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Kingfisher Mild

Company Overview
The beginnings of what is today The UB Group are rooted in the flagship company, United Breweries Limited, (UBL) also referred to as the Beer Division of the UB Group was established in the year 1857 by Mr. Thomas Leishman , in the year 1983 Dr Vijay Maliya became the chairman of the UB group Kingfisher beer is an Indian beer brewed by United Breweries Group. With a market share of over 36%, it is India's largest selling beer, with 1 out of every 6 bottles of beer sold in India being a Kingfisher brand. It is currently available in 52 countries outside India. Heineken Group, holds 37.5% equity shares in United Breweries Ltd

Kingfisher mild is a beer which comes under the category of Creamy Ale( it’s a highly carbonated beer that is produced by a combination of Ale and lager.& Pilsner( a type of lager beer, it is light with 3.0 - 3.8% alcohol and has a medium hp flavour).The product is priced at 75 INR (subjective to state laws and excise duties)

Market Players:
Major players in the alcoholic beverages market - United Breweries (UB), SAB Miller, Shaw Wallace (Calcutta), Jagajit Industries (Kapurthala, Punjab), Mohan Meakins(Solan, Himachal Pradesh), Associated Breweries & Distilleries (Mumbai)

Fghting competition in Beer market:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. SAB Miller: Hayward’s, Royal Challenge, Knock Out, Foster Anheuser-Busch: Budweiser Carlsberg (South Asian Breweries) Heineken (Asia Pacific Breweries) Castle Lager Cobra

SWOT Analysis:

brand ambassador) Wide spread distribution channel Weakness:  Highly Priced which allows brand switch Opportunities     Growing youth population Per capita income growth Changing culture Global market expansion Threats     Government policies Increase in tax Competition from competitors Social and political pressure Distribution Network The distribution channel is as follows: Factory Distributor Vendor Consumer .advertising .promotion .    Kingfisher is the market leader in the alcohol category Strong brand name of parent company 360 degree marketing (sales .hoarding.

in bulk quantities. When the product reaches the vendor. stores and distributes it.The Company appoints a distributing agency which is the sole distributor of the beer in the respective area. Sales Trend (Last 3 years) UNITED BREWERIES Sales Turnover 140 120 100 SALES 80 60 40 20 0 Sales Turnover Mar'10 Jun '11 Jun '10 Mar '11 Jun '09 Mar '09 Sep '10 Sep '09 Dec '10 Dec '09 Source: http://www. In fact. The stock is delivered from the factory to the distributor and then. A distributor may have more than one brand of liquor. it becomes the responsibility of the distributor to distribute the product in the Dec '08 Sep '08 . He acts as the retailer. this method is generally adopted for distribution of all types of liquor. This is the chain of distribution followed by UBL for Kingfisher.moneycontrol. The distributor acts as a wholesaler as he buys the product from the Co. The distributor appoints several salesmen to sale the product by doing field work. he sales it from his shop by method of counter sales.

0).Rs 8.200 cr (US $ 1907 million) . over 2003-05. as against 20 litres in China.0.a. 100 litres each in USA & Germany . annually The largest selling Beer in India which commands a 29% market share in the country in the overall liquor sector In the beer segment the company hold a market share of about 50% ( including both strong and mild beers) .Market size: Market share COBRA 9% Others 5% Other UB 21% SAB Miller 36% UB Kinfisher(only) 29% Although it’s a government regulated market yet. Five States. Tamil Nadu (9.6) account for 63% of total beer consumption and top 10 States for 85) Per capita beer consumption in India .5 litres.industry in India which has grown at 5.3).54% p. Andhra Pradesh (18. & Rajasthan (5.2). Maharashtra (16. Several parts of India are showing much higher growth rates. this is a well developed .0). Karnataka (9.

and spectacular growth in strong beer of 36% (against a market growth of 16%) Throughout the country 6 bottles of Kingfisher are sold every second it has as wide reach on global platform the brand is available in 52 countries across the globe www.kingfisherworld. The mild beer segment has witnessed a growth of 13% (against a market growth of 9.4%).com .UBL commands a market share of around 40% with 67% of the market share in the mild beer segment and 27% in the strong beer segment.