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PAYMENT METHOD: 1. Cash: Full cash payment entitles the customer to 5% discount and accelerated delivery i.

e homes can be delivered within six months of payment. 2. Installmental pay: For the installment payment option, customer pays four times within the 6 months completion period at agreed construction milestones. 3. Mortgage Option: This mode of payment requires a minimum of 20% down payment at commencement and the other half upon completion (expected within 8months).Balance will be funded via mortgages. PAYMENT PLAN: Provision has been made for different payment options to make purchaser easier. Full Cash Option Customers that pay outright cash for their units would be entitled to a special discount of 5% and can have their house completed within a 180 day period. Installmental Payment Customers in this category spread their payment over critical completion stages at 25% per stage. These stages are Foundation, Lintel, Roofing and Basic Finishing. This process will usually cycle out in 240 days. MORTGAGE OPTION Mortgages with tenors of between 10 to 20 years at prevailing market rates have been prearranged with our partner banks-Guaranty Trust Bank, Oceanic Bank Plc and Intercontinental Bank Plc for customers that meet certain pre-qualification criteria. In all instances a minimum down payment of 20% is required, half before construction and the other half after construction commences. The balance will be funded via mortgages. Customers are also free to source mortgages from their preferred banks. However, where a mortgage arranged by Compera is utilized, a brokerage of 1% will be charged for this service. ADDITIONAL STATUTORY FEES Subscribers will be required to bear the cost of legal documentation and title transfer, mortgage brokerage (where applicable) ,VAT, Survey Charges and Sales Commission. These are due by the second Installment before mortgages are disbursed. Some of our partner banks have offered to finance the charges and capitalize it with the outstanding mortgage principal where such an option is attractive to the buyer. Those paying cash will be required to pay the additional fees along with the sales value while those opting for installmental payment will be required to pay the fees with the last installment

bank charges and re-allocation cost arising from the withdrawal or default. Clients resident outside Lagos and Nigeria will bear administrative and postage charges arising from the transaction. This clause is applicable to overseas clients in particularly. A default penalty of 0. OTHER CONDITIONS 1. 2.RE-ALLOCATION The company reserves the right to re-allocate any house in the event that the prospective allotee defaults in the payment. All payments made towards the processing of Governor’s Consent on the property shall be non-refundable. WITHDRAWAL OF ALLOCATION 1. Customers opting for installmental payments. Refund shall be made when the reserved building has been totally and effectively reallocated to new buyers. The Company reserves the right to sell or withdraw the provisional allocation given to a client in the event that false information has been provided and where the company perceives that the client may pose a potential danger or problem to other allotees. However in the event that a customer has not fully paid the sales price in addition to possible defaults penalties in 30 days post construction. Refund shall be made in naira equivalent at the time of receipt of foreign denominated funds by Compera regardless of the currency in which it was earned or remitted. (Optional) . The company does usually stops construction even when cash calls are made and a customer defaults. and shall be effected less a deduction of 3% of amount deposited. have a 240 day period to complete full payment. 3. Compera reserves the right to sell the property to another prospective buyer without consulting the customer. DEFAULT CHARGES Refund due to default on the part of the client will be made without any accruals. to defray administrative expenses. The customer’s payment would be refunded less the default charges. 2.1% a day will be applied on late payments. AMENDMENTS The Company reserves the right to make amends that improve upon the layout and architectural plans of the houses in the event that doing so is expedient.

7. Compera houses are sold as ready to use houses with about 70% level of finishes. However. Please note that all Efficacy Homes Limited Estates comes with a well defined facilities management and maintenance plan and as such all customers must be prepared to pay annual service charges. toilets the wet areas above the kitchen sink will be tiled. Typically.3. However. arrangement have been made to allow customers purchase these and other finishes that meet their taste and specification under a separate upgrade contract 6. POST-CONSTRUCTION Allotees are expected to co-operate with the Residents Association and abide with majority decision especially with regards to Estate Management and Security matters. and Fitted wardrobes and kitchen cabinets are not provided. The following finishes are excluded from completed products: • • Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles in all areas of the house. our facilities management office should be contacted on modalities and relevant charges. Value Added Tax (VAT). 5. . In the event that a customer opts for another vendor for the provision of upgrade services. Under no circumstance will alteration or extension to the building be allowed. bathrooms. 4. All customers must sign an agreement to subscribe to the community rule book. Brokerage and Sales Agency Commission. Certain aspects of facilities management such as the provision of alternative power supply will be due at the request and consensus of incoming residents. The Offer Price is exclusive of documentation fees. which guides homes owners living within the estate.