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Plug-In Relays Micro 280 Relays


Catalog 1308028-2
Revised 2-2009

– Limiting continuous current 20 A at 85°C – 2.8 mm quick connect terminals (per SAE J1744)

Customized Versions on Request
– Integrated components (e.g. resistor, diode) – Special marking

Typical Applications
Cross carline up to 20 A for example: – ABS control – Blower fans – Cooling fan – Door control – Door lock – Fuel pump – Heated front screen – Immobilizer – Interior lights – Seat control – Seatbelt pretensioner – Sun roof – Trunk lock – Valves – Window lifter – Wiper control Please contact Tyco Electronics for relay application support.

– ELV compliant – Dustproof; protection class IP54 to IEC 529 (EN 60 529)

Quick connect terminals per SAE J1744; coil and load 2.8 mm dual in-line

All parametric, environmental and endurance tests are performed according to EIA Standard RS-407-A at standard test conditions unless otherwise noted: 23°C ambient temperature, 20 - 50% RH, 998.9 ±33.9 hPa. For general storage and processing recommendations please refer to our Application Notes and especially to Storage in the “Glossary” page 23 or at appnotes/

Approx. 20 g (0.7 oz.)

Nominal Voltage
12 V

All technical performance data apply to the relay as such, specific conditions of the individual application are not considered. Please always check the suitability of the relay for your intended purpose. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for not complying herewith. We recommend to complete our questionnaire and to request our technical service. Any responsibility for the application of the product remains with the customer only. All specifications are subject to change without notification. All rights of Tyco Electronics are reserved.


All specifications subject to change. Consult Tyco Electronics for latest specifications.

For a load current duration of maximum 3 s for a make/break ratio of 1:10.8 ±0.5 V for 12 V.035 8.15 16. 107 operations >1x operations 20 A.5 15. See chapter Diagnostics of Relays in our Application Notes page 31 or consult the internet at http://relays. 14 V / 10 A. 14 V NO contact/NC contact The values apply to a resistive or inductive load with suitable spark suppression and at maximum 13. 250 mV max.25 TE2122-F2 7.25 2.tycoelectronics.2 ±0.1 ±0.5 ±0.8 ± All specifications subject to change.Plug-In Relays Micro 280 Relays VJ28 Catalog 1308028-2 Revised 2-2009 Dimensional Drawing 22.0 ±1. switching voltage/power Max. Consult Tyco Electronics for latest specifications.0 ±0. 14 V 6 operations per minute (0.0 ±0. Typ. > 1 x 105 operations 20 A.1 Hz) 105 12 V 10/20 A NC/NO 15/25 A 10/20 A 5 /8 A NC/NO 30/90 A 15/30 A 200 mV max.0 11.825 ±0. switching rate at nominal load 1) 2) 3) 12 V 20 A 25 A 20 A 8A Silver based See load limit curve 90 A 30 A 1 A at 5 V 200 mV max.5 25. further information on request) Max.5 0. recommended load 3) Voltage drop (initial) NO contact at 20 A NC contact at 10 A Mechanical endurance (without load) Electrical endurance (example of resistive load.25 View of the Terminals (bottom view) Contact Data Contact configuration Circuit symbol (see also Pin assignment) 1 Make contact/ 1 Form A 1 Changeover contact/ 1 Form C Rated voltage Rated current Limiting continuous current 23°C 85°C 125°C Contact material Max. switching current 1) On 2) Off Min. 93 .

Consult Tyco Electronics for latest specifications. Mechanical Data Cover retention Axial force Pull force Push force Terminals Pull force Push force Resistance to bending. 10 0. force applied to front Resistance to bending. 94 All specifications subject to change. arc extinguished (normally open contact) for resistive loads.5 1 2 3 4 5 7 10 12 20 Switching Current (A) Circuit Diagram AR 1 Make contact/1 Form A with Resistor CR 1 Changeover contact/1 Form C with Resistor 85 87 85 87 87a 86 30 86 30 Coil Data Available for nominal voltages Nominal power consumption of the unsuppressed coil at nominal voltage Nominal power consumption at nominal voltage with suppression resistor Test voltage winding/contact Ambient temperature range Operate time at nominal voltage Release time at nominal voltage 1) 1) 12 V 1.4 W 1. .6 W 500 VACrms –40 to +125°C Typ. force applied to side Torsion Enclosures Dust cover Weatherproof cover 1) 150 N 200 N 200 N 100 N 100 N 10 N 1) 10 N 1) 0.3 Nm Protects relay from dust. 2 ms For unsuppressed relay coil.3 mm. Note: A low resistive suppression device in parallel to the relay coil increases the release time and reduces the lifetime caused by increased erosion and/or higher risk of contact tack welding. the terminal must not have moved by more than 0. 5 ms Typ. For use in passenger compartment or enclosures Mates with VC28-1003 connector. When the force is removed. Values apply 2 mm from the end of the terminal.Plug-In Relays Micro 280 Relays VJ28 Catalog 1308028-2 Revised 2-2009 Load Limit Curve ECR2121-7 75 60 50 40 10 0W 20 0W 0W 25 32 0W Switchning Voltage (VDC) W 40 30 20 Safe breaking.

0.Plug-In Relays Micro 280 Relays VJ28 Catalog 1308028-2 Revised 2-2009 Environmental Conditions Temperature range. Relay will make. Standard Delivery Packs (orders in multiples of delivery pack) VJ28: 600 pieces All specifications subject to change. 0. 5 s 70 A.4 14. carry and break the specified current.tycoelectronics. Coil suppression suffix: S01 for 12 V (680 Ω parallel resistor).70 Hz NC contacts 0.2 Must Release Voltage (V) 1.5 mm double amplitude 70 .com/appnotes/ Relevant standard Testing as per Dimension Comments 1. storage Test Vibration resistance Refer to Storage in the “Glossary” catalog page 23 or http://relays.2 Allowable Overdrive 1) Voltage (V) at 23°C at 85°C 20.0 m (3. 95 .5 s 120 A. Current and time are compatible with circuit protection by a typical 20 A automotive fuse.1 s internal external Shock resistance Jump start Drop test Flammability Overload Current 2) 1) 2) FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.9 Allowable overdrive is stated with no load applied and minimum coil resistance.27 mm double amplitude 10 . Including parallel resistor. Consult Tyco Electronics for latest specifications.40 Hz Valid for 5 g constant 40 . Ordering Information Part Numbers (see table below for coil data) Relay Description Part Number VJ28-91F24-S01 VJ28-95F24-S01 0-1432257-1 0-1432223-1 Circuit/Contact Arrangement AR/1 Form A CR/1 Form C Contact Material AgSnO2 AgSnO2 Enclosure Dust Cover Dust Cover Coil Suppression 680 Ω resistor in parallel 680 Ω resistor in parallel Coil Versions Coil Resistance 2) ±10% (Ω) 86 Coil Data for VJ28 VJ28-**F**-S01 3) 1) 2) 3) Rated Coil Voltage (V) 12 Must Operate Voltage (V) 7. 1800 s 40 A.500 Hz significantly higher Half sine wave pulse 20 g No change in the 11 ms switching state > 1 ms 24 V for 5 minutes conducting nominal current at 23°C Capable of meeting specifications after 1.28 ft) drop onto concrete UL94-HB or better (meets FMVSS 302) 1) 27 A.100 Hz NO contacts are 10 g constant 100 .