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Court, Search Results ... ;Thlrd Appellate District
SInJth Y. County OfEf OOredo et 81.

: nottftedper rule 10(8). 1012012000

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Dock. Entrlea (Register of Actions)
DlIW Fee ScotIand,Letterappticationfilingfiled,2 ' ~ Due:receipt of notice to Ie: Reporter CT Bowker Filed sent appeal ~iaing Filed Filed of copy lOefauitpauperiapelition,fited.of:paupeftS petition10102/00. notiCe court 10126100 RecePied tXJpysent..appellant order that certain filing NotIce waiving counsel,order - courtP.J.dated$265 1 of in Orderdeclarationofand countyinclerkre(:Wicourt filed fee. formadeclafationof of: fee, pay the pgs); toportions lReceMld appe8llodgedfrecelved.Jody in response VOL forma Record DeKnptIon minute superior ,on to Failure wurt. superior designation are ofrecDfd court case -number. are on 10102I00. that 1104101. not avaiiabJe, 10126/00. Breach and ,of available. Centrad: designationinof some items not appeal requested assignment appellants superior from



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AOB due 212/01.

01119120011Fited application 02I01/2001IMotionJapplication

and OrUef of: to augment

!pellant to 03101101.

iAppellanl (ma)
IAppellant to 04102101.

02t27/2oollGrantecl - extension of time.
031G1/200flAugmentatlon orderl) granted_(See

Scotland; P.J.

DUB 03121101.


record· filed:

1 VOL CT (2 POI): 1 decl8ratlon
of eounty derk thet all other augment .

requelt8 are
loCated In record filed with this

ere not available.

04I0212001'letter sent to:

returning appellants; Motion for . Temporary Restraining Order. Motion to
Review Drug Testing. No service and not in

comptiance with Nle 41. 04I03I2001'MoIiOrl flied.
aMotion to request order" . restrelning

by appellant (ms) O4IOSI2oo11Appelant

nollled purauantlo



Party: Smith. Travis #\08 due 04120101.
Appellanfs restraining motion to teqU8Sl



order ia denied. Scotland, P.J. (SiN) ,
04/06120011Motldn filed.

by appellant f8view. (ms)

tor notice of judicial



and order of:


to 05101101.



Jenrs motion for notice of . udiclal reviAw


3&doc. Jd=36714ct.div=&case=

... 213102





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ruI817(b). rute 17(0);

· Theyftled Unable joB forward. Party: Nageiey, Hens.y, Dorado Law of of Mail returned notlfted '·pursuantChang denied.04123101 and Only Respondent to8le8se, ReeeIved: Granted· time. Patty: Attorney: WIllieml,ofLawrence Aity: Smith, Mageley, Office Hensley. Richard Respondenrs·brief. re-senl caulfield,'TravisL.awrenee Acting P .J. AppeIIanfsextension brief. OffIce::is 178at.,&. Miller's EI of Respondentopening ,' AdvisingtoCaulfield,County of Respondent's eounMI:purau.nt County atRiChard, for brief. AItomer: theletter EI Ashante letter sent tonotified ofAttomey:10Meredithnotice etc. 19, ·marked: withdrawn. 07118101. error. · correctingParty: add,.••. the Counaelof Office Countyof · 05J2312oo1of07/10101,17(b)ofAlready : WithdrawnwasRQtlce inJoe EI RBF denial17a05124/01.Dorado wee an EOT'to05118101. the County dueChanget of Dorado.06108101.aI., whic:h County entered tcito permis$ion : ; court) WithQ\etr Sacramento EICounsel Dorado · Altomey: ! incorreotty wpi8s County sent (RM) and : update. of EI PertY: : Party: Dorado ~1(Filed Of (11$) restralning order ~7f1312001

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(FIled lale with pennls8lonof the Appellant fOr -motlon·to O8lO6J2oo1 fMotloniflled. judicial .. Ap~ filed.•(mt) Material attached. letter flied • appellant·returnlng Starthl8lle filed. Appellanfs request for Request forto: of noticeappellant motion motion for Oral argument Due: MollOrr By appellant. returning his by flied Order fully copy waNer notice10f29101. calendar to trial appeUanl. for Monday Appell8nfa Change Argumentforaddress filed for:•••nt'etilled 15" for change at Receivedoforder' argumentappt. from "Notice 2001, Case sent briefed. Requestfiled. ore! .sent. do¢ument.oec.ember10, calendar sefVioe all J. (C denying transmit into Aukum motion· Mi. evidence to addres$. (me) Acting coultto denied.,'(ml)Road, Placerville, preference. of all dQcket 9~30a.m.p,service.of admitted calendar (enclosed cOurt) parties toappeat. Scottand, is denied. 8lease.reference) CA for4887sheet preference on proof 95667. court'. order ~ference P. for of.hla preference reconsider," documents isP.J. No calendar . Scotland, of for&ack H) proof of 08/1012001 1OI29J2oo1 1~~OO1


J 4&div=&case=

... 213/02







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OItfs~pI ElDorado. Chang Travis Pro Wednaday, ntjected." of Order filed. review : Supreme : Pit-Appl for October The Petition 1 vol. CaUUafgl,l8d ot aubmilted.Smith. inand order 12. ReceiVedfiled. OpiniOn forcontinued to' AppeUant's or Decemberjudicial to: In appellantrequeet of arg'd Argument copy and filedSuperior courtInSacramento. for By: judgment letter Per RecorcUransmitted is Callahan. Defendants and denied. ·notice at Aare of onof P eRe rute Sac::ramento.Cregger : affirmed. P. p.m. , 31,200t. ·N. Sooland, own P.J. 2001, · 10(d). Kurt CQuntyJ.Hensl.yarg'd HultJ. :· Thomas'Petersen arg'datltdOefdismissal County motion) Def~Resp , etat.M. .2:00explaining.J. forand toWe concur: J. shallappeal for Scottand. Scotland. appellant Resp Lawrence CXIIts (court's for , respondents retlOvef

,Detailed information
:. setect item·~vIew. ~
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•.. 2/3/02