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Seminar Report ’03

Bio Chips

A Seminar Report on

Submitted in the partial fulfilment of the Requirement for the award of the degree


Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Yatendra Kumar


Dept. of CSE


MESCE, Kuttippuram

That would be a major loss of privacy. In comparison. The biochip system is radio frequency identification (RFID) system. a plastic surgeon in private practice in Florida. Kuttippuram . normally a small battery. But there is a flip side to this! Such biochips could help agencies to locate lost children. a biochip can perform thousands of biological operations. INTRODUCTION Most of us won’t like the idea of implanting a biochip in our body that identifies us uniquely and can be used to track our location. using low-frequency radio signals to communicate between the biochip and reader. BIOCHIP DEFINITION A biochip is a collection of miniaturized test sites (micro arrays) arranged on a solid substrate that permits many tests to be performed at the same time in order to get higher throughput and speed. Dept. in a few seconds. It is a passive transponder. Daniel Man. o o o o computer microchip antenna coil capacitor glass capsule. Typically.1 The transponder The transponder is the actual biochip implant. such as decoding genes. 2. The transponder is the actual biochip implant. a biochip’s surface area is not longer than a fingernail. The biochip-transponder consists of four parts. between reader and biochip is small.Seminar Report ’03 Bio Chips 1. 3. The reading range or activation range. meaning it contains no battery or energy of its own. normally between 2 and 12 inches. IMPLANTED SYSTEM The biochip implants system consists of two components: a transponder and a reader or scanner. of CSE 2 MESCE. Like a computer chip that can perform millions of mathematical operation in one second. an active transponder would provide its own energy source. downed soldiers and wandering Alzheimer’s patients. holds the patent on a more powerful device: a chip that would enable lost humans to be tracked by satellite.

Kuttippuram . provides the necessary energy (less than 1/1000 of a watt) to “excite” or “activate” the implanted biochip. The reader also carries a receiving coil that receives the transmitted code or ID number sent back from the “activated” implanted biochip. This all takes place very fast. via radio signals. The reader also contains the software and components to decode the received code and display the result in an LCD display. The reader can include a RS-232 port to attach a computer.6 The reader The reader consists of an “exciter coil” which creates an electromagnetic field that.Seminar Report ’03 Bio Chips 3. Dept. in milliseconds. of CSE 3 MESCE.

decodes and displays the ID number on the reader’s LCD display. The reader and biochip can communicate through most materials. of CSE 4 MESCE. electromagnetic field.7 How it works Bio Chips The reader generates a low-power. Kuttippuram . The reader amplifies the received code. except metal. BIOCHIPS CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPMENT o o o o o o o o .Seminar Report ’03 3. The reader must normally be between 2 and 12 inches near the biochip to communicate. converts it to digital format. Chips that follow footsteps Glucose level detectors Oxy sensors Brain surgery with an on-off switch Adding sound to life Experiments with lost sight BIOCHIPS IN NONINFECTIOUS DISEASES DNA BIOCHIPS Dept. in this case via radio signals. which “activates” the implanted biochip. 4. This “activation” enables the biochip to send the ID code back to the reader via radio signals.

of CSE 5 MESCE.Seminar Report ’03 Bio Chips Dept. Kuttippuram .