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Volume 3 Issue 12

Oceaneering Family Network

December 2011



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Training on Mr. Char lie through Attila Cseh’s Eyes.

Farewell to Mike Dupont, an Oceaneer
2 “It is with deep sadness and a profound sense of loss that I announce the passing of our friend and colleague, Mike Dupont. Mike lost his battle with cancer today and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. We all feel extremely lucky to have had him in our lives and to have known and worked with Mike over the years. He has been inspirational and influential in so many ways and on so many lives. The kindness he exhibited to all, and his sense of what was right, will be sorely missed.”
Pat Mannina, Vice President and General Manager Americas Region, Written on 11/30/11

David K Lawrence vice 3 president and General Secretary New Hire Orientation 10 24 11 New Hire Orientation 11 7 11 A+ to the Orators of Orientation James Hotard’s Patri otic Employer Award “Speaking Of Excellence” December is Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month Lyn’s Going Green “Color your Work space Pink” Thank you from Am ber Wilson December Calendar December Events and Festivals Oceaneering Cookie Swap Peppermint Meringues

The following is a copy of “A Time My Family Will Never Forget”. It is a poignant thank you note, written by Mike, to his friends and coworkers, that may give everyone a small idea of why Mike was loved and how much he will be missed:
“Too often during our lifetime we never realize the people whom really care about us or our family before our life ends; I have been given the opportunity to know just this...I realize more now than ever who my friends are and how much they care about me and my family. Terry and I are at a loss for the perfect words to say in regards to everything this OII family has done for us during this very difficult time in our lives. No matter what I say, how I say it, or how many times I say it, there will never be enough words, ways, or times to express how fortunate my family and I feel because of what has been done in an effort to help us. All the benefits (plate lunch fundraiser, raffles, the "First Annual Dupont Classic") held for our family have reinforced what I knew all along...Oceaneering is more than an employer or a friend to their employees, Oceaneering is family. It doesn't really matter how financially successful the benefits were, what has astonished our family is how many fellow employees, vendors, and fam ily friends gathered their forces together to help us. Terry and I would love the opportunity to thank each person and company one by one if a list of vol unteers and supporters could be compiled without the chance of forgetting anyone. Please pass this message of gratefulness to everyone involved so they can know we are very thankful and fortunate for all they have done for us. Those of you who were not able to attend the golf tournament, your behind the scene contributions are appreciated by my family and I too. I do have one last request, please continue to do the "Dupont Classic Golf Tournament" once a year, but allow the profits to be used to help others. I thought we could possibly come up with a type of scholarship for local high school graduates. I am confident that no matter what the money is used for, it will be greatly appreciated by the recipient(s) just like my family and I are. I would also like everyone to know that even though I had to go back in the hospital the same night of the benefit, in no way was my attendance at the event a contributing factor for my relapse. This is just something I have to endure because of this type of cancer. Having the opportunity to be there and see for myself the fruits of your efforts was well worth any discomfort I might have had. Again thank you for all that has been done for our family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. ps. I have heard nothing but compliments about the "First Annual Du pont Classic" golf tournament. Everyone involved should be proud that their efforts were recognized not only because of the benefit, but also because of how well the tournament went on without any problems. Great job on first...hopefully not the last..."Dupont Classic".”






Mike Dupont

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Training on Mr. Charlie Through Attila Cseh’s Eyes
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Not many people who have seen or even worked on the Mr. Charlie can claim to see beauty in the older training rig. Attila Cseh, a new ROV employee, who has a talent with a camera certainly does. Attila’s images of the Mr. Charlie and the surrounding area, show that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. His gift of seeing beyond the ordinary and capturing those images on film surprises all of us who see the same thing a little differently. 1) Morgan City Railroad and Highway bridges, 2) Mr. Charlie’s Support Struc ture, 3) the Clipper Patricia, 4) Detail “MR CHARLIE” , 5) Pushboat on Atchafalaya River 6) Mr. Charlie’s Draw works, 7) 2011 PAT CLASS, . First row: Nicholas M. Sensat, Attila Cseh, David D. Mullis Jr, Raphael S. Paul, Brian W.
Ridgell Second row: Lewis W. Rivers III, Walter G. Starr, Lawrence A. Welch III, Mark W. Neese, Chad B. Allen, Mazisi Parkes, Michael Tandoh, Ansel J. Orr, Leight Olson, Jasin Thomas, Glenn V. Gambino


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David K. Lawrence Vice President and General Counsel and Secretary
Oceaneering International, Inc. announced on 11/14/11 that its Board of Directors has elected David K. Lawrence as Vice Presi dent, General Counsel and Secretary of Oceaneering, effective January 1, 2012. Mr. Lawrence joined Oceaneering in June 2005 as Assistant Gen eral Counsel and has served as Associate General Counsel since January 2011. He has over 25 years of experience as an attorney. George R. Haubenreich, Jr., will retire as General Counsel and Sec retary of Oceaneering, effective January 1, 2012. Mr. Haubenreich will continue to serve Oceaneering for a transitional period there after as Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel. Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications. Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense and aerospace in dustries.
Wycliffe, Jean. Oceaneering International, Investor Relations, Press release #1096,

New Hire Orientation -10-24-11
Front Row, Left to Right: Mac Kennedy Diving, Hailey Gilmore DTS, John Lumpkin ROV, Herbert Ibert ROV, Scott Laurent ROV, Toby Dodd ROV, Craig McEntire ROV, Jennifer Arnette Inven tory, Anthony Landry ROV, Donald Holmes ROV,. Back Row, Left to Right: Torry Powell OPG, Donovan Favre OPG, Dean Delahoussaye OPG, Jacob McDon ald OPG, Kevin Sparkes ROV, Joshua White OPG, Aaron Beauchamp OPG, Jeremy Gilcrease OPG, Gregory Udulutch ROV, Jeffery Koestler OPG, Mark Pace ROV, Brian Palmer ROV, Christopher Sparks ROV, Clay Wilkins ROV

New Hire Orientation -11-28-11
Please make welcome five new employees to Oceaneering from the Novem ber 28th Orientation group. Back row– Jay Sanderson– ROV, Ricky Gran– ROV, First row—Trey Arceneaux– OPG, Clarence Venett Jr. –OPG, and Bran don J. Charpentier– OPG.

A+ to the Orators Of Orientation

Angie Russo

Cheryl Dorsey

Ambre Wilson

Karen Tarry

Kellie Mahaffey

George Williams Elaine Trahan

Leslie Rutledge

Lyn Klein

It is often said that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Understanding this, Oceaneering has a number of friendly, informative speakers to help new employees get their bearings, get informed, and get trained on those first few days of their employment at Oceaneer ing. Orientation provides a series of classes that provides all the information a new employee Mike Dangerfield needs to get initiated into the OII family. From their first “sign in” at the desk with Angie Russo in the main office, or Danielle Andrews, at the desk in Training, to their last class with IT– Larry Trox clair, Mike Dangerfield, or Shannon Bailey, each member of the Orientation team strives to make those first few days an easy transition. So here is a great big thanks, and “a pat on the back” to the all those friendly, informative people who are involved in making orientation an entertaining, educational, and easy transition. Here are just a few who participated on 10 24 11– Orientation: Time/Expense Elaine Trahan/Leslie Rutledge, HSE Amber Wilson, HR Cheryl Dorsey, Payroll John Warnken Karen Tarry, Quality George Vrooman and Gordon Arceneaux, IT– Mike Dangerfield and the Family Network Lyn Klein. Also Pictures are Kellie Mahaffey and John Warnken –Welcome and Introduction to Oceaneering Int.

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James Hotard receives the Patriotic Employer Award
Mike Broussard, a Louisiana representative of the Em ployer Support of the National Guard and Reserve, (ESGR) came to Oceaneering to award James Hotard the prestigious Patriotic Employer Award. The National Committee for Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve conducts the awards program de signed to recognize employers who support a strong National Guard and Reserve force. James Hotard qualified for the recognition when Oceaneering employee, and Reservist Hanson Brousard (E5 Commo Tech, of the C 256 BSTB LAANG, Iraq 2010 ) wrote to the ESGR, informing them of the support, leadership, and personnel policies that sup ported him during his participation in the Reserve.

Pictured left to right, is Hanson Brousard, Mike Broussard, and James Hotard

“Speaking of Excellence"
We have all had moments where our values and beliefs have been put to the test. The choice once made leaves an impression. How do we maintain and stay true to those values Excell and beliefs? This can be a tough issue. One year ago Oceaneering introduced the Owning ence Excellence Mindset program to 75 Oceaneers in Morgan City. It was a great day filled with the kinds of ideas which cause people to rethink the status quo and enable those in the room to ask “What If?” again to gain clarity. One year later, many more have gone through the Owning Excellence Mindset Program and our mindsets are now as non negotiable as quality and safety. In addition, we have many Pathways to leadership graduates in our midst poised to mentor throughout the ranks of management. This is a short clip of many “Speaking of Excellence” notes, but open the book “Stomp the Elephant in the Office” and you will be amazed at how you see situations today. We have embarked on a great mission to build our Wellness Culture. May we always remember to celebrate along the way success both small and great. It all adds up and speaks of excellence. Here is an opportunity for all to share those forward focused ideas and experiences with a larger audience. Simply send your write ups to and the OEMLMT (Owning Excellence Mindset Local Management Team) will get them pub lished.

Oceaneering Life Cool Pics : Saturation Diving
This is a picture of Oceaneering Saturation Divers/Welders welding a Castellation Sleeve on one of five X Braces re placed on a hurricane damaged platform in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information on saturation diving visit the Oceaneering website look under projects .


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December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month
According to USA Today, more than 1.5 million people were arrested in the United States last year for driv ing drunk and at least that many are estimated to have driven under the influence of drugs. Drunk and drugged drivers con tinue to haunt our roads and high ways causing more than 17,000 Americans to die each year; in 2003, 17,013 people died in an alco hol related traffic crash. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, impaired driving will affect one in three Americans during their lifetimes. In an effort to increase community awareness, December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month. First started in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan, this national holiday has experi enced increased community sup port and continues to promote safer streets on a daily basis. National Commission Against Drunk Driving Statistics: 41 percent of all traffic crashes are alcohol related. Nearly 600,000 Americans are injured in alcohol related traffic crashes each year. Someone dies in an alcohol related traffic crash every 30 minutes. Every two minutes someone is hurt (nonfatally injured) in an alcohol related accident. Three out of every 10 Americans face the possibility of being directly in volved in an alcohol related traffic crash during their lifetime.

Whitmore Mary, Health News, Your health Information. National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month 2011 Healthvision

Lyn’s Going Green

Lyn Klein

I hope you have a Very Merry Green Holiday Season! Here are a few tips on staying green during the winter months. Winterize your vehicle by checking your air filter and fluid levels, checking tires for tread wear and proper inflation, and checking the condition of your windshield wipers. Ensuring your vehicle is ready for weather changes will reduce damage, which prevents waste from broken parts, and will keep you safe on the road. To make sure your heating system (boiler, furnace or heat pump) is operating at its most efficient, it is a good idea to have a contractor perform a routine check up and any necessary maintenance on the equipment before freezing weather drives up your energy bill. If you have a manual thermostat or no thermostat at all, one way to save energy and money this winter is to install an ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat. When installed and used with the four pre programmed temperature settings for weekend and weekdays, you can save about $100 each year while staying comfortable. Before leaving for vacation, turn down your thermostat (or use a programmable one) so that you don't waste natural resources by generating unneeded heat. You can also buy outdoor and indoor lights with timers so that lights don't stay on all night. If you have a wood burning fireplace, save your ashes in a tin instead of throwing them away. Cold wood ashes can be mixed in your compost heap to create a valuable soil amendment that provides nutrients to your garden.

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More of Oceaneering’s -“Color your Workspace Pink”
Training and Manufacturing Pink Out!

Thank You Oceaneering for making this October’s Events a great success!
I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you who helped out with the Breast Care Awareness activities during the month of October. Whether you bought a pair of pink safety glasses, purchased a pink carnation, baked goods to be sold, entered into the "Pink" out your office contest or simply gave your change to make a change, it was a GREAT success. We raised $1,174.00 I am so very proud of all you OII employee's and I am very thankful for your generosity. I can't wait to do this again next year. Thanks again, Ambre Wilson OII Breast Cancer Awareness Chair


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December 2011
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Schedule of December Events and Festivals
November 6 Dec 12, 2011 The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is in Hammond, Louisiana. December 01 31 2011 Victorian Christmas at Grevemberg House Visit historic Grevemberg House during the holidays. A Victorian Christmas tree, seasonal greenery, fruits and food of the 1850's are beautifully displayed. Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Franklin , 407 Sterling Road 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily December 1 31, 2011 The Natchitoches Christmas Festival is in Natchitoches, Louisiana. December 2, 2011 Vinton Christmas Parade Downtown Vinton Corners of Center and Horridge Streets, Vinton, LA 70668 5 p.m.: Admission: Free December 3, 2011 Annual Gingerbread House Contest: Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau 1205 N. Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70601 ; Admission: Free December 3, 2011 Christmas Under The Oaks/Balloons on Parade Heritage Square/Henning House: 923 Ruth Street, Sul phur, LA 70663 Admission: Free December 3, 2011– Houma Christmas Parade December 03, 2011 Amazing Jingle Run The Tri City Track Club will be hosting the "Amazing Jingle Run" in connection with Santa's Block Party on December 3rd. No charge for participation. Registration forms available at Morgan City, Front Street near Greenwood Street 10 a.m. Website: December 4 5, 2011 The Le Feu et l'Eau (Fire and Water) Festival is in Arnaudville, Louisiana. December 08, 2011 13th Annual "Love Lights a Tree" A Tree Lighting Ceremony to remember and honor those who have been touched by cancer. Everyone is invited to dedicate a Christmas tree ornament to a loved one or friend to help fight the disease that claims so many lives each year. Will be held at MC Bank & Trust Company from 6 to 7 p.m. Morgan City, Corner of Victor II Blvd and Brashear, : 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. December 10, 2011 Westlake Christmas Parade, Downtown Westlake 4 p.m. December 10, 2011 The Baton Rouge Christmas Parade is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. December 10, 2011 23rd Annual Christmas By Candlelight, This 23rd annual event features homes decorated for the sea son by residents of Bernice Street. Canned goods collected for St. Mary Outreach.Morgan City, Location: Bernice Street 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. December 11, 2011 The Baton Rouge Festival of Lights is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. December 11 13, 2011 The Festival of the Bonfires on the Mississippi River is in Lutcher Louisiana (this is a lead up event to the Dec 24th big event). December 12, 2011 Tri City Youth Theatre Christmas live theatre Production The Nutcracker, Morgan City, Municipal Auditorium 6 p.m. December 13, 2011 16th Annual Christmas Tree Festival Christmas Tree Festival Open House will feature Christmas trees decorated by local schools, church groups and local clubs. Prizes awarded to the group that produces the best tree. Spon sored by the Wedell Williams Aviation and Cypress Sawmill Foundation. Patterson Louisiana State Museum, Cotten Road 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. December 13, 2011 The Baton Rouge Bonfire at Magnolia Mound Plantation is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. December 08, 2011 Franklin's Walking Parade & Lamplighter Ceremony, Corner of Jackson and Main Streets in Downtown Franklin, 6 p.m. December 18 Jan 3, 2011 Baton Rouge Ice Skating is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. December 18, 2011 Patterson Christmas Parade Annual Christmas Parade sponsored by the Patterson Knights of Colum bus. Patterson Main Street (Hwy. 182) : 2:00 p.m. December 25, 2011 Christmas Day

Oceaneering Family Network

Everyone planning on attending is to bring 3 dozen cookies and the copies of recipe and pick up their assortment to go home. Email Amy for more Information and to RSVP.

Peppermint Meringues
1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper; secure corners with
3 large egg whites masking tape. Fit a pastry bag with a small open star tip (such as Ateco #22). Set aside. 3/4 cup sugar 2. Make meringues: Put egg whites and sugar in the heatproof bowl of an electric mixer. Set 1/2 teaspoon pure bowl over a pan of simmering water, and stir gently until sugar has dissolved and mixture is warm peppermint extract to the touch, 2 to 3 minutes. 3. Transfer bowl to an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Mix on medium high Red gel paste food speed until stiff peaks form. Mix in peppermint extract. coloring 4. Using a new small paintbrush, paint 2 or 3 stripes of red food coloring inside the pastry bag. Fill bag with 1 to 2 cups meringue. Pipe small (3/4 inch high) star shapes onto prepared baking Joy the Baker sheets. Refill bag as necessary, adding food coloring each time. 5. Bake cookies until crisp but not brown, about 1 hour 40 minutes. Let cool completely on m/blog/2008/12/peppermi sheets on wire racks. nt-meringues/