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The Official Newsletter of the Vallejo Aquatic Club

Shark Attack

Fall 2012

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President’s Message
by Erik Keiholtz
Gree$ngs!   rain,   coaxing   the   best   out   of   the   athletes,  and  our  par$es  and   pot  lucks   Olympics   years   are   always   good   for   bring   the   team   together   in   ways   the  sport  of   swimming   (really,  it  is  the   beyond  what  daily  prac$ce  can  do.   only   $me   that   your   neighbors   are   probably   watching   swimming   on   TV),   I   would   like   to   thank   all   of   you:   and   that   excitement  has  carried   over   coaches,   board   members,   team   to   VJO   in   a   few   great   ways:   our   captains,   volunteers,   and   swimmers   successful  Mutual  of  Omaha  Break  Out   for   all   you   have   done   to   make   VJO   Swim   Clinic   with   Olympian   Dana   great.   There   are   moments   where   it   Vollmer   and   Andy   Grant,   increased   might   seem   thankless:   vigilantly   m e m b e r s h i p ,   t w o   f o r m e r   V J O   guarding   official  and   coaches   parking   swimmers  in   Olympic   Trials  (and   one   at  dark-­‐thirty   in  the  morning,  baMling   on   the   relay   team),   and   a   vivid   wind   and   rain   to   set   up   canopies,   reminder  of   the  importance  of   seJng   feeding   the  lunch$me  hordes   as  they   goals  and   working   hard.   This  year   we   descend   on   the   Shark   Cafe,   and   so   have  seen   good  results  from  all  of  our   forth,   but   rest   assured   that   each   of   hard   work:   our   swimmers   are   faster,   these  tasks  is  vitally  important   to  the   our   meets   are   well-­‐run   and   aMract   team.   Without   your   hard   work,   we   huge   numbers   of   swimmers,   our   would  not  be  where  we  are.   coaches  stand   on  the  deck   in   sun  and   I   finish   my   term   happy   that   the   new   board  seems  ready  and  able  to  steer  the   administra$on   of   the   team,   and   I   wish   Dwight   EvereM  all  the  best  in  his  year  as   president.   I   urge   all   of   our   parents   to   support   the   board   by   volunteering   to   help   the   team   run.   There   are   ample   opportuni$es   to   serve   the   team   at   meets  and  events,  and  not  only  do  they   help   us  be  a  stronger   organiza$on,   but   they   deepen   our   apprecia$on   of   this   sport.   The   new   board   will  have   specific   requests   for   $me,   dona$ons,   and   service,   and   I   urge   you   to   respond   generously   in   the   way   best   suited   to   your  talents  and  interests.   Once   again,   thanks   to   all   of   you   for   making  this  last  year  a  good  one  for  VJO.   Erik  Keilholtz 2011-­‐2012  Board  President

Shark Attack Fall 2012

“Prac&ce  Doesn’t  Make  Perfect…Perfect  Prac&ce  Makes  Perfect”
By: Coach Jennifer

I’ve  heard  the  phrase  “prac$ce   makes  perfect”  thousands  of   $mes  in  my  life  and  career.   Years  ago  when  I  was  a  young   swimmer,  my  senior  coach   taught  me  a  great  lesson  about   prac$ce.  It  had  an  impact  on   me  as  a  young  swimmer  and   later  helped  me  to  form  one  of   my  biggest  coaching   philosophies.   One  day  at  prac$ce  one  of  my   team  mates  blurted  out   “prac$ce  makes  perfect”.      I   could  see  the  grimace  on  my   coach’s  face  when  he  heard  this   and  before  anyone  could  reply   he  said…..  “prac$ce  doesn’t   make  perfect  …perfect  prac$ce   makes  perfect.  It  does  nobody   any  good  to  prac$ce  anything   incorrectly.”   This  phrase  has  stuck  with  me   and  I  believe  it  is  important  for   all  athletes  to  think  about  good   technique  consistently  during   prac$ce.    The  beginning  of  the  

Remember  just  showing  up  to   prac$ce  doesn't  make  perfect,   only  perfect  prac$ce  makes   perfect.    So  be  careful,   whatever  you  do  repeatedly   will  become  a  habit  whether   bad  or  good.    Prac$cing  good   habits  is  what  makes  perfect.     6 Practice Focuses to season  is  one  of  the  most   important  $mes  to  focus  on   your  technique,  because   developing  good  habits  at  the   beginning  of  a  season  can  help   an  athlete  for  years  to  come.   We  are  currently  at  the   beginning  of  our  fall  swim   season  and  I  want  to  remind  all   swimmers  to  make  sure  you  are   consistently  applying  the   correc$ons  your  coach  is  giving   you.    If  you  focus  on  your   correc$ons  and  good  technique   aspects  long  enough  they  will   become  habits  eventually.    

Make Perfect
  1. Tight streamlines off walls 2. Kick off walls 3. Consistently kick during your stroke 4. Don’t breathe off starts, into finishes, and in and out of turns 5. Have appropriate breathing patterns during swim 6. Extension…swim long Go  Sharks! Jennifer  Thiem

Coach Hillary Schulte

We  have  officially   kicked  off  the  start  of   another  swim  season!  I   am  excited  to  see  many   new  swimmers  as  well   as  all  returning   swimmers.  I  will  be   star$ng  a  "Swimmer  of   the  Month"  award  for   my  group  in  October.   Each  month,  I  will  be   looking  for  a  swimmer   who  is  dedicated,  pays   aMen$on  at  prac$ce,   comes  to  prac$ce  on  

$me,  helps  other   necessary,  but  do  help  a   swimmers  when   lot  at  prac$ce,   needed.    You  don't  have   especially  when   to  be  fast,  just  ready   learning  certain  drills   and  willing  to  ac$vely   and  strokes.   par$cipate  in  our  fun   Go  Sharks! group!   Coach  Hillary   Just  a  reminder:  fins  are   “  I  will  be  star-ng  a   allowed  in  the  Makos   Swimmer  of  the   group  every  Tuesday   and  Thursday.  If  you  do   Month  Award  for  my   group  in  October” not  have  a  pair,  it  is  a   good  idea  to  pick  them   up.  Fins  are  not  

Shark Attack July 4, 2012

4th of July Parade Photos by: Tina Benberg & David Elmore

Shark Attack 4th of July Parade

and R.E.A.L. Meet

R.E.A.L. (Redwood Empire Aquatic League) Meet Santa Rosa Junior College August 3 - 5, 2012