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In the name of Allah, thanks be to Allah, and prayers and peace upon the prophet of Allah… Furthermore

, This is a clarification and explanation to the confusions of some regarding the article “Do not consult anyone in killing the Alawites” Excuse me for the delayed clarification and the article. We have been busy at war with the Crusader allies in Afghanistan, wa Allah Al-Musta’an. Firstly: Some of our honorable brothers – and they are few based on my experience – that the article calls for strictly killing the Alawites. This is how the article’s title appeared to them – even if the title inspired that. Whoever takes the time to reflect on the article would realize that I specifically mentioned killing fighters from that sect as well as supporters of the Nusayri regime whether by voice or by action. This specification is the clearest statement in the second article, which was approved for publishing. Keep in mind that the vast majority in this Kafir sect is fighting Muslims today. I am here to clarify those details and provide an explanation for those who were confused by the article’s contents. I am not calling for the killing of children, women, and elderly. The Mujahidin are the most merciful people among people. This excludes people who support the killing of Muslims either through their opinion or by directly fighting with them. A citizen should discuss treating them the same way they are treated – which means dealing with the Nusayri Alawites the same way: By spilling the blood of our children, elderly and women without discrimination – This article has no home, but you will find those details in the books of Fiqh if you want to know more. Secondly: Allah has willed that an unapproved version be sent for publishing - a draft of this article – to the blessed brothers in Al-Ansar. That was the version published it on the net and the ultimate decision before and after, is only with Allah. Thirdly: Based on that clarification, I approve what is mentioned in this attached article. This explanation consists of the purpose of the article and what is meant by killing the Alawites. I have specified them among others who fight Ahl al Sunnah today, because their Kufr is deeper and more fatal to the Muslims. They are people of authority, power, and government. May Allah disgrace them, and I ask Allah to reserve us from mistakes and errors. Your brother Abu Ubaidah / Abdullah Al-Adaam 15 Shawal 1433 A.H.

It is no longer a secret, and everyone can see, the crimes committed by the Nusayri Alawite gangs against the unarmed weak of Ahli Sunnah in the blessed Sham from killing, displacement, violation of honors and plundering of money. This is happening while the whole world watches and listens along with its Muslims who are providing no support, and its Kaffirs who provide blessings for these Tartarian massacres against Ahli Sunnah. This is no surprise since it is the blood of Ahli Sunnah which are despised by all the nations of Kufr on Earth. Words don’t mean much against the ponds of blood and rhetorical speeches won’t stop the bloodshed of Ahli Sunnah. The truth has no support by force and it negligible. Iron is only furrowed by iron. This is the balance between defense and preservation of nations, as well as the establishment of states. O’ Ahli Sunnah… the wars, experiences and trails have taught us that the sword is only repelled by the sword and the bloodshed is only stopped by bloodshed. There is a lifetime for retaliation O men of understanding, lest you may fear Allah. The sons of the Nusayri Alawites sect that fight Allah, His messenger and believers have realized the formula. They used the sword against your sons while showing no mercy to child, elderly, man or woman. This has been the custom since the existence of this Kafir sect. They have been a thorn in Ahli Sunnah’s side throughout their unfortunate history, a sword for the Kuffar to strike Islam and its people, and an aid to the occupation of Muslim lands. Their crimes against Islam are too many to be identified or recognized. This combatant sect ruling the people of Islam by force needs to be confronted with a sword; and only the sword to break that thorn and humiliate them so they can stop their vice. So my Sunni Muslim brother, do not consult anyone in killing every Alawite who has reached adolescence and shown signs of their puberty, as long as he is fighting Allah and His messenger, and as long as he supports his tyrant Bashar by sword or by tongue. Indeed, killing them is an obligatory right in order to defend Ahli Sunnah who are oppressed in the land. So kill them wherever you find them. Lie in wait for them in every ambush and don’t show any mercy towards them. Their blood and money is permissible. When Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah rahimahullah was asked about this surreptitious Nusayri Alawite sect, he said: “These people named "Al-Nusayriyyah" along with those Qaraamitah and Baatiniyyah are greater disbelievers than the Jews and Christians. Nay, they are greater disbelievers than most of the mushrikeen (polytheists from other than Ahl ul-Kitab). Their effects on the Ummah of Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, is greater than the harm of disbelievers at war with Muslims, such as the Tatars, disbelieving Europeans and others. They present themselves as supporters and advocates of Ahl ul

Bayt in front of ignorant Muslims. In reality they do not believe in Allah, His Messenger, His Book, Allah’s orders, prohibitions or rewards, punishment, paradise or fire, nor in any Messengers before Muhammad, sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam. They don’t believe in any prior religions. Rather, they take the words of Allah and His Messenger, known to Muslim scholars, and they interpret them and fabricate content, claiming that their interpretations are "Intrinsic Knowledge (Ilm `ul-baatin):” Something like a meaning within a questioner’s words, and others like it. They have no limits to their claims to atheism relating to Allah’s names and the Qur’an. They fabricate Allah’s words and the words of the prophet salla Allah ‘Alayhi wa sallam. Their intent is to deny faith and Islam’s Shari’a in every way. They act like there are truths to these matters that they know based on the questioner’s meaning.” When rahimahullah was asked about them in other countries he said: “Those “Druze” and “Al-Nusayriyyah” are Kafirs by consensus of all Muslims. It is not permissible to eat from their slaughtered animals or marry their women. Moreover, they reject the obligation of the Jizyah, so they are apostates and are not Muslims, Jews or Christians. They also reject the obligation of the five daily Salah, the fasting of Ramadan, performing Hajj or prohibiting what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited such as carrion (flesh of dead animals), wine and the like. They are Kafirs even if they pronounce the two Shahadahs (testification of faith) while maintaining these doctrines and this is agreed upon by Ijma’ (consent of all Muslims).” And he rahimahullah said in his speech about the Rafida: “The fanatics – from the Rafida sects – are killed according to the consensus of the Muslims. Those are ones who believe in the divinity and prophethood of Ali among others like the Nusayria and Ismailis who are called: the family of Saad and the family of Seen. They are those who join them from Al-Mua’tila, deniers in the existence of the creator, the day of judgment, or Sharia: Praying five times, fasting the month of Ramadan, and performing Hajj. Their interpret that by knowing their secrets and concealing them while visiting their sheikhs. They believe alcohol is permissible and incest is acceptable. So all these are Kuffar more than the Jews and Christians. If their hypocrisy is not apparent they belong in the lowest stage of the fire and others who show their hypocrisy are the worst kinds of Kuffar. They cannot be allowed to live among the Muslims, pay the Jizyah, or have a Dimmah. It is not permissible to marry their women or eat their food because they are the worst kind of apostates. If they were a forceful sect then fighting them is obligatory just like fighting the apostates, and just like Al-Siddeeq and the Sahabah fought the followers of Musaylimah the Lair. They can live dispersed among Muslims after repentance, and made to adhere to the rituals of Islam that are obligatory of the Muslims”.

Fighting the Nusayria, eradicating them and ending their existence takes precedence over fighting the original Kaffir Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah rahimahullah said in the (Majmu al-) Fatawa: “Undoubtedly, waging jihad against these Nusayriyah people and carrying out the haad punishments against them is one of the greatest acts of obedience and most important obligations. It is better than waging jihad against those Mushrikeen and people of the Book who do not fight the Muslims. Waging jihad against these people comes under the same heading as waging jihad against the apostates. Abu Bakr AlSiddeeq and all the Sahabah started with jihad against the apostates before they engaged in jihad against the Kuffar of the people of the Book. Jihad against these apostates is a means to protect the lands that are already under Muslim rule, and to deter anyone who wants to apostatize. Jihad against the Mushrikeen and people of the Book who are not fighting us is an additional manifestation of the power of this religion.” Protecting capital takes precedence over making profit. Moreover the harm that these hypocrites cause to the Muslims is greater than that caused by the Kaafirs. Their harm on people’s faith is more than the harm caused by Mushrikeen and people of the Book at war. For their great Kufr and harm on Islam there is a dispute in accepting their Repentance. Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah rahimahullah said: “If they repent, there is a dispute in accepting it between the scholars, who accepted their repentance if they adhered to the Islamic Sharia and allowed their property to remain with them. And those who didn’t accept it didn’t transfer it to their heirs from the same group, since their money is given to Bayt Al-Mal. If these people admit defeat they show repentance because one their basic fundamentals and doctrinal beliefs include Taqiyya (religious dissimulation) and concealing their matters. There are some that know that and some who don’t know. So the solution is to be cautious around them, that they aren’t left in a group, are prevented from carrying weapons, and shouldn’t be among the fighters. They are to adhere to rituals of Islam: Praying five times and reading the Quran.” These Fatwas were written about them, and were written when the thorn of the Alawites was broken, their banner inverted, their Fitnah suppressed, their humiliation well-known and their harm repelled. So how is it today when they used their swords against the necks of Ahli Sunnah infants, owned money, power and authority and they went too far to humiliate the Muslims? They took advantage of

every opportunity for injustice and criminal acts using the sword with vanity, conceit and arrogance. They pay no regard to relationship ties or the covenant of a believer. Those are the assailants. O’ people of Islam history is repeating itself and the Alawite Kaffirs are reliving their ancestor’s history. They are following their exact traditions. What we see, watch and hear today about the acts of the Nusayria against Ahli Sunnah makes us remember the early ancestors of this Kaffir sect. The Hafiz Imam Ibn Kathir Al-Demashqi, may Allah have mercy on his soul, describes their crimes: In 717 A.H. the Nusayria dissented, among them was a man they called Mohammed bin Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi, executor of Allah’s will, and sometimes he claims to be Ali ibn Abi Talib, the originator of the heavens and the earth. Allah is higher than what they say. Sometimes he claims that he is Mohammed bin Abdullah master of the land and then seeks to declare Muslims Kuffar, and that the Nusayria are right. This man controlled the minds of many of the senior misguided Nusayris, and he gave every single one of them One Hundred Thousand and many lands and posts. They attacked the city of Jableh and entered it and killed some of its inhabitants. They rose from the city saying: There’s no god but Ali, no Hijab but Mohammed, and no door but Salman’s. They cursed the two sheikhs (Abu Bakr and Omar). The people of the land shouted “O Islam! O Sultan! O Amir!” at the time they didn’t have a supporter or rescuer. They cried and supplicated to Allah Almighty. That misguided man gathered money and distributed it among his comrades and followers may Allah smite them, and he said to them the Muslims no longer exist or have a state. He said even if he only has ten men we would seize all the lands, and he called in that land that he only takes the tithe to incite people to like him. He ordered his followers to destroy mosques and turn them to pubs. They would tell the Muslims they imprison: Say no god but Ali, prostrate to your god Al-Mahdi who gives life and death so that he preserves your blood, and write a decree to you. They readied themselves for “great things”, but the military was sent to them and they were defeated and many of them were killed. Their source, Al-Mahdi, was killed and on the Day of Judgment he would lead them to their fiery torture. O Ahli Sunnah this was your enemy’s situation, and it is the situation of the enemy of Allah and your enemy who assaults your blood, honors and property today. Their hearts are the same and they have united to violate your blood and honor. History is repeating itself so don’t show any mercy or compassion towards them because they don’t deserve it. They are the ones who began the slaughter, and you have to know that killing them is an act of worship to Allah. So take the initiative to gain may Allah support you.

Your situation today O’ Ahli Sunnah is either be a killer or get killed. So be the killers with aid of Allah, they have shown their fangs, their evil deeds, and what has been concealed in their hearts and for the massacres in the villages of Ahli Sunnah. Their draw closer to their false gods with your blood because they see you as more Kaffirs than the Jews and Christians. So don’t give them the chance and let them be the defeated, may Allah aid you. The blood of every combatant Alawite Nusayri shed today on the land of Al-Sham equates to the preservation of the blood of ten children, women and elderly of Ahli Sunna; Those who are oppressed in the land and have no one who supports them. I don’t think that any of the Kuffar of the earth are more worthy of implementing the ruling of Allah (Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush) 5 Surah At-Taubah, (And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out) 191 Surah Al-Baqara, than the Kaffir Alawite Nusayria in Syria of Al-Sham. So brother, don’t consult any brother of Islam in killing them wherever you find them since their blood is a worship that draws you closer to Allah. O’ Ahli Sunnah, you have to realize that the battle on the lands of Al-Sham is between Kufr and Iman, monotheism and Shirk, and those who worship Allah and those who worship Bashar. Some of his people have said that their worship Bashar, may Allah smite him. Only look at this battle from the perspective that it’s between Kufr and Islam. Based on that, fight, may Allah grant you victory. Be informed that when the brothers declared war against this current organization it was a defeat for Ahli Sunnah and Alawite injustice with three contracts. They wanted to illuminate and degrade you. It would have been better for the brothers back then to declare it a war between Ahli Sunnah Muslims and the Kafir Alawites. If Allah had wished it so, you would be in a situation where your blood is shed and honor violated. History is a reflection in the mirror of today and is filled with wisdom for those who study it. You have to know O Ahli Sunnah that the Kuffar of the East and West will never extend a helping hand to you. This Alawite Nusayri sect throughout history was the secure coast that the Tartar and Crusaders sought to invade the land of Islam. Every time Kufr invades the land of Islam, this sect paved the road, provided supplies, and was its entrusted supporter. As the Sheikh Al-Islam said: “It is known to us that the Syrian coasts were seized by the Christians, and they have always been an ally to the enemy of the Muslims. Since they are with the Christians against the Muslims they regard Muslims conquest of the coasts as a disaster and the defeat of the Christians. In fact, their greatest disaster was the victory of Muslims against the Tartars.