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Chartered November 21, 1948

Adopted May, 1992 Last amended March, 2012
The Constitution of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and the Chi State Standing Rules are the basis of the rules of the Beta Delta Chapter. The purpose of these rules is to define more clearly the operation of this Chapter. I. Chapter Name The name of this Chapter shall be Beta Delta Chapter, Chi State Organization, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. II. Purposes A. The purposes of the Beta Delta Chapter shall be the seven Purposes of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and those of the Chi State Organization. B. The Chapter is dedicated to fulfilling the International Mission Statement: The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

III. Membership
A. Classifications a. An active member shall be a person who is employed as a professional educator or has been retired from an educational position. An active member shall participate in the activities of the Society. b. A reserve membership shall be granted only to a member who is unable to participate fully in the activities of the Chapter because of physical disability and/or geographic location. i. Reserve members are required to pay membership dues of $45.00 per year. c. An honorary member shall be a person not eligible for active membership who has rendered notable service to education or to women and is elected to honorary membership in recognition of such service. This member does not have to live in the Chapter area. i. Honorary members shall have all duties and privileges of active members except holding elective office.

B. Prospective members should be invited to meetings prior to being submitted for membership. C. A minimum of one signature is required to propose a new member for initiation by signing the Recommendation for Invitation to Membership form and submitting it to the membership chairman no later than one month before the members vote on the candidates. D. Summaries of the biographical information for each person proposed for membership are mailed to the members or distributed at the January meeting. E. The members vote on those recommended for initiation. a. The election of active members shall be by approval of a majority of the ballots cast by those present at the general meeting. b. The election of an honorary member requires a four-fifths (4/5) vote. F. The president formally invites those approved for initiation to accept membership and to attend an orientation meeting in March. G. New members are formally initiated at the April meeting. H. Memberships may be terminated for non-payment of dues and/or fee by the November 1st deadline. The Chapter Treasurer will notify a delinquent member of this Constitutional provision. I. The Chapter President's newsletter mailed before the June, September, and October meetings should remind members of the date for dues. J. A request for resignation must be in writing. K. The Recording Secretary shall record in the Chapter or Executive Board meeting minutes the name of any member whose membership is terminated. The record should include the reason and date of termination. L. A former member may be reinstated to membership by the Chapter receiving the request without a vote. M. Regular attendance of all members should be encouraged. N. Transfer members are accepted without a vote and may become a part of the Chapter at any time.

IV. Officers
A. All officers must be members of the Society. B. The elected officers shall be: 1. President Represents the Chapter at the Chi State Convention Executive Board meeting Receives all correspondence for the Chapter from the Chi State Office Presides at all Board meetings and regular monthly chapter meetings

Prepares an agenda for each meeting Appoints a Chapter treasurer and parliamentarian Is responsible for monthly newsletter Co-signs all checks for Chapter expenses Represents the Chapter at all Area meetings Acknowledges gifts made in memory of a deceased member by notifying the members family and thanking the person who made the gift Keeps a file of the minutes and treasurers reports for each meeting to be passed on to her successor

2. First Vice-President Is a member of the Chapter Executive Board Assumes the duties and responsibilities of the President when she is unable to attend an event Is the program chairman for the Chapter Conducts the yearly planning meeting for the programs for the following year (usually at the June meeting) Attends all Chapter board meetings 3. Second Vice-President Is a member of the Chapter Executive Board Assumes the duties and responsibilities of the President if the First Vice President is unable to attend an event Is the membership chairman for the Chapter Works with the chapter members to increase membership Has the new member forms available for Chapter members Collects the new member forms before the January meeting Prepares the list of new members for the January meeting Conducts the election of new members at the February meeting Participates in planning the Orientation meeting in March Works with the Ceremonials Chairman to plan the Initiation Ceremony in April 4. Recording Secretary Is a member of the Chapter Executive Board Takes minutes at all board and regular monthly Chapter meetings Sends a copy of the minutes to the Chapter President and the Chapter Treasurer within two weeks of the meeting The minutes are signed by the Secretary and the President and kept in the Secretarys book.

5. Corresponding Secretary Is a member of the Chapter Executive Board Reads all correspondence at the board and regular monthly Chapter meetings Serves as the Courtesy Chairman for the Chapter, sending out cards to members for illness or bereavement B. The Treasurer shall be appointed by the Chapter President. Prepares a yearly Chapter budget that is presented first to the Executive Board and then to the Chapter membership for approval The yearly budget must be approved before November 1st. Collects dues from all the members Prepares yearly reports for Chi State and International Presents a treasurers report at the regular monthly Chapter meetings Gives copies of the treasurer's report to the President and Recording Secretary at the monthly meetings Manages the checking account, savings account and investment CDs of the chapter with the consent of the membership Submits for annual audit the accounts of the Chapter Maintains a record of receipts, bills and bank statements. C. The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the Chapter President. Is an ex-officio member of the Executive Board Serves as an advisor to the Chapter President, the Executive Board and the Chapter membership in matters pertaining to interpretation of the International Constitution, Chapter Standing Rules and parliamentary procedures D. The Executive Board shall consist of the Chapter President, First and Second Vice-Presidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Immediate Past President. The Parliamentarian shall be an ex officio member. The Treasurer may vote, if she does not receive remuneration. A quorum shall be a majority of the voting members of the Chapter Executive Board. There shall be at least two meetings of the Executive Board each year. E. The Chapter President or her designated committee will publish a monthly newsletter. F. The term of office for each officer shall be two years, starting July 1 of even-numbered years.

G. The election of Chapter officers shall be prior to the State Convention so that the President-elect may attend the Chi State Executive Board Meeting. H. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. As an ex-officio member, she has a vote. I. The Beta Delta Chapter shall govern the conduct of its business in a manner consistent with the Constitution, the International Standing Rules, The Chi State Organization Bylaws, the Chi State Organization Standing Rules, and the Beta Delta Chapter Standing Rules.

V. Finances
A. Annual dues shall be determined by vote of the Chapter as needed. 1. The current dues are $90. a. The Chapter keeps $23.50. b. The Area receives $3.50. c. The state and international receive a total of $63.00. Dues $59.00 Scholarship $ 1.00 Publication fee $3.00 B. All dues shall be paid by October 15 each year so the Chapter Treasurer will be able to mail her completed report to Chi State before the end of October. C. Participation in extra fundraising activities shall be strictly voluntary. D. The Chapter shall assist in payment of expenses for the President and/or President-elect to attend the State Convention. E. Financial records must be audited every year. F. A yearly budget shall be approved by the Executive Board to be presented to the members at the September meeting. G. The Chapter will pay the initiation fee to the state for each new member. H. The Chapter will purchase and present membership pins to each new member at the time of their initiation. I. The Chapter has allocated a budgeted amount has been set aside for the registration of prospective members for the joint meeting in October and also the Area Event in the spring. J. The Chapter will offer scholarships to members to attend state, regional and international conventions. (as funds are available)

VI. Committees
A. Each active and honorary member shall be appointed to at least one committee, to serve from July 1 through June 30 of oddnumbered years (a two-year term). Officers and reserve members shall not be restricted from serving on appointive committees.

B. The Chapter shall have the following standing committees: 1. Budget and Finance Prepare the budget Conduct and secure an annual audit Make recommendations for investments and banking 2. Membership Work with the Second Vice-President on recruitment, orientation and initiation Prepare the Necrology report Conducts memorials for deceased members at a regular Chapter meeting 3. Historian Keeps a scrapbook of the Chapter activities Shares the scrapbooks with the Chapter members 4. Scholarship and Grants a. Recruitment Grant 1. Establishes the guidelines for eligible students 2. Is responsible for distributing applications to local teacher training institutions for student teachers eligible to receive the annual grant of $1500 (as funds are available). 3. Screens the applications and chooses an annual recipient of the Recruitment Grant b. Incentive Grant 1. Establishes the guidelines for the grant which will be given to currently employed educators with one to five years experience (as funds are available) 2. Screens the applications and chooses a recipient (or recipients) for the grant c. Keeps the membership informed of all International, Chi State and Area scholarships available to them and the due dates 5. World Fellowship Keeps the membership informed on International World Fellowship students studying in the state of California Provides information to the membership about World Fellowships 6. Legislative Committee Adopts a legislator Communicates with the legislators and includes them as guest speakers Encourages participation in Legislative Study Sessions

Keeps members informed of pending legislation Gives a report at every regular Chapter meeting

7. Directory Organizes the information for the publication of our annual directory Distributes the directory to all members starting in September C. The Nominations Committee shall be elected every other year to prepare a slate of candidates for officers. 1. The Nominations Committee: Will be formed in November Elected in December Present the slate of officers in January Voting will take place in March. 2. There will be five members of the Nominations Committee. D. Committee preferences should be elicited by the Chapter President by April and committee assignments announced in June so all committee members may participate fully in the activities of the next two years. E. Ad Hoc committees shall be appointed when needed.

VII. Areas of Activity

A. Monthly meetings are held from September through June on such dates as shall be determined in the June planning meeting. 1. The calendar of the meeting dates and programs will be reviewed by the Executive Committee during their summer meeting. 2. The calendar of the meeting dates and programs will be distributed to all members in the summer before the September regular meeting. 3. There will be at least four regular meetings annually. Business is to be conducted at each of these meetings. B. All business meetings shall be governed by Roberts' Rules of Order. (current edition). C. A quorum for a Chapter Business meeting will consist of one-third of the active members. D. Traditionally Beta Delta Chapter meets once a year with the Eta Eta Chapter. Responsibility for program planning and location is rotated between the Chapters. E. A vote on any motion must be approved by 2/3rds of those in attendance. However, if the membership has been notified by mail about pending motions, a simple majority is all that is needed.

F. One member of the Chapter will be honored in January for Distinguished Service to the Chapter. This member will be selected by the committee of previous recipients of the Distinguished Service Award and recognized with an award.

VIII. Amendments
A. Standing Rules may be amended or revised as necessary. B. All amendments or revisions will be presented to the membership in printed form and must be approved by a 2/3 votes of the ballots cast. C. Any member of the Chapter may propose amendments to these rules. D. Two official copies of these Chapter Rules shall be kept by the Chapter President and the Recording Secretary. E. A copy of the revised Chapter Rules shall be sent to the Chi State Bylaws Committee for review.

IX. Traditions of Beta Delta

A. Money for the President's pin will be included in the Chapter budget and the pin will be presented by the First Vice-President to the President at the beginning of the first year of her tenure. B. The Corresponding Secretary will send cards to members who are ill, in the hospital, or have suffered bereavement. C. The Necrology chairperson will present a memorial ceremony when an active, honorary or reserve member of Beta Delta dies. D. When a member resigns from Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, she may no longer wear any Delta Kappa Gamma pin or other insignia of this society. The pin should be returned to the Chapter. E. When a Chapter meeting is held in a member's home, the hostess provides the home and beverage; the hostess' committee for that date provides all the other refreshments and is responsible for setting up and cleaning up.

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