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Octorara Area Junior/Senior High School

Octorara Area Senior High School – Grade 9-12 Center
226 HIGHLAND ROAD, ATGLEN, PA 19310-1603 Phone: 610-593-8254  Fax: 610-593-4945 
Scott S. Rohrer, M.Ed. Jr./Sr. High School Principal Clifford J. Blantz, M.Ed. Assistant Principal Jonathan Propper, M.Ed. Assistant Principal James Bankert, M.Ed. Assistant Principal of Athletics and Virtual Learning

October 12, 2012 Dear Parent(s), As most of America is aware, recent events in our country have enhanced our anxieties and increased our levels of alertness. Although we are unable to predict the time or location of a crisis event, the preparation for such a situation is paramount. The “bomb threat” received at Octorara Area Senior High School yesterday is a prime example of the concerns we face daily. However, I must admit the extreme pride I have for the students, staff, and law enforcement agencies in this community who reacted in an exemplary manner. It is my intent in this letter to explain the events that unfolded Thursday. We received a “bomb threat” which resulted in a building response. We notified our local law enforcement agency and initiated a plan to address the situation. Upon consultation with local law enforcement agencies and district administration, we implemented a procedure necessary to conduct searches utilizing police canines both Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. These searches were conducted without incident and the buildings were cleared by the local authorities. Unfortunately, I cannot say with certainty this type of incident will not occur in the future. However, I can assure you that we will review recent events, identify gaps, and continue to take the necessary steps to maintain a satisfactory level of preparedness. We consider the safety of your children our greatest priority. Individuals connected with this incident will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please take time to commend your children for their cooperation and understanding. Their support, along with our dedicated staff helped calm a difficult situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the high school via the main number: 610-593-8254. Brave Pride,

Scott S. Rohrer Principal
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