King Kong

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King Kong is an interesting adventure film which was released in 1993. King Kong was directed and produced by Merian C. Cooper who was an American aviator, United States Air Force. Merian C. Cooper passed away in April 21, 1973. This movie was also directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack who was an American motion picture cinematographer, director and also a producer. Ernenst C. Cooper also passed away in December 23, 1979.

Plot King Kong is about a group of people that went on an adventure to an island called Skull Island. In this island is where the film maker Carl Denham who is an independent film director will be shooting a film and the actress in this film is called ‘Ann Darrow’. When arrived in the island they noticed that they weren’t alone and they arrived in a process of a female being scarified to a huge animal they call King Kong which was a huge, giant gorilla. As the people of Skull Island spotted the Americans they realized the Americans had a woman who was beautiful and blonde, never seen on that island before. Ann Darrow was then captured by the people of Skull island and they offered her in scarifies to the great King Kong. After Ann Darrow has being captured by the huge monster, King Kong was trapped by her beauty. At this situation King Kong protected and fought any dangers or other creatures that were in attempt to attack Ann Darrow e.g. Dinosaurs. The Film director and he’s crew went in search for the huge monster that captured Ann Darrow. In the process most of the men died whilst been attacked my huge animals and creatures, but no matter what the danger was, Jack Driscoll didn’t give up the search of his lover Ann Darrow. Ann Darrow wad then found and taken away from King Kong by Jack Driscoll, the monster was then angry and infuriated on the face that Ann Darrow was taken. This mighty went on a rampage on finding the beautiful woman and destroying anything that gets in its way. During this process then came an idea to Carl Denham to capture the beast and ship it back to America for the people to see and witness. Whilst in America with the beast, King Kong gets loose in anger and captured Ann Darrow for the second time, climbing up the empire state. This was where King Kong fell to its death as it was being shot by planes and it also slowly released Ann Darrow on the building as it had no strength to protect her. The film then ends with Carl Denham saying “Oh, no it wasn’t the airplanes it was the beauty killed the Beast”.

During this movie there were some fascinating paintings and effects that were used in this movie. As the image shown below for its era they didn’t have the modem equipment that we have today to create wonderful scenes but yet they still manage to wow the audience. The image shows the wide jungle that the King Kong was present in, as we can see the scene actually looks as if the people are in the wild.

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The fight scenes were also good for its era, even though they are fight scene where it is noticeable of the projection; the team still worked hard is pushing the visual effects and the motion capturing “O'Brien and his collaborators (including RKO's legendary visual effects artist Linwood Dunn and sound man Murray Spivack) show Kong in battle with two dinosaurs, a giant snake, a flying reptile and a Tyrannosaurus rex. Later, in New York, he will climb to the top of the Empire State Building and bat down a biplane with his bare hand.”(Rorger Ebert)

Some race might find this movie disturbing in the sense of its racial content when a white blonde woman was capture by bunch of black Africans for sacrifice. The scenes also shows the people of the village dancing round in circles “In other words, blacks were presented as the stereotypical good natured, fearful, stupid, lazy characters who loved to dance and sing, and who provided laughs and entertainment for white audiences.” (David N. Rosen).
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King Kong also contains discrimination in the aspect of that era when women weren’t common in attending huge task or work “as if at the very height of the popular feminist movement it was necessary to try to puncture it, remind women of their proper place in the world, as sexual objects.”(Maryann Johanson). In conclusion this movie was interesting to watch, had emotional sense and also showed how CG artiest from that era worked hard to produce the best.

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