Digital System Fundamentals..................... 23 Energy Conservation Guidebook ................................ 28 Energy Management Handbook................................. 15 Energy management Reference Library CD ................ 17 ESCOs Around the World: Lessons Learned in 49 Countries .................................................................. 24 Facility Manager’s Guide to Security: Protecting Your Assets ....................................................................... 26 Finance and Accounting for Energy engineers ........... 13 Gas Turbine Handbook: Principles & Practice ............ 22 Globalcon 2012 Proceedings CD................................. 16 Green Facilities Handbook: Simple & Profitable Strategies for Managers ........................................... 18 Guide to Energy Management ..................................... 9 Handbook of Energy Audits ........................................ 14 Handbook of Energy Engineering ............................... 19 Handbook of Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems ......................................................... 6 How to Finance Energy Management Projects ............ 5 HVAC Fundamentals ................................................... 27 Hydrogen & Fuel Cells: Advances in Transportation & Power ....................................................................... 25 Industrial Process Control Systems............................. 20 Lighting Controls Handbook ....................................... 27 Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings ..................... 10 Management & Strategies for Energy Professionals Reference Library CD................................................ 17

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Maintain optimum lighting quality while implementing e ective cost-saving strategies for facility lighting systems...

By Scott Dunning, Ph.D., P.E., C.E.M., and Albert umann, P.E., C.E.M.
With the increased concern for facility energy conservation in recent years, much attention has been focused on lighting energy consumption and the methods for reducing it. Along with this concern for energy efficient lighting has come the realization that lighting has profound effects on worker productivity, as well as important aesthetic qualities. With this understanding in mind, this book presents an introduction to effective lighting design, and an examination of energy efficiency measures which can be implemented while simultaneously maintaining the required quality of illumination. Topics include lighting energy management, selection of lamps, task lighting, lighting design, lighting control, use of reflectors, ballast selection, natural daylighting, wireless lighting control, and case studies.

ISBN: 0-88173-552-3 Order Code: 0672
6 x 9, 306 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00


Learn to apply the best design principles and technologies to achieve e cient, optimally performing lighting systems in buildings!

By Michael Stiller
In the U.S., buildings account for 40% of primary energy use, 72% of electricity consumption, and 39% of CO2 emissions. Indoor lighting accounts for a large portion of our energy use, and we sorely need to develop better, more efficient systems to illuminate our institutions and places of commerce. But as we push for greater efficiencies, it is imperative that we avoid sacrificing good lighting design. This book provides an overview of the basic concepts of quality indoor lighting, and explains concepts like visual comfort, visual interest, and integrated design as they relate to indoor lighting. Energy efficient lighting technologies, including LED and digital control systems, and design strategies that increase visual comfort and productivity are examined in a straightforward way to give the reader a broad understanding of the art and science of energy efficient quality lighting.

ISBN: 0-88173- 775 -1 Order Code: 0663
6 x 9, 240 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

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Your up-to-the-minute guide to the latest energy project nancing strategies and methods...


By Eric Woodroof, Ph.D., and Albert umann, P.E., C.E.M.
The landscape for implementing energy efficiency projects is rapidly changing, and the need for energy project financing has never been greater. The purpose of this book is to examine the key factors which typically lead to success when structuring financing options for a proposed energy project and getting it approved by top management. You’ll find the information you’ll need to explore as many financing options as possible, as well as the tools required to make a comprehensive financial analysis of your project. You’ll learn about the most effective financing strategies for getting more projects implemented, including such options as performance contracts, power purchase agreements, PACE financing, and others, along with feedback on specific strategies which have been successfully used by others to present projects and get them approved. Find out how the ESCO industry is evolving around the world, including insights from experts in nearly 60 countries...

ISBN: 0-88173-701-1 Order Code: 0671
6 x 9, 390 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00


By Pierre Langlois, P. Eng., and Shirley J. Hansen, Ph.D.
In any rapidly evolving industry, the need to stay current is crucial. The energy services company (ESCO) industry is a moving target. As country after country embraces the idea of self funding energy efficiency, an energy performance contracting (EPC) model emerges, and then changes to meet local needs. An explosion of new variations is out there. World ESCO Outlook captures this rapidly changing landscape, and offers valuable insights into this fascinating and important industry. The authors have brought together the best of in-country experts from nearly 60 countries to share their knowledge and experience as to what makes EPC successful in their specific environments. In telling their story, they also reveal some exciting new overseas market opportunities, and provide the most complete picture available of today’s ESCO world.

ISBN: 0-88173-675 -9 Order Code: 0667
6 x 9, 512 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

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New Edition

Find out how today’s technologies can provide a reliable, clean and e cient energy supply, while o ering solid nancial returns...

Second Edition By Neil Petchers
Here is your essential “how to” manual for using energy and environmental management as a means for achieving more economical and profitable operation. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest technology advances, and the many relevant developments in the utility and environmental regulatory arenas. Topics include heat and power resource optimization, thermal technologies, prime mover technologies, greenhouse gas and carbon management, utility rates and integrated resource planning, smart grid developments, localized electric generation, mechanical drives, refrigeration and air conditioning, and integrated facility resource optimization. The expanded chapter on renewable and alternative power includes an insightful discussion of market penetration of the various emerging technologies.

ISBN: 0-88173-689 -9 Order Code: 0669
8½ x 11, 880 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $245.00


Get up to speed on the fast paced evolution of today’s web based energy applications...

Edited by Barney L. Capehart, Ph.D., C.E.M. and Timothy Middelkoop, Ph.D., C.E.M.
The goal of this book is to bring to the forefront the huge benefits to energy and facility managers of the emergence and continuing development of technologies and applications in the area of web based energy information and control systems (EIS/ECS). This handbook provides a presentation of technological advancements in this field over the last several years, including a compilation of what the editors believe to be the best of the information currently available on the subject. The combined thrust of this information is that the highest level functions of the building automation system are delivered by a web based EIS/ECS system which provides energy management, overall facility operational management, and ties in with the enterprise resource management system for the entire facility or the group of facilities being managed.

ISBN: 0-88173-669 -4 Order Code: 0656
8½ x 11, 565 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $175.00

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Gain a broader understanding of solar energy from one of the world’s leading experts...


By Robert K. McMordie, Ph.D. Edited by Mitchell C. Brown and Robert S. Stoughton

Based on the author’s decades of experience as a thermodynamics engineering specialist in the solar and aerospace industries, this book provides the opportunity for a comprehensive understanding of solar energy to readers of varying backgrounds and experience, along with practical information readily applicable to real world projects. Beginning with an enlightening discussion of the impact of sunlight on the earth, Dr. McMordie proceeds to explain in clear terms the basics of heat transfer, how solar collectors work, and how solar energy is absorbed. Specific technologies detailed include solar domestic hot water systems, solar photovoltaic systems, solar space heating, solar power towers, Stirling engine solar power systems, passive solar energy, and greenhouse solar collectors. The book also includes an Excel© based companion CD of computations to facilitate putting the information in the book to practical use.

ISBN: 0-88173-681-3 Order Code: 0666
6 x 9, 175 pp. + CD, Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Your complete guide to current photovoltaic processes, equipment, devices, systems and solar power generation...

By Anco S. Blazev
This book provides an in-depth review of the solar industry development, and present-day state of the art, emphasizing current and future applications of photovoltaic equipment in the commercial and utility energy sectors, and highlighting its use in large-scale generating plants operating in the U.S. deserts. All key aspects of photovoltaic technologies are examined, looking closely at design parameters, materials, manufacturing, quality, performance, and practicality as a major alternative energy source. Advantages, disadvantages, product quality and safety, environmental impact, and other critical issues are thoroughly analyzed for each of today’s solar technologies. Challenges such as lack of standardized manufacturing, and fluctuating political and regulatory policies are also discussed, along with financing, legal and marketing aspects of the solar industry.

ISBN: 0-88173-652-X Order Code: 0652
8½ x 11, 396 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $145.00

Page 7


Gain a clearer understanding of the basic principles and practice of thermodynamics in this easy to understand guide for engineers...

By S. Bobby Rauf, P.E., C.E.M.
Written in a fashion which makes this abstract and complex subject easy to comprehend, this book provides a concise and accessible overview of the important principles and concepts of thermodynamics. Intended to serve the needs and interests of energy involved engineers, the content, concepts and principles are presented in a way which also will allow many non-engineering professionals with some math background to follow the material and gain useful knowledge. Topics including enthalpy, entropy, latent and sensible heat, heats of fusion, and heat of sublimation are clearly presented. Also covered are phases of substances, the law of conservation of energy, SFEE, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, ideal gas law, and respective mathematical statements. Specific thermodynamic processes are examined, as well as heat and power cycles.

ISBN: 0-88173-650 -3 Order Code: 0661
6 x 9, 356 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

New Edition

Learn how technology, market and policy developments have converged to make cogeneration more attractive than ever for many organizations...

Fourth Edition By Bernard F. Kolanowski
This comprehensive reference provides a wealth of information to assist in evaluating the feasibility and potential benefits of cogeneration for your facility. Covered in detail are regulatory developments and their impact, system selection and sizing, permitting requirements, operation and maintenance, financing, technology basics, micro turbines, absorption chillers, distributed generation and case histories. The newly updated fourth edition adds a new chapter on the Organic Rankine Cycle and its use in various industries, and a new chapter on pyrolysis, illustrating how to turn solid or liquid material into a gas using pyrolysis in commercially available technology. Also covered are the advent of the fuel cell in cogeneration, and all the latest developments in cogeneration technologies.

ISBN: 0-88173-663-5 Order Code: 0655
6 x 9, 244 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $110.00

Page 8

ree leading experts guide you every step of the way in planning and implementing energy management strategies for the 21st century...

New Edition

Seventh Edition By Barney L. Capehart, Ph.D., C.E.M., Wayne C. Turner, Ph.D., P.E., C.E.M., and William J. Kennedy, Ph.D., P.E.

Bringing to the forefront the most critical areas of effective energy cost cutting, this fully updated edition of this best selling energy manager’s guide includes a new chapter on greenhouse gas emissions management, and two updated chapters covering web based energy information and control systems, and creating green buildings. Written by three of the most respected energy professionals in the industry, this book examines the fundamental objectives of energy management, and illustrates techniques and tools proven effective for achieving results. Topics include distributed generation, energy auditing, rate structures, economic evaluation techniques, lighting efficiency improvement, HVAC optimization, combustion and use of industrial wastes, steam generation and distribution system performance, control systems, and energy systems maintenance, renewable energy, and industrial water management.

ISBN: 0-88173-671 -6 Order Code: 0659
6 x 9, 651 pp, Illus. Hardcover, $145.00
International version also available.

Seventh Edition By Klaus Dieter E. Pawlik
This practical study guide serves as a valuable companion text, providing worked out solutions to all of the problems presented in Guide to Energy Management, Seventh Edition. Covering each chapter in sequence, the author has provided detailed instructions to guide you through every step in the problem solving process. You’ll find all the help you need to fully master and apply the state of the art concepts and strategies presented in Guide to Energy Management.

New Edition

ISBN: 0-88173-673 -2 Order Code: 0660
6 x 9, 167 pp., Illus. Softcover, $98.00
International version also available.


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Gain a clearer understanding of how smart electri cation can lead to both decreased energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions...

By Clark W. Gellings
Sustaining society’s expectation for energy-driven comfort, convenience and productivity will require that we continue to seek and find reasonable quantities of energy in forms which are accessible, affordable, and have modest or zero environmental impacts. Without question, this need will lead to increased electrification, and a decrease in B and possible elimination of B the use of fossil fuels. This in turn will call for an international imperative to make existing uses of electricity both efficient and practical. This book will guide you toward a clearer vision of that goal, with explanations of the concept of electrification, along with CO2 reductions through expanded end use applications of electricity. Topics include electric cars; airport, seaport, railroad and mining electrification; industrial uses of electricity; residential building use of electricity; and enhancing energy efficiency and demand response.

ISBN: 0-88173-667- 8 Order Code: 0653
6 x 9, 291 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

Achieve optimum performance and energy savings when redesigning or retro tting lighting systems in existing buildings...

By Damon Wood
In this insightful and practical desk reference, veteran journalist and educator Craig DiLouie identifies, details and compares a variety of opportunities which can be effectively utilized, both to improve lighting performance, and to save energy in existing buildings. The book clearly delineates the decision-making process behind whether retrofitting or redesigning an existing building’s lighting system will yield the best, most cost effective result. A discussion of basic lighting design techniques, advanced lighting strategies, how to evaluate and compare lighting equipment, and the important role planned maintenance can play in saving energy and ensuring long term performance are included. Also covered are the current status of lighting related legislation and energy codes.

ISBN: 0-88173-571- X Order Code: 0613
6 x 9, 270 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00

Page 10


Here’s your practical guide to e ective leadership and management to achieve a strong, well integrated sustainability program...

By Shirley J. Hansen, Ph.D., and James W. Brown, P.E.
Managing sustainability is THE challenge of our time. It’s not just a technical issue and not just a green issue. It is a management issue. A strong sustainability program requires commitment, which in turn demands effective leadership. Such leadership must draw on a solid knowledge base, the ability to manage resources wisely, identify sustainability opportunities, make difficult choices, and accept the challenge to lead, influence and persuade colleagues. This book attempts to cut through the ever present hyperbole to offer practical steps which can be taken now to protect the world around us. Rich in case studies, it addresses a range of critical stewardship issues. Authors Hansen and Brown have also included contributions from several additional leading experts in the field.

ISBN: 0-88173-644- 9 Order Code: 0648
6 x 9, 230 pp, Illus. Hardcover, $135.00

Your de nitive template for planning and managing successful sustainable development projects...

Second Edition By Stephen A. Roosa, Ph.D.
This important reference provides a thorough examination of recent and ongoing developments in all areas of the growing field of sustainable development. Sustainable development is a concept which incorporates energy, urban management, environmental objectives, policy integration, and the idea that effective solutions can be achieved in a cooperative manner with concerted effort. Gaining momentum in recent years, sustainable development initiatives can vary widely in both scope and application, as well as in success. This book examines critical issues, proven approaches and potential pitfalls associated with such initiatives, covering underlying concepts, renewable energy solutions, environmental issues, green design and LEED® programs, sustainable industrial processes, carbon reduction in cities, policy considerations, local government programs, corporate programs, tracking results, and future trends.

ISBN: 0-88173-636 -8 Order Code: 0642
6 x 9, 478 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $ 135.00

Page 11

Gain a clearer understanding of the forces driving critical new developments in energy e ciency and renewable technology...

By Michael F. Hordeski
What are the major developments and trends which are emerging and evolving to set the course for meeting the growing energy needs of the modern world? This comprehensive book explores this compelling and complex topic, examining the driving and often competing forces which come into play as we move forward. Currently 85% of the world’s energy systems are powered by coal, oil and other fossil fuels. However, as carbon-related climate issues move to the forefront, while simultaneously it becomes clear that the end of cheap oil is in sight, the need for increased emphasis on both energy efficiency and alternative sources can no longer be ignored. The author provides an overview of the ongoing energy mix evolution, current technology and alternative fuel developments, evolving energy efficiency practices, and much more.

ISBN: 0-88173-632 -5 Order Code: 0645
6 x 9, 302 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

Your up to the minute IAQ resource, providing a comprehensive approach to e ective IAQ management and mitigation practices...

Fi h Edition By H.E. Burroughs, C.I.A.Q.P., and Shirley J. Hansen, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-88173-661 -9 Order Code: 0654
6 x 9, 359 pp., Illus., Hardcover, $115.00

This reference is structured to serve as a guide and information resource, both on treating existing facility indoor air quality problems, and on preventing costly IAQ problems from occurring in the first place. Finding IAQ solutions is often a complex, multi disciplined endeavor. A singlediscipline approach led solely by the environmental engineer, or the industrial hygienist, or the medical doctor, unfortunately can narrow both the control and the treatment options. This book cuts across these professions to offer those concerned with the total facility a broader, more comprehensive approach to managing indoor air quality and mitigating IAQ problems. Among topics covered are applicable standards, sustainability, building security, mold issues, air filtering, diagnostics, and remediation.

Page 12

Here’s your completely revised and updated guide to performing energy audits for all types of commercial buildings...

Second Edition By Steve Doty, P.E., C.E.M.
This practical desk reference for energy engineers and managers is designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for performing energy audits in commercial facilities. Specific auditing procedures and guidelines are provided for a wide range of business and commercial building types. All focal areas of the building energy audit and assessment are covered, including building envelope, lighting, HVAC, controls, heat recovery, thermal storage, electrical systems and utilities. Also examined are early replacement decision making, impact of lease arrangements on energy project interest, coordination of upstream/downstream set points, semiconductor fab multi stage HVAC air tempering, commissioning, overlapping heating and cooling, and much more.

ISBN: 0-88173-648- 1 Order Code: 0644
6 x 9, 689 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $135.00

Get up to speed on the most critical nancing and accounting principles and issues which have speci c application for energy projects...

By S. Bobby Rauf, P.E., C.E.M.
Providing an overview of important principles in the fields of finance and accounting which are relevant to energy engineering projects, this book was written to serve as a self-study guide for energy engineers, technicians and technical managers. Many professionals involved in the technical side of energy projects feel inadequately equipped to understand certain important finance and accounting principles — yet these principles are important in interfacing and with accountants, financial analysts and upper management. This guide provides a resource to fill this gap, and to equip energy engineering professionals with the ability to employ decision-making skills founded on sound financial calculations and quantitative analysis.

ISBN: 0-88173-642- 2 Order Code: 0649
6 x 9, 287 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00


Page 13

Learn how to apply proven strategies to slash industrial plant utility costs by up to 40%...

Tenth Edition By Albert umann, P.E.,C.E.M. and Scott Dunning, Ph.D., P.E.

ISBN: 0-88173-657 -0 Order Code: 0650
6 x 9, 515 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $119.00

This comprehensive, best selling handbook covers management and engineering strategies which can be utilized to slash energy costs by as much as 40% in industrial facilities. You’ll find ready to apply guidelines for electrical system optimization, lighting and HVAC system efficiency improvement, mechanical and process system performance, steam system optimization, and building energy loss reduction, along with building commissioning, life cycle costing, financing energy projects, energy purchasing, and strategies for establishing an effective energy conservation oriented maintenance program. New chapters cover evaluating the economics of solar applications, measurement and verification of energy savings, and superior energy performance.

e complete master handbook on the principles and practices of energy...

Eighth Edition By Albert umann, P.E., C.E.M., William J. Younger, C.E.M., and Terry Niehus, P.E., C.E.M

ISBN: 0-88173-621 -X Order Code: 0635
6 x 9, 491 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

This best selling handbook is the most comprehensive and practical reference available on energy auditing in buildings and industry. Clear, easy to follow instructions guide you through accounting procedures, energy assessment, rate of return, and life cycle cost analysis. You’ll learn about computer software available to guide you in planning and carrying out a thorough and accurate energy audit of any type of facility, including electrical, mechanical and building systems analysis. The latest edition includes revisions throughout, covering ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 audits, as well as a new chapter on water conservation. Loaded with forms, checklists and handy working aids, this book is must reading for anyone responsible for conducting or overseeing a facility energy audit.

Page 14

Fully updated latest edition of this best selling reference used by thousands of energy engineers and managers...

Seventh Edition By Steve Doty and Wayne C. Turner
This comprehensive handbook has become recognized as the definitive stand-alone energy manager’s desk reference, used by thousands of professionals throughout the industry. You’ll find coverage of every component of effective energy management, including energy auditing, economic analysis, boilers, steam systems, cogeneration, waste heat recovery, building envelope, HVAC systems, motors and drives, electric energy management, energy management control systems, lighting, energy systems maintenance, insulation, alternative energy, sustainability, high performance green buildings, ground-source heat pumps, indoor air quality, utility rates, thermal storage, codes and standards, energy legislation, natural gas purchasing, financing and performance contracting, commissioning, and measurement and verification. Detailed illustrations other helpful working aids are provided throughout.

ISBN: 0-88173-609 -0 Order Code: 0634
8½ x 11, 847 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $245.00

Get up to speed on the latest advances in smart grid technologies, and how they will impact the future of electric power distribution...

By Clark Gellings
The power system has often been cited as the greatest and most complex machine ever built, yet it is predominantly a mechanical system. However, technologies and intelligent systems are now available which can significantly enhance the overall functionality of power distribution, and make it ready to meet the needs of the 21st century. This book explains in detail how sensors, communications technologies, computational ability, control, and feedback mechanisms can be effectively combined to create this new, continually adjusting “smart grid” system. You’ll gain an understanding of both IntelliGridSM architecture and EnergyPortSM, as well as how the integration of intelligent systems can be effectively utilized toward achieving the goals of reliability, cost containment, energy efficiency in power production and delivery, and end use energy efficiency.

ISBN: 0-88173-623 -6 Order Code: 0630
6 x 9, 301 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

Page 15


Held May 23-24, 2012, Seattle, WA

Association of Energy Engineers
This CD contains the text of many of the papers presented during the 2012 West Coast EMC conference, published in Adobe PDF format. Papers from leading energy professionals cover a wide range of timely topics including advanced control strategies for HVAC systems, using energy savings to rescue school budgets, load evaluation and management in commercial buildings, affordable solar PV systems, commissioning in new and existing buildings, saving opportunities from smart meters, green data centers, energy efficiency in integrated design, and much more.

Order Code: 0670
CD, PDF format, $50.00

Held March 7-8, 2012, Atlantic City, NJ

Association of Energy Engineers
This CD contains the text of many of the papers presented during the 2012 Globalcon conference, published in Adobe PDF format. Contributions from leading experts cover topics including current best practices in energy management, corporate energy management and sustainability programs, renewable energy technology developments, building rating systems and their implications, carbon reduction practices, artificial intelligence for energy reduction, energy benchmarking, new developments in CHP, the future of energy policy both regionally and nationally, and more. Held October 12-14, 2011, Chicago, IL

Order Code: 0668
CD, PDF format, $50.00

Association of Energy Engineers
Published in Adobe PDF format, this CD contains contributions from more than 175 top experts spanning virtually every area of the energy management field. Topics include green and sustainable facility design/ retrofit, smart grid developments, best practices in industrial energy efficiency, high performance buildings, building commissioning, renewable energy, carbon footprinting, advanced energy auditing practices, smart lighting, HVAC and motor efficiency, steam and compressed air system optimization, distributed generation, federal energy management, energy management master planning, and much more. Numerous case histories of successful projects in the U.S. and abroad are included.

Order Code: 0664
CD, PDF format, $95.00

Page 16


Four complete books on one CD

ird Edition
Including over 2100 pages of text, graphics, charts and illustrations, the Energy Management Reference Library CD provides an economical training, research and reference resource for today’s energy professional. Indexed with bookmarks for convenient navigation, the CD contains the following four complete books in Adobe PDF® format:

Order Code: 0636
CD, PDF format, $225.00

■ Energy Management Handbook - 7th Edition by Steve Doty and Wayne C. Turner ■ Guide to Energy Management - 6th Edition by Barney Capehart, Wayne Turner, and William Kennedy ■ Solutions Manual for Guide to Energy Management - 6th Edition by Klaus-Dieter E. Pawlik ■ Handbook of Energy Engineering - 6th Edition by Albert Thumann and D. Paul Mehta

Four complete books on one CD

Including over 1000 pages of text, graphics, charts and illustrations, the Management & Strategies for Energy Professionals Reference Library CD provides a convenient, information-packed reference resource for energy managers. Indexed with bookmarks for easy navigation, the CD contains the following four complete books in Adobe PDF® format: Order Code: 0647
CD, PDF format, $350.00

■ Managing Energy from the Top Down - by Christopher Russell ■ Maximizing Energy Savings & Minimizing Costs - by John Studebaker, Ph.D. ■ Carbon Reduction: Policies, Strategies and Technologies - by Stephen A. Roosa, Ph.D. and Arun G. Jhaveri, Ed.D. ■ Managing Energy Costs: A Behavioral and Non-Technical Approach - by John Eggink

Page 17

Find out how you can incorporate e ective carbon reduction practices into your energy management projects...


By Stephen A. Roosa, Ph.D. and Arun G. Jhaveri, Ed.D.
In this time of increasingly pressing concern about the potentially irreversible impact of global climate change, it is crucial to find effective means to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in homes, businesses, industries and communities around the planet. The authors combine their considerable expertise to offer specific guidelines for defining and applying the most effective carbon reduction policies, strategies and technologies. They then propose a well defined blueprint for use by practicing experts to help abate the alarming increases in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Get up to speed on practical strategies to make your organization a part of the growing, pro table green economy...

ISBN: 0-88173-603 -1 Order Code: 0614
6 x 9, 272 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

By Eric A. Woodroof, Ph.D.
This book explores why green business is good business, and shows you practical approaches to “green” your operations in specific areas. The author’s approach is to showcase many of the profitable green ideas you can implement quickly, allowing you to increase profits AND reduce your organization’s environmental impact from the board room to the boiler room. Practical, economical tactics in the areas of water, cleaning, transportation, sustainable design, landscaping, recycling, solar, financing, and marketing are examined in a clear and engaging and manner.

ISBN: 0-88173-607- 4 Order Code: 0626
6 x 9, 300 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $110.00

Gain perspective on how energy companies can set the course for a pro table, solid and sustainable future!

By Mark Gabriel
This book offers a unique insight into the corporate health of energy companies in an evolving landscape of deregulation. Targeted at corporate executives, energy professionals, strategic planners, and regulators, readers will find this resource helpful in understanding how energy companies can meet the challenges of a competitive environment, evaluate successful and unsuccessful business strategies, incorporate new technologies in a successful re invented business model, and assess the differences and similarities of electricity to other commodities.

ISBN: 0-88173-513 -2 Order Code: 0579
6 x 9, 254 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Page 18


Gain a clearer understanding of the correlation between e ective energy management and business performance...

By Christopher Russell
In a world with increasingly constrained resources, energy has come to capture top management attention. This book explains the connection between energy and business performance in a clear, accessible manner. The author explains how day to day choices relate to the risks and rewards of energy, and how energy is invested, preserved, and ultimately positioned to create wealth. Examples illustrate the strong financial case for energy improvements, the economic penalty for “doing nothing,” the break-even cost, and the budget for supporting design and analysis work. Use the de nitive energy engineering reference to guide you in all types of design and retro t projects...

ISBN: 0-88173-625- 2 Order Code: 0633
6 x 9, 159 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $92.00


Sixth Edition By Albert umann, P.E., C.E.M. and D. Paul Mehta, Ph.D.
Here’s your step-by -step guide to applying the principles of energy engineering and management to the design of electrical, HVAC, utility, process and building systems for both new design and retrofit. Topics include how to do an energy analysis of any system; electrical system optimization; state of the art lighting and lighting controls; thermal storage; cogeneration; HVAC and building system optimization; compressed air systems; new and emerging technologies, third party financing and much more, including information on software packages from DOE’s Best Practices program. Achieve substantial energy savings using proven and a ordable energy awareness measures...

ISBN: 0-88173-581- 7 Order Code: 0607
6 x 9, 479 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $110.00

By John Eggink
This book shows you how to apply proven management techniques to significantly reduce unnecessary energy expenses within your organization. Based on years of research and documentation, the author communicates in a clear, completely non-technical manner how to break the prevalent cycle of energy waste, and to make employees both cooperative in saving energy, and accountable for the energy they use. Included are a broad array of examples documenting actual savings from such programs, step by step methodologies, and pitfalls to avoid.

ISBN: 0-88173-544 -2 Order Code: 0587
6 x 9, 270 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Page 19

Protect your investment in your facility via an e ectively planned and executed maintenance program...

By Herbert W. Stanford, III
The maintenance of a commercial building can in large measure be considered the protection of an important capital asset. This text examines in depth the requirements for effectively designing, implementing and managing both programs and procedures for all areas of building maintenance. Covered are programmed maintenance, maintenance planning and budgeting, outsourcing of services, computerized maintenance management, planned replacement vs. renovation, preventive and predictive maintenance, and energy efficiency, IAQ and sustainability considerations.

ISBN: 0-88173-638 -4 Order Code: 0643
6 x 9, 428 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Gain an understanding of how industrial process control systems serve to optimize the manufacturing process!

Second Edition By Stephen W. Fardo and Dale R. Patrick
Manufacturing deals with the transformation of materials into marketable products. The various individual processes unique to the product being manufactured are generally grouped into systems which accomplish specific manufacturing tasks. In this book, the systems concept serves as the basic approach to understanding and effectively applying industrial process controls. Topics include the operating system, process control, pressure systems, thermal systems, level determining systems, flow process systems, analytical process systems, microprocessors, automated processes, and robotic systems. Your step-by-step guide to optimizing facility maintenance operations while reducing costs...

ISBN: 0-88173-591- 4 Order Code: 0629
6 x 9, 445 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00

By Ryan Cruzan
Here’s your comprehensive guide for developing an effective preventive maintenance program for any facility. Topics include facility inspection and assessment, effective lubrication practices, commercial roofing repair, indoor air quality management, applicable codes and regulations, preventive maintenance procedures, and maintenance scheduling. Specific maintenance approaches are examined for more than 100 types of equipment and building components. Also discussed are the economic value of preventive maintenance, and setting up a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

ISBN: 0-88173-619 -8 Order Code: 0627
6 x 9, 304 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Page 20

Your complete guide to optimum compressor performance...

By Tony Giampaolo
This practical guide examines the full spectrum of compressor types, how they operate, how to control them, and how operating conditions can significantly impact their performance. Fully examined are the influence of pressure, temperature, molecular weight, specific heat ratio, compression ratio, speed, vane position, and volume bottles. The ISBN: 0-88173-615- 5 various methods of throughput control are also addressed, including discharge throttling, suction throttling, guide vane positioning, Order Code: 0631 volume bottles, suction valve unloaders, and speed control, as well as 6 x 9, 360 pp., Illus. how each of these control methods affects compressor life.
Hardcover, $125.00

Achieve superior pump operation in any type of application using time proven strategies...

ird Edition By Heinz P. Bloch and Allan R. Budris
This book is aimed at operating technicians, maintenance professionals, project engineers, and every job function that comes in contact with process pumps — with focus on how to achieve consistently superior run lengths, low maintenance costs, and unexcelled safety and reliability in pump applications. Among topics examined are pump types and materials, pump system life cycle cost reduction, operating efficiency improvement, mechanical seal selection, improved lubrication, and failure analysis and troubleshooting. Also discussed is combining pump maintenance with systematic upgrading. Use the most e ective lubrication strategies to optimize machinery performance and minimize costly downtime!

ISBN: 0-88173-627 -9 Order Code: 0639
8½ x 11, 492 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $160.00

Second Edition By Heinz Bloch
Here is a comprehensive resource for those who select and apply lubricants, covering what products are available, and which lubricants are most effective for specific applications. The full spectrum of industrial lubricants are addressed, including general purpose oils, hydraulic fluids, food grade and environmentally friendly lubricants, synthetic lubricants, greases, pastes, waxes and tribosystems. Also examined are lubrication strategies for various equipment types, proper lubricant handling and storage, effective oil analysis, slinger ring-related issues, and bearing protector products.

ISBN: 0-88173-579- 5 Order Code: 0628
8½ x 11, 456 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $175.00

Page 21

Your complete guide to optimum selection, application and operation of gas turbine technologies...

Fourth Edition By Tony J. Giampaolo
This best selling reference provides the fundamental information you’ll need to understand both the operation and proper application of all types of gas turbines. Hardware and application scenarios are fully explored, along with operating parameters, controls, inlet and exhaust treatments, inspection, troubleshooting, noise control, inlet cooling for power augmentation, and NOx control. Coverage includes microturbines, as well as critical elements of centrifugal and axial compressors. Many helpful tips are included to enable early diagnosis of problems and analysis of failures to prevent their recurrence. Learn about real world solutions to today’s most challenging electrical distribution system design demands...

ISBN: 0-88173-613 -9 Order Code: 0620
6 x 9, 447 pp., Illus, Hardcover, $120.00

Second Edition By Dale R. Patrick and Stephen W. Fardo
Comprehensive in scope, this book was written to fill the need for a truly applications oriented text on electrical distribution systems for engineers and technicians. All critical aspects of power production, distribution, control, conversion, and measurement are clearly presented. Using power distribution as the starting point, followed by clear delineation of its relationship to other associated systems, the authors place emphasis on real world applications, examining electrical distribution and associated system operation from both a user’s and a technician’s point of view. Gain a clear understanding of how complex electrical systems function...

ISBN: 0-88173-599- X Order Code: 0624
6 x 9, 478 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00

ird Edition By Stephen W. Fardo and Dale R. Patrick
Covering the gamut of technologies and systems used in the generation of electrical power, this reference provides an easy to-understand overview of the production, distribution, control, conversion, and measurement of electrical power. The authors first describe a broad array of essential characteristics of electrical power systems — from power production to its conversion to another form of energy. Each system is then broken down into its sub systems and equipment, which are explored in greater detail in chapters devoted to each unit.

ISBN: 0-88173-585 -X Order Code: 0618
6 x 9, 496 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00

Page 22

Get up to speed on optimum design of state of the art electrical systems for commercial and industrial facilities...

By Albert

umann, P.E., C.E.M., and Harry Franz, P.E.

Now you can achieve optimum performance and efficiency in the design of electric systems for virtually any size or type of building or industrial facility utilizing the state of the art methodologies detailed in this comprehensive electrical design reference. Step by step guidelines and take you through each phase of design, covering equipment selection, power distribution system analysis, conduit and conductor sizing, lighting system design, control systems, electronic instrumentation, protective relaying, energy management systems, power quality, variable speed drives, motor selection, and more.

ISBN: 0-88173-593 -0 Order Code: 0621
6 x 9, 368 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $85.00

Gain a fundamental understanding of today’s electrical and electronic systems...

Second Edition By Stephen W. Fardo and Dale R. Patrick
This book was written to serve as an easy to understand introductory text for those who wish to grasp the basic fundamentals of state-of-the-art electricity and electronics. The key concepts are presented using an approach which minimizes use of complex mathematics, and utilizes applications and illustrations to enhance understanding. Topics covered include direct current electronics, alternating current electricity, semiconductor devices, electronic circuits, digital electronics, computers and microprocessors, electronic communications, and electronic power control. Learn the basics of how digital electronic systems work!

ISBN: 0-88173-601 -5 Order Code: 0611
8½ x 11, 302 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00

By Dale Patrick, Stephen Fardo and Vigyan Chandra
This self study text explains the basics of digital electronics using a combination of fundamental theory, examples, and practical applications. Digital devices form an integral part of numerous modern day systems, including those used for operating electronic alarm systems, for performing arithmetic, timing and computing operations, and for logging, processing and transferring data. Well illustrated, easy-to-follow explanations cover the basic functioning of these and other digital devices. Recommended safety precautions, example data sheets, and guidelines for working with digital circuits are also included.

ISBN: 0-88173-540-X Order Code: 0596
6 x 9, 345 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00


Page 23

Here’s your authoritative resource on ESCO developments, trends and activities throughout the world...

By Shirley J. Hansen, Ph.D., with Pierre Langlois and Paolo Bertoldi
This book provides an insightful assessment of today’s worldwide ESCO industry, analyzing current trends both by geographical region and in specific countries. Opportunities as well as barriers are discussed by in-country professionals who have broad knowledge of their specific ESCO industry. These professionals detail first hand the energy services industry’s development in their own respective countries. Chapters cover selected countries from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America, South America, New Zealand and Australia, as well as the overall global picture. Get the facts on easy to implement energy strategies to maximize your energy savings today...

ISBN: 0-88173-611 -2 Order Code: 0625
6 x 9, 377 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00

By John Studebaker, Ph.D.
There are so many different so called energy “fixes” available today, that energy users often find it difficult to find the optimum path to successful cost savings. The fact is that you may not initially need a time consuming, large investment strategy to achieve savings. This book covers the basics of rates, components of energy purchases, and the methods and techniques required to maximize energy savings and minimize costs. The information will be of value both to seasoned energy professionals and to those just getting started, providing a solid foundation upon which a successful, long term energy strategy can be based. Save countless hours on calculations necessary for your critical energy projects...

ISBN: 0-88173-392- X Order Code: 0499
6 x 9, 346 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $125.00

Fourth Edition By Richard Vaillencourt
In this essential desk reference, a practicing engineer shares with you his secrets for simplifying complex energy calculations, and shows you how to use his unique, time saving methods. You’ll learn how to cut through the maze of detail using concise, innovative decision making tools to determine whether you should invest real time and money into developing details of a project under consideration. Key topics covered include “energy myths and magic,” the walk through audit, lighting, pumps, fans, motors, insulation, fuel switching, thermodynamics, heat recovery, HVAC and a summary of energy calculations.

ISBN: 0-88173-575- 2 Order Code: 0603
6 x 9, 218 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Page 24

Get up to speed on the latest development in hydrogen based energy technologies...

By Michael F. Hordeski
The hydrogen car has been proposed as the solution to our oil problems, but how would it work, and what potential problems are associated with it? What would a hydrogen infrastructure look like, and what is being done to establish one? This book attempts to address these ISBN: 0-88173-561 -2 questions, and to provide specifics about current developments toward a hydrogen based infrastructure. Pushed by the economics of Order Code: 0612 dwindling oil supplies, auto manufacturers are investing billions in 6 x 9, 290 pp, Illus. development programs, and important progress is also occurring in Hardcover, $115.00 hydrogen-based stationary power. This book offers an informed look at the current state these technologies, and where they are headed. Your guide to the fast-emerging world of hydrogen and other alternative fuel-based technologies...

Second Edition By Michael F. Hordeski
This book explores the numerous factors which impact the direction of our energy use, including availability and desirability of various fuels — especially the use of hydrogen. Topics include energy policy and regulatory issues, fuel supply trends, oil reserves, alternative scenarios, sustainable energy, technology issues, cost analysis and projections, fuel cost escalation, barriers to implementation, conversion systems, storage systems, thermodynamic efficiency, fuel chain efficiency, life cycle efficiency, extracting and refining, air emission issues, safety, natural gas, hydrogen, methanol, ethanol, steam reforming, and fuel cells.

ISBN: 0-88173-595 -7 Order Code: 0615
6 x 9, 263 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $119.00

Learn the most e ective strategies for selling green building projects in the commercial marketplace...

By Jerry Yudelson
Engineers, architects and contractors seeking to expand their involvement in the green buildings market need a firm grounding in the marketing strategies which are being used most successfully in this specialized and growing field. This book was written as a guide for professional green ISBN: 0-88173-528 -0 building advocates in presenting green design features, sustainable strategies, and new products to the potential green building client. Order Code: 0569 The author provides clear descriptions of successful approaches to 6 x 9, 252 pp., Illus. marketing and selling green building related services, as well as up to Hardcover, $125.00 date information on the role of LEED® in green building projects.

Page 25

Implement the very latest proactive disaster prevention, response and recovery strategies for your facility...

Fi h Edition By Joseph F. Gustin
Devoted to exploring the complexities of disaster preparedness and business continuity, this text speaks both to disaster prevention, and to controlling the effects of a disaster on a company’s operations. Critical areas covered include statistical data on workplace violence and past disaster/recovery incidents, effective mitigation strategies, contingency planning, loss prevention, facility evacuation, employee training, chain of command, computer and data protection, bomb threat response, standby power, self inspection, and regulator influence. Also discussed are threats associated with dirty bombs, and chemical and biological weapons. Maximize safety and standards compliance while minimizing injuries, liabilities and downtime!

ISBN: 0-88173-640- 6 Order Code: 0640
6 x 9, 435 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $115.00

Second Edition By Joseph F. Gustin
Here is your easy to access, ready guide to the world of safety planning and compliance, OSHA inspections, workplace violence, ergonomics, recovery from downtime losses, the intricacies of ADA, and more. Emphasis is placed on maximizing productivity and standards compliance, while minimizing injuries, liabilities and downtime. The current edition provides an update on employer compliance requirements to ADA, discussion of new ergonomics standards, and explanation of recent revisions to OSHA workplace inspection/investigation procedures and record keeping rules. Here’s your complete guide to optimum protection for your facility, personnel and valuable assets!

ISBN: 0-88173-331- 8 Order Code: 0598
6 x 9, 298 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

By Robert Reid
This book was written to provide facility managers with virtually all information needed to build and manage an effective security system for any type of facility. Topics include layout, fencing, access control, intrusion detection, pass key and key control systems, locks, hasps, gates, and more. Also explored are sophisticated systems such as CCTV, microwave transmitters, lasers, clear zone, computer access control, thumbprint and retinal scanners, voice print analysis, and hand geometry. Non hardware aspects of security are also covered, including security clearances, background checks, guards, training, and procedure development.

ISBN: 0-88173-479 -9 Order Code: 0534
6 x 9, 327 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Page 26


e de nitive guide to HVAC system selection and e cient operation!

Second Edition By Samuel C. Sugarman
Covering the full range of HVAC systems used in today’s facilities, this book provides all details necessary to clearly understand how HVAC systems operate. Comprehensive in scope, the book separates out each major system component for air, water, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, clearly illustrating how each system, subsystem, control or component contributes to the desired indoor environment. You’ll learn why one component or system may be chosen over another with respect to design, application, energy conservation, air quality, and cost. Basics of system testing, and verification of system performance are also discussed.

ISBN: 0-88173-559 -0 Order Code: 0591
6 x 9, 300 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

Apply the methods used by experts to achieve optimum performance of any type of HVAC system...

Fourth Edition By Samuel C. Sugarman
This best selling reference provides all the information you’ll need to evaluate and balance the air and water sides of any HVAC system. Every aspect of testing, adjusting and balancing is addressed, including specific methods to adjust constant volume, single zone, dual duct, induction, and variable air volume systems. Details are provided for the full scope of system components, including fans, pumps, motors, drives, electricity, and the latest controls systems, as well as for balancing devices, instruments and their usage. Also covered are testing and balancing for clean rooms and HVAC system commissioning. Learn how advanced lighting controls can increase energy savings, exibility, reliability, and interoperability!

ISBN: 0-88173-534 -5 Order Code: 0568
6 x 9, 325 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $98.00

By Craig DiLouie
Intended for energy managers, electrical engineers, building managers, lighting designers, consultants, and other electrical professionals, this book provides a practical description of today’s major lighting controls types and how to apply them. It offers a step by step educational tour of lighting automation technology, with useful discussion about the purpose and benefits of lighting controls, emphasizing the achieving ISBN: 0-88173-573 -6 of relevant energy savings, as well as support of occupant visual Order Code: 0604 needs and preferences. Topics include application strategies, typical 6 x 9, 239 pp., Illus. savings, code compliance, commissioning, troubleshooting, and Hardcover, $92.00 more.

Page 27

Gain maximum bene t from the latest IT and web based systems now available to energy managers!

Edited by Barney L. Capehart and Lynne C. Capehart
The capability and use of IT and web based energy information and control systems has expanded from single facilities to multiple facilities and organizations with buildings located throughout the world. This book will show you how to take the mass of available data and extract from it that which is most useful in determining what actions to take to improve efficiency and productivity in your organization’s facilities. Examined are advanced applications of web based EIS and ECS systems, integration with existing BAS systems, commissioning IT and web based systems, and maximizing benefits to overall business operations. Use proven energy conservation measures to improve e ciency and slash building energy costs...

ISBN: 0-88173-536- 1 Order Code: 0580
8½ x 11, 425 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $175.00


Second Edition By Dale R. Patrick, Stephen W. Fardo, Ray E. Richardson and Steven R. Patrick
This reference covers the full scope of energy management techniques and applications for new and existing buildings, with emphasis on the “systems” approach to developing an effective overall energy management strategy. Building structural considerations are examined, such as heat loss and gain, windows, and insulation. A thorough discussion of heating and cooling systems basics is provided, along with energy management guidelines. Also covered are strategies for lighting systems, water systems and electrical systems. Specific energy management technologies and their application are discussed in detail. Find out how recent breakthroughs can improve steam turbine driven power plant e ciency!

ISBN: 0-88173-526 -4 Order Code: 0577
6 x 9, 495 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $92.00

By Alexander S. Leyzerovich
This authoritative guide presents innovative approaches to design and operation of new steam turbines for fossil fuel power plants, along with modern techniques for refurbishment of aging units. Learn how recent engineering breakthroughs have led to potential increases in power plant efficiency, deriving both from qualitative improvements in turbine steam path design, and from transitions to a greater use of elevated steam conditions. Also covered are new approaches which have emerged relative to transient operating conditions, as well as improved information support for operational personnel.

ISBN: 0-88173-548 -5 Order Code: 0590
6 x 9, 537 pp., Illus. Hardcover, $110.00

Page 28

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