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Unintentional Consequences
Frank Shirvinski
When Jacob and I left Scottsdale for a long weekend in San Diego, we intended to explore the great Pacific kelp beds, practice our underwater photography and maybe chase a lobster or two. As we drove down dust blown I-10, we had no idea that our father-son getaway would end so violently. The sun had set and we were squeezing back into our damp wetsuits, reviewing our dive plan and preparing our gear for the first night dive. Bright halogen lights lit the dive deck and a patch of the blue-green ocean surrounding the stern of the Great Escape. Just as we were finishing, we heard splashing behind us. A school of flying fish arrived to chase plankton and other prey illuminated by the deck lights. Like players on a stage, the fish leap from the darkness into the spotlight, from beneath the waves to soaring above it. A flying fish will whip its tail up to seventy times per second, reaching speeds of 37 miles per hour, to produce enough thrust to leap from its watery home. Once airborne, it spreads its pectoral fins and angles them upward to provide lift. Using updrafts created by the waves, flights can cover 1,300 feet. Yet for all of this power, their movement was simple, elegant and breathtaking. Nearly everyone stopped to watch the seamless transition between sea and air occur again and again. Flying fish are also highly attracted to light. While this attraction creates quite a beautiful spectacle for us, it is also a weakness that fishermen throughout the world have exploited. In some cases, fishermen will simply launch their canoe under the dark blanket of moonless night, light a lantern and wait for the fish to fly right into their boat. As we watched the school dance above and below the waves, illuminated by the artificial light, a new visitor approached hailing from a bit higher on the food chain. A sea lion had suddenly appeared on stage and the flying fish scattered. One fish in particular, dashed madly toward the back deck on the boat. Just as it generated enough thrust to become airborne, we all felt a thud reverberate through the deck rails as the fish slammed into the stern a few feet above the waterline. The escapee fell back into the water but it quickly regained its bearings, turned tail and swam away. However, our sighs of relief were barely released into the night air when appearing from below the boat came the swift moving silhouette of the sea lion. Just when the fish began to accelerate, the sea lion had already made its dinner selection and dove beyond our view. We never intended for this to happen. We came to dive and enjoy the aquatic life surrounding the coast of Catalina Island. However, our mere presence changed to course of history, at least for one flying fish and a sea lion. As we move through life, we are instructed to watch our step, to make the most of the brief moments we are given and to consider the needs of others before our own. However, despite our best intentions, we find ourselves hurting others, making mistakes or causing unintentional pain. Are we innocent because our intentions were altruistic? Is "I didn't see that coming" a sufficient excuse? According to the Torah (specifically Leviticus 4:13ff), the answer is, "No." In ancient Israel, sins committed unintentionally were still considered sins. The pain is still real, the consequence still follow us and regret is as palpable as that left by our intentional actions. Yet, God is aware that despite our best effort, we will continue to bump into each other in unintentional ways. In ancient Israel, sacrifice was provided as a way to handle our unintended actions and their consequences. For us, Jesus taught that forgiveness is to be proactive. Instead of waiting for an apology or for admission of wrongful behavior, we are instructed to forgive, intentionally and proactively. In Matthew 5:23-24 we are taught. "So when you are offering your gift at the altar, if you remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother or sister, and then come and offer your gift." Intentions and blame aside, forgiveness and reconciliation begin with us. In the words of parents across the world, "I don't care who started it." The work of intentional forgiveness is ours to finish.

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“At Chaparral Christian Preschool and Kindergarten we believe that play is a child's ʻwork.ʼ   Children love to play. We believe God created them this way.” 

What Kids Learn Around the Preschool Classroom
At Chaparral Christian Preschool and Kindergarten we believe that play is a child's "work."  Children love to play. We believe God created them this way.  We feel play, both directed and undirected, is a critical component of learning. Play helps children learn new concepts and problem-solving skills in a natural, fun way. It may seem like kids are "just playing" with all the fun and games going on in our classrooms but our students are learning many important lessons. Below are just a few examples of what students learn around the school every day as they play: Book Corner:  Just by listening and watching their teacher read a book, children become familiar with basic literacy concepts, like reading left to right, and what words and letters are. Sometimes, if you walk by the book corner, you'll see preschoolers "reading" by turning the pages and narrating what they see -- a great precursor to real reading. Manipulative Center:  Legos, puzzles, beads and tangrams -- children improve their fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination when they play these games. Working independently also gives them practice problem solving. Sand/water/messy table:  The tools and toys help teach science concepts like cause and effect. Since there's no right or wrong with these materials, kids feel a sense of success when they play with them. Science center:  The class collection of sea shells, a bird's nest, plants or fish tank are great tools for kids to observe living or natural things and learn what they need to grow or why God created them. Other science tools like scales and magnifying glasses allow kids to examine, experiment, predict, question, and problem-solve. Circle time:  Learning to sit patiently, saying good morning, and talking about the day's events is a key part of your child's day. This preschool town meeting gives them important practice for the skills they'll need to master for kindergarten. Art area:  Crayons, markers, safety scissors, glue, paintbrushes and many other materials are all great tools for mastering fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Creativity is a huge part of the art area and children love to talk about their artwork -- it gives them practice with language and self-expression. Block area:  What aren't they learning? Students gain basic math skills when they count them, identify their shapes, and compare their sizes. Building houses, roads, and forts help children hone spatial skills that will be helpful for geometry and physics later on. Dramatic Play/Dress Up Area: Students deepen their understanding of the world and develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Language skills  and abstract thinking are developed immensely as students pretend play with one another. They also practice their social skills here and learn self control and how to cooperate with others. Outdoor play:  It looks like chaos, but all that activity helps kids learn what their bodies can do. Children need to move and experiment to master balance, improve coordination, and develop their muscles. Group activities on the playground also teach kids cooperation and other social skills. Resources: "What Your Child Should Learn in Preschool" at and The Creative Curriculum for Preschool by Diane Trister Dodge


Changing Lanes

by Nick Stavlund

People change lanes for all sorts of reasons. In many cases, people change lanes without changing their direction of travel. You might be driving southbound on highway 51 and move from the far left lane to the middle lane. And yet, you’re still driving southbound. However, in this new driving lane, your perspective and focus has changed. You’re still driving south, but things have slightly changed. There’s a tendency in most organizations, especially organizations that have decades or more of history, to keep doing things “the way we have always done it.” Having grown up in churches, and having been on staff at a few along the way, I have come to realize that this is especially true of churches. What was started in the 80s and 90s worked well in the 80s and 90s, and so we assume it will work well now. In other words, changing lanes is out of the question. We have always driven in the middle lane and we do not like to think about the possibility of having to move to the left lane or right lane. This is one extreme. Now let’s look at the other extreme. I was told a few years ago by a local pastor that most church ministries need to be totally redesigned and/or redeveloped every 3 years. New focus. New theme. New everything. Using our driving analogy: He was talking about getting off the highway, turning around, and even trading in your car for a new motorcycle. This is another extreme. And I have never been a fan of extreme options. One of the major strengths of Chaparral Christian Church is that I am not alone in my quest for finding a way between these two extremes. Doing things “the way we have always done it” is not a proper use of our resources in the present age. And yet, totally redesigning and redeveloping ourselves in radical ways is simply crazy. So, let me share with you two examples of where our Church family has paved a third way forward, a way that blends “the way we have always done it” with “totally redesigning ministry.”

Youth Ministry:

Katy and I are fortunate to have had Travis and Adrienne Armes create a healthy and mature youth ministry prior to our arrival. The foundation has been set, and that foundation will not change. In this sense, we’ll continue to do things “the way we have always done them”: Biblical teaching, honest questions and answers, with heavy parental involvement in the youth ministry. And yet, changes are on the horizon as well. Our youth community is excited to transform the south side of the Forum building into a space totally dedicated to the youth of Chaparral. New games, new resources, and a new space for teens and youth leaders to interact. New events, like the Santa Swim and PB&J movie night, are also on the horizon. This is a fantastic time to be a teen in the youth group at Chaparral. We’re paving the third way. We’re changing lanes while still traveling in the same direction.

CrossFit Chaparral:

This ministry is close to two years old now. CrossFit Chaparral’s focus on physical, relational, and spiritual fitness remains the same, and yet, we’re changing lanes as we speak. Due to steady and constant growth, CrossFit Chaparral has moved from the East Hall to the Commons. This means our Church gets to utilize its second largest building for more than just special events and the Well worship service. It also means that Chaparral is leveraging its current resources even more outwardly, towards the outside community, which means we’re finding new ways to live up to our mission of “being the presence of Christ to our community.” We’re paving the third way. We’re changing lanes while still traveling in the same direction.


All children must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their safety at all times.

At AutumnFest, our whole campus is filled with fun activities especially geared for our preschool through elementary-age children. With face painting, a petting zoo, inflatable games and much more, it is sure to be a night that the whole family will enjoy! Non-Scary costumes encouraged. Chik-Fil-A will be available for a reasonable price. All the games and activities are free! Want to be part of it? We need LOTS of candy to give away as well as trinkets for prizes. Please also plan to volunteer! We need LOTS of hands to make this event the best it can be! Invite family and friends! To find out more, check out our website at

Come Join Us!! Friday, October 26th from 5:30-8:30!

Calling All Adults!
You are invited to

Hosted in the East Hall by our Adult Classes

Chaparralʼs gotTalent

October 21, 11:00 a.m.
We have wonderful adult classes meeting every Sunday during all three worship hours. Those who are happily tied into one of these classes can attest to the fact that a class is one of the best ways to feel part of the Chaparral family. In addition to finding a group of friends, our classes provide sound Bible teaching and healthy discussions. They support worthy ministries in the church and sharing life as we proceed in our Christian journey. Because we think our classes have something very valuable to offer, we invite you to join us for one combined lunch to hear more about the classes offered. (A brief explanation is on the back.) Karla Hostetler is planning a delicious meal that will be served to all in attendance. You will be able to meet the teachers, learn about the character of each class and hopefully make attending a class part of your Sunday morning experience.

Sun., Oct. 28th
Calling all of our talented teens! Show off your stuff this Sunday. See Jackie to get your act on the program.


Christian Family Care Benefit Garage Sale

Friday – Saturday – October 26 & 27
7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. 1,000+ items - Most things $1.00 Baby clothes, bedding, children’s clothes, shoes, accessories, high chairs, strollers, bed rails, toys, car seats, and much more!

Set-up is Thursday, Oct. 25th, from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Volunteers needed to help sort and set up on Thursday and to help at the sale Friday & Saturday! All volunteers will be given 20 free clothing items for generously giving their time!
10175 E. Jenan Dr., Scottsdale, 85260 (near 101 Freeway & East Cactus Rd.) Please call or email to sign up to work a shift or 602 234-1935.

Agents In Action!
Our NEW First Sunday theme was a GREAT hit! Kids learned that we are Special Agents here on Earth to show Godʼs Love to others. Their mission for the month of October is to serve others. Parents, please help your kids remember that in Matthew 20, God tells us to "Be like the Son of Man. He did not come to be served. Instead, he came to serve others. Help your “Agents In Training” find opportunities to serve others in your home, school, and church. 5


MIM Event with the Bell Choir
Sunday, November 18th
Join us for an evening at the MIM! The Bells of Chaparral are hosting a field trip to see the wonderful musical Instruments on display! Everyone is welcome to join! See Jackie Huber for details and to sign up.

Gratitude Guided Labyrinth...Sara Perrine

The Chaparral Labyrinth is the only one of its kind, original design by Frank Shirvinski and later enhanced for Chaparral by its members.

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) celebrates the similarities and differences of the world's cultures as expressed through music, which is common to us all.

The San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation...
...near Globe is not exactly the happiest place on earth. The social problems there will make your head spin. Drugs and alcohol, gang activity, and unspeakable problems within the families contribute to a society that doesn’t feel much hope, and the 77% unemployment rate doesn’t exactly help things. Needless to say, the children suffer the most from this kind of life, and that’s where our friends at Arizona Reservation Ministries (ARM) come in. Four days a week the ARM children’s ministry bus parks in a different neighborhood and brings the message of hope in Christ to the Apache children, where they enthusiastically listen to a devotional message, sing songs of praise, and play games with the ARM staff and volunteers. This fall Chaparral Christian is once again accepting items to fill Christmas stockings that ARM hopes to hand out 2012  CHRISTMAS  STOCKING  WISH  LISTS to every Apache child who wants one. For many, this is                                                                                                                                                   FOR  THE  CHILDREN  AND  TEENS  OF     the only Christmas gift they  T  C  A  T  O THE  SAN  CARLOS  APACHE  RESERVATION   will receive. Please look over   TO  SAVE  POSTAGE,  CONSIDER  SENDING  ITEMS  SITE-­‐TO-­‐STORE  TO  OUR  CLAYPOOL  AZ  WALMART,  OR   the list below and prayerfully MIAMI  AZ  DOLLAR  TREE,  OR  SEND  US  GIFT  CARDS  TO  TARGET  OR  WALMART     SO  THAT  WE  CAN  PURCHASE  SPECIFIC  REQUESTED  ITEMS   consider contributing any of DEADLINE  FOR  ALL  DONATIONS OVEMBER  18TH   these items, many of which THANK  YOU AND  MERRY  CHRISTMAS!   Y   FOR  EVERYONE      E are quite inexpensive. For the S /B     C &   next several weeks there will P   S   be a box in the Narthex for P   S   these contributions and, big I -­‐   E   or small, yours will be greatly C DVD   C D   appreciated! D / -­‐   2-­‐ -­‐1 &   We will be accepting T   I -­‐   donated items until Sunday H   H /   morning, November 18, and S !B -­‐ ; , .     G   FOR  CHILDREN all of our Chaparral B   H / /   H   2-­‐11  YEARS   -­‐1  Y H   contributions will be T   L /   OLD   L :C /R /   M L P   B   delivered to ARM that P P   A F   D P   T C   afternoon. Please feel free to L P S T   F   J   F   contact Sara Perrine or Mike S   H   S   S N   Murphy if you have any C /B   TEENS S     T S B , C   C ( R H ,   D H ),   further questions. -­‐ , , $5.00 W , :       In the meantime, enjoy G   B     H   H   some early Christmas ARIZONA  RESERVATION  MINISTRIES   N   F   B NY, AZ 8435 SOUTH  SIX  SHOOTER  CANYON   shopping for a great cause! E     GLOBE AZ 85501   B     - Michael Murphy WWW.AZREZ.ORG   S  


ratitude ... goes beyond the "mine" and "thine" and claims the truth that all of life is a pure gift. In the past I always thought of gratitude as a spontaneous response to the awareness of gifts received, but now I realize that gratitude can also be lived as a discipline. The discipline of gratitude is the explicit effort to acknowledge that all I am and have is given to me as a gift of love, a gift to be celebrated with joy. - Henri Nouwen New this fall, look for our Gratitude Guided Labyrinth. During the week of Thanksgiving, we will be offering a new guided labyrinth devoted specifically to gratitude. The change of seasons reminds us of what a wonderful opportunity we have to enjoy our labyrinth. If you are interested in walking the labyrinth on a Wednesday evening, let us know and we will make sure the prayer garden gates are open and available to you. Appointments can be made through the church office, or contact Sara Perrine at
































Children’s Christmas Musical


For the Glory of the King
December 2, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. The Commons Presented by Chaparral’s 1st - 5th Grade Students
Cookies and Cider to follow
I believe that the arts offer a positive and unique experience to people of all ages. Through the arts, we are able to see, learn and experience life in a way that is unique to each person. No one experiences creativity in the same way, and I think that this is a huge gift that reflects the creative nature of God our Father. The annual Christmas musical gives our kids the opportunity to see the Christmas story through a different lens each year. By attending, the audience is offered the opportunity for a fresh view as well. Through all of our creative programs, we encourage teamwork, create community, improve self-esteem, experience an appreciation of the creativity God placed in each one of us and discover new ways of looking at Godʼs creation. I love being a part of a Church that knows the importance of this gift. ~Sharon

T aste of Christmas
6:30 p.m. in The Commons

December 4th

Light soup dinner provided. Bring a snack to share, savory or sweet.
I donʼt know who started the Taste of Christmas tradition, but I know that for me, it is the start of Christmas merriment. One reason is probably that it usually falls right AFTER the Childrenʼs Christmas Musical performance, so I can just relax and enjoy the fellowship of other women, along with the joy of eating tasty treats. Come join the women of Chaparral, and me, for an evening of delicious food (soup is provided as a light dinner) and fun entertainment (provided by Chaparralʼs Teen Girl Ensemble). Bring a snack, savory or sweet, to share. Donations of canned goods, cereal and powdered drink mixes will be collected for the House of Refuge, along with cash donations to be applied to the eveningʼs expenses. Funds collected beyond the eveningʼs expenses will be donated to the Teen Choir Fall trip. - Sharon

Entertainment provided by Chaparral’s teen girls!


Follow the Star

December 7th, 8th & 9th Guided Journeys leave every 7 minutes from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Follow the Star is one of the Valley's most unique observances of the birth of Christ.  Presented each year by Chaparral Christian Church, this family event features a huge star suspended high in the sky.  Costumed guides introduce their travelers to the storied characters of Christmas, including the Angel, the Shepherds, the Kings and the Inn Keeper.  Finally, after a tense encounter with King Herod the travelers arrive at the manger, where Mary cradles her real live Baby Jesus.  The Church campus is transformed into the countryside leading to Bethlehem as Chaparral's Adult, Teen and Children's Choirs sing the glorious music of Christmas.  Many people come back year after year to experience this lovely event.  Last year, our guides led over 1300 travelers, half of whom were children.   Your journey will follow the luminaria lit path, look heavenward to receive the Angel's message of hope, and pass carefully by the demanding King Herod and his noble steed.  Then peek inside the stable to where Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are resting.   We invite you to make this unique evening part of your Christmas.

Follow the Star

Bells of Chaparral and its Health Benefits!
Over the next few months you will hear the festive ringing of our Bells of Chaparral. I thought I would share with you some new findings from the National Institute of Health. In a recent study, they found that hearing the vibrations of live handbells slashes anxiety by up to 60%. "The sound permeates throughout the body and forces the mind to focus on just that one thing," explains Debbie Mandel, author of Addicted to Stress.  "And that produces a state of relaxation." No wonder we include bell ringing in so many of our seasonal celebrations. Our hope is that we can help you find joy and peace in the coming holiday season! - Jackie Huber

Saturday, December 15
For over 20 years our amazing Stained Glass Teen Choir has been delivering Christmas Carols to, among other places, nursing facilities, fire stations, privates residences, office parties and group homes. For many of the recipients, these are the only carols they hear during the Christmas season.   All donations go to support our Teen Choir Spring Trip.


CFCA Christmas Gift Donations
een aparral has b ditionally, Ch Tra n of the collectio generous in   hugely d Angel Tree. ts for CFCA an the 110 gif ssive to this impre only commit We our people ifts because number of g f Christ in e presence o love to be th ep up to and always st e community be th a blessing to allenge.  What the ch t gift God's greates able to share to a total ing of a gift rough the giv th ng a k you for bei ranger.  Than st time to love y who takes Church famil on others! - Shar and care for

Pick up tags November 4th & 11th.   Gifts due back November 18th.

It has become a Chaparral tradition to partner with Christian Family Care Agency (CFCA) to provide Christmas presents for children in foster care in the Phoenix area.  We will once again offer the congregation the opportunity to purchase a Christmas gift for a child in foster care.  We will be sponsoring fifty children again this year.  Many thanks to Alice Doughty, who has headed up this ministry for a few years, and her husband, Chuck, who has been the happy chauffeur, delivering gifts to CFCA by Thanksgiving so that case workers may deliver the gifts to families before Christmas.  If you would like to help Chuck and Alice in any part of this endeavor, please contact Sharon Dufort for more information.

Angel Tree -

article by Gwyn Gill

Dates: Pick a tag Sunday, November 25th or December 2nd   Gifts to be returned by Sunday, December 9th Where: The Sanctuary Narthex (Sanctuary services) and the back of the Commons (The Well services)
Angel Tree is an annual project at Chaparral.  We provide Christmas gifts to children who have a parent in prison.  I have headed up the project since 2000, but this is very much a joint effort with Mary Cartwright's Thursday Morning Bible Study.  Without all their help it would be impossible.  We have about 60 children for whom we provide gifts.  When we get the information, we call each caregiver and ask if it is ok to purchase gifts, find out what they need (each child receives a toy gift and a clothing gift, usually around $20).  This year each child between seven and fifteen years old will also receive a special Bible, provided by Angel Tree and Tyndale House Publishing.  It is called the "You are Loved Bible."  I am very excited that we can give this extra gift this year.  Hopefully we can put some type of label in each Bible, or write a note to tell that the gifts came from Chaparral Christian Church.   Thank you for wanting to know more and helping to spread the word.  This is a very rewarding experience and most of the families are so appreciative.  Many of the children do not get much at Christmas, and this is a great way for us to share the Good News with them.  It also helps them feel that they are not forgotten by their father or mother who is in prison.   Each year Church people ask when we will have the tags out.  This is a great ministry opportunity that many people use as a family project.  One year, one of our children's Sunday School classes adopted a child, which was neat.  If anyone would like to be involved in this project, either by helping to make phone calls, stand at the sign-up table on a Sunday morning, or deliver the presents the week of December 16th, please contact Mary Cartwright or Sharon Dufort at the Church Office.  They would love to help you get involved!


Chaparral Christian Church
Invites you to come unwrap Christmas with us.

Christmas Eve Services
Family service especially for children, 5:00 p.m. Candlelight services 6:30, 8:00 and 11:00 p.m.

Family Service
Our Family Service is one designed with children in mind! Join us at 5:00 for a 45 minute interactive story which comes to life with characters who tell of the coming of Baby Jesus!

Advent Series
Christmas at Chaparral beautifully shares the hope and love we have in the Christ Child. Our Advent series, Wrapped, will look at the God who seemed “wrapped” and hidden from his people but revealed himself the greatest gift of all through the nativity..

This service will keep your children excited about the TRUE meaning of Christmas! Music is lead by our children’s choir and children are involved in reading Scripture, too.


Youth Fall Calendar!
Keep up with events and youth happening at Go to the youth page under ministries!

There will be no Sunday evening program since Katy and Nick are both out of town. Enjoy your Sunday night!

Luminaria Assembly! Come help assemble our beautiful luminaria bags. We'll meet in the East House in the morning and get as many bags put together as we can.

December 1
Remember all of those luminaria bags we'll be assembling? Well, now it's time to beautify our campus with them! Nothing says, "It's Christmas-time at Chaparral" like our luminaria, but we need your help putting them in place. We'll meet at the East House in the morning and get them set up all over campus.

Teen Talent Show! You don't have to be in Teen Choir to show us your talent. This will be from 6-7:30 in the Commons

Santa Swim and S'mores! Dress up in your best Santa gear and take a swim with us; once we're done shaking we'll whip out the s'more fixings and hang out around the fire pit. More details to come.

"The Hobbit" comes to theaters!! We'll be getting a group together to go see this Lord of the Rings prequel. More details to come when we get closer to the premiere date.

15 25
PB & J Night! In place of our usual Sunday evening youth program, we'll be having PB & J Night! That's Pajamas, Blankets and Just about everything else. Wear your pj's, bring a blanket to donate to a shelter. We'll be watching a movie and munching on snacks together.

Carol-o-grams.. Teens! Come sing and spread Christmas cheer!

Join us for our Youth Group Christmas Party! We'll meet at the Stavlunds' and have a White Elephant gift exchange (time to be determined).

We are planning a trip to Fellowship Square, a community center for senior citizens. Come sing carols and visit with the residents there. This will be an afternoon outing and we will meet at the church to carpool. More details to come.


6451 E. Shea Blvd Scottsdale, AZ 85254



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