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Minutes of Meeting
Draft for acceptance at Next meeting

Meeting No. 7, 4
October 2012 at 7.30pm CWA Hall, 30 Dequetteville Tce. Kent Town

1. Welcome
In attendance: Tony Bainbridge, Paul Davies, Steve Goble, Ian Janzow, George Jook, Kevin Dunn,
Denis Eblen, Roger Jeffery, Ian Winton.
Guests : Chris Thomas and Jon Emmett (DEWNR).
Apologies: Nick Dubrowsky, Wade McDonald, Jason Jeffery, Connor Rice, Gary Flack and Brenton
Schahinger(RFSA), Sean Sloan and Mehdi Doroudi (PIRSA).
2. Nomination of Chair & Note Keeper
All participants were welcomed. Roger Jeffery was nominated as Chair for the evening and George Jook
as Note keeper. Unanimously agreed.
The Meeting was opened at 7:35pm
3. Review/Accept Minutes of Previous Meeting
The draft minutes from the previous meeting on 4
September were accepted as a true and accurate
record of that meeting.
4. Correspondence In/Out.
No correspondence tabled.
5. MPA Discussion
Chris Thomas (State Manager of MP Implementation) and Jon Emmett (Project Manager for Western
Region MPs) gave a brief introductory statement, the salient points being that the Management Plan
implementation process is finally reaching the end and it is anticipated it will all be concluded and
implemented by the end of the year.
They then requested elaboration on areas of concern from the present members; a Q&A and discussion
session ensued with input from various MFA members on the following matters;
What steps have DEWNR been taking to maximise public awareness of the remaining MP
implementation process?
DEWNR - advertising in the Sunday Mail, maintaining a presence at shows, distributing literature to
relevant businesses such as tackle shops.
MFA response - suggested a facilitation of an ongoing dedicated Departmental internet forum on the
matter, stressed that education and publicity was still paramount, suggested enhanced RFSA/DEWNR
Landbased fishing in SZs.
DEWNR – stated that from their perspective it is a complex area given all the different types of extractive
activities, difficulties with reconciling issues such as recreational vs. commercial cockling.
MFA response – LB fishing restrictions likely to have a significant impact on visitor activities but LB
fishing has a relatively low extractive impact, significant areas of SZ coastline are effectively inaccessible
anyway, signage and enforcement issues, permitting rod-and-line fishing at the very least would resolve
most of the potential angst.
Concern over future modification to HPZ size and permitted activities.
Metropolitan Fishers Alliance
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DEWNR – handed out a draft Q&A sheet, emphatically stated that any amendments to HPZ size or
permitted activities have to be carried out via a full management plan amendment process as provided
for in the Marine Parks Act 2007. Any Act amendments or Regulation changes are to comply with this
requirement and need the subsequent assent of both Houses of Parliament.
Thus, even Regulations pursuant to the Act require the processes laid down in the Act itself to be
followed, it would not simply be a matter of amending Regs to change any permitted activities.
MFA response – suggested that a formal publicity sheet with a DEWNR logo/letterhead on the draft flyer
provided to the meeting would be advisable as an added public information tool, slight wording
amendments suggested to remove the potential for vagueness and ambiguity.
Displaced Commercial Fishing Effort.
DEWNR – stated that it is the intent to buy-out any commercial effort rather than have it displaced.
MFA response – added that latent licences/effort would have to be addressed as part of that process.
Vehicular beach access/transit in SZs.
DEWNR – stated that the same principle would apply to vehicles on SZ shorelines as boats within SZs,
i.e. it would be “no take” and not “no go”.
Possibility of enhanced freshwater bodies access as offset/compensation for loss of marine access.
Offsets generally.
DEWNR – a complex area but any Draft Management Plan review period submissions (with the 22
October deadline) are the best vehicle for any such suggestions in the first instance due to specific
relevance to the current MP implementation project.
MFA – noted that opening the Port Stanvac jetty to recreational fishing would be very much perceived as
a demonstration of genuine goodwill in terms of such an “offset”.
A requested explanation of the Marine Parks Council role, composition and level of input to the MP
- Composition is basically a political and legislated construct, covered by the MP Act.
- Appointments to the council are a ministerial decision, from a nominated list of candidates.
- Any council decisions/recommendations are based on a negotiated intra-council agreement rather than
straight voting on any given matter.
- The Council provides an advisory role to the minister as part of a tripartite input, also including the
Scientific Working Group and DEWNR.

IanW thanked Chris and Jon on behalf of the MFA for their attendance and input.
6. Break
7. Shark Fishing Restrictions
Discussion on the paper was deferred to the next meeting, hook sizes and the extent of the tackle
restriction areas were mooted as being the two major items to be addressed.
It was noted that there has been no approach to the MFA from any LB metro shark-fishers, thus without
their input it is difficult to address any matters other than pushing for more realistic and reasonable hook
sizes for all other fishers who target species other than shark, whether land based or boating close
8. Port Stanvac jetty recfishing possibilities
A hypothetical but achievable scenario was suggested where it could be in the interests of the SA
government to accept payment from the refinery owners in lieu of that same money being spent on
demolishing the jetty to comply with returning the area to its original state. A portion of the funds could be
Metropolitan Fishers Alliance
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spent on modifications to ensure the facility is suitable for public access, the remainder being set aside
for ongoing maintenance. This would make it a cost-neutral exercise for the government and value-add
to any future redevelopment in the vicinity.
A no-fishing area on the outer portion of the jetty, in conjunction with an associated aquatic reserve (i.e.
similar to Noarlunga jetty) would provide for general tourism, fishing and conservation, thus generating a
win-win all round. This agenda item requires more information gathering before proceeding further at this
9. RFL Foundation Statement MFA/RFSA
The joint working group has drafted a foundation statement for RFL implementation. PIRSA have been
advised of the groundwork and have expressed an interest in having a representative from their
organisation involved in the joint WG also.
10. Other matters
1. Snapper Management Position Paper has been drafted and ready to be imminently made formal. The
essence of the MFA position is unchanged; the only minor modification suggested is the replacement of
specific dates (based on the PIRSA draft position) with generic date periods.
It has been indicated by PIRSA that an announcement on the final Snapper Management changes is
“imminent”; they are obviously unable to elaborate further for procedural reasons.
2. A point was raised regarding the recently announced Possession Limits for KGW in relation to
(a) the lack of transparency pertaining to the methodology behind the 7kg weight limit for fillets, and
(b) what would be the best contact avenue to attempt to obtain this information.
11. Nomination for Facilities Organiser for Next Meeting
Next meeting to be arranged via group email contact.

The meeting was closed at 10.20pm
NEXT MEETING (tentatively late October, TBA)
CWA Meeting Room, 30 Dequetteville Tce. Kent Town