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====================================== Mobiola® Video Studio Copyright (C) 2007, Warelex LLC ====================================== October 2007 ======== Contents ======== About Mobiola® Video Studio Hardware

and software requirements Installing Mobiola® Video Studio Uninstalling Mobiola® Video Studio Getting registered Contacting Us

=========================== About Mobiola® Video Studio =========================== Mobiola® Video Studio is a multi-purpose application which includes video conversion and file management capabilities. Video converter allows users to convert video files into format suitable for playbac on device`s native pla yer. File manager allows to effectively transfer and manage files on mobile hand set. ================================== Hardware and software requirements ================================== Device requirements: - Before using an application, please ma e sure that you have one of the devices from the following list of different mobile device ma ers: No ia Sony Ericsson Motorola Blac Berry Windows Mobile Sony PSP - If your device is Blac Berry or Motorola you should notice that memory card is important for direct upload functionality. PC system requirements: - Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 operating system. - Installed latest version of No ia(Sony Ericsson) PC Suite for No ia(Sony Erics son) or Microsoft ActiveSync for Windows Mobile devices. - 10 MB of free hard dis space on PC. ================================ Installing Mobiola® Video Studio ================================


In order to start installation double-clic

at MobiolaStudio.exe and










You will need to use registration ey in order to wor with full http://www. If you have already installed Mobiola® Video Studio application on your ================== Getting registered ================== You are free to use trial copy of Mobiola® Video Studio for 15 file zlib http://www. We will process your purchase and send you the registration ey by openssl http://www. then right clic on the tray icon of Mobiola Studio and select =========================== Free Binary Components Used =========================== Name: Homepage: License: Name: Homepage: License: Name: Homepage: License: Name: Homepage: License: FFmpeg http://www. You will need to type this ey into the "Registration code" field in the Registration screen of Mobiola® Video Studio WWW forum: http://www. You can buy the application on-line at http://www.haxx.zlib.html    http://www.openssl. If you decided to purchase Mobiola® Video Studio application.haxx.follow the directions provided by installation wizard.warelex. ================================== Uninstalling Mobiola® Video Studio ================================== To uninstall Mobiola® Video Studio select Start->Programs-> Mobiola® Video Studio-> Uninstall And clic Uninstall to start uninstallation process. ============= Contacting Us ============= If you have any questions or comments about Mobiola® Video Studio feel free to contact us at: WWW: E-mail: support@warelex.chm" document. For step-by-step instructions please reffer to "Installation Manual.html libcurl http://curl.gnu.