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Details of service selected? The topic selected is “One-stop solution for facilitating all extra-curricular activities in Schools”.

Scope of Service:

Robotics Workshop Other Extracurricular activities

Quiz Contests

Knowledge Sessions

Dance Shows

Yoga Training

Target market: In short term: All schools in metros starting with Delhi. In long term: Most of the schools in metros and Tier-1 & 2 cities.
Why a group has selected a particular service? We felt that this service of facilitating and organizing extra-curricular activities at school level is something which is unexplored and has a great potential. This service will not only help our business but will also benefit the schools that do not have the necessary infrastructure and vision to carry out such activities.

What is the need of this service? Facts: • • One in three school children found unfit physically either due to overweight or malnourishment. K 12 Segment schools plagued by its own set of problems. Lack of infrastructure Teacher Absenteeism Out dated Curriculum As per 2011 data, Market size of K12 segment is 43.6Billion USD. This has the potential to grow up to 141.7 Billion USD by 2020 at a CAGR of 14%. Majority of Indian schools don’t have idea regarding what to impart as part of extracurricular curriculum.

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Role of extra-curricular activities in shaping a student’s education:

Development of competitiveness Being competitive means the student tries his best to compete with the other students in order to be the best. Competition is one of the aims of extra-curricular activities. Sports, arts and crafts, writing activities, quiz bee, musical activities, math skills, etc. are some of the extra-curricular activities in school where students could prove their worth. If a student joins one of these groups his goal is to try his best in order to outdo the other students in the group. Extra-curricular activities develop the competitiveness in the student which helps in shaping his education. Development of skills and talents Extra-curricular activities help develop and enhance the skills and talents of a student. The student is allowed to choose a field where he is good at and also love doing. The activities provide the student tools that he can use to further enhance his skills and talents. Intensive training for excellence Some extra-curricular activities need intensive training to achieve excellence especially if the extracurricular activities are aimed at competition. Excellence is the goal when joining a competition which is good because the student would be trained to develop his mental capabilities and other skills and talents. Social awareness enhancement Extra-curricular activities aim to teach the students to be socially aware of their environment. They are taught good values as they interact with different individuals. They are exposed to different types of individuals which help them understand other people better and also develop their personality traits.

Personality Development When a student joins extra-curricular activities, he develops a lot of personality traits because he has to adapt to different people and different situations. Joining extra-curricular activities will also help the student develop self-esteem, fairness, sportsmanship, discipline and responsibility. These traits are developed because the students must deal with different activities, situations and individuals. Extra-curricular activities are very helpful in shaping the education of the student but just like other things, it must not be too much because if the student concentrates and spends more time on extra curricular activities his studies will be affected.

Robotics Workshop: The schools generally do not have the infrastructure to train the students on Robotics. So for this course they only cover the theory part which does not add much value to the students. We will have the necessary infrastructure like kit for robotics and will arrange the practical training for the students. Quiz Contests: We will be organizing quiz contests in schools. Though the schools do organize quizzes on their own; but our purpose of organizing quiz will be to prepare students for national level contests.

Dance Workshop: We will be organizing dance workshop to train students for national level contents. Yoga Training: We will give yoga training to the students. Knowledge Sessions: We will be organizing knowledge sessions for the students.

What is the value addition – how are we going to add value to the service offering? This is an unexplored idea. So whatever we will be doing will be a value added service. This will help in better curriculum content delivery Indian Schools. In the long run, with more extension of services, these will have potential to revolutionize Indian education systems.

What are the benefits to stakeholders? Schools which go for this service will be able to provide better curriculum with less cost thereby gaining competitive advantage over others in the market segment. Benefit for Customers (Schools):

Reduced expenditure on infrastructure for development and implementation of Extra Curricular activities. Better Customization options. All round development of the students

Benefit for Consumers (Students) Development of skills and talents Intensive training for excellence Social awareness enhancement Personality Development