Guidelines for project report preparation PG project – EST 1.

Kindly go through all the following instructions carefully and adheare to them. 2. The first page should be as per annex-1, with the dummy title, student's name, reg. No, guide name, guide designation, month and year of examination shall be changed suitably. In case of Phase -I project work, it shall be indicated as shown otherwise that place should be left free. 3. Second page should have the bonafide certificate whose format is given in annex-2. 4. Third page shall be the certificate of completion of the project from the company in case the project work is done as an external project. 5. Third/Fourth page shall be the abstract written within a page, the format is given in annex-3. 6. Fourth/Fifth page shall be the acknowledgements, whose format is given in annex-4. 7. Fifth/Sixth and subsequent pages shall be Table of contents, List of Abbreviations, List of special symbols, List of figures, in that order, whose format is given in annex-5. 8. All the above pages shall be numbered in Roman numerals. 9. The next section should contain text of the report, whose format is given in annex-6. 10. Following section shall be REFERENCES. 11. Final section shall be the appendices, which shall comprise of software programs, photographs, any explanatory material which are essential to understand the main text. This section shall be numbered as per appendix number followed by page number within the appendix. For example, in Appendix-A, pages are numbered as A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A3.1, etc. These appendices also appear in the contents table. 12. Format of page for all sections of the report shall be as follows: Left Margin = 3cms/1.5”, Right Margin = Top Margin = Bottom Margin = 2cms/1”. 13. Format for all figures and tables, shall be as follows: Clearance on all four sides = 0.5 cms/0.5”; the format for the title, which should appear below the table or figure, shall be as [Fig. [chapterNo].[figureNo]]. (the square brackets are used for clarity and shall not form part of the item, throughout this guidelines) 14. All other formats are represented in their respective annexes. 15. All fonts used for all the sections shall be in Times New Roman or Aerial, with appropriate font sized given in respective annexes. 16. The text of the report shall explain the work carried out by the student and all reference material shall be put in appendices. Some portions of such references can be included in the text if and only if, they are required for proper understanding of the text. 17. The last and final point is all the above instructions must be followed in true word and spirit, failing which the report shall be evaluated accordingly or shall be rejected. 18. All pages must be printed in A4 size photocopier quality paper.

Nothing shall be printed in the back cover. The cover and back page shall be in drawing paper thickness. First page content shall be printed on the front cover also. Both front and back cover shall be in white colour only.19. 20. I hope all the above is read and understood! .

].[figureNumberWithinSection]] means “Figure. Such specifications applied to all text specified within a group and its sub groups.2” [<12>Equ. [sectionNo. U:Underline. Font sizes and attributes. are mentioned inside the square bracket with < > in standard point scale. 2.Type setting instruction Syntax format followed in the instructions: 1. 5. 3. they are used for explanatory purpose only. [sectionNo.. I:Italics etc. 4. 2. 3. The name of any related item is mentioned as a word which starts with a small letter.1” [<10>Table. {} . In case square brackets have to be used they should be escaped with a preceeding backslash. 6. The text to be printed starts with a capital letter.italic brackets are used to indicate the section of this document and is not a part of the report. 7. [<11>sectionNo. [ ] .]. and shall be replaced with corresponding value in the text. Double quote is used to group printed text in the examples and they should not be printed in the text.]. All other textual materials appearing within square brackets shall form the text.[<11>equationNumberWithinSection]] means “Equ.[tableNumberWithinSection]] means “Table. If it has to be overridden it has to be re-mentioned in the corresponding group where it has to be implemented. These along with the contents should never become a part of the report.23” . namely B:Bold. Examples. usually with in a square bracket. [<10>Figure. 5. Example: [\[sample\]] = [sample].square brackets are used for grouping items together and never shall be used in the text.

] [<12>designationOfTheGuide] {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} {Line 4} {Line 5} [logoOfTheUniversity] {Line 1} {Line 2} [<12><B>Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering] [<12>Kattankulathur Campus] [<14><B>SRM University] [<12>(Under section 3 of the UGC act. 1956)] {Line 1} {Line 2} [<12>monthOfExam yearOfExam] {page number should not be mentioned here!!! but should be counted as first page!!!} {An. student'sRegisterNo] {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} [<12>Under the guidance of] [<12>nameOfTheGuide.{Annexure – 1 (Front/Cover Page)} {All lines in this page are 1. No.5 line spacing} [<12><B>Project Report] [<11>on] [<14><B>titleOfTheProject] [<11>(Phase-I)] {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} [<11><I>Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree] [<11><I> of] [<11><B>MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY] [<11><I>in] [<11><B>Embedded Systems Technology] {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} {Line 4} {Line 5} [<12>by] [<12>student'sName] [<12>Reg.1} .1.

1956) November. Good Student Reg. {An.1. MaxMuller Asst. 1509123567 Under the guidance of Mr.{Sample first page} Project Report on Analysis of a technical project report (Phase-I) Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree of MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY in Embedded Systems Technology by Mr.2} . No. 2012. Professor (SG) Department Electronics and Communication Engineering Kattankulathur Campus SRM University (under section 3 of the UGC act.

to the best of my knowledge the work reported herein has not been submitted for the award of this or any other degree.] {Line 2} {Line 3} {Line 4} {Line 5} {Line 6} [Examiner 1] [Examiner 2] [designation] [designation] [organization] [organization] {An. Reg. {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} {Line 4} [Guide] [Dr.2. at Department of ECE.1} . of [[<optional>Phase-I of /] the project work]] named [<B>[titleOfTheProject].{Annexure – 2: Bonafide certificate} [<14><B>BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE] {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} {Line 4} [<12>This is to certify that this report. No. SRM University. [regNoOfStudent]. by [student'sName]. is the bonafide project work of the student.Tech in [branchOfDegree]. M.Malarvizhi] [nameOfTheGuide] [HOD/ECE] {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} {Line 4} {Line 5} {Line 6} {Line 7} {Line 8} [sealOfDepartment] {Line 1} {Line 2} {Line 3} {Line 4} {Line 1} [<12>This project report is submitted for the project university examination held on [<I>dateMonthAndYearOfExamination]. on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate. submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for award of degree. Kattankulathur campus.S. carried out under my supervision. Certified further that .

M. Examinar 1 Asst.Tech in Embedded Systems Technology. 15900121. carried out under my supervision. No. to the best of my knowledge the work reported herein has not been submitted for the award of this or any other degree. Guide Mr. MaxMuller HOD/ECE Dr. Certified further that. of Phase-I of the project work named Analysis of a project Report. is the bonafide project work of the student. Reg. S. SRM University Examinar 2 Asst. Kattankulathur campus. at Department of ECE.{Sample bonafide certificate} BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this report. Prof. on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate. Malarvizhi (Seal of the Department) This project report is submitted for the project university examination held on 15th November. Prof. by Good Student. SRM University. SRM University . submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree. 2012.

{Annexure – 3} {format for abstract} [<12><B>ABSTRACT] [<12>textOfAbstract] .

Student's signature is not required. 2. however his name shall be added at the left hand corner at the end of the text } [<12>nameOfTheStudent] . Names of refered should also be followed by their designation.{Annexure-4} {format for Acknowledgement} [<14><B>ACKNOWLEDGEMENT] [<12>textOfAcknowledgement] {some notes to be followed: 1.

{Annexure-5} {format for table of contents and others} {format for table of contents} [<14><B>TABLE OF CONTENTS] [<12>TOPIC PAGE NO. section and subsection.3][titleOfChap3] [pageNo]] {Note: the depth of text shall be limitted to chapter.] {Line 1} {Line 2} [<12>ABSTRACT [pageNo]] [<12>ACKNOWLEDGEMENT [pageNo]] [<12>TABLE OF CONTENTS [pageNo]] [<12>LIST OF ABREVIATIONS [pageNo]] [<12>LIST OF FIGURES [pageNo]] [<12>LIST OF TABLES [pageNo]] [<12>[CHAPTER.1] [<12>[1.][ INTRODUCTION] [pageNo]] [<12>[CHAPTER. you can have as many as you want} [<12>[RESULTS & FURTHER WORK] [pageNo]] [<12><optional>[CONCLUSION] [pageNo]] {Line 1} {Line 2} [<12>[REFERENCES] [pageNo]] [<12>APPENDIX-1] [<12>APPENDIX-2] {you can have as many appendix as you need. list of tables all should follow the above format only} .2][titleOfChap2] [pageNo]] [<12>[2. table of figures.1][titleOfSection] [pageNo]] [<12>[2. however combine logical things together to reduce the appendices} {table of abbreviations.1.1][titleOfSubSection] [pageNo]] [<12>[CHAPTER.

underline etc) except for the mentioned places. All numbered entities must be referred within the text. 5. if need be its use shall be minimised. Ex. 4.5 line spacing throughout the text. All chapters. Ensure that tables and figures are not split across pages. Use 1. italics. 6.{Annexure-6} {note on preparing report text} 1. Font attributes should not be used (like.[1]. appendices should start in a fresh page with the title of chapter centred. bold. references. Whenever reference is made to the references indicated. . 3. Margins shall be followed as given earlier 2. All equations used must be numbered as given in general instructions. 7. 9. it shall be noted as [\[referenceNumber\]] at the end of the line making the reference. 8. All pictures must be clear and should not be a cut and paste from pdf files. this line refers to [12]. conclusion. 10. All paragraphs should start after 5 spaces from the left. appropriately.

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